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Online freedom of information requests in developing countries.
Gabriela Rodríguez - - @gaba Fabrizio Scrollini - - @fscrollini

Online access to information
Information is the currency of democracy.
Thomas Jefferson

Freedom of information in Uruguay

What does the government know?

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What's unique about
● ● ● ● ● Each request is made by the person and not by us. If the request is denied the person can appeal to UAIP. We do advocacy for the right to ask for information. Changed govt policy to allow for FOI requests via email A public repository of FOI requests to the uruguayan government; both requests and responses are public.

In 5 months:
● 380 users ● 185 requests ● 90 public bodies (about half of them)

In comparison:
New Zealand's FOI portal had 416 requests in two years.

Lessons learned for similar implementations
● ● ● ● ● ●
Requests by email? Push, push, push for the authorities to answer. Be prepared to talk with authorities. Identify key actors in government. Engage with organizations or people already doing FOI requests. Time and effort. Outreach to the average citizen. Go out to the traditional and new media.


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