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5 IN WINDOW 7 x86/x64 bit:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Open the NX 7.5 folder and click on LAUNCH application. In LAUNCH, first setup the NX 7.5. In NX 7.5 folder, copy the MAGNITUDE folder and paste into desktop. Open the MAGNITUDE folder, select the version (x86/x64 bit) and extract the files from winrar/zip file. Copy the license file as UGS.dat and paste into C-DRIVE. Now run the NX LICENSE SERVER, after completion of setup it will ask license file (C:\ugs.lic/ugs.dat) show the path and click next. Now go to the LMLTOOL (Start-All programs-UGS NX 7.5-NX licensing toolLMLTOOL.) In LMLTOOL, copy the Ethernet address such as 0e459231e9 and Host name such as computer name-Computer-pc. Go to MAGNITUDE folder, open UGS.dat/UGS.lic file in Notepad and EDIT. Ex: SERVER "Ethernet address" ID=20100510 28000@Computer-pc 10. Save the license file. 11. Open NOTEPAD (start-run-notepad) and save as “ugslicensing.log” file. 12.Now open the MAGNITUDE folder, and copy program files and paste into C-driveUGS. 13.Now copy the UGS.dat and ugalicensing.log file and paste into path (C:\Program Files (x86)\UGS\UGSLicensing). 14.Now copy the whole things from UGSLicensing folder and paste into path (C:\Program Files (x86)\UGS\NX 7.5\UGFLEXLM). 15.Now go to the MAGNITUDE folder, and copy the content from “32bit folder” and paste into path (C:\Program Files (x86)\UGS\NX 7.5). 16.Open the LMLTOOL (start with RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR) First remove all the server (REMOVE SERVICE) and start with new one, Path to the lmgrd.exe file=C:\Program Files (x86)\UGS\NX 7.5\UGFLEXLM\lmgrd.exe Path to the license file=C:\Program Files (x86)\UGS\NX 7.5\UGFLEXLM\(ugs.lic/ugs.dat) Path to the debug log file=C:\Program Files (x86)\UGS\NX 7.5\UGFLEXLM\ugslicensing.log And click on SAVE SERVICE, and also click on (start server at power up and use service=on) 17. Goto the Start/Stop/Reread service, first click on STOP SERVER then press START SERVER (Start server successful in below tab) and then REREARD LICENSE FILE (Reread license file

succefully in below tab).(Note-This procedure is mandatory when you open your Desktop/Laptop). 18.Close the LMLTOOLS 19.Open the NX 7.5 and ENJOY.