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com Transcribed from the Indiana Democrat June 19, 1862

List of Killed and Wounded in Co. F. (Capt. Kirk) 105th Pa. Reg. ---------KILLED. James Crock, Joseph Hill, Lewis Findley, Wm. Wilson. WOUNDED. Capt. R. Kirk, Joseph Taylor, Washington Hoover, John N. Vanhorn, John Miller, David Willard, Thomas Anderson, MISSING. John Smith,

George Young, George Hall, John Hines, Peter Spencer, Charles Gill, Ogg Neel, Henry Depp.

James O. Brien.

List of kiled and wounded in Co. K. (Capt. Thomson) 105th Pa. Reg. KILLED. Corp. C. S. Adair, Sergt. T. R. Patterson. WOUNDED. Capt. Thomson, Jacob Baker, Josiah Henry, John Kuhns, Benj. Elwinde, John Miller, J. J. Shields, Y. M. Turney.

Sergt. B. Sylvis,

Joseph Anderson, John Bothell, Thos. Hudspath, John M'Gaughey, Isaac Miller, J. H. Peelor, G. J. Snyder,

The above list are correct, having been obtained from the captains of the companies


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