The Ceramique gem ceramic collection is a unique exploration of design using high tech zirconia ceramic in conjunction with

traditional 18kt gold and diamonds.

Ultra-durable and stylish, versatile and unique Gem Ceramic is a perfect alternative to precious metal in a variety of colors, that can be inlaid with gold and set with diamonds and pearls.

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Rock Hard Silky Smooth

A. 10 mm Ceramic Band, 18kw, Diamonds .97 ct TW $6390 B. 8 mm Ceramic Band, 18ky, Natural Color Yellow Diamonds .55 ct TW $5200

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A. A. B.

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A. Daisy Ring, 12mm Ceramic, 18kw, Blue Colored Diamond .64ct TW $3897 B. Daisy Ring, 12mm Ceramic, 18kw, Natural Cognac Diamond .64ct TW $3980 14 Sea St. Camden, Me. 04843 207-236-9696

A. 8 mm Ceramic Band, 18kw, Diamond .08ct $698 B. 12mm Ceramic Band, 18ky, Diamond .08ct $765 C. 8mm Ceramic Band, 18ky, Diamonds .50ct TW $4278 D. 8mm Ceramic Band, 18kw, Diamonds, .25ct TW $2685 E. 12mm Ceramic Band, 18ky, Diamonds, .33ct TW $3020

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A. 12mm Evelyn Ceramic Band, 18ky, .40ct $3255 B. 10mm Evelyn Ceramic Band, 18ky, .50ct $5495 C. 8mm Evelyn Ceramic Band, 18kw, .60ct $6653 B. C.

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Set your diamond or pick one from our collection of fancy color diamonds. Shown here in natural color champagne, cognac and coffee. B.

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A. Maxine Engagement Ring Mounting for Your Diamond, 10mm Ceramic, 18kw, Diamonds .59ct TW $4990 B. Maxine Engagement Ring, Platinum, Natural Color Champagne Diamond, Diamonds 1.95ct TW $17,980

A. 10mm Dome Ceramic Band, Silver Tahitian Cultured Pearl $930 B. 8mm Dome Ceramic Band, Peacock Tahitian Cultured Pearl $1240 C. 10mm Dome Ceramic Band, Diamonds .10ct TW, 11.5mm Green Tahitian Cultured Pearl $2080 D.10mm Concave Ceramic Band, Golden Cultured Pearl $1054

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A. 18mm Dome Ceramic Band, Oval White South Seas Cultured Pearl $2550 B. 12mm Dome Ceramic Band, Golden Cultured Pearl $1995

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D. C.

A. 2mm Stacking Ceramic Bands, each $90 B. 2mm Diamond Band, 18kw, Diamonds .30ct TW $3215

A. 13mm Ceramic Band, 10mm 18ky Overlay $2575 B. 8mm Ceramic Band, 6mm 18kw Overlay $1540 C. 8mm Ceramic Band, 6mm 18kr Overlay $1540

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A. A. B. A.

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A. B. C. A. B. C.

A. 3mm Black Ceramic Bands, each $95 B. Cindy Engagement Ring, 18kw, Purple Colored Diamond 1.08ct TW $9220 C. 2mm Black Ceramic Bands, each $90 D. Cindy Engagement Ring, 18ky-plat, Orange Colored Diamond, 0.67ct TW $5120

A. 12mm Dome Ceramic Band, Diamond .05ct $675 B. 6mm Dome Ceramic Band, Diamond .05ct $580 C. 8mm Flat Tapered Ceramic Band, Natural Color Yellow Diamond .05ct $695 D. 8mm Flat Ceramic Band, Diamond .05ct $590 D.

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B. B. C. C.

A. 16mm Concave Ceramic, 18kr, Natural Color Champagne Diamonds .98ct TW $4380 B. 16mm Concave Ceramic, 18kw, Pink Sapphires 1.35ct TW $3700 C. 12mm Concave Ceramic, 18ky, Rainbow Sapphires 1.50 ct TW $3700



A. 12mm Ceramic Diamond Stripe Bangle Bracelet, 18kw, 2.33ct TW $14762 B. 15mm Ceramic Natural Color Yellow Diamond Double Stripe Bangle Bracelet, 18ky, 5.00ct TW $39885 C. 15mm Ceramic Diamond Double Stripe Bangle Bracelet, 18kw, 5.00ct TW $29275

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C. C.

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A. 12mm Concave Ceramic, 18ky, Natural Color Yellow Diamonds .97ct TW $6892 B. 10mm Concave Ceramic, 18ky, Yellow Sapphires .50ct TW $2800 C. 10mm Concave Ceramic, 18kw, Diamonds .35ct TW $4085

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A. 12mm Ceramic Diamond Scattered Bangle Bracelet, 18ky, .50ct $5585 B. 15mm Ceramic Scattered Diamond Dome Bangle Bracelet, 18ky, Multi-Color Diamonds 1.75ct TW $11749 C. 15mm Ceramic Scattered Diamond Bangle Bracelet, 18kw, 1.00ct TW $10575

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A. A. A. B.

C. B.

C. A. B. D. A.

A. 3mm Ceramic Wedge Bookends each $95 B. 3.5mm Flat Side Channel Band, Platinum, 1.40ct TW $7980 C. 7mm Ceramic Bamboo Bookends, each $140 D. 3.5mm Channel Band, 18ky, Natural Color Yellow Diamonds, .90ct TW $7785 A.

Ceramique gem ceramic is virtually as hard as sapphire. Lifetime “Peace of Mind” Warranty against breakage. No charge resizing. Hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. Gold and diamonds are conflict free.

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A. 3.5mm Wedge Band, 18kw, 1.22ct TW each $6440 B. 4mm Flat Ceramic Band $100

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Etienne Perret has worked for 40 years as a bespoke jeweler creating custom designs for fine jewelers and private clients around the world. His European style and craftsmanship has made him a favorite amongst those who want a treasure that will still feel new for generations.

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A. B. A. B.

A. 6mm Black Ceramic Dome Band, 2.5mm 18kw Stripe $950 B. 8mm White Ceramic Dome Band, 4mm Cobalt Chrome Inlay $195 C. 10mm Cobalt Chrome Dome Band, 6mm Black Ceramic Stripe $260

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C. C.

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A. 3mm Trillia triple band ring, 3mm Black Ceramic, 18ky, and Cobalt Chrome Band $995 B. 4mm Trillia triple band ring, 4mm Black Ceramic, 18ky, and Cobalt Chrome Band $1298 C. 4mm Lovers Ring, 4mm Black Ceramic and Cobalt Chrome Band $280

Rock Hard Silky Smooth 14 Sea St. Camden, Me. 04843

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