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I’ll die when I’m good and readY


Immortal Flesh! I’ve always considered as far back as I can remember; it is too deep in my d.n.a. to think otherwise. Jehovah’s witnesses sparked the linear chain reaction of wonder. If I am living forever, what if I miss a tree limb climbing down from getting a juicy mango? I never brought this up during bible study, but as a youngin I thought like this naturally. I refer back to peter pan and this little bird that could’ve easily flew inside instead watches me for like three minutes then flies away while I’m watching dragon ball GT season one of the baby saga because today is Taurus full moon, and the baby saga is when Goku turns to super Saiyan 4 by transcending his ape transformation. I see pan’s name tag on the television, and I responded like oh shit! From the current reference to peter pan, the bird flew away; I check the time and its 3:17 p.m.…. …I take work seriously; currently it’s October twenty eight 2,012a.d…. 3:49 p.m. the time it took to complete this 720 degrees… 11:56 a.m. as I am typing in the library the next day being October 29, 2012. √ ( )

The secret to Immortality is… your mind wants to kill you. It‟s easier to be sedentary; conquering as responsible radical. “The geometric ray like a line but one direction, a birthday is a birthday breath of life and keep going…” Beginning begins in the mind/brain conceptually; Neuroplasticity, I learned from “Left brain Right Brain” a book I purchased in Cleveland, Ohio; that summer I attended „Point Guard College‟, and learned a very important phrase: “Temporary Inconvenience Permanent Improvement”. Neurogenesis understands. Neuroplasticity! Coagula Solve…tactful…Mental conditioning…Solvet Coagula Adrian Monk type precision/awareness perfectly… (o.k.) Controlling one‟s mind is always scientifically an effect because of elders… ... Mind creates on the scale of repetition, attention, and belief also known as „thought manifestation‟. Dominant repetition, attention, and belief because atoms attract to vibration and thought is a vibration; If thought is a vibration, it can ripple in water; add a little metal, and sound is produced; I‟m not even going to speak on if the water is boiled with a little carbon added; one can defy gravity. The Universe is always forever always. Take the coordinate of any point in space; e.g. just beyond the tip of your finger, and place a permanent red dot there; Coagula Solve… hypothetically the world blows up, and all the debris blows away; I bet you that RED DOT will be there… Solvet Coagula… the universe birth man is the universe. Consciousness can make one fall to his or her knees in bliss… Solvet Coagula… “Yes there is a God! You would think meeting the Devil is interesting enough, but no! Everyone asks about… like he‟s so bloody fascinating” (Bedazzled). 9 to the 9th power of 9 is the carbonyl bivalence found in the souls of black folks se llama Ether. I did the numerology of my moon‟s name before our eyes via

computer and it was 999; the same procedure was done with her maiden name Nope! An Aries Man and his cancerian woman magically meet each other. “This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object; I think you and I were destined to do this forever” (The Dark Knight)… Solvet Coagula… Hinduism is and always will be the oldest religion… Zen is one‟s beginner‟s mind, and that‟s everybody Allah.

The Soul

God is… the Ether of Nuit encompassing/encapsulating all; comparatively nature of the universe. Alive! From God the will power of every entity emerges. God is life! The One! Infinite! Boundless! Universal! Every meditator knows this. Meditation is to self as microscope is to biology. Experience the orb of Nuit, and see yourself face to face. I AM!

Oppositional Forces

No! Is learned as a child before yes. “Everything is in a state of vibration hence the illusion of solidity” (Sorcerer‟s Apprentice) “Electrons and other sub atomic particles are not solid they are clusters of energy in motion” (e-motional energy by Malachi Kobina York = Nuwaupian) therefore condoms cannot protect one from the a.i.d.s. virus and std‟s because a virus is smaller than the spaces in a condom. Pregnancy is its efficacy… the only substance that tight is a diamond “my erection cutz diamonds yet it‟s contortioned by her pelvis”… Coagula Solve… In the west, left is the only way to survive perpetually; once that is understood then one can go right; in the meantime, correct is the word. The Devil is first then God kept polygamy pukka... God is Life... Satan is Immortal]


Need I say more? If you feel the need to ask the answer is NO! I am Greater than or equal to every entity in the Universe! Every entity in the Universe is less than or equal to I, Tervell Christopher Jones born March 25, 1984 @ 3:14 a.m. a.k.a. T.Sh7tz da Transcenda a.k.a. Che88h7tzy the God of Warlock Sorcerer a.k.a. Ras Baphometis b.k.a. … f.k.a Yummi… anyone with mal intentions upon me or minez is dead… 12:15 prime merlinion October 31, 2012a.d.

Chapter 4: The Law of Attraction/Though Manifestation

The Law of Attraction: What is communicated to you by you is the reality gearing toward you. Calculus! Immortal Flesh! “Ageless Body Timeless Mind”…Coagula Solve… (Deepak Chopra). There is a reason I chose to put the American Flag as the front cover... God knew what he was doing… The ignorance of God surpasses the highest wisdom of Man. From the East we did transmigrate… The quadrants of Trigonometry and the history of world civilizations is not a coincidence…From Slaves to Gods every race can officially say… Hip Hop! At this moment doubt is foolish. 2:58 p.m. October 31, 2012a.d.


Is... the beginning because existence is something making it an equation. Existence has always existed and will always exist. Math has always existed and will always exist. God has always existed and will always exist. Perception begins. Language begins. Science begins (“I am the prince of all Saiyans, I could never allow my REASON to be over powered by the primal mind” Vegeta… Dragon ball GT season 2 episode # 59… October 29, 2012a.d.) Life… LIVITY I FACTUALLY EXPERIENCE. Life is a function. Immortality is a function. Function is to mathematics as yang is to yin. Function has a definition; it has rules. Every function is a relation. A relation is at least two energies that share a connection to each other by some form of awareness; Enter C.G. Jung “Synchronicity… An Acausal Connecting Principle” Page 3(forward)… I have been alluding to the existence of this phenomenon on and off in my writings for 20 years without discussing it further…Discoveries of modern physics have shattered the absolute validity of natural law, and made it relative… Natural laws are statistical truths; i.e. they are completely valid only when dealing with Macro physical Quantities… In the realm of very small quantities, prediction becomes uncertain, if not impossible, because very small quantities no longer behave in accordance with the known natural laws” “But if the connection between cause and effect turns out to be only statistically valid and only relatively true, than the causal principle is only of relative use for explaining natural processes and therefore presupposes the existence of one or more other factors which would be necessary for an explanation… Solvet Coagula… This is NOT the case because statistically speaking I should have gone to East Point Library October 26,2012a.d… instead I went to College Park Library October 26, 2012a.d; primarily because I‟d NEVER been there before which automatically begets new effects… Because it‟s not the case, nor is the causal principle only of relative use for explaining natural processes, I confirm: the connection between cause and effect is NOT relatively true; but it is ABSOLUTELY INDEPENDENT. ABSOLUTELY INDEPENDENT for explaining natural processes; i.e. the connection between cause and effect. Therefore, No presupposition exists; nor one or more OTHER factors are necessary for an explanation; i.e. an explanation for causality In conclusion, the connection between cause and effect is absolutely independent… the connection is absolutely independent… the connection of cause and effect is absolutely independent of the cause and effect. Library Trip to College Park… Cause: to go somewhere I‟d never been Effect of library trip: I enjoyed being somewhere new, got on the computer, checked out some new books I never knew were there. I simply went to enjoy the experience of going to a new library; me checking out the books was not dependent on me going…

The rules of function state: 1) each entity in (X) must be matched with an entity in (Y)… Input/Output… Nature abhors a Vacuum… 2) some entities in (Y) may not be matched with any element in (X)… the radical is always non negative… greater than or equal to 0… 3) Two or more entities in (X) may be matched with the same entity in (Y)… Polygamy is o.k. 4) an entity in the domain/input (X) cannot be matched with two elements of range/output(Y) [1Father] 3:05 p.m. October 31, 2012… Immortality is a radical because the radical‟s function must be non-negative; Creation equipped this function with the conjugate theory welcoming us to the world of imaginary numbers… “No matter how dirty life gets, it can always be cleaned” God in Bruce Almighty… The simplest way to view death in my opinion is via the constant phenomenon of change…. Before After Death in between… I imagine the scene in X-Men with Wolverine as he gets closer to Jean Grey a.k.a. Phoenix to kill her…. Don‟t be obnoxious!


Within my oneiric visit, custody of my children was the subject; the mothers used the phrase promissory note. Enraged, I declared my children, or anybody for that matter, are not objects. I woke up at 6:01a.m. November 2, 2012a.d. and played “The Book of Secrets” D.V.D. by Osho; “What is Meditation?” I‟m opposing only 2% of the lecture; not for what was spoken about meditation because that‟s 100% truth] Absolutely Perfect! It‟s a classical lecture or whatever one wants to call it regarding meditation period] this chapter is of reason. I agree completely with man going directly to God without a channel; hell, my recent enlightenment allowed me to conclude I‟m Iblis; Tervell Christopher Jones born March 25, 1984 @ 3:14a.m. ; But, I was still born out of a woman. For the purpose of conflict resolution, Catholicism is important because it reminds Man he has a mother. As far as the priesthood is concerned, I don‟t give a shit; but, Catholicism is here to remind man; despite his ability to transcend, he still has a mother. In lieu of this point, I refer to Maria de Naglowska‟s book “The Light of Sex…” where I learned the mind of man belongs to Satan because of his reason, and the mind of woman belongs to God for obvious reasons regarding childbirth. She also mentioned why God removed the rib of Adam (who I refused to bow to because he didn‟t create me) to create Eve because his mind and reason would have destroyed the Earth; hence, “Satan can do everything but never completes anything” therefore allowing the eternal struggle of positive and negative. The Status of women since the beginning of Human History is depicted as a parabola (I learned in World Civilization 1 at Georgia Southwestern State University in 2007a.d. when meditation jumped upon me, my 7th chakra opened, and I was admitted); The lowest point of this parabola (vertex) is Greece and Rome; hence the reason why doctors prescribe medicines in Greek and Latin is because Greece and Rome is the Vertex of Humanity. The other 98% is perfect! Meditation is to self as microscope is to biology (“The Watcher” Jay-z feat. Dr. Dre and Rakim). Back to this parabola, Mathematics is exact there is neither guessing nor theories allowed. The parabola is: F(x) =x^2 (f of x equals x squared)… Khemet is the beginning of the parabola descending to the vertex with Sumeria, India, China, Persia, and Israel, etc. in between; from the vertex; i.e. Greece and Rome, the parabola ascends to the United States where the status of women is opposite but equal trigonometrically via the quadrants, and biologically by the chromosomes “through wise study there‟s no pieces missing to the puzzle, this Nemesis In God‟s Great Aura (Nigga) explains what ROYGBIV already taught you”. Naturally, the parabola will descend again unless some phenomenal occurrence inverts the function. IT HAS ALREADY OCCURRED @ 9:25a.m. November 2, 2012a.d. This is the science chapter so How? The Cardinal Climax! Coagula Solve… “Another Part of Me” (Michael Jackson)…. Solvet Coagula… The 2,012 elections at twelve minutes after eleven p.m. November 6. “Maybe it‟s written my friend” (Slumdog Millionare). The Cardinal Climax comes once every blue moon, and it was the opportunity for this aeon to invert the function from f(x) =x^2 to f(x) =x^1/2 (f of x equals x to the one half power a.k.a. the radical function); thus, ascending perpetually in one direction to the

east. Now, our guardians trust Homo sapiens to be the guardians of the next natural species of evolution, and we look like the final scene in Men in Black… We didn‟t make it, and returning to the dust is inevitable said the Devil is a lie.

5: Imagination

That‟s what the c.d. is for but a conflict of University writing arises. He‟s onto something major! He‟s on point! Higher Self gives to you (+). A grand moment of positive emotion and wisdom knows a full body bow giving positivity back to the Cosmos (-) is miraculous. Micro<Macro! Enjoy the music is truly…

I‟ll die when I‟m good and readY