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Published by: fadapow4u on Mar 12, 2013
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TENDERER’S PROPOSAL (To be submitted with offer

Tenderer’s Proposal Ref: _______________________________Dated______________ Tenderer’s Name & Address: _______________________________________________

To, The DGM (C&M) NTPC SAIL POWER COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED (A Joint Ventutre of NTPC & SAIL) Expansion Site, Near Purena Village Bhilai (East) P.O., Bhilai – 490 021 Dear Sir, Sub : Proposal for the supply of Electro Chlorinators. Due for the opening on 26/11/2010 for Electro Chlorinator, against NIT No. 0230/CS/OT/03/2010. TENDER NO: 10130108 We, the undersigned bidder having read and examined in detail the tender documents for the subject work to be carried out against your above referred tender inquiry do hereby submit this proposal. We declare that the letter of award if awarded to us shall be strictly executed in accordance with your tender documents except for the variations and deviations all of which have been detailed out exhaustively in the deviation scheduled and attached to the proposal. We agree that any additional conditions if found in the proposal other than those stated in deviations schedule except those pertaining to any rebate offered shall not be given effect to. We also confirm that our offer shall remain valid for a period of 90 days from the date of opening of the tender. We further, confirm that the price schedule has been fully filled, signed and stamped and has been enclosed with this proposal. In case any column/row of price breakup/summary of bid is left blank, the cost of particular entry would be deemed to have been included in basic price. We also confirm compliance with the completion period indicated in the tender enquiry / documents. Thanking you. Yours faithfully, Name: --------------------------Designation: -----------------------Signature Company Seal

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