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Cavalier d’Âme

Cavalier d’Âme

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Published by Lqoau
A poem for my former dance partner, Eleanor Jones. Until the next dance, my friend-- whether in this life or the next.
A poem for my former dance partner, Eleanor Jones. Until the next dance, my friend-- whether in this life or the next.

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Published by: Lqoau on Mar 12, 2013
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Cavalier d’Âme

If you love her let her go— the mark you left upon her eyes has faded, your name no longer dances in her throat, the youthful plans you made are all outdated, and your promises forgotten long ago. She moved you like a revelation, like a heretic that shook your foundation, like a teenage starlet that stole your show. And when the time ran long, in the stillness she sang you songs that burned like secrets you weren’t supposed to know, her voice so tender that she planted seeds inside your soul, among the thorns and weeds you’d have to burn away for any love to grow. You paced the streets, you stood alone, the wounded gypsy boy God carved from stone, yet her gaze was so disarming that you almost let her take you home. And across the countryside it’s known, one touch from her could even make the cruelest dictator give up his throne. And even in the dark she shone; the crystal wings beneath her heart danced for you like strange butterflies mating in the park.

You planted flowers no mind had sown in the backyards of her soul. yet feared the restless rolling wind the way you feared her love would end. You hung tattered sheets across the sky where both could lay. idle words betrayed your tongue. It was in that place you gave the gift you never had the strength to give. in one silent moment together you dreamt for days. your stuttered silence had a flow. You swore she lost her sight. She stayed until the skies grew dark. and the sun stayed out past dinnertime as favor for your endless praise. You charted the lines of her palms. who moved the very skies around. In truth she was so brilliant then . Even your lies were poetry. and her toes. and inspiration poured from your tongue so cryptically it seemed you thought in code. from a sunken continent long ago. her aching heart eclipsed the night— two facets of a dying star that neither could see right. who painted her in foreign colors that no one could explain. and gave them all abstract names like chronic rose and royal flame. She loved you then. and made up stories for the heroes in the clouds. for in the silence of your sudden void she knew herself to be bright.And you— you were the artist that made her new. You spoke a language all your own. her neck. You fell into the shadows and she stood in the light. and read them back to her like archaic Russian prose.

but know there is no other way to pay what you still owe. And this is why you must go. She is safe. Your devotion to her soul is stronger than she ever knew. she’s finding herself and so. for all things have their ebb and flow.she was numbered among the constellations. the hate. at times she still looks back for you. It hurts your pride to walk away. She is your most sacred loss. and words betray her feelings too. And even in the bitter cold. the love. your albatross. she’s the title fight you were born to throw. your longest night. she is happy. And when she let your storm clouds pass her sunlight shone across the land like city blocks of broken glass. or diamonds in the snow. just go. if you love her let her know— don’t say another word to her. the barren distance in between. yes all things grow. . the worlds unseen. and even the jealous Scorpio cried out for her to glow.

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