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The Kim Ji woon Handbook - Everything you need to know about Kim Ji woon

The Kim Ji woon Handbook - Everything you need to know about Kim Ji woon

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Kim Ji-woon (born May 27, 1964) is a South Korean film director and screenwriter. Kim Ji-woon has a history of successfully tackling a wide range of film genres, garnering a cult following among Asian films fans all over the world.This book is your ultimate resource for Kim Ji woon. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Kim Ji woon's Early life, Career and Personal life right away. A quick look inside: Contents, Kim Ji-woon, 2013 in film, 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero, A Bittersweet Life, Blue Dragon Film Awards, Deauville Asian Film Festival, Doomsday Book, Doomsday Book (film), Fantasporto, I Saw the Devil, Jung Woo-sung, Lee Byung-hun, The Foul King, The Last Stand (2013 film), The Quiet Family 65…and more pages!Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.
Kim Ji-woon (born May 27, 1964) is a South Korean film director and screenwriter. Kim Ji-woon has a history of successfully tackling a wide range of film genres, garnering a cult following among Asian films fans all over the world.This book is your ultimate resource for Kim Ji woon. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Kim Ji woon's Early life, Career and Personal life right away. A quick look inside: Contents, Kim Ji-woon, 2013 in film, 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero, A Bittersweet Life, Blue Dragon Film Awards, Deauville Asian Film Festival, Doomsday Book, Doomsday Book (film), Fantasporto, I Saw the Devil, Jung Woo-sung, Lee Byung-hun, The Foul King, The Last Stand (2013 film), The Quiet Family 65…and more pages!Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

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  • 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero
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  • Doomsday Book (film)
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Kim Ji-woon


Kim Ji-woon
Kim Ji-woon

Ji-woon at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival Born May 27, 1964 Seoul, South Korea Film director Screenwriter 1998-present Korean name Hangul Hanja Revised Romanization McCune–Reischauer


Years active

김지운 金 知 雲
Gim Ji-Un Kim Chiun

Kim Ji-woon (born May 27, 1964) is a South Korean film director and screenwriter.[1] Kim Ji-woon has a history of successfully tackling a wide range of film genres, garnering a cult following among Asian films fans all over the world.[2]

Kim started out directing theater, but has worked with increasing levels of success in cinema, showing accomplished acting and a detailed stylization in his films.[3] Kim also pays careful attention to the release of his films on DVD and goes to greater than usual lengths to package them with extensive documentary materials and revealing commentary tracks.[4] Kim is growing substantially both as a director and a visual stylist as demonstrated by two of his most recent films A Tale of Two Sisters and A Bittersweet Life both of which were received as critical and commercial successes.[4] In 2010 Kim directed the thriller I Saw the Devil,[5] the cast of which includes Choi Min-sik (which he worked with previously on his film The Quiet Family) and Lee Byung-hun (who he worked with previously on The Good, the

The Last Stand.[11][12][13] Coming Out was also included as a special feature on the UK DVD release of The Quiet Family and a review at DVDActive praised it as "delicate. featuring the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to lead acting roles. and the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in 2001 and the Thessaloniki International Film Festival in 2005. and acting awards for Su-jeong Lim and Jung-ah Yum at the Blue Dragon Film Awards and the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.[10] It was shown at the Fantasia Festival. The film was his first collaboration with actors Choi Min-sik (who he would later collaborate with in I Saw the Devil) and Song Kang-ho (who he would later collaborate with in The Foul King and The Good. and Best Director and Best Film at the Malaga International Week of Fantastic Cinema. starring Emily Browning. The Foul King (2000). Three (also known as Three Extremes II). The film follows an unproductive and incompetent bank clerk (played by Song Kang-ho) who escapes his demanding.[9] Coming Out was shot with a Canon XL-1 camcorder during a time when digital filmmaking in South Korea was still in its infancy. 2 The Quiet Family In 1998. The film was later remade into the 2009 U. Kim directed and wrote his second feature film. a horror/drama/comedy about a family who owns a mountain inn whose guests continue to commit suicide. Kim will return to Korea and begin production of his latest project called "Inrang" based upon [8] Mamoru Oshii's anime "Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade". The film won Best Director at the 2001 Milan International Film Festival. Coming Out (short film) In 2001. and Kim wrote and directed Coming Out as part of a project to distribute three digital short films online. film The Uninvited. Best Director and Best Film at the Fantasporto. The segment starred Kim Hye-soo.[7] The film also starred Johnny Knoxville. the Weird and A Bittersweet Life). "The Foul King. Best Actress (Su-jeong Lim). Kim directed and wrote his first feature film. Peter Stormare.Kim Ji-woon Bad. however. which won a number of awards at a number of film festivals including the Fant-Asia Film Festival (most popular film). also featuring segments directed by Peter Chan and Nonzee Nimibutr. The film won Best Live Action film at the 1999 Fantasporto festival.S. re-uniting again with Song Kang-ho. alpha-male boss by entering the pro-wrestling ring and fighting under a pseudonym." The two worlds eventually end up colliding. Grand Prize and the Youth Jury Grand Prize at the Gerardmer Film Festival. . Kim wrote and directed A Tale of Two Sisters (2003). and went on to inspire many other digital productions. After his US debut.[6] Kim's next film was his US debut. The Foul King In 2000. for Lionsgate Films. It was also commissioned by venture group Media 4M. Kim directed and wrote a short film entitled Coming Out (2001). cerebral and contemporary cinema at its most profound. A Tale of Two Sisters In 2003."[14] Memories segment in Three Kim next wrote and directed the "Memories" segment in the omnibus film. the Weird). The film is about vampires. and Daniel Henney. the Bad. among other things. Best Picture at Screamfest Horror Film Festival. Forrest Whitaker. and an Audience Award at the Udine Far East Film Festival. with Kim being credited with an original story/writer credit. It was also nominated for Best Film at the 1998 Stiges Film Festival/The Catalonian International Film Festival. and the project also included shorts by Jang Jin and Ryu Seung-wan. The Quiet Family (1998).

feature directorial debut with the action film.Kim Ji-woon 3 A Bittersweet Life In 2005. The film takes place in 1930s Manchuria and chronicles the struggles of the three main characters in trying to find a piece of treasure. The Weird In 2008. I Saw The Devil In 2010. Audience Award. The Last Stand. The film was an ultra-stylish and ultra-violent gangster and mobster picture that was both a critical and commercial success in South Korea. won Best Supporting Actor for Jung Woo-sung (the "Good") at the 2009 Asian Film Awards.S. The Good. the Bad. the Weird and I Saw the Devil). starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Critics Award at the Gerardmer Film Festival. his first collaboration with actor Lee Byung-hun (who he would later work with in The Good. and won Best Director and Best Special Effects at the 2008 Stiges Film Festival/Catalonian International Film Festival. Director Pil-Sung Yim directed the other segments. and more. Doomsday Book In 2012. Special Jury Prize. the Bad. The film won Best International Film at the Fant-Asia Film Festival and a Special Award at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Kim directed. Lee Byung-hun won Best Actor at the Baek Sang Art Awards and Jeong-min Hwang won a Best Supporting Actor award at Korea's Grand Bell Awards. Forrest Whitaker. Kim directed and wrote the segment known as "The Heavenly Creature" about a robot who achieves enlightenment in a Buddhist temple. He would re-team again with Song Kang-ho (who played "The Weird") as well as Lee Byung-hun (who played "The Bad") in the film. The film won a number of awards. westerns and western action films. I Saw the Devil (2010). based off a screenplay from Hoon-jung Park. Kim made his U. the Weird (2008). including Best Director and Best Film at Fantasporto. Filmography . Best Foreign Language film from the Austin Film Critics Association and Best Editing from the 2011 Asian Film Awards. Kim wrote and directed The Good. Daniel Henney. his tribute to spaghetti westerns. Johnny Knoxville. re-uniting with actors Choi Min-sik and Lee Byung-hun. Kim wrote and directed A Bittersweet Life (2005). The Last Stand In 2013. Best Lighting at the Grand Bell Awards. The Bad. in omnibus film Doomsday Book (2012). The film won an Achievement in Cinematography Award from the 2008 Asia Pacific Screen Awards. Kim also won the "Action Asia Award" at the 2006 Deauville Asian Film Festival.

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futuremovies.co.asp?ID=311) .com/Kim_Ji_woon_ka1666/) • Kim Ji-Wood Biography – Film – Time Out London (http://www.com (http://www.uk/filmmaking.timeout.html) • Kim Ji-Woon interview – Future Movies (http://www.com/name/nm0453518/) at the Internet Movie Database • Kim Ji-woon Related News – Koreanmovie.Kim Ji-woon 5 External links • Kim Ji-woon (http://www.koreanmovie.com/film/people/310741/ kim-ji-woon.imdb.

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John Abraham (actor)John Abraham. Rusty Cundieff. Natalie Martinez. Matt Walsh (comedian)Matt Walsh.Officer DownAnchor Bay Films Brian A Miller (director). Anisul Haque (screenplay). Tommy Flanagan (actor)Tommy Flanagan. Hugh Jackman. Shirley Manson. Retrieved 2013-01-12. Michael Chiklis. Naomi Watts. .net. Rob Lowe. Jr. . Shahir Kazi Huda. Anil Kapoor. Jonathan van Tulleken (directors). Johnny Messner (actor)Johnny Messner Action "Officer Down". Zach Gilford. . . Peter Stormare. Famke Janssen. Rajesh Khattar. Horror "John Dies at the End". Stephen Merchant. Jeffrey Nachmanoff (screenplay). 25 Hansel and Gretel: Witch HuntersParamount Pictures / MGM / MTV FilmsTommy Wirkola (director/screenplay). Jimmy Wong. BoxOfficeMojo.com. Daniel Roebuck. Julie Bowen. Aamir Khan. Richard Gere. Sala BakerCrime. Forest Whitaker. ComingSoon. James Duffy. Clifton Collins. Saffron Burrows. ComingSoon. Justin Chambers. Saif Ali Khan.net. James Woods.2013 in film ComingSoon.Parker (2013 film)ParkerFilmDistrictTaylor Hackford (director). Bob Odenkirk. Josh Duhamel. Matt Portenoy. Glynn Turman. Paul Giamatti. Jason Sudeikis. Derek Mears.

Retrieved 2011-04-16. Science fiction filmSci-Fi "Dark Skies". ComingSoon. Analeigh Tipton. Sofía Vergara. Maggie Elizabeth Jones. BoxOfficeMojo. ComingSoon. Mimi Kirkland.Identity ThiefUniversal PicturesSeth Gordon (director). ComingSoon. 22 Dark Skies (film)Dark SkiesDimension FilmsScott Charles StewartScott Stewart (director/screenplay). Action filmAction "Bullet to the Head". Keri Russell. ComingSoon. Retrieved 2013-02-05. ComingSoon. Katee Sackhoff. Cory Edwards (screenplay). Mary Elizabeth Winstead Comedy.net. T. David L. Jr.MARCH 1 21 and OverRelativity 8 . Retrieved 2011-03-12. Sebastian Koch. Tom Cruise. . ..Stand Up GuysLionsgateFisher Stevens (director). Justin Wheelon Crime. Katheryn Winnick. Jack Epps Jr. Morris Chestnut. Leslie Bohem (screenplay). Kyle GallnerFantasy. Benjamin Bratt. John Stockwell (actor)John Stockwell. Barry PepperAction filmAction "Snitch". Amaury Nolasco. Adrian Pasdar. Jeremy Irons.Sound City (film)Sound City Therapy Studios Dave Grohl (director). . Josh Duhamel. Jon Favreau. Cory HardrictHorror filmHorror. Retrieved 2012-09-19. Retrieved 2013-01-24. Romance filmRomance "Beautiful Creatures". Romance filmRomance "Warm Bodies". Catherine Zeta-Jones.Side Effects (2013 film)Side EffectsOpen Road FilmsSteven Soderbergh (director). Jon Seda. Thomas Mann. . Jim Cash.net. Brendan Fraser. Noah Haidle (screenplay). Dave Coggeshall (screenplay). Channing Tatum. Chetan Bhagat (screenplay). Mark Monroe (screenplay). .com. Eric Stonestreet. Tony Leech. Skip Woods (screenplay). Barry Tubb. Teresa Palmer. Val Kilmer.net. Retrieved 2011-02-02.net. .2013 in film Stallone. Retrieved 2012-11-27.net.Kai Po Che!UTV Motion PicturesAbhishek Kapoor (director/screenplay).. Jason Schwartzmann. Amit Sadh. 15 Escape from Planet EarthThe Weinstein Company Cal Brunker (director/screenplay). Linda Rae JurgensAction filmAction. Comedy "Stand Up Guys". Steve Conrad. Aubrey Plaza. . Mark Margolis. Rob Corddry. Jane Lynch. Duke Stroud.A Good Day to Die Hard20th Century FoxJohn Moore (director)John Moore (director). Craig Robinson (actor)Craig Robinson Comedy. Yuliya Snigir. Justin Haythe (screenplay). . Alden Ehrenreich. Amanda Peet. Comedy "Identity Thief". Thriller (genre)Thriller "A Good Day to Die Hard". Clark Duke. Family. Tim Robbins. Jason Bateman. Retrieved 2013-01-24. Retrieved 2012-02-15. Nicholas Hoult. Retrieved 2011-10-12.net.Warm Bodies (film)Warm BodiesSummit EntertainmentJonathan Levine (director/screenplay). . . Emmy Rossum.The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of GeorgiaGold Circle Films Tom Elkins (director).Murder 3Fox Star Studios Vishesh Bhatt (director/screenplay). Emily Alyn Lind Horror "Haunting in Connecticut 2". 14 Beautiful Creatures (2013 film)Beautiful CreaturesWarner Bros. Megalyn Echikunwoke. Sushant Singh Rajput. Retrieved 2012-01-19.com. Burns (screenplay). Retrieved 2012-09-19. Abigail Spencer. Thriller (genre)Thriller "The Bitter Pill".net. Kelly McGillis. Emma Thompson. Aditi Rao Hydari. Musical "Kai Po Che!".net. . Charlie Sheen. Cobie Smulders. Mary Elizabeth WinsteadAction filmAction. Melissa McCarthy. Amrita Puri. Drama "A Gimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III". Rooney Mara. Josh Hamilton (actor)Josh Hamilton. Christian Slater. Sung Kang. Dave Franco. Raj Yadav. Dana Stevens (screenwriter)Dana Stevens. Patricia Arquette. 8 A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan IIIAmerican Zoetrope. Rob Corddry.Top Gun 3DParamount PicturesTony Scott (director). Retrieved 2011-04-16. . ComingSoon.com. Clarence Gilyard. Viola Davis. ComingSoon. Rick Rossovich. Retrieved 2013-02-01. John Malkovich.net. ComingSoon.net. Mike Pniewski Drama. Jason Mamoa. ComingSoon. Dakota GoyoHorror filmHorror. Julianna Margulies. Susan Sarandon.net. Julianne Hough.net. Bill Burr Crime.Snitch (film)SnitchSummit Entertainment Ric Roman Waugh (director/screenplay). James Tolkan. Retrieved 2012-09-05. Sci-Fi "Escape from Planet Earth". boxofficemojo. . Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Brian Van Holt Crime. Jai Courtney. Anne Vyalitsyna. George Lopez.net. Cole Hauser. Bob Barlen. Cicely Tyson. Retrieved 2012-04-07. Craig Mazin (screenplay). Mary-Charles Jones. ComingSoon. . Retrieved 2012-03-02. . Génesis Rodríguez. Randeep Hooda. Al Pacino. Michael Ironside. The Directors Bureau Roman Coppola (director/screenplay). Scott Z.Richard LaGravenese (director/screenplay). Vinessa Shaw. Sarah Jessica Parker. Christopher Walken.net. Jessica Alba. Noah Lomax. . ComingSoon. Sara Loren Thriller "Murder 3".Safe Haven (film)Safe HavenRelativity MediaLasse Hallström (director). ComingSoon. (screenplay). boxofficemojo.I. Drama filmDrama "Top Gun 3D". Ajay Jadeja Drama. Romance filmRomance "Safe Haven". Bill Murray. Chad Michael Murray. Alan Arkin. Documentary "Sound City". Bruce Willis. . Ben Falcone. ComingSoon. Alice Englert. David Lyons (actor)David Lyons. PatersonDavid Patterson. ComingSoon. Sarah Shahi. Whip Hubley. William Shatner. John Cho. Dwayne Johnson. Jude Law. Tom Skerritt. David CostabileDrama filmDrama.

Retrieved 2011-04-03. Mila Kunis. Ashley Judd.The Croods20th Century Fox / DreamWorks AnimationChris Sanders (director)Chris Sanders. Jonathan Pryce. Cloris Leachman Adventure. Stanley Tucci. Alan Arkin. . . Byung-hun Lee. Richard D'Ovidio (screenplay).net. Bill Cobbs Fantasy Adventure Family "Disney Sets Oz". Retrieved 2012-06-21. Nicolas Cage. Tina Fey. Steve Carell. Sci-Fi "G. . Jurnee Smollett. Vincent Cassell.net. Joseph Mazzello.2013 in film MediaJon Lucas. Brad Garrett. Family "The Croods". James Gandolfini. Romance filmRomance "The Marriage Counselor". . Eddie MarsanAction filmAction. Colin Farrell. Adrianne Palicki. Ryan Reynolds. Abigail Breslin. Terrence Howard. Rhett Reese. 27 Trance (2013 film)Trance Cloud Eight Films / Film4Danny Boyle (director). Joey King. David Copperfield (illusionist)David CopperfieldComedy "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone". Rachel KorineDrama filmDrama "Spring Breakers". Ray Park. Morris Chestnut. Adventure. Dustin Ybarra Comedy "21 and Over". Retrieved 2012-04-09. ComingSoon. Sarah Wright. Cotrona.Oz the Great and PowerfulWalt Disney PicturesSam Raimi (director).The Incredible Burt WonderstoneWarner Bros.net.I. . Michael Eklund. Joe: RetaliationParamount Pictures / MGMJon Chu (director). 22 Admission (2013 film)AdmissionFocus FeaturesPaul Weitz (filmmaker)Paul Weitz (director/screenplay). ComingSoon. Ella JoyceDrama.The Last Exorcism Part IICBS FilmsEd Gass-Donnelly (director/screenplay). Dan Studney. Thriller "Trance". Wallace Shawn. RZA. Steve Buscemi. Bruce Campbell. Retrieved 2012-07-17. Clark Duke.Jack the Giant SlayerWarner Bros. Halle Berry. / New Line CinemaDon Scardino (director). Olivia Wilde. Justin Chon. Vanessa Hudgens. Sean Patrick FlaneryThriller (genre)Thriller "Phantom". Nicholas Hoult. Katrin Benedikt (screenplay). Noomi Rapace. . Retrieved 2013-01-27. Miles Teller. BoxOfficeMojo. ComingSoon. Dylan McDermott. Lance Gross. ComingSoon. Channing Tatum. Goldstein (screenplay). Retrieved 2012-12-20. . Scott Moore (screenwriter)Scott Moore (director/screenplay). imdb. J.com. Morgan Freeman. John Hodge (screenwriter)John Hodge.net. Jim Burnstein.I. Kirk DeMicco (directors/screenplay). Fantasy "Jack the Giant Killer". 29 G. Dermot Mulroney. ComingSoon. Ashley Benson. Dwayne Johnson. . Gloria Reuben.net. Drama. Retrieved 2012-07-17. Lucas TillThriller (genre)Thriller "Stoker". Bill Nighy. Robbie Jones (actor)Robbie Jones. Adventure. Jonathan M. . Wentworth Miller (screenplay). Skylar Astin. D. Comedy. Deadline. John Francis Daley. Drama "Love and Honor". Retrieved 2012-09-17. Eleanor Tomlinson. Jay Mohr. Ed Harris. Darren Lemke. Kim Kardashian. Aaron Eckhart. DeRay DavisAction filmAction.Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage CounselorLionsgateTyler Perry (director/screenplay). Jim Carrey. Garrett K. . Gillian Jacobs. Schiff (screenplay). ComingSoon. Rachel Weisz. Teresa Palmer. Joe 2".com. Emma Stone.J. Thriller (genre)Thriller "The Last Exorcism Part II". ComingSoon. Damien Chazelle (screenplay). James Franco. David OtungaThriller (genre)Thriller "The Call". . Retrieved 2013-02-14. 8 Dead Man DownFilmDistrictNiels Arden Oplev (director). Retrieved 2012-10-25. Dominic Cooper. Paul Rudd. William Fichtner. Gerard Butler.Spring Breakers A24 / Annapurna Pictures Harmony Korine (director/screenplay).Phantom (2013 film)Phantom RCR Media Group Todd Robinson (director/screenplay). Matthew Goode. Wyman (screenplay). Zachary Gordon. Ray Stevenson (actor)Ray Stevenson. Retrieved 2010-10-08.Stoker (film)StokerFox Searchlight PicturesPark Chan-wook (director). Tony Cox (actor)Tony Cox. Melissa LeoAction filmAction "Olympus Has Fallen".net. Michael Sheen. Zach Braff. ComingSoon. Ewan McGregor. Ashley BellHorror filmHorror.net. ComingSoon. David Lindsay-Abaire. David Duchovny. Rosario Dawson Crime. 15 The Call (2013 film)The CallTriStar PicturesBrad Anderson (director)Brad Anderson (director). James Franco. . Abigail Spencer. Chad Kultgen. Mitchell Kapner (screenplay). ComingSoon. Radha Mitchell. Austin Stowell Romance. Christopher McQuarrie (screenplay). Vanessa L.H. Selena Gomez. WilliamsVanessa Williams. Michael Imperioli. Retrieved 2012-10-10. Ian McShane. ComingSoon. .net.net. Retrieved 2012-10-10. Joe Ahearne (screenplay) James McAvoy. . / New Line CinemaBryan Singer (director). Walton Goggins. Elodie Yung. Brandy Norwood.Olympus Has FallenFilmDistrictAntoine Fuqua (director). ComingSoon. Jonathan Keltz. Mia Wasikowska. Michelle Williams (actress)Michelle Williams. Retrieved 2011-03-02. ComingSoon. Karen Croner (screenplay). Retrieved 2011-05-25. Nicole Kidman. Daniel Booko.net.com. Wade BarrettAction filmAction "Dead Man Down". Creighton Rothenburger. François Chau. . Alden Ehrenreich. Aimee Teegarden. Retrieved 2012-06-02.Love and Honor (2013 film)Love and HonorIFC Films Danny Mooney (director). . Bruce Willis.net. Paul Wernick (screenplay). Jacki Weaver. 9 .net. Lily TomlinComedy "Admission". Catherine Keener. Liam Hemsworth.net.

ComingSoon. Max Thieriot.The Lords of Salem (film)The Lords of SalemSony PicturesRob Zombie (director/screenwriter). Hope Davis. . Meg Foster. Scott Rosenberg (screenplay). Jon Favreau. Jason Bateman. . Retrieved 2012-07-02. Thriller "Upstream Color". Robin WilliamsRomantic comedy "The Big Wedding". Sam Raimi. Chadwick Boseman. Ashley Hamilton. T. Stephen McFeely.K. Retrieved 2013-01-07. Max Irons. Haley Ramm Thriller "Disconnect". Lisa Marie (actress)Lisa MarieHorror filmHorror "The Lords of Salem". . R. Matthew Modine. Colin Ford. Drama. Sid Haig. Crime "Pain & Gain". Ashton Kutcher. Terry Crews. Diablo Cody. Rob CorddryAction filmAction. Andrew Stern (screenplay). Sci-Fi "Iron Man 3". Drama filmDrama "The Place Beyond the Pines". Amy Seimetz. ComingSoon. William Monahan. Tobey Maguire. Olga Kurylenko. Saoirse Ronan. Michael Arndt.net. Ben Kingsley. Jonah Bobo. Comingsoon. ComingSoon. Kate Walsh (actress)Kate Walsh. Jake Abel. ComingSoon. . Andrea Riseborough.The Host (2013 film)The HostOpen Road FilmsAndrew Niccol (director/screenplay). Elizabeth Debicki. . Pat Proft (screenplay). Retrieved 2011-12-08. Dane DeHaanCrime. Michael Crichton. Retrieved 20 September 2012. Lukas HaasDrama filmDrama "jOBS". Karl Gajdusek (screenplay).April – June Opening Title Studio Cast and crew Genre Ref. Retrieved 2012-09-07. ComingSoon. . . Frank Grillo. Ben Barnes (actor)Ben Barnes. Jackson. Diane Kruger. Tom Cruise. Retrieved 2012-07-02. ComingSoon. Darius Marder (screenplay). Ray Liotta. Brad Beyer. 12 42 (film)42Warner Bros. 26 Pain & GainParamount PicturesMichael Bay (director). Audrina Patridge. Tony Shalhoub. Bob Peck. Paul Bettany. Robert Downey. . Stephanie Szostak. Carey Mulligan. Retrieved 2012-09-20. 10 The Great Gatsby (2013 film)The Great GatsbyWarner Bros. Sci-Fi "Jurassic Park 3D".net. Heather Locklear. . David Zucker (filmmaker)David Zucker. James Badge Dale. Guy Pearce. J. Ed Harris.Brian Helgeland (director/screenplay). Teen filmTeen "The Host".Jobs (film)jOBSOpen Road FilmsJoshua Michael Stern (director). Retrieved 2012-04-23.net.The Place Beyond the PinesFocus FeaturesDerek Cianfrance (director/screenplay). Elizabeth Blackmore.Jurassic Park (film)Jurassic Park 3DUniversal PicturesSteven Spielberg (director).net. BD Wong. Mark Wahlberg. David Koepp (screenplay). Ryan Gosling..net. Retrieved 2012-03-17. William Sadler (actor)William SadlerAction filmAction. Drew Pearce (screenplay). Retrieved 2012-10-15. Rose Byrne. Jessica LucasHorror filmHorror "Evil Dead". Samuel L. Ben Coccio. Bradley Cooper.net. Wayne Knight Adventure. 19 DisconnectLD Entertainment Henry Alex-Rubin (director). Retrieved 2010-10-18. Sci-Fi "Oblivion".The Big WeddingLionsgateJustin Zackham (director/screenplay). ComingSoon. Erica Ash. Josh Gad. Don Cheadle. Matt Whiteley (screenplay). 5 Evil Dead (2013 film)Evil DeadTriStar Pictures / FilmDistrictFede Alvarez (director/screenplay).Scary Movie 5Dimension FilmsMalcolm D. ComingSoon. Sports "42". Retrieved 2012-02-15. Retrieved 2013-01-07. Joseph Mazzello.net. Christopher Meloni. Comingsoon. Romance filmRomance "The Great Gatsby". Harrison Ford. . Topher Grace. Robert De Niro. Morgan Freeman. James Woods. Joel Edgerton. APRIL 3 Andre Gregory: Before and After DinnerCinema GuildCindy Kleine (director). Dermot Mulroney. Amitabh BachchanDrama. Retrieved 2012-01-13. Gwyneth Paltrow. Andrea Riseborough. Lindsay Lohan. Diane Keaton. .2013 in film ComingSoon.net. Christine Ebersole. Sheri Moon Zombie. Christopher Markus.PeeplesLionsgate Tina Gordon Chism (director/screenplay). Andre GregoryDocumentary "Andre Gregory: Before and After Dinner". S. Kendra Wilkinson Comedy.net.net. Laura Dern. Alan Tudyk. Horror filmHorror "Scary Movie 5". Jane Levy. ComingSoon. ComingSoon. Rodo Sayagues (screenplay). Rebel Wilson. Thriller (genre)Thriller.net. Paula Patton. Simmons. Hamish Linklater Biography. . Kerry Washington. . Bruce Davison. . ComingSoon. Molly Shannon. Jeff Goldblum. Lee (director/screenplay). ComingSoon. Ryan Merriman.net. Amanda Seyfried. Jason Clarke (actor)Jason Clarke. Retrieved 2011-06-22. Dwayne Johnson. Katherine Heigl. Archived from the original on 21 October 2010.Upstream ColorERBPShane Carruth (director). Retrieved 2011-12-19. Ariana Richards. Craig Robinson (actor)Craig Robinson. Shiloh Fernandez. . Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Richard Attenborough. Ben Mendelsohn. Anthony Mackie. ComingSoon.net.net. Retrieved 2013-02-07.Oblivion (2013 film)OblivionUniversal PicturesJoseph Kosinski (director). Toby Huss. Susan Sarandon.Baz Luhrmann (director/screenplay). Mike Tyson. Alexander Skarsgård. Isla Fisher. Ken Jeong.net. Sam Neill. Frances FisherSci-Fi. Epatha 10 . ComingSoon. William Hurt. Jeff Daniel Phillips. Melissa LeoAction filmAction. . . Bruce Greenwood. Jr.MAY 3 Iron Man 3Marvel Studios / Walt Disney PicturesShane Black (director/screenplay).net. Eva Mendes.net. Rebecca Hall. David Alan Grier. Charlie Sheen. Michael Nyqvist. Leonardo DiCaprio. Martin Ferrero. Knight. Ashley Tisdale. Lou Taylor Pucci. Thiago MartinsRomance.

Gina CaranoAction filmAction "Fast Six". Stephen Gaghan. Ethan Hawke. Josh Hutcherson. . ComingSoon.B. ComingSoon. Smoove Comedy. Jaden Smith. Jay Baruchel. Diane Lane. Zoe KravitzSci-Fi "One Thousand A. Melvin van Peebles.Todd Phillips (director/screenplay). Dave Foley. Vince Vaughn (screenplay). Russell Crowe. Thriller (genre)Thriller "The Purge". Josh Appelbaum. ComingSoon. Tyrese Gibson. Goyer (screenplay). ComingSoon. John Ratzenberger. Billy Crystal. . . Retrieved 2012-03-14. Jeffrey Tambor. Blake Anderson. Gillian Vigman. Drama. Michael Caine. Rhys WakefieldSci-Fi. Retrieved 2011-04-04. Edwin Hodge. . Daniella Kertesz. Anton Yelchin. James Badge Dale. Isla Fisher. Max Burkholder. Mireille Enos. Kelsey Grammer. . Laurence Fishburne. Dylan O'Brien. Family "Monsters University". Jason Sudeikis. William Joyce.JUNE 7 After EarthColumbia PicturesM.2013 in film Merkerson. Luke Evans (actor)Luke Evans. Max Minghella. Kate BosworthHorror filmHorror "Black Rock". Zach Galifianakis. ComingSoon.net. John Goodman. Eric Andre. Night Shyamalan (director). Kali Hawk. Retrieved 2011-09-08. Chris O'Dowd. Retrieved 2011-06-24. Lake Bell. Matthew Michael Carnahan. ComingSoon. Will Smith. Owen Wilson. Retrieved 2012-08-15. Retrieved 2012-11-29. ComingSoon. Zachary Quinto. Vin Diesel. Joel Murray.The Hangover Part IIIWarner Bros. Tyler Williams. Beyoncé Knowles. 14 Man of Steel (film)Man of SteelWarner Bros. Steven Tyler. Damon Lindelof (screenplay). Bruce Greenwood. Vince Vaughn. Adventure. Craig Mazin (screenplay). Retrieved 2011-06-24. Retrieved 2012-11-12. Mindy Kaling. Ayelet Zurer. Kevin Costner. Seth Rogen (directors/screenplay). John Cho. Fantasy. Fran KranzComedy "Much Ado About Nothing".World War Z (film)World War ZParamount Pictures / Graham KingGK FilmsMarc Forster (director). Dave Franco. Laura Cayouette. Michael Shannon (actor)Michael Shannon. ComingSoon. 24 Epic (film)Epic20th Century Fox / Blue Sky StudiosChris Wedge (director). Retrieved 2011-07-21. J.net. Chris Morgan (writer)Chris Morgan (screenplay). Simon Pegg.net. Brad Pitt. Isabelle Fuhrman. Tiya Sircar. 2011-07-29. Aziz Ansari Comedy "Untitled Seth Rogen/Jonah Hill Comedy". Josh Brener. J.net. .net. . Heather Graham. Daniel Shere (screenplay).The Internship20th Century FoxShawn Levy (director). Jonah Hill. Mark Ruffalo. Mark Duplass (screenplay). . 17 Star Trek Into DarknessParamount Pictures / Bad RobotJ. Sci-Fi "Untitled Star Trek Sequel". Aziz Ansari.net.Fast and Furious 6Universal PicturesJustin Lin (director). David WarshofskyCrime filmCrime "Now You See Me".net. Harry LennixAction filmAction. Amy Acker. Steve Buscemi. Edward Ricourt (screenplay). Paul Walker.Black RockLD EntertainmentKatie Aselton (director/screenplay). Retrieved 2012-05-24. Justin Bartha. Kevin Hart (actor)Kevin Hart. Ed Solomon. Frank Oz. Jordana Brewster. Rob Riggle. Nazneen Contractor.net. . Katie Aselton.net. Emma Watson. Aasif Mandvi. Bradley Cooper. Richard Schiff. Seth Rogen. Amanda Seyfried. Elias Koteas. Rihanna. Danny McBride.Now You See Me (film)Now You See MeSummit EntertainmentLouis Leterrier (director). Common (entertainer)Common. John Goodman. Antje Traue. Andre Nemec. Pitbull (rapper)Pitbull. Jesse Eisenberg. ComingSoon. Karl Urban. Noel ClarkeAction filmAction. Woody Harrelson.net. Chris Pine. Abrams (director).E. Mike Epps. Alice Eve. / DC EntertainmentDC ComicsZack Snyder (director). Peter Weller. James Franco. Michelle Rodriguez. David Morse (actor)David MorseAction 11 . Jason Segel. Henry Cavill. Ana Gasteyer. JoAnna Garcia. Sasha Barrese. Sondra Currie. Josh Gad Comedy "The Internship". Boaz Yakin.End of the World (2013 film)This is the EndColumbia Pictures / Mandate PicturesEvan Goldberg. ComingSoon. . Amy Adams. Ken Jeong. John Goodman. Paul Rudd. BoxOfficeMojo. Roberto Orci. Rose Byrne. Retrieved 2011-03-12. Christoph Waltz. Colin Farrell. ComingSoon. Ken Jeong. Jamie Chung Comedy "The Hangover Part III". ComingSoon. Diahann Carroll. Family "Epic". 31 The PurgeUniversal Pictures James DeMonaco (director/screenplay). Jessica Szohr. Retrieved 2012-03-29. Judah Friedlander Adventure. David S.net. Morgan Freeman. Retrieved 2011-07-29. Michael Cera. Will Ferrell. Mike Tyson. Retrieved 2011-10-25. Tom J. Nolan North. Clark Gregg. Matthew Fox. Kimrie Lewis-Davis Comedy "We the Peeples". Hart. Joe Taslim. Astle. Benedict Cumberbatch. Malcolm Barrett (actor)Malcolm Barrett. Matt Ember. . Julia Sweeney. Dwayne Johnson. Lena Headey. Helen Mirren. Craig Robinson (actor)Craig Robinson. Adventure "Man of Steel". . .net. Nathan Fillion. Alex Kurtzman. Damon Lindelof (screenplay). Ed Helms. Zoe Saldana. ComingSoon. Gary Whitta (screenplay). David Krumholtz.". 21 Monsters UniversityWalt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation StudiosDan Scanlon (director). James V. Christopher Meloni.net. . Peter Sohn.com. Tobit Raphael.Much Ado About Nothing (2012 film)Much Ado About NothingLionsgate / Roadside AttractionsJoss Whedon (director/screenplay).

Alexander Ludwig. Travis Beacham (screenplay). Family "Despicable Me 2".slashfilm. Thomas F. Rila Fukushima. Shannon Kook. JULY 3 Despicable Me 2Universal Pictures / Illumination EntertainmentChris Renaud (animator)Chris Renaud. Western (genre)Western "The Lone Ranger". Retrieved 2011-07-08. Barry Pepper. Tom Wilkinson. Bill Hader. Justin Haythe (screenplay).I. Idris Elba. . screenwriter).net. Armie Hammer. Taylor Lautner. Al Pacino. Alec Baldwin. Helena Bonham Carter. Paul Giamatti.Universal PicturesRobert Schwentke (director). Retrieved 2012-01-13. Russell Brand. Hal Yamanouchi. Mike O'Malley.net. . Matt Manfredi. Ken Jeong. Adventure. Jon Lovitz. Jorma Taccone. Christopher McQuarrie. Steve Coulter. Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Ryan Reynolds. ComingSoon. . Vera Farmiga. Jr. Aaron Taylor-JohnsonAaron Johnson. Michael Pena. Cheri Oteri. Eric Aronson. Milo Ventimiglia. Chad Hayes (writer)Chad Hayes. Phil Hay (screenplay). Steve Coogan. ComingSoon.net. 28 The Heat (film)The Heat20th Century FoxPaul Feig (director). Channing Tatum. . Carey Hayes (screenplay). Max Martini. 12 Grown Ups (film)#SequelGrown Ups 2Columbia PicturesDennis Dugan (director). Melissa McCarthy.White House DownColumbia PicturesRoland Emmerich (director). Luis Guzmán.. Lyndsy Fonseca.D. 19 The Conjuring (film)The ConjuringWarner Bros.net. Cinco Paul. Kaitlin Olson. Samuel L. Stephanie Szostak. Nick Swardson. Bobby Cannavale. . Mark Bomback (screenplay). ComingSoon. Maya Rudolph. Svetlana Khodchenkova. Zoe AggelikiAction filmAction. Ben Schwartz.com. Shaquille O'Neal. Johnny Depp. ComingSoon. . TheHollywoodReporter. Comedy "Kick-Ass 2".Pacific Rim (film)Pacific RimWarner Bros. Michael Stuhlbarg Comedy http://www. Steve Carell. Maya Rudolph.net. James Badge Dale. . Kevin James (actor)Kevin James. Gene Stupnitsky (screenplay). Andy Samberg. Richard Jenkins. Donald Faison. Bobby Moynihan. Rinko Kikuchi. Ruth Wilson (actress)Ruth Wilson. Robert Emms. . Ken Daurio (screenplay). Mackenzie Foy. Nicolas Cage. Jeff Bridges.Turbo (film)Turbo20th Century Fox / DreamWorks AnimationDavid Soren (animator)David Soren (director/screenplay).com. Mary-Louise Parker. David Henrie.com/release-dates-mr-peabody-sherman-me-and-my-shadow-im-so-excited-blue-jasmine-last-vegas/The Wolverine (film)The Wolverine20th Century Fox / Marvel EntertainmentJames Mangold (director).R. Andrew Dice Clay. ComingSoon. Ken Jeong. Akiva Schaffer. Retrieved 2012-08-15. Robert Knepper. Robert Maillet. Snoop Dogg. Maggie Gyllenhaal.July – September Opening Title Studio Cast and crew Genre Ref. Tao Okamoto. Taran Killam. Retrieved 2011-09-20. Ted Elliott. Retrieved 2012-02-06. Maria Bello.Kick-Ass 2 (film)Kick-Ass 2Universal PicturesJeff Wadlow (director/screenplay). Lindy Booth. / New Line CinemaJames Wan (director). Kurtwood Smith. Katie Dippold. Burn GormanAction filmAction. Patrick Schwarzenegger. Rob Schneider. Louis C.". Aly Michalka. Kristen Wiig. Sandra Bullock.net.Guillermo del Toro (director). ComingSoon. Thriller (genre)Thriller "World War Z". Retrieved 2011-06-01. Chris Rock. Jackson Comedy.net. Horror filmHorror. Hugh Jackman. Stone Cold Steve AustinSteve Austin.net. Peter Sarsgaard.K. .The Lone Ranger (2013 film)The Lone RangerWalt Disney PicturesGore Verbinski (director). Morris Chestnut. Robert Kazinsky. Tony Hale. Ron Livingston. 31 The Smurfs 2Columbia Pictures / Sony Pictures AnimationRaja . Steve Buscemi. Willem Dafoe. Comedy "Untitled Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy Comedy".P. Lee Eisenberg. . Hayley McFarland. ComingSoon. Sci-Fi "Pacific Rim". Robert D. William Fichtner. Charlie Hunnam. Miranda Cosgrove.net. Charlie Day. John BrothertonThriller filmThriller "The Conjuring". Retrieved 2011-06-24. Comedy "R. ComingSoon. James Vanderbilt (screenplay). Taran Killam.2013 in film 12 filmAction. Retrieved 2011-08-09.. Demian Bichir.net. Pierre Coffin (directors). Brian TeeAction filmAction. Michael Rapaport. Paul Brittain Comedy "Grown Ups 2". fangoria. Jason Clarke (actor)Jason ClarkeAction filmAction "White House Down". 26 Blue JasmineSony Pictures ClassicsWoody Allen (director. Michelle Rodriguez. Colin Quinn. Adam Sandler. . . Family "Fox Sets Leafmen Release". Jamie Foxx. ComingSoon. Hiroyuki Sanada.P. Adventure "The Wolverine". David Spade. Lili Taylor. Joey King. Terry Rossio. Chloë Grace Moretz. SiegelRobert Siegel. Retrieved 2011-09-30. Fred Wolf (screenplay). Retrieved 2011-06-24. Richard Jenkins. James Hong. Sally Hawkins. John Leguizamo. Will Yun Lee. Cate Blanchett. Jim Carrey.D. Salma Hayek.I. Diego Klattenhoff. James FrainAction filmAction. Ryan Reynolds. Will Forte. Clark DukeAction filmAction. Shanley Caswell. Retrieved 2012-04-05. WilsonAction filmAction. ComingSoon. Retrieved 2012-05-31. Matthew Vaughn (screenplay). Joey King. Moises Arias Comedy. Kevin Bacon. Darren Lemke (screenplay). Clifton Collins. Tim Meadows. James Woods. Marissa Miller. Ron Perlman. Patrick Wilson (actor)Patrick Wilson.

Bill Paxton. ComingSoon. Simon Barrett (screenplay). Nicholas Tucci. Clark Gregg. ComingSoon. . Patrick Wilson (actor)Patrick Wilson. Andy Samberg. Rachel Bilson. Helen Mirren. Lena Headey. Ashraf Barhom. . AJ Bowen.Insidious Chapter 2FilmDistrictJames Wan (director). Lin Shaye. Retrieved 2012-08-19. Karl Urban. Sullivan Stapleton.net.You're NextLionsgateAdam Wingard (director). Thomas Lennon (actor)Thomas Lennon. Retrieved 2012-09-14. Rebecca Hall. ComingSoon.net. ComingSoon. Paloma Kwaitkowski. Lily Collins. . Ciaran Hinds. Paula Patton. Retrieved 2012-09-14. Andrew Tiernan. David Ronn (screenplay). ComingSoon. Jodie Foster. Ashley Greene. .net. Anton Yelchin. Wagner Moura.net. Brendan Gleeson. Connie Britton. John Malkovich. Kathryn HahnComedy "We're the Millers". Sean Bean Adventure. ComingSoon. . .Metallica: Through the Never 3DPicturehouse (company)PicturehouseNimród Antal (director). Blake Masters (screenplay). Sean Anders. . ComingSoon. William FichtnerFutureFuturistic Sci-Fi "Elysium".Courtney Solomon. Anthony Hopkins. Jim Broadbent.net. Retrieved 2011-10-25. Katy Perry. Bob Fisher (screenwriter)Bob Fisher. . J. Bruce Willis.We're the MillersWarner Bros. Sci-Fi "Riddick". Retrieved 2012-09-14. Erich Hoeber. Lucas TillHorror filmHorror "Satanic". David Stern. Robert Sheehan. 9 Elysium (film)ElysiumColumbia PicturesNeill Blomkamp (director/screenplay). Eric Bana. Sarah Steele. Retrieved 2011-08-03. Fred Armisen. Marlene King (screenplay). Sharni Vinson.net.SatanicThe Weinstein CompanyOlly Blackburn (director). Jared Harris. Jonathan Winters. Dan Fybel.B. Jessica Postigo. David N.The To Do ListCBS Films Maggie Carey (director/screenplay).net. Rick Rinaldi (screenplay). ComingSoon. Gregg Maxwell Parker (screenplay). Donald Glover. .net. John Morris. Kirk Hammett. Hank Azaria. Ethan Hawke. I. Jason Sudeikis. Rodrigo Santoro. Godfrey Gao. Katee Sackhoff. Lars Ulrich. Rose Byrne. Jon VoightAction filmAction "Getaway". George Lopez. Comedy "Planes". Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Zack Snyder. / New Line CinemaRawson Thurber (director). Steven Knight (screenplay). . Jemima West. Leven Rambin. Allie DeBerryAction filmAction. Alan Cumming. David ThewlisAction filmAction. Brad Garrett. Anthony Head. ComingSoon. Comedy "RED 2". Yaron Levy (directors). Haley Bennett. Scott Alexander. Dave BautistaAction filmAction. Mary Birdsong. . Retrieved 2012-12-21. Sharlto Copley. Alexandra Daddario. Leigh Whannell (screenplay). Nolan Gould Comedy "The To Do List". Logan Lerman. 30 GetawayWarner Bros. Kevin Durand. James Hetfield. Family. Riz Ahmed. Frank Welker Adventure.net. ComingSoon. Karey Kirkpatrick. Mark Wahlberg.net. Douglas Smith (actor)Douglas Smith. James Marsden.net. Ygal Naor. ComingSoon. Kenneth Cranham. Joe Swanberg. Tim Gunn. Aidan TurnerAction filmAction. Stanley Tucci. Carlos AlazraquiFamily. 23 The Mortal Instruments: City of BonesScreen GemsHarald Zwart (director). Retrieved 2012-04-03. . . Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Robert Maillet. Catherine Zeta-Jones. Retrieved 2012-09-14. . Missi Pyle. Johnny Simmons. Mary-Louise Parker. ComingSoon. Sean Finegan. Matt Damon. Nick Offerman. Family "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters". Jayma Mays. 28 Closed CircuitFocus FeaturesJohn Crowley (director). . Retrieved 2012-09-14. Fantasy. Vin Diesel. J. John Oliver (entertainer)John Oliver.RED 2Summit Entertainment / DC EntertainmentDC ComicsDean Parisot (director).AUGUST 2 300: Rise of an EmpireWarner Bros. Retrieved 2012-03-22. Steve Faber. ComingSoon.net. 16 2 GunsUniversal PicturesBaltasar Kormákur (director). ComingSoon. Retrieved 2013-01-20. Smoove. Eva Green. Noam Murro (director). Denzel Washington. Anne-Marie Duff. Teen filmTeen "The Mortal Instruments". ComingSoon. Nathan Fillion.Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters20th Century FoxThor Freudenthal (director). Bill Hader. Edward James Olmos. Jack O'Connell (actor)Jack O'Connell. Crime "2 Guns". Robert TrujilloDocumentary filmDocumentary. Kurt Johnstad (screenplay). Robert Maillet. 13 . Byung-hun Lee. Callan Mulvey. Zoe Aggeliki. Retrieved 2012-10-10. Jay Sherick. ComingSoon. Retrieved 2012-08-15. Comedy "The Smurfs 2".net. Andrew PleavinAction filmAction. Barbara CramptonHorror filmHorror "You're Next". Jon Hoeber (screenplay). Karl Urban. Ed Helms.net. Neil Patrick Harris. Yvette Nicole Brown. Scott Porter. Neal McDonough. Retrieved 2011-08-09.net. Julia StilesCrime "Closed Circuit".2013 in film Gosnell (director). Selena Gomez. Ty SimpkinsHorror (genre)Horror "Insidious 2".Planes (film)PlanesWalt Disney Pictures / DisneyToon StudiosKlay Hall (director). . Weiss.net.SEPTEMBER 6 Riddick (film)RiddickUniversal PicturesDavid Twohy (director/screenplay). Diego Luna. Alia Shawkat. Fantasy. Fantasy "300 Sequel". Alice Braga. Larry Karaszewski (screenplay). Anthony Jaswinski (screenplay). Christina Ricci. Jamie Campbell Bower. Sofía Vergara. Aubrey Plaza. Musical filmMusic "Metallica Through the Never". Retrieved 2011-10-12. Emma Roberts. .net. Stacy Keach. ComingSoon. Jennifer Aniston.

Andy Samberg. Lady Gaga. Retrieved 2012-09-15. Daniel Bruhl. Demian Bichir. Steve Terada Musical filmMusical "Planet B-Boy". Kristen Schaal. Mel Gibson. Jason Dean Hall (screenplay).. Clive Owen. Robert Rodriguez (director/screenplay). Josh Brolin. Jake Gyllenhaal.Denis Villeneuve (director). . Rodrigo García (director)Rodrigo Garcia (screenplay). . Harrison Gilbertson. Angus MacInnes Biography "Captain Phillips". Gabriella Wilde. Neil Patrick Harris.Alfonso Cuaron (director/screenplay). ComingSoon.Gravity (film)GravityWarner Bros. Danny Trejo. Vince Vaughn. Miles Chapman. Retrieved 2012-04-15. . Peter Morgan (screenplay).net. 50 Cent. Michelle Rodriguez. Chris Brown (American entertainer)Chris Brown. Chris Mulkey. FrankensteinLionsgateStuart Beattie (director/screenplay). Julian McMahon.net.net. Retrieved 2011-12-07. William Monahan (screenplay). . ComingSoon.net. Benjamin Bratt. Luis Rosado. Sofia Vergara. Ansel Elgort. Kasia Kowalska. Cynthia Preston. ComingSoon.I. . Anthony Mackie Crime "Runner Runner". Retrieved 2012-04-15. . Aden Young. Retrieved 2011-10-07. Juno Temple. Jeremy Piven. Sam Neill.The Shadow KingHenry Selick (director/screenplay). Rosario Dawson. 11 Captain PhillipsColumbia PicturesPaul Greengrass (director). Cobie Smulders.Rush (2013 film)RushUniversal PicturesRon Howard (director).net. Kevin Grevioux (screenplay). Josh Brolin. Alexa Vega. Amy Ryan. . Terrence Jenkins. Liam Hemsworth. Marko ZarorAction filmAction "Machete Kills".net. Olivia Wilde. Bill Hader. Michael Chernus. . Brian Koppelman.net. Elizabeth Olsen. Vinnie Jones. . Jacki Weaver. Retrieved 2012-04-15. ComingSoon. Retrieved 2012-03-09. Samuel L. Goldstein. Brin Hill. Jason Keller (screenplay). Jessica Alba. Paul Dano. Suspense Thriller "I.ParanoiaRelativity MediaRobert Luketic (director). Aaron Guzikowski (screenplay). Animated "The Shadow King". Hugh Jackman. . Eva Green.net.October – December Opening Title Studio Cast and crew Genre Ref. Sylvester Stallone. Chloë Grace Moretz.net.Oldboy (2013 film)OldboyFilmDistrictSpike Lee (director).net. Mickey Rourke. Antonio Banderas. Chris Parker (screenplay). 20 PrisonersWarner Bros.net. Charlie Sheen. Julianne Moore. Retrieved 2012-05-16. Retrieved 2012-10-10. Terry Crews. Joseph Gordon-Levitt.Haunts20th Century Fox Mac Carter (director). . ComingSoon.Machete KillsOpen Road FilmsRobert Rodriguez (director).Runner Runner20th Century FoxBrad Furman (director). Crime "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For". Alex Russell (actor)Alex Russell. Alexa Vega. Lucas Till. John Magaro. Maggie Scott. Anna Faris. Retrieved 2011-12-07. ComingSoon. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Gary Oldman. James Caan. Jamie Chung. Retrieved 2012-07-24.net. Vincent D'Onofrio. Comedy "Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftovers". Chris Hemsworth. Terrence HowardCrime "Prisoners". David Levien (screenplay). Yul Vazquez. Viola Davis. Jarrod Phillips Horror (genre)Horror "Haunts".net. ComingSoon. Frankenstein". Josh Holloway. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (screenplay). ComingSoon. ComingSoon. Michelle 14 . Aaron Eckhart. horror filmThriller "Rush". Mark Protosevich (screenplay). Gemma Arterton. Vanessa Hudgens. Melissa Leo. Britt RobertsonComedy "The Delivery Man". Maria Bello. Yvonne Strahovski. Tom Hanks. Jackson. Amber Heard. . Michael Madsen. ComingSoon. Jai CourtneyHorror filmHorror. Barry Levy. 18 Carrie (2013 film)CarrieScreen Gems / MGMKimberly Peirce (director). Laz Alonso. Andrew Barrer (screenplay). Judy Greer. ComingSoon. Ben Affleck. Kris Pearn (directors). Jaime King. David Warshofsky.2013 in film Retrieved 2011-09-20.Sin City: A Dame to Kill ForDimension FilmsFrank Miller (comics)Frank Miller. Sharlto CopleyCrime "Oldboy". Harrison Ford. Corey Johnson. Jonas Cuaron. Max Martini. Retrieved 2011-09-20. Sebastian Michael Barr. Kyle Ward (screenplay). Portia Doubleday. . Jesse Erwin.net.net. Billy Ray (screenwriter)Billy Ray (screenplay). Bill Nighy. Ray Liotta. Alexandra Maria LaraAction filmAction. Will Forte Family. 27 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2Columbia Pictures / Sony Pictures AnimationCody Cameron. ComingSoon. Socratis Otto. John Francis Daley. Caity Lotz.The Tomb (2013 film)The TombSummit EntertainmentMikael Hafstrom (director). Retrieved 2011-12-07. Weronika Rosati. Retrieved 2012-04-15. Richard Dreyfuss Crime "Paranoia". Erica Rivinoja (screenplay). Retrieved 2012-08-09. Liana Liberato. Chris Pratt. Miranda Otto. Catherine Keener. Faran TahirAction filmAction "The Tomb". ComingSoon. Aline Andrade. Retrieved 2013-01-15. . ComingSoon. 13 Battle of the YearScreen Gems Benson Lee (director). Danielle Chuchran. Ivan Velez. Jonathan M. Brenden Whitney. Jessica Alba. Dennis Haysbert. Stacy KeachAction filmAction. William Sadler (actor)William Sadler. OCTOBER 4 The Delivery Man (film)The Delivery ManTouchstone Pictures / DreamWorks StudiosKen Scott (director/screenplay). Sandra Bullock. Jim Caviezel. ComingSoon. . Justin Timberlake. Amber Heard. Josh Peck.net. . Bruce Willis. ComingSoon. Cuba Gooding Jr. George ClooneySci-Fi "Gravity".

Paula Patton.Malavita (2013 film)MalavitaRelativity MediaLuc Besson (director/screenplay). Zachary Levi. Viola Davis. . Anthony Hopkins. Ben Kingsley. Christopher Markus (screenplay). Ben Barnes (actor)Ben Barnes. Teen filmTeen "Catching Fire". Natalie Portman. Michael Arndt (screenplay).net.The Fifth Estate (film)The Fifth EstateTouchstone Pictures / DreamWorks StudiosBill Condon (director). Comedy "Grudge Match". Harrison Ford. Idris Elba. ComingSoon. Kevin Hart (actor)Kevin Hart. ComingSoon.Last VegasCBS FilmsJon Turteltaub (director). Sylvester Stallone. Idina Menzel. Conor Carroll.net. Harold Perrineau.Sergei Bodrov (director). Kat Dennings. Simon Beaufoy. Louis Tomlinson. . Peter Capaldi Drama "The Fifth Estate". Christina Milian. Olivia Williams. Retrieved 2012-10-12. .net. Tom Hiddleston. Max Borenstein (screenplay). Rene RussoAction filmAction.net. Retrieved 2012-10-12. ComingSoon. Adventure. .Peter Segal (director). Alan Arkin. Mary Steenburgen. Bill Nighy. Domhnall Gleeson. Shane Morris (screenplay). Doug Ellin. Morgan Freeman. Retrieved 2012-08-15. ComingSoon. 25 Baggage ClaimFox Searchlight PicturesDavid E.Thor: The Dark WorldMarvel Studios / Walt Disney PicturesAlan Taylor (director)Alan Taylor (director). Rodney Rothman (screenplay). Kristen Bell. ComingSoon.net. Retrieved 2013-01-22. Robert De Niro. Cormac McCarthy (screenplay). Retrieved 2013-01-22. . Hailee Steinfeld. . Liam PayneDocumentary. Jimmy "Jax" Pinchak. Jennifer Lawrence.The Seventh Son (film)The Seventh SonWarner Bros. Stanley Tucci. Thriller (genre)Thriller "Carrie". Josh Gad. Donald Sutherland.net. . Stevie Ray Dillmore.net. Morris Chestnut. Dan Fogelman. Julianne Moore. Djimon HonsouAction filmAction. Jeffrey Wright (actor)Jeffrey WrightAction filmAction. Chuck Leavitt. Sci-Fi "About Time". Kevin Kline Comedy "Last Vegas". . Moises Arias. Esprit. Dean NorrisDrama filmDrama "The Counselor". ComingSoon. Amanda Plummer. David Thewlis. Christopher Yost. Retrieved 2013-01-22. Simon Pegg (screenplay). Liam Hemsworth. Retrieved 2011-08-08. Taye DiggsComedy "Baggage Claim". Khylin Rhambo Action filmAction.net. 15 .2013 in film NoldenHorror filmHorror. Stellan Skarsgård. Josh Hutcherson. Laura Linney. Anthony Mackie. Lydia Wilson. Retrieved 2012-07-13. ComingSoon. .Grudge Match (2013 film)Grudge MatchWarner Bros. Ray Stevenson (actor)Ray Stevenson. Javier Bardem. . 8 One Direction Concert Movie 3DTriStar PicturesHarry Styles. Sci-Fi. Margot Robbie. Michael Fassbender. Retrieved 2012-10-10. Biography. Meta Golding. Retrieved 2011-06-29. Kit Harington. ComingSoon. Antje Traue. Rosamund Pike.Ender's Game (film)Ender's GameSummit EntertainmentGavin Hood (director/screenplay). Sam Claflin. Christopher Eccleston. Retrieved 2012-09-03. Brad Pitt. Willow Shields. Simon Pegg.net. Brendan Meyer. Retrieved 2012-10-10. ComingSoon. Adam Brody.net. Adventure. Daniel Bruhl. Regina Hall Comedy "The Best Man 2". Jena Malone.net. 22 The Hunger Games: Catching FireLionsgateFrancis Lawrence (director). Terrence Howard. Martin Freeman. Trey Songz. . Adam Brooks (filmmaker)Adam Brooks (screenplay). ComingSoon. Retrieved 2012-10-12. Vincent PastoreCrime "Malavita". Archived from the original on 24 June 2011. . Michael Caleo (screenplay). Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Andrea Powell. Jeff Bridges. Rachel McAdams. Dianna Agron. Sci-Fi "Ender's Game". Lee (director/screenplay). Asa Butterfield.Paranormal Activity 5Paramount PicturesOren Peli (director). Robert Rodat. Lenny Kravitz. Fantasy "Thor 2". Musical filmMusical. Chris Buck (director). Adventure. ComingSoon.net. Don Payne (writer)Don Payne.The World's EndFocus FeaturesEdgar Wright (director/screenplay). Retrieved 2011-07-14. Robert De Niro. Toby Jones. . Josh Singer (screenplay). Tom Hollander. Adventure. Aramis Knight. Taye Diggs.Untitled The Best Man SequelUniversal PicturesMalcolm D. Niall Horan. Michael Douglas. Boxofficemojo. Elizabeth Banks. Woody Harrelson. ComingSoon. Chris Hemsworth. Cameron Diaz. Abigail Breslin. Fantasy "Seventh Son". Nia Long. Talbert (director/screenplay). John Leguizamo. Steve Knight. Nick FrostComedy "The World's End".net. Retrieved 2011-10-25.NOVEMBER 1 About Time (2013 film)About TimeUniversal PicturesRichard Curtis (director/screenplay). Matt Greenberg. Suraj Parthasarathy. Penelope Cruz. Tim Kelleher. Robert de Niro. . Vanessa KirbyComedy. Patrick St. Tadanobu Asano. Sci-Fi. Stephen McFeely. Tommy Lee Jones. ComingSoon. Nonso Anozie. Kim BasingerDrama filmDrama. Katie FeatherstonHorror (genre)Horror "Paranormal Activity 5".net. Lynn Cohen. 27 Frozen (2013 film)FrozenWalt Disney Pictures / Walt Disney Animation Studios Jennifer Lee (director/screenplay). . Philip Seymour Hoffman. Teen filmTeen "One Direction Concert Movie 3D". Jaimie Alexander. Djimon Honsou. Michelle Pfeiffer. Retrieved 2013-01-22.net. . Alicia Vikander. Benedict Cumberbatch. ComingSoon. Natalie Dormer. 15 The Counselor20th Century FoxRidley Scott (director). ComingSoon. Zayn Malik.

BanksWalt Disney PicturesJohn Lee Hancock (director). Kristen Wiig. Retrieved 2012-05-31. Theodore Thomas (filmmaker)Theodore Thomas (screenplay). Comedy.net. Luke Wilson. Graham McTavish. Rinko KikuchiAction filmAction. Retrieved 2010-01-05. Mike Mizrahi. Shirley MacLaine. Mark Hadlow. Conan Stevens. Singer Boys' Night Out (film)Boys' Night Out • Elmer Gantry (film)Elmer Gantry1Barbara Werle 84 American Actress. Anthony Peckham. Steve Zaillian (screenplay).net. Adam Cozad. Keira Knightley. Emma Thompson. Family "Frozen". / New Line Cinema / MGMPeter Jackson (director/screenplay). Cate Blanchett. ComingSoon. Fantasy "47 Ronin". John Collee. ComingSoon.net. 18 Monuments Men (film)Monuments MenColumbia Pictures / 20th Century FoxGeorge Clooney (director/screenplay). Cate Blanchett. ComingSoon. Andy Serkis. B. Hossein Amini (screenplay).net. Fred Willard. "'Iron Man 3' and 'Thor' 2 to be released in 3-D. Kevin Costner. Benedict Cumberbatch. . . Grant Heslov (screenplay). 25 47 Ronin (2013 film)47 RoninUniversal Pictures Carl Rinsch (director). ComingSoon. ComingSoon. Steve Carell. 'Ant-Man' to follow 'Avengers 2' -. Retrieved 15 October 2012.Jack Ryan (film)Jack RyanParamount PicturesKenneth Branagh (director).net. Ben Stiller. Retrieved 2012-09-03. Vince Vaughn. Ruth Wilson (actress)Ruth Wilson. Kelly Marcel. ComingSoon. Orlando Bloom. Retrieved 2011-05-30. Mikael Persbrandt. ComingSoon.Notable deathsMonthDateNameAgeNationalityProfessionNotable filmsDeaths in January 2013January1Patti Page 85 American Actress. Christina Applegate.The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugWarner Bros.net. Patton Oswalt. Ken Stott. Retrieved 2013-01-04. David Koechner.2013 in film Jonathan Groff Adventure. Actor Snakes on a Plane • Final Destination (film series)Final 16 . Jeffrey Thomas (actor)Jeffrey Thomas. Evangeline Lilly. Singer Battle of the Bulge (film)Battle of the Bulge • The Rare Breed • Krakatoa. Kou Shibasaki.The Secret Life of Walter Mitty20th Century FoxBen Stiller (director).C. Retrieved 2011-12-22. Guillermo del Toro (screenplay). Aidan Turner. Tadanobu Asano. Sue Smith (screenplay). Billy Connolly Adventure. . Philippa Boyens. Daniel Craig. John Goodman. John Callen. Colin Farrell. Jean Dujardin. Richard Armitage (actor)Richard Armitage. Steve Conrad (screenplay). . ComingSoon. Novak Drama Breznican. Ian Holm.BREAKING". James Nesbitt. Ian McKellen. . Adventure. Keanu Reeves. . Will Ferrell (screenplay). ComingSoon. . Stephen Hunter (actor)Stephen Hunter. Paul Rudd. Fantasy "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty". George Clooney. Will Ferrell.DECEMBER 13 A Madea ChristmasLionsgateTyler Perry (director/screenplay).net. Chris Parnell. Barry Humphries.Walking with Dinosaurs 3D20th Century Fox Neil Nightengale. Chris Morgan (writer)Chris Morgan. Bill Murray. Martin Freeman. 20 Anchorman: The Legend ContinuesParamount PicturesAdam McKay (director/screenplay). East of Java • Harum Scarum • Charro! • Tickle Me • Seconds (film)Seconds • Gone with the West • Gunfight in Abilene2Council Cargle 77 American Actor Detroit 9000 • Jackie Brown (film)Jackie Brown2Ned Wertimer 89 American Actor Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End • The Strongest Man in the World • At Long Last Love • Mame (film)Mame • Bad Company (1972 film)Bad Company • Santa Claus Conquers the Martians • The Pack (1977 film)The Pack • Let's Rock • Some Kind of a Nut • C.Saving Mr. Retrieved 2010-08-25. Chris Pine. Anthony (15 October 2012). Jason Schwartzman. Ryan Gage. Stephen Fry. Peter Hambleton. Hugo Weaving. Tyler PerryComedy "A Madea Christmas". Paul Giamatti.J. Kenneth Branagh Action filmAction.net. Jed Brophy. Retrieved 2012-12-19. . David Koepp. Tom Hanks.net. Hiroyuki Sanada. Fran Walsh. Bret McKenzie. Sylvester McCoy. Adventure "Jack Ryan". Luke Evans (actor)Luke Evans. Lee Pace. Adam Scott (actor)Adam Scott. . Ellis 60 American Director. Kathryn Hahn Comedy. . Stuntman. Bob BalabanDrama filmDrama "The Monuments Men". Retrieved 2011-08-03. Entertainment Weekly. Christopher Lee. Kristen WiigComedy "Anchorman 2". Pierre de Lespinois. Barry Cook (directors). and Company • The Impossible Years4Tony Lip 82 American Actor The Godfather • Goodfellas • Raging Bull • The Pope of Greenwich Village • Year of the Dragon (film)Year of the Dragon • Lock Up (film)Lock Up • Innocent Blood (film)Innocent Blood • Who's the Man? • Donnie Brasco (film)Donnie Brasco • Last Rites (film)Last Rites • 29th Street (film)29th Street • Heart (1987 film)Heart5Martha Greenhouse 91 American Actress The Stepford Wives (1975 film)The Stepford Wives • Bananas (film)Bananas • Up the Down Staircase (film)Up the Down Staircase • The Group (film)The Group • Daniel (1983 film)Daniel5Claude Préfontaine 79 Canadian Actor Black Robe (film)Black Robe • Some Girls (film)Some Girls7David R. Adam Brown (actor)Adam Brown. William Kircher. Charlie Rowe Family "Walking with Dinosaurs". Dean O'Gorman. Fantasy "Titles and Release Dates Announced for the Hobbit Films!". Elijah Wood.

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a one-time-only event that took place in the Port of Tallinn. 2011.[1] The project. developed as an ode to 35mm film and dedicated to preserving the freedom of thought in cinema. Estonia on the 22nd of December. the Estonian Ministry of Culture and the EU-Japan Fest Committee. was conceived by Veiko Õunpuu with Taavi Eelmaa[2] and funded by the 2011 European Capital of Culture Tallinn.[3] Directors • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Phie Ambo (Denmark) Shinji Aoyama (Japan) Jes Benstock (UK) Mark Boswell (USA) Park Chan-wook (South Korea) Mark Cousins (Ireland) Maxì Dejoie (Italy) Gustav Deutsch (Austria) Feyyaz (Germany) Michael Glawogger (Austria) Jorge Michel Grau (Mexico) Malcolm Le Grice (UK) Jan Ijäs (Finland) Jussi Jaakola (Finland) Ken Jacobs (USA) Vimukthi Jayasundara (Sri Lanka) Kim Ji-woon (South Korea) Woo Ming Jin (Malaysia) Viktor Kaganovich (Ukraine) Tolga Karaçelik (Turkey) Manuela Kaufmann (Italy) Naomi Kawase (Japan) Ville Kerimaa (Finland) Eric Khoo (Singapore) Jeon Kyu-hwan (South Korea) Aku Louhimies (Finland) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ari Alexander Ergis Magnússon (Iceland) Marina Manushenko (Switzerland) Bruce McClure (USA) Brillante Mendoza (Philippines) Kyungwon Moon (South Korea) Amir Naderi (Iran) Rafi Pitts (Iran) Pen-ek Ratanaruang (Thailand) Jussi Reittu (Finland) Simon Rumley (UK) Albert Serra (Catalan) Ronni Shendar (Israel) Norbert Shieh (USA) Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson (Iceland) Ishii Sogo-Gakuryu (Japan) Auraeus Solito (Philippines) Mika Taanila (Finland) Mart Taniel (Estonia) Andres Tenusaar (Estonia) Tom Tykwer (Germany) Gillian Wearing (UK) Gereon Wetzel (Germany) Oliver Whitehead (Finland) Adam Wingard (USA) Edmund Yeo (Malaysia/Japan) Kari Yli-Annala (Finland) Brian Yuzna (USA) Veiko Õunpuu (Estonia) Kang Kiyoung aka Dalpalan (South Korea) • . The film is a collection of one-minute short films created by 60 filmmakers from around the world on the theme of the death of cinema.60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero 19 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero Release date(s) Running time 2011 60 minutes 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero is a 2011 anthology film.

271.com/title/tt2129860/) at the Internet Movie Database A Bittersweet Life A Bittersweet Life Theatrical poster Hangul Hanja RR MR Directed by Produced by Written by Starring 달콤한 인생 달콤한 人 生 Dalkomhan insaeng Talk‘omhan insaeng Kim Ji-woon Park Dong-ho Eugene Lee Kim Ji-woon Lee Byung-hun Kim Yeong-cheol Shin Min-ah Hwang Jung-min Kim Roe-ha Lee Gi-yeong Jang Yeong-gyu Dalparan Music by Cinematography Kim Ji-yong Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Admissions Gross revenue Choi Jae-geun CJ Entertainment • April 1.595 [1] [2] $7. [3] Lee. Retrieved 2013-02-15. 60sec.582. External links • 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero (http://www. anothermag. . . . hollywoodreporter. Retrieved 2013-02-15.393 A Bittersweet Life (Dalkomhan insaeng) (Hangul: 달콤한 인생) is a 2005 South Korean film written and directed by Kim Ji-woon and starring Lee Byung-hun. it illustrates the ethical codes in the Korean mob and how they clash with personal morality. Maggie (2012-01-01). Russian 1. com/ review/ 60-seconds-solitude-year-zero-277143). [2] Gray. Ruthlessly violent. ee/ in_detail).ee. Another Magazine. Retrieved 2013-02-15. Hollywood Reporter. com/ current/ view/ 1661/ 60_Seconds_of_Solitude_in_Year_Zero). "60 Seconds of Solitude in the Year Zero: Film Review" (http:/ / www. "Culture Talks" (http:/ / www. . Carmen (2012-01-03).60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero 20 References [1] "60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero" (http:/ / 60sec.imdb. 2005 (South Korea) 120 minutes South Korea Korean.

his violent shooting spree leads directly to Kang amidst one of his business meetings. (Hwang Jung-min). a cold and calculating crime boss to whom he is unquestionably loyal. and kills him after a brief conversation. but his attraction for her causes him to hesitate. He thus spares the two on the condition that they no longer see each other again. Help from one of Sun-woo's loyal men provides him with money and new clothes to go about his plan: he secretly delivers Heesoo a gift to make amends and sets up a meeting with some local arms dealers. Heesoo (Shin Min-ah). but as they are affiliated with Kang's organization he ends up killing them over a deal to buy a handgun — this incurs a vendetta with the brother of one of the dealers. after which Sun-woo plans his revenge. looking very happy. 21 Plot Kim Sun-woo (Lee Byung-hun) is a high ranking mobster and enforcer for Kang (Kim Yeong-cheol). in his memory. Meanwhile. he calls Heesoo and pauses to reminisce on his only day with her. over having beaten up several of his henchmen earlier for overstaying their welcome at the hotel. After making sure he's alone. When he does come to discover Heesoo's lover directly in her home. earning him Heesoo's enmity. As he performs his duty — following Heesoo. As he sheds a tear over this memory. Kang's men torture him into confessing why he lied until he is left alone to think about his answer. but he adamantly refuses. he fiercely beats him and prepares to inform Kang. in a rare moment of contentment. Sun-woo continues to be embroiled in personal business with Baek Jr. he smiles. but before they can do so they receive new orders via phone call and he is abruptly carried off to Kang. He is then threatened by one of his enforcers to apologize. he is suddenly kidnapped by Baek's men to be tortured. Sun-woo then shoots him. giving Sun-Woo the mandate to kill her (and her paramour) if he manages to discover it. Now dying from multiple gunshot wounds. prompting a shootout with Baek Jr. A daring but messy escape follows. whom he fears is having an "affair" with another man. He then goes on to set up a veiled rendezvous with Baek Jr. Kang does not answer. . the brother of the arms dealer executes him. as he watches her play her cello. a son from a rival family. he begins to shadowbox his reflection in the glass. which is when Kang assigns Sun-Woo what is perceived to be a simple errand while he is away on a business trip — to shadow his young mistress. The film ends with a continuation of an earlier scene of Sun-Woo looking out of a window at the city below him. and escorting her to a music recital one day — he becomes quietly enthralled by the girl's beauty and innocence as glimpses into his lonely. fueled by his frustrations over Heesoo. As he relaxes in his apartment later one night. but he is viciously stabbed in the process. The two share concerns over business tensions with Baek Jr. who promptly sets out to find Sun-woo. Sun-Woo emerges as the only survivor of the battle with the arms dealer's brother finally catching up to him in the same room. and instead asks if Sun-woo's actions were directly because of Heesoo. empty personal life become more prevalent.'s henchmen. who has returned from overseas and has found out about his attempted cover-up of Heesoo's affair. Bleeding. where he vents bitterly over how badly he has been treated despite his seven years of service. when he had escorted her to her music recital.A Bittersweet Life The film premiered at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. he finds himself overwhelmed with emotion and. who had quickly picked up his trail.

[9] In 2009.1 out of 10 based on eight reviews. and beautifully brutal."[4] Derek Elley from Variety magazine described the film as "a tour de force of noirish style and Korean ultra-violence that will have genre fans nailed to their seats. when the film finally ended its theatrical run.A Bittersweet Life 22 Cast • • • • • • • • • • Lee Byung-hun as Kim Sun-woo Kim Young-cheol as Mr. Though the box office is unknown. Empire Magazine named it third in a poll of the "20 Greatest Gangster Movies You've Never Seen* (*Probably)".com gave the film 4/5 stars. Kang Shin Min-ah as Hee-soo Hwang Jung-min as President Baek Jin Goo as Min-gi Kim Hae-gon as Gun dealer Kim Roe-ha as Mun-suk Oh Dal-su as Myung-gu Lee Gi-yeong as Mu-sung Eric Mun as Gun dealer's brother Box office and critical reception The film was screened out of competition at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival.[3] Critical reception was highly positive."[7] On Rotten Tomatoes. The critic also noted that A Bittersweet Life is "the best film of 2005. it currently holds a 100%. with an average score of 8."[6] Lee Byung-hun was praised for his acting ability with a critic from Cinema Eye saying that he "brings sheer excitement in his performance" and is "an angel dressed in vengeance". with critics describing it as "organic. essential.291.[8] A critic from BeyondHollywood. never overplaying what could easily become hammy and clichéd." [5]Sam Toy from Empire magazine stated Lee "puts in a star-making performance as the brutal chief whip-turned-fugitive. and easily holds this Korean noir together.621 admissions.[4][10] . it had 1." He added "this is hugely enjoyable. beautifully staged and refreshingly realistic.

"Escape" Dalparan Dalparan Dalparan Dalparan Yuhki Kuramoto Dalparan Artist Length 0:27 4:00 2:14 0:04 5:00 4:26 2:33 3:05 3:09 2:33 6:02 . "Red Ice Rink" 9. "A Bittersweet Life II" 10. "Dialogue #1" 2. Action Asia Prize • [12] • • • • • • • • • • • • • 2006 Fant-Asia Film Festival Silver Prize Best Asian Film Best photography – Ji-yong Kim [13] 2005 Sitges Film Festival Best Original Soundtrack – Dalparan and Jang Young-Gyu Nomination – Best Film [14] Best Music – Dalparan. "Irreversible Time" 4. "Dialogue #2" 5.[17] A Bittersweet Life OST track listing No.A Bittersweet Life 23 Awards and nominations 2006 8th Deauville Asian Film Festival • • • • • • • • • • • • • [11] 2005 25th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards Top 10 Films Best Actor – Lee Byung-hun LOTUS ACTION ASIA – Grand Prix Action Asia. "Red Lounge" 7. "My Sad Night" 3. Jang Young-gyu 2005 13th Chunsa Film Art Awards Best Actor – Lee Byung-hun [15][16] 2005 42nd Grand Bell Awards Best Supporting Actor – Hwang Jung-min Nomination – Best Actor – Lee Byung-hun 2006 42nd Paeksang Arts Awards Best Actor – Lee Byung-hun 2005 26th Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Cinematography – Kim Ji-yong Nomination – Best Director – Kim Ji-woon Nomination – Best Film Nomination – Best Director – Kim Ji-woon Nomination – Best Cinematography – Kim Ji-yong Nomination – Best Art Direction – Ryu Sung-Hee Nomination – Best Editing – Choi Jae-geun Nomination – Best Music – Jang Young-gyu Nomination – Best Sound Best Supporting Actor – Hwang Jung-min Nomination – Best Leading Actor – Lee Byung-hun Nomination – Best Supporting Actor – Hwang Jung-min Nomination – Best Music – Dalparan and Jang Young-gyu Nomination – Best Art Direction – Ryu Sung-Hee Nomination – Best Lighting – Shin Sang-Ryeol 2005 4th Korean Film Awards Soundtrack A Bittersweet Life Original Soundtrack Soundtrack album Released Genre Label April 7. "A Bittersweet Life" 11. "Long Journey" 8. "Romance" 6. 2005. 2005 Soundtrack Pony Canyon (KR) The A Bittersweet Life original soundtrack was released on April 7. Title 1.

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com/title/tt0456912/) at the Internet Movie Database A Bittersweet Life (http://www.asp?nation=K&p_dataid=06539) at the Korean Movie Database .kr) (Korean) Official website (http://www.hancinema.co.net/korean_movie_A_Bittersweet_Life.bitter-sweet.kr/eng/md_basic.or.html) (in Korean or English) A Bittersweet Life (http://www.imdb.allrovi.php) at HanCinema • A Bittersweet Life (http://www.d-o-e-s.com/movies/movie/v330704) at AllRovi A Bittersweet Life (http://www.rottentomatoes.com/collection/bittersweet/index0.A Bittersweet Life 25 External links • • • • • Official website (http://www.kmdb.com/m/a-bittersweet-life-dalkomhan-insaeng/) at Rotten Tomatoes • A Bittersweet Life (http://www.

co. blueaward. After the screening of each selection.[2] Awards The categories are • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Best Film Best Director Best New Director Best Leading Actor Best Leading Actress Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress Best New Actor Best New Actress Best Cinematography Best Music Best Art Direction Technical Award Best Original Screenplay Best Lighting Most Popular Actor is awarded to the star that received the most Netizen votes Most Popular Film is awarded to the movie with the highest viewership throughout the previous year . kr/ The Blue Dragon Film Awards (Korean:청룡영화상) is an annual awards ceremony that is presented annually by Sports Chosun for excellence in film in South Korea. about forty movies that have made it to the final list are screened to the public for free.Blue Dragon Film Awards 26 Blue Dragon Film Awards Blue Dragon Film Awards Awarded for Presented by Country First awarded Excellence in cinematic achievements Sports Chosun South Korea 1963 Official website http:/ / www. The Blue Dragon Film Awards considers only blockbusters and popular movies of high artistic value released during the previous year. During the selection process. a Korean sports daily. the awards ceremony opens. Sports Chosun. resurrected the ceremony in 1990 and it has been held annually since then. The Blue Dragon Awards and the Grand Bell Awards are the two most popular film awards in Korea. [1] History It was created in 1963 by The Chosun Ilbo newspaper and discontinued in 1973.

Blue Dragon Film Awards 27 Best Film Ceremony #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 #21 #22 #23 #24 #25 #26 #27 #28 #29 #30 #31 #32 #33 [3] Year 1963 Kinship 1964 Extra Human Being 1965 Sad Story of Self Supporting Child 1966 Market 1967 Flame in the Valley 1968 Descendents of Cain 1969 The Old Jar Craftsman 1971 When a Woman Breaks Her Jewel Box 1972 Oyster Village 1973 The Three-Day Reign 1990 Black Republic 1991 Death Song 1992 Our Twisted Hero 1993 Sopyonje 1994 The Taebaek Mountains 1995 A Single Spark 1996 Festival 1997 Green Fish 1998 Christmas in August 1999 Nowhere to Hide 2000 Joint Security Area 2001 One Fine Spring Day 2002 Chi-hwa-seon Film Director Kim Su-yong Yu Hyun-mok Kim Su-yong Lee Man-hee Kim Su-yong Yu Hyun-mok Choi Ha-won Kim Su-yong Jeong Jin-woo Shin Sang-ok Park Kwang-su Kim Ho-sun Park Jong-won Im Kwon-taek Im Kwon-taek Park Kwang-su Im Kwon-taek Lee Chang-dong Hur Jin-ho Lee Myung-se Park Chan-wook Hur Jin-ho Im Kwon-taek 2003 Spring.. Winter. Summer.. and Spring Kim Ki-duk 2004 Silmido 2005 Sympathy for Lady Vengeance 2006 The Host 2007 The Show Must Go On 2008 Forever the Moment 2009 Mother 2010 Secret Reunion 2011 The Unjust 2012 Pietà Kang Woo-suk Park Chan-wook Bong Joon-ho Han Jae-rim Im Soon-rye Bong Joon-ho Jang Hoon Ryu Seung-wan Kim Ki-duk . Fall.

and the Weird Take Off Moss The Unjust Unbowed . the Bad.Blue Dragon Film Awards 28 Best Director Ceremony #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 #21 #22 #23 #24 #25 #26 #27 #28 #29 #30 #31 #32 #33 [3] Year Director Film The Marines Who Never Returned Extra Human Being Sad Story of Self Supporting Child Market Children in the Firing Range Descendents of Cain The Old Jar Craftsman Woman of Fire Cattle Seller Viva the Island Frog Partisans of South Korea Fly High Run Far: Kaebyok Our Twisted Hero Love is Oh Yeah! To You from Me A Single Spark Festival 1963 Lee Man-hee 1964 Yu Hyun-mok 1965 Kim Su-yong 1966 Lee Man-hee 1967 Kim Su-yong 1968 Yu Hyun-mok 1969 Choi Ha-won 1971 Kim Ki-young 1972 Kim Hyo-cheon 1973 Jeong Jin-woo 1990 Chung Ji-young 1991 Im Kwon-taek 1992 Park Jong-won 1993 Kim Yoo-jin 1994 Jang Sun-woo 1995 Park Kwang-su 1996 Im Kwon-taek 1997 Lee Chang-dong Green Fish 1998 Hong Sang-soo 1999 Kang Je-gyu The Power of Kangwon Province Shiri 2000 Park Chan-wook Joint Security Area 2001 Song Hae-sung 2002 Im Kwon-taek Failan Chi-hwa-seon 2003 Park Chan-wook Oldboy 2004 Kang Woo-suk 2005 Park Jin-pyo 2006 Kim Tae-yong 2007 Hur Jin-ho 2008 Kim Ji-woon 2009 Kim Yong-hwa 2010 Kang Woo-suk 2011 Ryu Seung-wan 2012 Chung Ji-young Silmido You Are My Sunshine Family Ties Happiness The Good.

302 The Adventures of Mrs. Bong 301. Park Downfall (Ch'ang) Christmas in August The Harmonium in My Memory Pisces Sorum Milae Singles Someone Special Sympathy for Lady Vengeance Tazza: The High Rollers Secret Sunshine My Wife Got Married Closer to Heaven Poetry Midnight FM Blind All About My Wife .Blue Dragon Film Awards 29 Best Leading Actress Ceremony #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 #21 #22 #23 #24 #25 #26 #27 #28 #29 #30 #31 #32 #33 [3] Year Actress Film 1963 Hwang Jeong-sun Kinship 1964 Moon Jeung-suk 1965 Um Aing-ran 1966 Moon Jeung-suk 1967 Joo Jeung-nyeo 1968 Nam Jeong-im 1969 Kim Ji-mee 1971 Yoon Yeo-jeong 1972 Yoon Jeong-hee 1973 Jeong Jin-woo 1990 Won Mi-kyung 1991 Chang Mi-hee 1992 Kang Soo-yeon 1993 Kim Hye-soo 1994 Choi Myung-gil 1995 Kim Hye-soo Bang Eun-jin 1996 Shim Hye-jin 1997 Shin Eun-kyung 1998 Shim Eun-ha 1999 Jeon Do-yeon 2000 Lee Mi-yeon 2001 Jang Jin-young 2002 Kim Yoon-jin 2003 Jang Jin-young 2004 Lee Na-young 2005 Lee Young-ae 2006 Kim Hye-soo 2007 Jeon Do-yeon 2008 Son Ye-jin 2009 Ha Ji-won 2010 Yoon Jeong-hee Soo Ae 2011 Kim Ha-neul 2012 Im Soo-jung Never Look Back Beautiful Eye Pupil Market Flame in the Valley Bunnyeo Your Name is Woman Woman of Fire Oyster Village Simcheong Only Because You Are a Woman Death Song Road to the Racetrack First Love La Vie en Rose Dr.

Blue Dragon Film Awards 30 Best Leading Actor Ceremony #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 #21 #22 #23 #24 #25 #26 #27 #28 #29 #30 #31 #32 #33 [3] Year Actor Kinship Extra Human Being Extra Human Being Film 1963 Kim Seung-ho 1964 Kim Jin-kyu 1965 Kim Jin-kyu 1966 Shin Young-kyun Market 1967 Kim Seung-ho Fishing Boats are Full 1968 Shin Young-kyun King's Father 1969 Park No-shik 1971 Choi Moo-ryong 1972 Park No-shik Revengeful Man A Facedown in 30 Years Cattle Seller 1973 Shin Young-kyun The Three-Day Reign 1990 Ahn Sung-ki 1991 Im Sung-min Partisans of South Korea Death Song 1992 Moon Sung-geun Road to the Racetrack 1993 Kim Myung-gon Sopyonje 1994 Moon Sung-geun To You from Me Park Joong-hoon The Rules of the Game 1995 Choi Min-soo Terrorist 1996 Moon Sung-geun A Petal 1997 Han Suk-kyu 1998 Park Shin-yang 1999 Lee Jung-jae 2000 Sol Kyung-gu 2001 Choi Min-sik 2002 Sol Kyung-gu 2003 Choi Min-sik 2004 Jang Dong-gun Green Fish A Promise City of the Rising Sun Peppermint Candy Failan Public Enemy Oldboy Taegukgi 2005 Hwang Jung-min You Are My Sunshine 2006 Park Joong-hoon Ahn Sung-ki 2007 Song Kang-ho 2008 Kim Yoon-seok 2009 Kim Myung-min 2010 Jung Jae-young 2011 Park Hae-il 2012 Choi Min-sik Radio Star The Show Must Go On The Chaser Closer to Heaven Moss War of the Arrows Nameless Gangster .

directed by Crystal Kwok (Hong Kong) • Lotus de la Meilleure Photographie ("Best Photography"): Jeong Kwang-Seok and Song Haeng-ki.Blue Dragon Film Awards 31 Notes [1] http:/ / www. for Sur la Trace du Serpent ("Nowhere to Hide") (South Korea) 2001 • Lotus d'Or (Prix du Jury) ("Jury Prize"): Joint Security Area. . org/ ). org/). for The Cabbie (Taiwan) . External links • Official website (http://www. France since 1999 and focuses on Asian cinema. for Sur la Trace du Serpent ("Nowhere to Hide") (South Korea) • Lotus de la Meilleure Actrice ("Best Actress"): Hong Tao.kr/) • The 27th Blue Dragon Awards at "Tracking the Blue Dragon Dumplings" (http://www.co.org/awards.blueaward. org/ awards.org (http:/ / koreanfilm. html [2] "Film Awards Ceremonies in Korea" (http:/ / koreanfilm. koreanfilm. Retrieved 2008-02-12. yesasia.org (http://koreanfilm. Prize List 2000 • Lotus d'Or (Prix du Jury) ("Jury Prize"): Sur la Trace du Serpent ("Nowhere to Hide").html).org (http:/ / koreanfilm. for Hei Yanjing ("Black Eyes") directed by Chen Guoxing (China) • Lotus du Meilleur Acteur ("Best Actor"): Park Joong-hoon. directed by Lee Myung-se (South Korea) • Lotus du Public (Prix du Public) ("Popular Choice"): The Mistress.koreasociety. koreanfilm. for Sur la Trace du Serpent ("Nowhere to Hide") (South Korea) • Lotus du Meilleur Réalisateur: Lee Myung-se. directed by Park Chan-wook (South Korea) • Lotus du Public (Prix du Public) ("Popular Choice"): Joint Security Area. 1008-en/ film-awards. org/ ). Deauville Asian Film Festival The Deauville Asian Film Festival (the Festival du film asiatique de Deauville) takes place annually in Deauville. directed by Wang Quan'an (China) • Lotus du Meilleur Acteur ("Best Actor"): Song Kang-ho. org/ awards. for Yue shi. . A film competition was added to the festival in 2000 and a video competition in 2002. [3] "Awards" (http:/ / koreanfilm. for Joint Security Area. for Hotoke. directed by Park Chan-wook (South Korea) • Lotus du Meilleur Réalisateur: Tanit Jitnukul for Bang Rajan (Thailand) • Lotus du Meilleur Réalisateur: Yiwen Chen and Huakun Zhang. xls) (XLS). directed by Park Chan-wook (South Korea) • Lotus de la Meilleure Photographie ("Best Photography"): Takashiro Tsutai. html). com/ us/ yumcha/ blue-dragon-film-awards/ 0-0-0-aeid. Retrieved 2008-02-02. directed by Jinsei Tsuji (Japan) • Lotus de la Meilleure Actrice ("Best Actress"): Yu Nan. Retrieved 2008-02-02.org/ content/view/287/86/) • "Film Awards Ceremonies in Korea" (http://koreanfilm. koreanfilm.

directed by Ryota Sakamaki (Japan) • Lotus Air France. directed by Im Sang-soo (South Korea) • Lotus du Public (Prix du Public) ("Popular Choice"): Voyageurs and Magiciens ("Travellers and Magicians"). directed by Jia Zhangke (China) • Lotus Action Asia (Grand Prix Action Asia): Arahan. directed by Akihiko Shiota (Japan) • Lotus Numérique: Tokyo Gomi Onna ("Tokyo Trash Baby"). China. Eliana (Indonesia) • Lotus du Meilleur Acteur ("Best Actor"): Wang Baoqiang for Blind Shaft • Lotus du Meilleur Réalisateur : Li Yang for Blind Shaft • Lotus numérique: Koboreru Tsuki ("Moon Overflowing"). Décerné par la Presse: Blind Shaft 2004 • Lotus du Meilleur Film (Grand Prix): Une Femme Coréenne ("A Good Lawyer's Wife"). directed by Prachya Pinkaew (Thailand) 2005 • Lotus du Meilleur Film (Grand Prix): Mengyou Hawaii ("Holiday Dreaming"). directed by Song Hae-sung (South Korea) • Lotus de la Meilleure Photographie ("Best Photography"): Youyuan Jingmeng ("Peony Pavilion"). China. Hong Kong) • Lotus de la Meilleure Actrice ("Best Actress"): Rachel Sayidina and Jajang C. directed by Song Hae-sung (South Korea) • Lotus du Public (Prix du Public) ("Popular Choice"): Failan. directed by Li Yang (Germany. directed by Lee Yoon-ki (South Korea) • Lotus du Meilleur Scénario (Prix du Groupe Lucien Barrière): The World.Deauville Asian Film Festival 32 2002 • Lotus d'Or (Prix du Jury) ("Jury Prize"): Failan. directed by Ho Ping (Taiwan) • Lotus Numérique: Gipusu (Gips). directed by Xiao Jiang (China) . directed by Ryu Seung-wan (South Korea) • Lotus Air France (Prix de la Critique Internationale): Mengyou Hawaii ("Holiday Dreaming"). Hong Kong) • Lotus du Public (Prix du Public) ("Popular Choice"): Blind Shaft. directed by Ryuichi Hiroki (Japan) 2003 • Lotus d'Or (Prix du Jury) ("Jury Prize"): Blind Shaft. directed by Yonfan (Hong Kong) • Lotus de la Meilleure Actrice ("Best Actress"): Dian Sastrowardoyo for Pasir Berbisik ("Whispering Sands") (Indonesia) • Lotus du Meilleur Acteur ("Best Actor"): Choi Min-sik for Failan • Lotus du Meilleur Réalisateur: Song Hae-sung for Failan • Lotus du Meilleur Scénario: Wa dong ren ("The Rules of the Game"). directed by Fun-chun Hsu (Taiwan) • Lotus du Jury (Prix du Jury) ("Jury Prize"): This Charming Girl. directed by Li Yang (Germany. directed by Khyentse Norbu (Australia / Bhutan) • Lotus Action Asia (Grand Prix Action Asia): Ong-bak. Noer for Eliana. directed by Fun-chun Hsu (Taiwan) • Lotus Première (Prix du Magazine Première): Electric Shadows.

Deauville Asian Film Festival 33 2006 • • • • • Lotus du Meilleur Film ("Best Film"): Dam Street. Li Yu Lotus du Jury ("Jury Prize"): Piteopaeneui Gongshik ("The Peter Pan Formula") directed by Cho Chang-Ho Lotus de la Critique Internationale: Citizen Dog Lotus du Meilleur Scénario: Cherm ("Midnight My Love") Lotus Action Asia (Grand Prix Action Asia): A Bittersweet Life directed by Kim Ji-woon (South Korea) 2007 • Lotus du Meilleur Film ("Best Film"): Syndromes and a Century directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Thailand) • Lotus du Jury ("Jury Prize"): King and the Clown directed by Lee Jun-ik (South Korea) • Lotus Air France (Prix de la Critique Internationale) ("International Critics' Prize): Ad-lib Night directed by Lee Yoon-ki (South Korea) • Lotus Action Asia: Dog Bite Dog directed by Soi Cheang (Hong Kong) 2008 • Lotus du Meilleur Film ("Best Film"): With a Girl of Black Soil directed by Jeon Soo-il (South Korea) • Lotus du Jury ("Jury Prize"): Flower in the Pocket directed by Seng Tat Liew (Malaya) and Wonderful Town directed by Aditya Assarat (Thailand) • Lotus Air France (Prix de la Critique Internationale) ("International Critics' Prize): With a Girl of Black Soil directed by Jeon Soo-il (South Korea) 2009 • Lotus du Meilleur Film ("Best Film"): Breathless directed by Yang Ik-june (South Korea) • Lotus du Jury ("Jury Prize"): All around us directed by Ryosuke Hashiguchi (Japan) and The Shaft directed by Zhang Chi (China) • Lotus Air France (Prix de la Critique Internationale) ("International Critics' Prize): Breathless directed by Yang Ik-june (South Korea) • Lotus Action Asia: The Chaser directed by Na Hong-jin (South Korea) 2010 • Lotus du Meilleur Film ("Best Film"): Judge directed by Liu Jie (China) • Lotus du Jury ("Jury Prize"): Au Revoir Taipei directed by Arvin Chen (Taiwan) and Paju directed by Park Chan-ok (South Korea) • Lotus Air France (Prix de la Critique Internationale) ("International Critics' Prize): My Daughter directed by Charlotte Lim Lay Kuen (Malaya) • Lotus Action Asia: The sword with no name directed by Kim Yong-gyun (South Korea) External links • Official site [1] .

Lim Pil-seong and Han Jae-rim . a 1992 novel by Connie Willis • Doomsday Book (film). an 11th-century survey of England • Doomsday Book (novel).Doomsday Book 34 Doomsday Book Doomsday Book may refer to: • Domesday Book or Doomsday Book. a 2012 science-fiction anthology film directed by Kim Ji-woon.

[1][2][3] It won the top prize at the 2012 Fantasia Festival. The jury honored it with the Cheval Noir Award for best film for "its intelligence and originality. It tells three unique stories of human self-destruction in the modern high-tech era. RR: Inryu myeongmang bogoseo. "Report on the Destruction of Mankind") is a 2012 South Korean science-fiction anthology film directed by Kim Ji-woon and Yim Pil-sung. Hanja: 人 類 滅 亡 報 告 書 . In a hope to restore the humane compassion in the insusceptible modern age. the film displays an alternative form of genuine humanity. lit.Doomsday Book (film) 35 Doomsday Book (film) Doomsday Book Korean theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Kim Ji-woon Yim Pil-sung Choi Hyeon-muk Kim Myeong-eun Oh Yeong-hun Yim Pil-sung Lee Hwan-hee Kim Ji-woon Jang Jong-ah Ryu Seung-beom Kim Kang-woo Song Sae-byok Written by Starring Cinematography Jo Sang-yun (Brave New World) Kim Ji-yong (Heavenly Creature) Ha Seong-min (Happy Birthday) Editing by Im Seon-gyeong (Brave New World) Mun Se-gyeong (Heavenly Creature) Nam Na-yeong (Happy Birthday) Zio Entertainment TimeStory Group Santa Claus • Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget April 5. MR: Illyu myŏlmang pogosŏ."[4] . 2012 115 minutes South Korea Korean $5 million Doomsday Book (Hangul: 인류멸망보고서.

Lee Hwan-hee. Henry's short story. and Han Jae-rim. Ten years later. Also starring Ma Dong-seok (as a disorderly student). Kim Yoo-min (Go Joon-hee). RR: Chunsangui Pijomul) Park Do-won (Kim Kang-woo). She throws the original ball out of the window and it drops down a hole in the street. shooting restarted quietly with Yim and Kim collaborating on a new third installment to the trilogy with Yim as the lead director and Kim in more of a "guest director" [7][8][9] role. Kim Mu-yeol (as Ji-ho) and Yoon Je-moon (as Joo Je-moon).[10] Synopsis Brave New World (Hangul: 멋진 신세계. RR: Mutjin Sinsegye) Left alone after his parents go abroad on a holiday with his sister.Doomsday Book (film) 36 Production Doomsday Book was originally conceived as a three-part anthology film to be directed by Kim Ji-woon. the adult Min-seo (Bae Doona)[13] and her family emerge from their shelter. RU4 has become Buddhist and claims to have achieved enlightenment.[5][6] Filming began on May 21. Heavenly Creature (Hangul: 천상의 피조물. and the two thirds remained unreleased. Via the waste disposal system. the family tries to cancel the order via the extra-terrestrial website. arrive at the monastery to decommission RU4.[11] Directed by Yim Pil-sung. and his team led by research executive Min Yoo-ni (Kim Seo-hyung). Happy Birthday (Hangul: 해피 버스데이) Young Park Min-seo (Jin Ji-hee) secretly orders a replacement 8 Ball from a strange website so her pool-obsessed father (Lee Seung-jun) and uncle (Song Sae-byok) won't notice she's damaged it. Seok-woo and his date. but shortly after Kim and Yim had shot their segments. But in 2010 with backing from new investor TimeStory. on the grounds that he is an old series. which includes a rotten apple. and soon they and the rest of the population become flesh-eating zombies. Kim Roi-ha (as Seok-woo's father). Do-won and Bodhisattva Hye-joo (Kim Gyu-ri) then try to save the robot from its imminent demise. Written by Yim Pil-sung. a young technician employed by robotics corporation UR. 2006. Bong Joon-ho (as Lee Joon-ho). Also starring Jo Yoon-hee (as Ji-eun)[12] and Park Gwi-soon (as a guide monk). In their underground shelter. Lee Kan-hee (as Seok-woo's mother). Later.[11] . Two years later. Han's third segment titled "The Christmas Gift" (a SF musical retelling of O. South Korea is threatened by an asteroid that looks exactly like a giant version of the 8 Ball. geeky research scientist Yoon Seok-woo (Ryu Seung-beom) disposes of the accumulated rubbish in the family flat. UR chairman Kang Seong-cheol (Song Young-chang). about a woman's primal desires emerging when confronted with her last chance to survive after witnessing the end of the world) was never shot. the monks want to know whether he really is one or is just a robot with a technical glitch. the apple enters the food chain via recycled feed for cows. Hwang Hyo-eun (as Seok-woo's sister). Yim Pil-sung. is called out to check an RU4 robot (voiced by Park Hae-il) employed at a Buddhist monastery. end up eating the toxic beef during a barbecue one evening. Do-won gives RU4 a clean bill of technical health but says he is unqualified to do any more. It was pre-sold to six countries at the Berlin Film Market and screened at the Cannes Film Festival.[11] Written and directed by Kim Ji-woon. Original story by Park Seong-hwan. financing fell apart and the film was put on hold.

Jang Jong-ah. fnnews. mline-distribution. screendaily. Retrieved 2012-11-18.php) at HanCinema Doomsday Book (http://www.hancinema. 10Asia. Screen International.kr) (Korean) Doomsday Book (http://www. Twitch Film. asia/ reviews/ doomsday-book). com/ news/ 2012/ 01/ first-image-from-yim-pil-sung-and-kim-ji-woons-the-doomsday-book. Retrieved 2012-11-18. . 37 Awards and nominations 2012 Fantasia Festival[4] • Cheval Noir Award 2013 Asian Film Awards [14] • Nomination . starnnews. [13] Son. [11] Elley. Lucia (29 March 2012). Screen International. May 4" (http:/ / twitchfilm. Retrieved 2012-08-13. Yim Pil-sung's "Doomsday Book" pre-sold to 6 countries" (http:/ / 10.imdb. "Kim Jee-woon. 16 March 2012. fnnews. [2] "'Human Extinction Report' suspenseful trailer released" (http:/ / star. co. 10Asia. php). com/ news/ asia-pacific/ koreas-m-line-opens-doomsday-book/ 5037830. com/ news/ 2006/ 05/ k-film-news-box-office-may-22. com/ global/ en/ news/ index. Retrieved 2012-11-18. Retrieved 2012-11-18. . html?no=73167). "Preview: The End of Mankind is Near in ′Doomsday Book′" (http:/ / enewsworld.Kwak Tae-yong. com/ global/ en/ news/ index. Retrieved 2012-11-18. [3] Choi.com/title/tt2297164/) at the Internet Movie Database Doomsday Book (http://www.rottentomatoes. ""Doomsday Book" scoops up top prize at Fantasia International Film Festival in Canada" (http:/ / 10. [7] Brown. [10] Hong. kr/ Articles/ new_view. Liz (16 January 2013). . Gangster head Asian Film Awards nominations" (http:/ / www. asiae. "'Human Extinction Report' Bae Doona's unique costume" (http:/ / star. Retrieved 2013-01-25. co. 22 May 2006.Best Visual Effects . com/ global/ en/ news/ index. Retrieved 2012-11-18. "Mystery. php). Retrieved 2012-11-18. htm?sec=ent0& a_id=2012081311353837158).com/m/doomsday_book/) at Rotten Tomatoes . . Original story by Park Su-min. "'Human Extinction Report' Behind photos from filming sets revealed" (http:/ / star. com/ news/ asia-pacific/ mystery-gangster-head-asian-film-awards-nominations/ 5050681. php). Film Business Asia. . May 22" (http:/ / twitchfilm. Ryu Seung-soo (as announcer) and Lee Young-eun (as announcer). com/ news/ 2006/ 05/ k-film-news-box-office-2006-may-4. php?idx=111). Retrieved 2012-11-18.doomsdaybook. . External links • • • • Official website (http://www. "Doomsday Book" (http:/ / www. screendaily. [12] Oh. fnnews. kr/ Articles/ new_view. . StarN News. Retrieved 2012-11-18. Twitch Film. Jin-Ah (16 April 2012). StarN News. M-Line Distribution. Lucia (13 August 2012). "'Human Extinction Report' Cho Yoonhee's amazing transformation" (http:/ / en. . html?no=79619). html?no=80301). "First Image From Yim Pil-Sung And Kim Ji-Woon's THE DOOMSDAY BOOK" (http:/ / twitchfilm. article). 4 May 2006. Hwang Hyo-kyun. com/ current. StarN News. Also starring Yoon Se-ah (as Min-seo's mother). . asp?idx=5197). . enewsWorld. StarN News. Im Jung-hoon References [1] "Doomsday Book" (http:/ / www. html?no=80572). [6] "K-Film News & Box Office: 2006. [4] Hong. article). Retrieved 2012-11-18. Twitch Film. 11 February 2012. Jin-Ah (13 April 2012). filmbiz. [8] "Korea’s M-Line opens Doomsday Book" (http:/ / www. com/ enews/ contents. [14] Shackleton. htm?sec=ent0& a_id=2012032915113453590). [5] "K-Film News & Box Office: 2006. [9] Son. . Todd (27 January 2012).Doomsday Book (film) Directed by Yim Pil-sung. com/ news/ index. Written by Yim Pil-sung. . Retrieved 2012-11-18.net/korean_movie_Doomsday_Book. asiae. Derek (24 October 2012). . Retrieved 2012-11-18. Eun-Hwa (5 April 2012). mnet. Seol-Hye (10 April 2012).

pt Fantasporto. In its 27th edition in February 2006 the festival reached 104. Giving screen space to fantasy/science fiction/horror-oriented commercial feature films. Portugal. with the Ministry of Culture of Portugal leading and the President of the Republic as head of the Honour Committee.Fantasporto 38 Fantasporto Fantasporto Location Porto. Present in Porto were about 100 members of the foreign press and about 250 Portuguese journalists and media representatives. annually organized since 1981 in Porto. Fantasporto has created enthusiastic audiences. with an annual average of 110. with a record of 187 hours of TV time. In spite of being organized by a private entity. fantasporto. along with several private sponsors.000 attendees. both domestic and international. Portugal Language International http:/ / www. Awards • Secção Oficial Cinema Fantástico • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Grande Prémio Fantasporto – Best Film Award Prémio Especial do Juri – Jury’s Special Award Melhor Realização – Best Direction Melhor Actor – Best Actor Melhor Actriz – Best Actress Melhor Argumento – Best Screenplay Melhores Efeitos Especiais – Best Screenplay Melhor Curta-Metragem – Best Short Film Menção do Juri Internacional – Special Mention of the Jury Prémio Melhor Filme Semana dos Realizadores: – Directors Week Best Film Award Prémio Especial do Juri – Directors Week Jury’s Special Award Melhor Realização – Directors Week Best Director Award Melhor Actor – Directors Week Best Actor Award Melhor Actriz – Directors Week Best Actress Award Melhor Argumento – Directors Week Best Screenplay Award Menção Especial – Special Mention of the Directors Week Jury • Semana dos Realizadores • Prémio do Cinema Português • Melhor Filme – Best Portuguese Picture • Melhor Escola – Best Portuguese Cinema School • Non official awards • International Fantasy Film Special Jury Award • Prémio da Crítica – Critic’s Award . is an international film festival. the event is mostly state funded.000 media references.000 people and 5. also known as Fantas. ranging from cinephiles to more popular spectators. auteur films and experimental projects from all over the world.

0 2003 Intacto 2004 Janghwa. Award winners Year Film Director Nationality of Director (at time of film's release) 1981 not awarded 1982 The Redeemer 1983 Scanners 1984 The Last Battle 1985 The Company of Wolves 1986 Fuego eterno 1987 Defense of the Realm 1988 A Chinese Ghost Story 1989 Monkey Shines 1990 Black Rainbow Krsto Papić David Cronenberg Luc Besson Neil Jordan José Ángel Rebolledo David Drury Ching Siu-tung George A. Hongryeon 2005 Nothing 2006 Frostbiten 2007 El laberinto del fauno 2008 REC 2009 Idiots and Angels 2010 Heartless Jaco van Dormael Peter Jackson Guillermo del Toro Danny Boyle David Fincher Wachowski brothers Louis Morneau Vincenzo Natali John Polson Alejandro González Iñárritu Los Fura del Baus Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Kim Ji-Woon Vincenzo Natali Anders Banke Guillermo del Toro Jaume Balagueró & Paco Plaza Bill Plympton Philip Ridley . Romero Mike Hodges * * * * * *  Yugoslavia  Canada  France  United Kingdom  Spain  United Kingdom  China  United States  United Kingdom  United States * * *  Belgium  New Zealand  Mexico  United Kingdom  United States  United States  United States * *  Canada  Australia  Mexico  Spain  Spain *  South Korea  Canada *  Sweden  Mexico  Spain  United States  United Kingdom 1991 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer John McNaughton 1992 Toto le Héros 1993 Braindead 1994 Cronos 1995 Shallow Grave 1996 Seven 1997 Bound 1998 Retroactive 1999 Cube 2000 Siam Sunset 2001 Amores perros 2002 Fausto 5.Fantasporto • Prémio do Público – Audience Award • Prémios Carreira 39 Grande Prémio Fantasporto The Grande Prémio Fantasporto is the highest prize awarded at the Fantasporto Film Festival and is presented to the director of the best feature film of the official competition.

Award winners Year 1982 1983 1984 Actor Eusebio Poncela Fabijan Šovagović Vincent Price Peter Cushing Christopher Lee John Carradine 1985 John Hurt Eddy Mitchell 1986 1987 Ian Holm Gabriel Byrne Nineteen Eighty-Four Frankenstein 90 Dreamchild Gothic Defence of the Realm 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 Jim van der Woude Jeremy Irons De Wisselwachter Dead Ringers Arrebato Ritam zločina For their contributions to the fantastc film genre. 2007) Melhor Actor The Best Actor Award (Portuguese: Melhor Actor) is an award presented at Fantasporto. It is chosen by the jury from the 'official section' of movies at the festival.Fantasporto 2011 Zwart water 2012 Hell Elbert Van Strien Tim Fehlbaum * *  Netherlands  Germany 40 * denotes first win Multiple award winners • • Vincenzo Natali (1999. It was first awarded in 1982. Film Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu Spoorloos Michael Rooker Jeff Daniels Harvey Keitel Federico Luppi Karra Elejalde Rupert Everett Juan Inciarte Nancho Novo Kevin McKidd Gary McCormack Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Timescape Bad Lieutenant Cronos La Madre Muerta Dellamorte Dellamore Sólo se muere dos veces Dame algo The Acid House . 2005) Guillermo del Toro (1994.

0 41 External links • Fantasporto [1] .Fantasporto 2000 Tom Fisher Konstantin Prochorowski 2001 2002 Willem Dafoe Eduard Fernández Miguel Ángel Solá 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Jeremy Northam Darío Grandinetti Bruce Campbell Jaume García Arija Sergi López Mark Borkowski Jack O'Connell Jim Sturgess Axel Wedekind Alexis Diaz de Villegas Cypher Palabras encadenadas Bubba Ho-Tep Zulo El laberinto del fauno The Ungodly Eden Lake Heartless Iron Doors Juan de los Muertos The Nine Lives of Tomas Katz Holgi Shadow of the Vampire Fausto 5.

Searching Kyung-chul's home.[5] The film has received generally positive reviews. killing the driver and . and starring Lee Byung-hun and Choi Min-sik. he places an NIS transmitter inside Kyung-chul. The film premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and had a limited U. Plot During a snowy night. tracking then attacking Kyung-chul while sexually assaulting his latest victim—one of the schoolgirls he was transporting home.990 I Saw the Devil (Hangul: 악마를 보았다. Soo-hyun puts a tracking device on the school bus. Soo-hyun. When a boy discovers one of Joo-yun's ears. under the command of Section Chief Oh and Squad Chief Jang. becomes determined to track down and take vengeance on Joo-yun's murderer. who is a secret service agent of the National Intelligence Service (NIS).773. When he finds Joo-yun's wedding ring he knows that Kyung-chul's is the killer. RR: Akmareul boattda) is a 2010 South Korean thriller film directed by Kim Ji-woon. so he can better track his location and listen to his conversations. Kyung-chul flags down a taxi. written by Park Hoon-jung.S theatrical release. Waking up. who is the father of Joo-yun. police are called and find the rest of the body. Jang supplies Soo-hyun with a list of four potential killers. Kyung-chul kills her and scatters her body parts. Rendering him unconscious.I Saw the Devil 42 I Saw the Devil I Saw the Devil Korean theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Kim Ji-woon Kim Hyung-woo Jo Sung-won Kim Jae-young Kim Jung-hwa Park Hoon-jung Lee Byung-hun Choi Min-sik Mowg Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Lee Mo-gae Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Nam Na-young Showbox/Mediaplex Showbox/Mediaplex • 12 August 2010 144 minutes South Korea Korean $6 million [1] [2] $12. including Kyung-chul. Soo-hyun finds jewelry and underwear that Kyung-chul has taken from (apparently) numerous victims. the car of Joo-yun gets a flat tire and Kyung-chul drives up in a yellow school bus/van and offers to help fix her tire. Joo-yun's fiancé.[3][4] The film was Choi Min-sik's first major role since his self-imposed exile in protest of the changes to the Korean screen quota system.

a trusted subordinate of Soo-hyun's ensures he and Kyung-chul are sent to a private medical area away from the police.[9] American distribution rights were acquired by Magnet Releasing which released it in theatres on a limited basis on March 4. 2011. Toronto International Film Festival. Soo-hyun's hears the death of Kyung-chul and his family's reaction to his decapitated corpse. Soo-hyun interrogates Tae-joo and learns that Kyung-chul is going after Joo-yun's father Jang and sister Se-yun (Kim Yun-seo). who blinds Jang with a dumbbell and murders Se-yun. After explaining his situation.[3] It also received screenings at several other international film festivals. Kyung-chul goes to the home of his friend Tae-joo. Soo-hyun breaks down crying on the street. only to be again attacked by Soo-hyun. Joo-yun's father Chun Ho-jin as Section Chief Oh. Soo-hyun tortures him physically and mentally before setting up a guillotine above Kyung-chul's head that is soon after activated when his parents and son arrive to visit and open the door to the room he is in. Kyung-chul taunts him over the transmitter. Soo-hyun's fiance Kim Yun-seo as Se-yun. Kyung-chul brutally assaults a store owner. directing Soo-hyun to rush to the aid of the victim before he dies. Kyung-chul uses this time to defecate out the transmitter and place it inside a taxi driver he viciously assaults. preventing any sort of release in theaters or on home video. a cannibalistic murderer with a freezer full of bodies. The film premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival on 21 January 2011. where he sexually assaults a nurse. 2010. Walking away from the house. 43 Cast • • • • • • • • Lee Byung-hun as Soo-hyun. intending to continue tracking and attacking him.[4] . the film would have received a "Restricted" rating. where he proceeds to incapacitate both murderers and Tae-joo's girlfriend Se-jung. Tae-joo's girlfriend Alternate versions The Korea Media Rating Board forced Kim to recut the film for its theatrical release. a school bus driver and serial killer Jeon Kuk-hwan as Squad Chief Jang. To make Soo-hyun lose track of him. Meanwhile. The barely conscious Kyung-chul hears them talk about the transmitter inside him. San Sebastian Film Festival and the London Korean Film Festival.[7] Seven cuts were made with the total runtime of removed material between eighty and ninety seconds. including the Fantasporto Film Festival.[8] Release I Saw The Devil was released in South Korea on August 12. now knowing who he is and how he's being tracked. Placing a transmitter nearby. The next day.I Saw the Devil passenger before going to a medical centre. an agent in the National Intelligence Service[6] Choi Min-sik as Kyung-chul. objecting to its violent content. Soo-hyun dumps Kyung-chul. Tae-joo remarks that whoever is after him must have some relation to one of his victims. Soo-hyun arrives too late to stop Kyung-chul. He abducts Kyung-chul before he can turn himself over to the police. Sitges Film Festival. Kyung-chul's friend Kim In-seo as Se-jung. Otherwise. both Tae-joo and Se-jung are found by the police and sent to a hospital. the leader of the police Oh San-ha as Joo-yun. Joo-yun's sister Choi Moo-sung as Tae-joo. Soo-hyun arrives at the house.

Lee Mogae. grislier than the ugliest torture porn. but the thing that sets I Saw the Devil apart is its undercurrent of real emotion and how unrelentingly sad it can be.I Saw the Devil 44 Critical reception The film has received generally positive reviews."[12] Mark Olson of the Los Angeles Times wrote "There is all the violent mayhem. retain complete control of the film’s fluctuating tones and impressive set pieces. carefully structured and viscerally engaging. Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 79% approval rating from critics based on 78 reviews. Kim and his cinematographer. based on a weighted average of 19 reviews from mainstream critics.[10] Metacritic assigned the film a score of 67%."[14] Awards and nominations 2011 47th Paeksang Arts Awards[15] • Grand Prize Award for Film .Mogae Lee 2011 31st Fantasporto Film Festival[19] • Fantasy section Best Director .Lee Byung-hun 2011 17th FANT-Bilbao Fantasy Film Festival[16] • Official Selection Best Film 2011 29th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival[17] • Golden Raven 2011 5th Asian Film Awards[18] • Best Editing – Nam Na-young • Nomination . Mr. simply because Kim's pic is so beautifully filmed. ought to have made the film unwatchable.Best Cinematographer . Lee Hee-kyung 2010 13th Director's Cut Awards • Best Actor – Choi Min-sik 2010 47th Grand Bell Awards • Best Lighting – Oh Seung-chul • Nomination – Best Actor – Lee Byung-hun .Kim Ji-woon • Orient Express sidebar Best Film 2011 Festival international du film fantastique de Gérardmer • International Critic Choice Award • Young Jury Award • Public Choice Award 2010 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards • • • • • • Best Cinematography – Lee Mo-gae Best Music – Mowg Best Lighting – Oh Seung-chul Nomination – Best Leading Actor – Lee Byung-hun Nomination – Best Art Direction – Jo Hwa-sung Nomination – Technical Award – Jung Do-ahn."[13] Rob Nelson from Variety magazine stated that "Repugnant content. but it doesn't. with an average score of 7. for certain.1/10.[11] Jeannette Catsoulis of The New York Times wrote "From an unexpectedly moving first act to a hilariously disgusting sojourn with Kyung-chul’s cannibal pal.

[6] Kang. "Korea restricts 'Devil'" (http:/ / www. com/ 2011/ 03/ 04/ movies/ 04i-saw-the-devil.C. Retrieved 2011-08-18.Best Foreign Film 2011 Houston Film Critics Awards • Best Foreign Film 2011 St. The New York Times. Jeannette (3 March 2011). Todd (13 August 2010). [9] http:/ / www. screened. . Louis Gateway Film Critics Association Awards • Pending . Myoung-Seok (19 August 2010). Beyond Hollywood. [5] Brown. Twitch. "Lee Byung-hun says "'Devil' makes you think of what you get out of revenge"" (http:/ / 10. which contains both the Korean theatrical version and international version. rottentomatoes. Retrieved March 04. com/ m/ akmareul_boattda/ ). . com/ movies/ ?page=main& id=isawthedevil.I Saw the Devil • Nomination – Best Actor – Choi Min-sik • Nomination – Best Film 2011 Washington D. com/ 2011/ films/ isawthedevil_sundance2011 [4] "Red Band Trailer and New U. Flixster. 2012. Retrieved 2 April 2012.[21] Special features include: • • • • • • • • • Making Of Art Direction Action Featurette Costume and Makeup Special Makeup Interview Collection Music Featurette Additional Scenes with Director Commentary Poster Shoot It was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in the US on May 10. Poster for I Saw the Devil" (http:/ / www. php). Boxofficemojo. [7] Sunhee. metacritic.Review" (http:/ / movies. beyondhollywood. Area Film Critics Association Awards • Nomination . [11] "Metacritic: I Saw the Devil" (http:/ / www. "I Saw the Devil Teaser Arrives" (http:/ / twitchfilm. . htm). slated. Special features include deleted scenes and "HDNet: A Look at I Saw the Devil".[22] References [1] http:/ / www. kr/ Articles/ new_view. co. com/ i-saw-the-devil/ 16-198531/ [2] "Boxofficemojo" (http:/ / boxofficemojo. "I SAW THE DEVIL Trimmed By Seven Cuts. php). Metacritic. [8] Brown. . Retrieved 2011-08-18. variety. Han (9 August 2010). nytimes. imdb. com/ red-band-trailer-and-new-u-s-poster-for-i-saw-the-devil). . com/ news/ 2010/ 05/ choi-min-sik-lee-byung-hyun-kim-ji-woon-i-saw-the-devil-teaser-arrives. . [12] Catsoulis. Not By Seven Minutes" (http:/ / twitchfilm. CBS. [3] http:/ / sundance. html?categoryid=3768& cs). com/ news/ 2010/ 08/ i-saw-the-devil-trimmed-by-seven-cuts-not-by-seven-minutes. Todd (28 May 2010). com/ title/ tt1588170/ releaseinfo [10] "I Saw the Devil" (http:/ / www.S. "'I Saw the Devil' . htm?sec=ent0& a_id=2010081917344982224). . . asiae.Best Foreign Film 2011 Austin Film Critics Association[20] • Best Foreign Language Film • Top 10 Films 45 Home media The film was released on DVD in South Korea on 29 March 2011 as a 3 disc set. com/ movie/ i-saw-the-devil). 2011. Rotten Tomatoes. . com/ article/ VR1118022720. Variety. html).

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He and Ko would go on to act in two more films together. Since this film. he became known as one of Korea's top commercial stars. he acted opposite Chinese superstar Zhang Ziyi and received wide exposure abroad as well as in Korea. 1973 in Seoul) is a South Korean actor.[1] Jung found widespread fame in Kim Sung-soo's 1997 film Beat.Jung Woo-sung 47 Jung Woo-sung Jung Woo-sung Born 20 March 1973 South Korea Actor 1994 – present 1. Jung took on the eccentric lead role in Mutt Boy. Jung took on one of his most high-profile roles in Kim Sung-soo's epic blockbuster Musa. Jung Woo-sung made his film debut in the 1994 movie The Fox with Nine Tails.[1] In 2001. After spending time in 2002 directing a series of music videos and appearing in a large number of commercials. Career After first finding work as a model. together with Ko So-young.87 m (6 ft 1 1⁄2 in) 78kg Korean name Occupation Years active Height Weight Hangul Hanja 정우성 鄭 宇 成 /鄭 雨 盛 Chǒng U-sǒng Revised Romanization Jeong U-seong McCune–Reischauer Jung Woo-sung (Korean: 정우성.[1] . and a marathoner in Love. in which he played a high school student who becomes caught up in gang life against his will. the fifth film by director Kwak Kyung-taek. In the subsequent years he portrayed a young boxer in City of the Rising Sun. born March 20. a naval lieutenant in Phantom: The Submarine. Playing a long-haired slave.

dropping out of high school after one year.[2][3][4] His big-budget martial arts films The Restless and Reign of Assassins would also have romantic elements. he plays a hired assassin who falls in love with a street artist played by Jeon Ji-hyun.[8] He followed that with another TV series Padam Padam. using his physicality to great effect as the Clint Eastwood counterpart in The Good.[6] Given the hype regarding his return to the small screen after 15 years. Shortly after he would work again with the director in a short film for W Korea.[20] Jung confirmed in March 2011 that he was dating Athena co-star Lee Ji-ah.[19] Jung is best friends with fellow actor Lee Jung-jae.Jung Woo-sung Jung's next roles would be in highly romantic roles that played off his established screen image. The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats which marked the establishment of new cable broadcasting station jTBC. and rekindles a romance with an old friend in A Good Rain Knows. the Korean press reported in June that Jung and Lee had broken up. the Bad and the Ugly. He made his Japanese drama debut with a guest appearance in episodes 6 and 7 of Good Life ~Arigatou.[23][24][25] . failing to duplicate its predecessor's ratings. Papa. Sayonara~.[15][16] After they were photographed on a date in Paris.[18] He gave up studying to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. the Bad. Jung said he "decided on this drama because (he) was drawn to the way Noh Hee-kyung writes 'family drama. and reunites him with A Moment to Remember director John H. They are co-owners and co-investors of several businesses.[1] He portrays a happily committed fireman in Sad Movie..[10][11] Jung was cast in the English-language 3D remake of John Woo's The Killer.[14][15][16] He is currently preparing for his next role as the villain in 2013 thriller Stakeout. Lee and Reign of Assassins director John Woo who will be producing."[9] He played a man who has recently been released from jail after serving a 16-year sentence for a crime he didn’t commit.[12] The film will be shot in Los Angeles.[21][22] But after Lee's married and divorced past with top Korean singer-songwriter Seo Taiji became exposed to the public the following month..[17] 48 Personal life Jung grew up in Sadang-dong. Jung's spy genre drama Athena: Goddess of War (spin-off to 2009's IRIS)[7] was a disappointment. It was controversial at the time that he did not conceal this fact but rather claimed that he did not regret his decision. then one of the poorest towns in Seoul. the love and pain experienced by families is something (he)’d like to try portraying in a realistic way.[13] In 2012 he directed and starred in the commercial for cable channel XTM. whom he met while filming City of the Rising Sun. the Weird would give Jung one of his most iconic roles.[5] Kim Ji-woon's "kimchi western" The Good. In the box office hit A Moment to Remember he plays an architect whose wife (played by Son Ye-jin) is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease and in the Netherlands-set Daisy.' Whether mother-son or father-son.

the Good Min-woo Park Dong-ha Jiang Ah-sheng (Before: Zhang Renfang) Role 1994 The Fox with Nine Tails 1996 Born to Kill Shanghai Grand 1997 Beat Motel Cactus 1998 City of the Rising Sun 1999 Phantom: The Submarine Love 2001 Musa 2003 Mutt Boy 2004 A Moment to Remember 2005 Sad Movie 2006 Daisy The Restless 2007 Close to You (short film) 2008 The Good. the Bad.Jung Woo-sung 49 Filmography Jung Woo-sung on set in 2008 Film Year Title Hyuk Kil Ryu So-hwang Min Lee Mi-ku Do-chul Number 431 Myung-soo Yeo-sol Cha Cheol-min Cheol-su Jin-woo Park Yi Yi-gwak cameo Park Do-won. the Weird 2009 Present (W Korea short film) A Good Rain Knows 2010 Reign of Assassins .

d. Lee (ep.5 2010 Athena: Goddess of War 2011 Good Life ~Arigatou. music videos: • • • • Since You Left Me (2000) You Just Don’t Know (2002) Sad Love (2002) A Fool (2002) Awards • • • • • • • • • • 2011 Ministry of Culture. Sports and Tourism: Distinguished Korean Wave Entertainer Award for Film 2009 Style Icon Awards: Style Icon Actor 2009 Asian Film Awards: Best Supporting Actor (The Good. 6-7) Fuji TV Padam Padam.Jung Woo-sung 2011 Friends & Love (Giordano short film) 2013 Stakeout TBA The Killer James 50 Television Year 1994 Asphalt Man 1996 Oxtail Soup 1... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats Yang Kang-chil jTBC Music videos He directed (but did not star in) the following g.o. the Bad. Sayonara~ Lee Jang-wook Lee Jung-woo Title Role Kang Dong-suk Network SBS SBS MBC SBS Dr. the Weird) 2008 Korea Fashion & Design Awards: Best Dresser of the Year 2008 Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popularity Award 2008 Hawaii International Film Festival: Outstanding Achievement in Acting 2001 Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popularity Award 1999 Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popularity Award 1997 Korean Association of Film Critics Awards: Best New Actor (Beat) 1996 Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actor. TV category (Asphalt Man) . Papa.

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kmdb.net/korean_Jeong_Woo-seong.imdb.asp?person_id=00004226) at the Korean Movie Database • Jung Woo-sung (http://www.Jung Woo-sung 52 External links • http://jungwoosung.hancinema.or.php) at HanCinema • Jung Woo-sung (http://www.net/ • Jung Woo-sung (http://www.com/name/nm0432601/) at the Internet Movie Database .kr/eng/mm_basic.

are the first Korean actors to imprint their hand and foot prints on the forecourt of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Los Angeles. South Korea South Korea Actor.Lee Byung-hun 53 Lee Byung-hun Lee Byung-hun Lee at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival for The Good. 1970) is a South Korean actor. along with Ahn Sung-ki. The Good. the Bad. the Bad. Singer 1991–present Korean name Hangul Hanja Revised Romanization McCune–Reischauer Nationality Occupation Years active 이병헌 李 炳 憲 I Byeong-heon Yi Pyŏnghŏn Website www. . He is best known for starring in Joint Security Area (2000).leebyunghun. the Weird Born July 12.kr [1] Lee Byung-hun (Korean: 이병헌. born July 12. the Weird (2008) and I Saw the Devil (2010). A Bittersweet Life (2005). 1970 Seoul. Lee.

Japan as well as South Korea.[16][17] Other work Lee formed a management company BH Entertainment [19] which manages many actors including Han Hyo-joo. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. for the Xbox 360.I.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and its sequel G. the sequel to the 2010 action-comedy hit RED. PS3 & PC. In 2003 he received the Grand Prize at the SBS Drama Awards and Best Actor at the Baeksang Arts Awards for his role in the poker drama All In. which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Los Angeles. His portrayal of the intelligence agent won him the Grand Prize at the Paeksang Arts Awards. the Weird. It was one of the most expensive shows ever produced with filming locations in Hungary. He graduated from Hanyang University with a major in French Literature and the Graduate School of Chung-Ang University with a major in Theater and Cinematography. Baeksang Arts Awards and the Critics Choice Awards. becoming the 7th film in Korean history to surpass 10 million admissions.[11][12] On 23 June 2012. Go Soo. In October. Personal life Lee was born in Seoul.[10] In 2012. [8] It became one of the highest rated dramas of 2009 and his performance earned him the Grand Prize at the KBS Drama Acting Awards and Best Actor at the Baeksang Arts Awards. Lee Eun-hee. his third collaboration with director Kim Ji-woon.[9] In 2010 Lee starred in I Saw the Devil with Choi Min-sik. Catherine Zeta-Jones.[7] In late 2009. [13] Joe: Retaliation. Joe: Retaliation. in the 2006 instant mega-hit Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. His father was a businessman. Lee dated his All In co-star Song . along with Ahn Sung-ki. became the third Asians after Jackie Chan and director John Woo. and first Korean actors to leave their hand and foot prints on the forecourt of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. the Bad.Lee Byung-hun 54 Career Lee made his debut in the television drama Asphalt My Hometown after auditioning in a KBS talent audition in 1991.[5] The followng year he appeared in I Come with the Rain opposite American actor Josh Hartnett and Japanese actor Takuya Kimura. He then made his Hollywood debut as Storm Shadow in G. he gained wide popularity in the drama Beautiful Days as an arrogant businessman who falls for an innocent orphan (Choi Ji-woo). Lee returned to TV in the espionage action thriller Iris as a secret agent who finds himself at the center of an international conspiracy.I. and won at the Chunsa Film Art Awards. he won Best Actor at the Grand Bell Awards for his dual role in the lavish period [14] drama Gwanghae. which broke the box office record and became the highest grossing film of all time. who was Miss Korea in 1997.[6] The film was screened out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival.[1] He made his big breakthrough in 2000 with Joint Security Area directed by Park Chan-wook.[15] Lee was then cast in the American film RED 2. Lee. South Korea. He was recognised as an emerging star in Hollywood for his role of Storm Shadow in G. The film was a box office hit. taking on his first villain role.[19] He has a younger sister. scarfs and wallets. He reunited with director Kim Ji-woon in The Good.[18] Lee Byung-hun most notably in the video game industry provided his likeness for the main character Wayne Holden. Helen Mirren and John Malkovich. also starring Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller.[5] Lee was nominated for Best Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards and Grand Bell Awards. alongside Bruce Willis.[4] In 2005. he earned critical acclaim for his performance in A Bittersweet Life directed by Kim Ji-woon which was screened out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival.[3] In 2001.I. he reprised his role as Storm Shadow in G.[2] His portrayal of the border-guard soldier won him Best Actor at the Pusan Film Critics Awards. He owns a shop BHNC [20] which sells hats. and Han Chae-young.

segment "Cut" Ryu Ji-ho 2005 A Bittersweet Life 2006 Once in a Summer 2007 HERO 2008 The Good. Joe: Retaliation RED 2 Kim Sun-woo Yun Suk-young Kang (cameo) Park Chang-yi.[20][21] As of August 2012. the Bad. Lee confirmed his relationship with actress. In his spare time. Lee Soo-hyeok Seo In-woo Adult Nam-woo (voice) Dae-jun Choi Su-hyeon Role 1995 Who Drives Me Mad? Runaway 1996 Kill the Love 1997 Elegy of the Earth 1999 The Harmonium in My Memory 2000 Joint Security Area 2001 Bungee Jumping of Their Own 2002 My Beautiful Girl. Lee Byung-hun practices taekwondo. Mari Addicted 2004 Everybody Has Secrets Three Extremes . Beggar Ha-sun Storm Shadow Television .[22][23][24] 55 Filmography Film Year Title Lee Jong-du Lee Dong-ho Love Park Jong-man Kang Soo-ha Sgt. the Bad Su Dongpo Storm Shadow Kim Hyun-jun W Kim Soo-hyeon [25] King Gwanghae.I. Lee Min-jung. They broke up in 2004. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2010 Iris: The Movie The Influence I Saw the Devil 2012 Gwanghae 2013 G. the Weird 2009 I Come with the Rain G.I.Lee Byung-hun Hye-kyo.

98 1999 Happy Together Min Gyeong-bin Suh Tae-poong Shin Bum Soo Ja-myung Oh Hae-sung Kim Jun-ho Kang Dong-joon Chang Hong-pyo Hwang Jun-ho Choi Hyung-man Love Story .Story 1: Sunflower Tae-sung Sally is Back 2001 Road Beautiful Days 2003 All In 2009 Iris 2011 Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda Woo-sik Lee Min-chul Kim In-ha Kim Hyun-jun John (cameo) Discography Albums Year Album Name 1999 Lee Byung Hun .To Me Single Year Single Name 2008 Itsuka (Someday) .Lee Byung-hun 56 Year Title Role 1991 Asphalt My Hometown Family Flower That Never Wilt 1992 Wild Sunflower Days of Sunshine Dawn Tomorrow Love 1993 The Sorrow of the Survivor Police 1994 The Fragrance of Love 1995 Asphalt Man Son of Wind 1997 Beautiful My Lady I Do White Sand 1998 White Night 3.

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byung-hun.kmdb.imdb.com/name/p270152) at AllRovi • Lee Byung-hun (http://www.kr/eng/mm_basic.hancinema.net/korean_Lee_Byeong-Heon.kr/) (Korean) Lee Byung-hun official Japanese fan club (http://www.php) at HanCinema .com) (Japanese) Lee Byung-hun (http://www.Lee Byung-hun 58 External links • • • • Lee Byung-hun official homepage (http://www.allrovi.leebyunghun.asp?person_id=00000116) at the Korean Movie Database • Lee Byung-hun (http://www.or.com/name/nm496932/) at the Internet Movie Database Lee Byung-hun (http://www.

adopting the moniker "The Foul King" in the ring. a wrestler called Kim Il was a big star in the 1970s.The Foul King 59 The Foul King The Foul King Theatrical poster Hangul Hanja RR MR Directed by Produced by Written by Starring 반칙왕 反 則 王 Banchikwang Panch‘ikwang Kim Ji-woon Lee Mi-yeon Kim Ji-woon Song Kang-ho Distributed by Mirovision Release date(s) February 4.000 817. It was Kim's second feature-length film after The Quiet Family. Like the director's debut film. this time as an incompetent bank clerk who takes up a career in professional wrestling. Banchikwang) is a 2000 South Korean comedy-drama film. written and directed by Kim Ji-woon. South Korea Korean $1. The Foul King also stars Song Kang-ho.000 (Seoul) [1] The Foul King (Korean: 반칙왕. In South Korea.[2] Cast • • • • • • Song Kang-ho as Im Dae-ho Jang Jin-young as Jang Min-Young Park Sang Myeon as Tae Baek-San Kim Soo-Ro as Yoo Be-ho Jang Hang-seon as Jang Gwan-jang Jung Woong-in as Choi Du-sik[3] .600. when his job at a bank isn't going well. 2000 (South Korea) Running time Country Language Budget Admissions 112 min. but Dae-ho preferred a cheating fighter called Ultra Tiger Mask. Dae-ho decides to try professional wrestling himself. Years later. Plot Im Dae-ho (Song Kang-ho) has been a huge fan of professional wrestling since his childhood.

com/ movies/ movie. Retrieved on 17 February 2008 [3] http:/ / movie. tsp?mid=266 Translated. org/ kfilm00. tsp?mid=266 Translated. empas.koreanfilm.kmdb.com/title/tt0261552/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Foul King (http://www.The Foul King 60 References [1] http:/ / www.kr/eng/md_basic. com/ movies/ cast. empas. Retrieved on 17 February 2008 External links • The Foul King (http://www.net/korean_movie_The_Foul_King.html#foul) .org/kfilm00.or.org (http://www. html [2] http:/ / movie.imdb.asp?nation=K&p_dataid=05200) at the Korean Movie Database • The Foul King (http://www.hancinema. koreanfilm.php) at HanCinema • Darcy Paquet's review at koreanfilm.

Plot Sheriff Ray Owens (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a man who has resigned himself to a life of fighting what little crime takes place in sleepy border town Sommerton Junction. written by Andrew Knauer and directed by Kim Ji-woon. Agent John Bannister (Forest Whitaker) has . cinematographer Kim Ji-yong and composer Mowg. The film is Schwarzenegger's first lead role since 2003's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Arizona. 2013 [1] 107 minutes United States English $30 [2] -45 million [4] [3] $27. as well as the first American production for the South Korean director Kim Ji-woon. One night.The Last Stand (2013 film) 61 The Last Stand (2013 film) The Last Stand Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Kim Ji-woon Lorenzo di Bonaventura Andrew Knauer Arnold Schwarzenegger Forest Whitaker Johnny Knoxville Rodrigo Santoro Luis Guzmán Jaimie Alexander Eduardo Noriega Peter Stormare Zach Gilford Génesis Rodríguez Mowg Music by Cinematography Kim Ji-yong Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Steven Kemper di Bonaventura Pictures Lionsgate • January 18. taking Agent Ellen Richards (Génesis Rodríguez) as his hostage as he races southbound toward Mexico at speeds over 200 mph. after leaving his LAPD post following a bungled operation that left him wracked with failure and defeat after his partner was crippled and his team decimated. The film focuses on a small town sheriff and his deputies who must stop a dangerous drug lord from escaping to Mexico in a modified sports car.656. international drug lord Gabriel Cortez (Eduardo Noriega) makes a daring escape from FBI custody in Las Vegas and speeds off in a modified Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1.400 The Last Stand is a 2013 action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The range of crimes experienced in Sommerton range from the Mayor parking his Camaro in the fire lane and vintage arms collector Lewis Dinkum (Johnny Knoxville) firing off guns at slabs of meat with the deputies.

Sometime past 4:00 in the morning. a former Marine with PTSD who developed a streak of never finishing what he started. Owens warns him about parking in the fire lane before he. that Owens had given him earlier. who are planting a mobile assault bridge across the canyon that marks the U. Owens ignores Cortez's bribe offers before both men wrestle each other. 62 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Arnold Schwarzenegger as Sheriff Ray Owens[5] Johnny Knoxville as Lewis Dinkum Forest Whitaker as Agent John Bannister Rodrigo Santoro as Frank Martinez Peter Stormare as Thomas Burrell Jaimie Alexander as Deputy Sarah Torrance Eduardo Noriega as Gabriel Cortez Luis Guzmán as Deputy Mike Figuerola Zach Gilford as Deputy Jerry Bailey Génesis Rodríguez as Agent Ellen Richards Daniel Henney as Agent Phil Hayes Tait Fletcher as Eagan John Patrick Amedori as Agent Aaron Mitchell . Armed only with a Tommy Gun. he encounters the Mayor's red Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 commandeered by Owens before both cars collide with a tractor. Owens defeats the drug lord and handcuffs him before dragging him back into town with the battered Camaro. Finally./Mexico border. Cortez ejects Agent Richards from the car before speeding through a corn field. as he's earned it. Martinez turns in the deputy's badge. Owens tells him to keep it. while Torrance snipes several gunmen on the rooftops. He also deputizes jailed local Frank Martinez (Rodrigo Santoro). Agent Bannister arrives to take Cortez back into custody and arrests Agent Richards for taking the drug lord's bribe and aiding in his escape. Because Bailey was his friend. Owens recruits Dinkum to protect their town. Cortez also uses his extraordinary driving skills to immobilize two SWAT vehicles headed toward Summerton Junction. Dinkum agrees only if he becomes a deputy and if he keeps the gun he used at the beginning of the movie (having gotten in trouble for it previously). the deputies follow a trail of tire tracks that lead them to Cortez's henchman Thomas Burrell (Peter Stormare) and his mercenary cutthroats.S.The Last Stand (2013 film) a blockade set up in Bullhead City. Bailey is fatally shot in the middle of a shootout between the deputies and the thugs before Owens rushes in to bring his officers back to his precinct. As the Mayor sees what is left of his Camaro. Deputies Figuerola and Dinkum are taken to the hospital to be treated for their wounds. Owens and Dinkum mow down a majority of the thugs with a Vickers machine gun mounted on the back of a school bus. Suddenly. but Cortez's men mow down the police officers on site and clear the road for him to continue his getaway. Owens dispatches deputies Jerry Bailey (Zach Gilford) and Sarah Torrance (Jaimie Alexander) to visit the residence of the local farmer Parsons (Harry Dean Stanton). Arizona. prompting a lengthy shootout. At 7:10 AM. Before flying to Arizona. Figuerola holds off the thugs before being injured by a sniper. After Owens kills Burrell. who has suddenly missed his usual milk delivery at the diner. Shortly after being notified by Agent Bannister of Cortez's presence. but Owens meets him at the bridge. Owens and his deputies have the town's main road barricaded with cars when Burrell and his men arrive. Cortez's Corvette eventually arrives in town. Bailey's badge. Despite sustaining slashes and stab wounds from Cortez's push dagger. Martinez insists that he will not falter. Owens gathers Torrance and senior Deputy Mike "Figgy" Figuerola (Luis Guzmán). After discovering that Parsons has been murdered. Agent Bannister has his team do a financial background check on all agents involved to find out how Cortez managed to escape so easily. A dazed Cortez continues his escape on foot. Torrance and Martinez walk into the diner. veering past the barricade as Owens and the deputies shoot at it.

2011. but for Schwarzenegger fans."[9] Box office Although receiving positive reviews from many critics the movie failed to find its audience only grossing $6. Retrieved 2012-12-11. CraveOnline. Nick (July 12. php?id=83271). Wahlberg films" (http:/ / www."[6] Metacritic has the film rated at 55 out of 100. "Horror movie Mama to top new Schwarzenegger.656. com/ movies/ ?id=laststand. [2] Allen.400 worldwide. shoot-outs and fistfights to warrant a look-see for Arnold fans". based on 27 reviews. com/ entertainment/ envelope/ cotown/ la-et-ct-mama-arnold-schwarzenegger-mark-wahlberg-20130116. "Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to Hollywood with low-budget role 'to test the waters'" (http:/ / www. bbfc. 2011 shooting of the film was briefly interrupted. 2012 it continued. [4] The Last Stand (http:/ / www. 2011 in Belen. co. 2012-12-11. giving it three stars out of four and stating. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Reception The film has received mixed to positive reviews from critics. The processing ended February 2. [8] Richard Roeper enjoyed the film. The Last Stand is a formulaic action flick.[10][11] As of February 17 the movie has grossed $27. but on January 3. you do not want to go anywhere near this film. boxofficemojo. 2011). but it’s grating enough to chip away at the overall enjoyment of the film. British Board of Film Classification. It currently holds a 59% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 135 reviews with the consensus stating: "There's nothing particularly distinguished about it. Retrieved October 22. The Last Stand provides perfectly undemanding entertainment. 2013 and in North America the following day. and you're too exhausted from real-life carnage on the news to enjoy an R-rated blood-fest in which a number of kills are executed as deliberately funny visual punchlines. Ben (2013-01-16). But if you're a fan of stylish. co. Retrieved October 19.[7] IGN editor Jim Vejvoda rated the film 6 out of 10 and wrote "The movie’s shortcomings are clear whenever anyone is required to speak or act. . .uk. . uk/ releases/ last-stand-2013-0). htm) at Box Office Mojo [5] "The Last Stand.net.co. . net/ news/ movienews. this is your ticket to weekend escapism. but it still delivers enough decent car stunts. ComingSoon. References [1] "THE LAST STAND (15)" (http:/ / www. story). html).3 million over its first weekend. 2011. 2012 and the subsequent post-production continued in Los Angeles. telegraph. The movie ranked at number 9 at the box office. comingsoon. October 17. That may not be the reason why most viewers will go to see The Last Stand. 2011. Retrieved 2013-01-21. On December 17. New Mexico and Nevada. [3] Fritz.The Last Stand (2013 film) • • • • • • Harry Dean Stanton as Parsons Sonny Landham as Henry Titos Menchaca as the Mayor Richard Dillard as Irv Doug Jackson as Harry Matthew Greer as Sam 63 Production Filming started on October 17.361020. relentlessly loud shootouts. Starts Filming" (http:/ / www. latimes. uk/ news/ worldnews/ northamerica/ usa/ 8633071/ Arnold-Schwarzenegger-returns-to-Hollywood-with-low-budget-role-to-test-the-waters. The film was released worldwide on January 17. . The Los Angeles Times. London: Telegraph. "If you've got violent-movie fatigue.0. questionable plot developments be damned. The theatrical trailer premiered with The Expendables 2 and has been available online since August 2012.

ign. . com/ movie/ the-last-stand) at Metacritic [8] Vejvoda. com/ m/ last_stand_2013/ / ) at Rotten Tomatoes [7] The Last Stand (http:/ / www.com/title/tt1549920/) at the Internet Movie Database The Last Stand (http://www. Retrieved 2013-01-21. moviefone. rottentomatoes. com/ apps/ pbcs.metacritic. Jim. Richard (2013-01-16). com/ articles/ 2013/ 01/ 16/ the-last-stand-review). Retrieved 2013-01-21. Chicago Sun-Times. IGN.rottentomatoes. suntimes. dll/ article?AID=/ 20130116/ REVIEWS/ 130119995/ 1003/ ANSWERMAN).htm) at Box Office Mojo The Last Stand (http://www.boxofficemojo.com/) The Last Stand (http://www. "The Last Stand Review" (http:/ / www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/v545333) at AllRovi The Last Stand (http://www. "The Last Stand" (http:/ / rogerebert.com/m/last_stand_2013//) at Rotten Tomatoes The Last Stand (http://www. imdb. [10] http:/ / www.com/movies/?id=laststand. Roger Ebert. com/ title/ tt1549920/ business [11] http:/ / news.com/movie/the-last-stand) at Metacritic . [9] Roeper.The Last Stand (2013 film) [6] The Last Stand (http:/ / www.imdb. metacritic. . com/ 2013/ 01/ 21/ last-stand-box-office-arnold-schwarzenegger_n_2519701. html 64 External links • • • • • • Official Site (http://thelaststandfilm.

Consisting of a middle aged father Kang Dae-Goo (Park In-Hwan). under the assumption that no one would believe this to be a suicide. The film was loosely remade as The Happiness of the Katakuris by Takashi Miike. and their adult children Kang Young-Min (played by Song Kang-ho). a young . 1998 99 minutes South Korea Korean The Quiet Family (Korean: 조용한 가족. mother Jeong Soon-Ryae (Na Moon-Hee). Left to himself. a hiker. Their first guest. Kang Mi-Soo (Lee Yoon-Seong) and Kang Mina (played by Go Ho-Kyung) they suffer a string of misfortunes as various patrons come to stay. The father of the family decides on burying the body in the woods. Joyonghan Gajok) is a 1998 South Korean comedy horror film. whose customers always happen to end up dying. Among the film's main cast are pre-stardom Choi Min-sik and Song Kang-ho. which they convert into a lodge for hikers. Later. asks for a room and three beers. he spends the night forging his room key holder to be sharp enough to stab himself and is found dead the next morning. It was director Kim Ji-woon's feature film debut. Plot An extended family has moved from the city (presumably Seoul) to live in a large house out in the mountains.The Quiet Family 65 The Quiet Family The Quiet Family Korean Original Poster Hangul Hanja RR MR Directed by Produced by Written by Starring 조용한 가족 조용한 家 族 Joyonghan Gajok Choyonghan Kajok Kim Ji-woon Lee Eun Kim Ji-woon Park In-Hwan Na Moon-Hee Choi Min-sik Song Kang-ho Go Ho-Kyung Choi Cheol-ho Jo Yeong-wook Jeon Sang-Yoon Music by Cinematography Jeong Kwang-Seok Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Go Im-Pyo Myung Films Myung Films April 25. The story centers around a family who owns a hunting lodge in a remote area. Dae-Goo's younger brother Kang Chang-Goo (played by Choi Min-sik).

Jeong carrying the corpse of the undercover cop. Mr. trying to watch TV. A heavy rainstorm overnight nearly uncovers the buried corpses by morning. Uncle Kang senses foul play and sends the half sister home to Seoul when she is found to be restless. triggering the cremation fire prematurely. Jeong switches off the circuits throughout the lodge and outside storage where she and her husband are piling the corpses. waiting for whoever is at the door to go away. Young-Min. knowing that he wasn't the hitman. while his friend is taken captive by the family to prevent him from calling the police. they all stand quietly in the doorway of the dining room. but is in complete shock when he sees Mr. in unison hushes the dog. The local man. inadvertently causing a socket in the storage to burst in flames. in bandages. who accidentally ends up pushing the man off a cliff. To drive away attention. Mrs. having survived the fire. trapping the parents inside. Kang and Mrs. Unsure of what to do. A fight ensues as uncle is beaten senseless but is saved from a blow to the head by Young-Min who then trips. bound and gagged. Mi-Soo. The hitman thus ends up killing the cop instead. having been imprisoned. When uncle returns from the trip to Seoul. leaving the elderly parents the only ones left to finish the job. totally unaware of the fire in the storage building. and Mina are preparing to serve dinner. the family quietly has dinner until there is a sudden knock at the door. the family. he angers Dae-Goo who had hoped to settle Mr. they have become the quiet family. After an uncertain amount of time later. Meanwhile. and the room had been taken by an undercover cop investigating the recent string of missing people. The film ends with a wide shot of the lodge in winter. Mr. Uncle Kang. Park tries to escape without trying to figure out just what exactly has happened. and then to the camera with an uncertain look on her face. he is whisked to the hospital. mistaken to be the hitman. When the dog starts barking at the knocking. leaving the family no choice but to incinerate them. Park. asks for Uncle Kang to switch the circuits back on. The parents return. A brief struggle begins when Mr. and later gets killed by a suspicious Young-Min.The Quiet Family couple drops in for a stay to have sex in the privacy of their room and end up dead together the next morning. Park's plot without any trouble. 66 External links • • • • The Quiet Family [1] at the Korean Movie Database The Quiet Family [2] at the Internet Movie Database The Quiet Family [3] at AllRovi The Quiet Family [4] at HanCinema . Young-Min is in the hospital recovering from his concussion and laughing insanely over a news report on the shooting of a North Korean agent wandering through the forest. Soon enough. all to the sound of The Partridge Family's "I Think I Love You". dousing them in gasoline. Mina. the benefactor of the family (providing them the house) later asks for their lodging for his younger (and illegitimate) half sister to have a hitman check into the neighboring room at midnight and murder her so he can be the only successor to claim inheritance of the soon profitable land. and ends after he accidentally falls to his death down the stairs. adding yet another body to be done away with for the family. The plan goes further awry when the hitman arrives fifteen minutes late. Without a single word. Uninformed of the plan. but she is saved by Young-Min. A pair of friends from town stop by for drinks until one of the men falls for Mi-Soo and subsequently attempts to rape her. Park drops in unannounced to check if his sister-in-law has been terminated as planned. hitting his head on the stairs. with Mina outside. looking at it. tries to make his escape but gets his ropes tangled in several trees as he escapes the lodge.

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