SUCCESS 100 – Success Strategies

Personal Portfolio Activity #3
Name: ______________________________ Date: ___________________________ Because self-knowledge helps us make the best choices about our future, a self-portrait is an important step in your career exploration. Use this exercise to put everything together in one comprehensive picture. Design your portrait in “think link” style, using words and shapes to describe your intelligence, personality, abilities, career interests and other important aspects of who you are. Below is one way you can begin to envision your think link. Another example appears in the text with this Personal Portfolio exercise (p93). There are many other ways you could design it. Be creative! Design a think link that reflects, both in appearance as well as content, who you are. Here are the MINIMUM categories you are expected to use (you may add more) 1. Personality Spectrum 2. Multiple Intelligences 3. Values 4. Choose one: Interests/Hobbies 5. Choose one: Career interests/Diversity, etc


Source: Carter, C., Bishop, J. & Kravits, S.L, (2009). Keys to Successful Teaching: Instructor’s Manual and Test Item th File to Accompany Keys to Success (6 ed.), p 92.

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