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: structural engineering : seismic analysis of multistoried residential building using STAAD pro software. : Dr.G.Manohar

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Group members : Mohammed Rahmath (10D95A0103) Mohammed Azeemuddin (10D95A0102) ABSTRACT Shelter is one of the three basic needs of mankind. As the population overgrowth resulting land scarcity have projected multistoried structures in a wide picture. New methodology of design and rapid modification of structures has developed in last 38 years. The method which involves most efficient design philosophy is LIMIT STATE METHOD and its merits. The limit state method gives the more preferable data and required necessary strata for designing of structures. And also the merits of working stress and ultimate load methods provides useful benefits data for the design of high rise structures. In this project, we have adopted STAAD pro software for seismic and wind loads or forces, analysis and design of a six storey residential building. The building is located in seismic zone 1 on a site with medium soil. Designing the building for seismic loads in conformation with IS 1893(part 1):2002, wind loads in conformation with IS 875(part 3):1987 and LIMIT STATE METHOD of design for slabs, footings and staircase in conformation

with IS 456 2000.In addition to IS 456 2000 interaction diagrams from SP 16 have also been used. Therefore an attempt has been made to present the residential building for shopping purpose in the city of Hyderabad. The building consists of six storeys (Ground + 5). The structure is designed based on the STAAD pro, and the theory of LIMIT STATE METHOD which provided adequate strength, serviceability, and durability besides economy.

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Literature survey Practice of package Model development of the structure Analysis/Remodeling of Design Structure a. Beams b. Columns c. Slabs d. Foundation e. Staircase Drawings Seminar presentation preparation Documentation Total

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1. Indian standard code IS:456 2000(Concrete) 2. A text book on Reinforced concrete Design by Ramamrutham 3. A text book on Design of Rc structures & Details by D.S.Prakash Rao