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New Features – Private Documents, Community

Flagging, and Embedding Page

Thanks for all of your feedback since our launch. We’ve been listening to
all of your requests and are excited to announce that we’ve added three new
features that you’ve been asking for:

1) Private Documents: Now you can upload a document to Scribd and

keep it private. You’ll get a special URL with a secret code to access your
document. If you do want to share a private document, you’ll have to send
the person the URL with the secret code so they can access it. It's simple to
do this - just upload a document and click on the 'make
private' checkbox.

2) Community Flagging: There's a new "Flag Document" link below the

"Like" button for each document (see below this blog post for an example).
Now you can easily and quickly flag a document as being spam,
advertisement, junk, sexually explicit, hate speech, or another violation of
the Scribd TOS (Terms of Service). Flagging will help us filter through all
the content on Scribd.

3) Embedding page: Easily get the code to embed the flash mp3 player
or the ScribdPaper document right into your website, blog, myspace,
etc. You can also customize the height, width, and the first page of the
ScribdPaper without hacking around in the html code. Here’s an
example page for another Scribd blog post. – so you could embed this
blog post and the mp3 audio version into your website. Just copy the text
from the "Embed code" field and put it into the html code for your page.
Now your users can listen/view any Scribd document from your page.

Thanks again for all of your feedback. We’re listening to all of your
suggestions, so if you have any more, please let us know on the feedback
page. If you have any comments about these features, please leave them in
the comments below.