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Capital Improvement Project-May 2013

Capital Improvement Project-May 2013

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Info on $3.25 million in capital projects for Saratoga Springs School District.
Info on $3.25 million in capital projects for Saratoga Springs School District.

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Published by: SaratogaWire on Mar 12, 2013
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Saratoga Springs City School District Spring 2013

he proposed $3.24 million Improvement
Project – funded almost entirely through a
combination of regular state building aid and
the school district’s Capital Reserve Fund – will be
on the ballot on May 21. District residents will also
vote that day on the proposed 2013-14 school district
budget and a school bus purchase proposition, as
well as elect three members to the Board of
The project is the first in a series of annual
propositions to be voted on by district residents that
would provide funding to maintain the infrastructure
of the district’s buildings, resolve health and safety
issues, and address identified instructional needs.
Voter approval will be required annually to authorize
each proposal.
Examples of projects included in the proposition
to be voted on this May are districtwide upgrades to
fire safety systems, security systems and wireless net-
works; roof repair and replacement at the Dorothy
Nolan Elementary School; and repair or replacement
of existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning
systems at the high school and Greenfield Elementary
School. The work would be done during 2014-15 to
allow time for state Education Department review and
Many of the projects proposed for the first and
subsequent years involve upkeep of existing facilities.
As homeowners are well aware, it’s more cost-effec-
tive to repair or replace aging infrastructure such as
roofs and heating systems than it is to wait until they
fail, possibly incurring additional damage and a steep-
er price tag. Timely repairs also prevent disruption of
the educational process.
“We believe it’s in the best interest of our tax-
payers to be good stewards of our schools, undertak-
ing necessary repairs, renovations and upgrades as
they are needed,” said David L’Hommedieu,
Assistant Superintendent of Information Technology
and Operational Innovation.
The district’s eight schools
range in age from 20 years (Maple
Avenue Middle School) to 89 years
(Lake Avenue Elementary School),
with an average age of 51 years. The
schools, plus the 10-year old
Transportation and Maintenance
Facility, total approximately
1,350,000 square feet.
The questions and answers at left
and on the next page provide some
key information about the project.
PreservIng the CommunIty’s Investment In our sChools
Improvement Project provides better learning environment
projEcT Funding
The project would be funded through
state aid and the school district’s
existing capital reserve Fund.
Enhancing LEarning
Through FaciLiTy improvEmEnTs
Will there be a cost to local taxpayers?
State building aid is expected to cover most of the cost of the
$3.24 million project. The local share of approximately $1 million
would be financed through an existing Capital Reserve Fund
authorized by voters in 2012.
Isn’t state aid my tax dollars too?
Yes, but state aid dollars are collected from all New York state
taxpayers. If the Saratoga proposal is not approved by voters,
state taxes paid by local residents will subsidize projects else-
where without any benefit for their own school district.
(Please see next page for more)
enhanCIng learnIng through FaCIlIty ImProvements
Please remember to vote on May 21 from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Why not do the work as one big project rather than a series of small ones?
Tackling a series of smaller jobs over a period of years enables the district to save money by managing the proj-
ect in-house with its own staff rather than hiring a construction coordinator. It also provides for earlier reimburse-
ment of state aid, thereby minimizing the impact on local taxpayers.
Why will it be necessary to do these projects on an ongoing basis?
The school district has approximately 1,350,000 square feet to maintain in eight schools and the Transportation and
Maintenance Facility. The schools have an average age of 51 years, and to keep them in good operating order, reg-
ular repairs and renovations are required. Health and safety issues and instructional needs will also be addressed.
What are the components of the project to be voted on this year?
how will this project improve safety for students, staff and visitors?
Building security enhancements included in the project for all buildings include:
4Two sets of locked doors leading to the lobby, which must be unlocked electronically by school staff.
4Software that will scan visitors’ identification information and issue ID tags when they enter a school.
4Video cameras and DVR recording equipment that can be monitored, focusing on main entry doors and
exterior blind spots. In addition, existing monitoring devices would be upgraded or added as needed.
4Enhanced fire alarms and notification systems.
What is the timetable?
If the project is approved by district voters in May, the work outlined in the table above would be done during
2014-15, which allows time for the state Education Department to review and approve the work.
What other projects are planned for the future?
Priorities for projects to be voted on in future years include completion of the Dorothy Nolan Elementary School
roof, Lake Avenue Elementary School improvements, a generator at Greenfield Elementary School, conversion
of boilers from steam to hot water systems at Division Street and Caroline Street Elementary Schools, and
enhancements of instructional space supporting 21st century teaching and learning.
If I have more questions, where can I find the answers?
For additional information, please visit our website at www.saratogaschools.org/improvementproject
or contact Maureen Dana, Public Information Specialist, at m_dana@saratogaschools.org
Building security system enhancements $405,000
Greenfield Elementary School room air relief 80,000
Fire safety systems-all buildings 570,000
Replace unit ventilators-high school (total 46) 770,000
Dorothy Nolan Elementary School roof (partial) 480,000
Instructional space (improve wireless capability,
primarily at the high school)
Contingency (funds set aside for unexpected expenses-if not needed
would reduce the total cost of the project)
architectural, engineering, legal, insurance and
administrative fees

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