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Prayer for the Seminar

Prayer for the Seminar

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Published by: ulonggwapo on Mar 12, 2013
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Prayer for the Seminar

Dear Lord, we offer this gathering to you and ask you to bless it with your wisdom and grace.

May everything we do begin with your inspiration and continue with your saving help.
Let this seminar always a call to reach new height by using our talents for the good of all.

Guide us as we work and teach us to live in the spirit that has made us your son and daughter in the love that has made us brother and sister. . Strengthen our will to carry out faithful what we come to see as our duty and responsibility.We thank you for this great opportunity to be together to grow in our love and service of you and each other for the betterment of PANGASINAN We ask you to pour out on us the spirit of understanding. truth and peace.

.May all our thought. word and action be directed to make your name and your love better known among men for their sanctification happiness here and in eternity Amen.

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