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How to transfer music from your iPod to

iTunes/your computer.
Restore your lost iTunes library through these steps.

Basically, in order to transfer songs from the iPod to your computer, you have to
undermine the design of the iPod. Whenever you use a device in a way it's not
designed, you increase the chances that it'll break. That said, a lot of people have
done this with no problems and it's a real life saver if your computer crashed and you
lost your whole iTunes music library.

1. First you need to connect the iPod without iTunes doing the auto-sync.

• Hold down the Shift and Ctrl keys while connecting the iPod to your
• Don't let go of Shift+Ctrl.
• If iTunes doesn't open automatically open after connecting the iPod, open
• Don't let go of Shift+Ctrl.
• Wait until the iPod comes up in the Source list under DEVICES (it may take a
while, but don't let go of Shift+Ctrl)

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Once it shows up, close iTunes.

2. Now find the songs on your iPod and copy them to a folder on your computer.

• From the Desktop, go to My Computer and click once (or select/highlight) on

the iPod, (usually drive E: or F:).
• Go to Tools > Folder Options > View (the tab) > scroll to Show Hidden Files
and Folders and select it. Click OK.
• Look in the iPod drive, and find a folder called iPod_Control and open it. You'll
see the Music folder. In it will be folders named F00, F01 and so on.
o If you need all the contents of the iPod on you computer, copy the
whole Music folder.
o If you only need some of the files, look through the Fxx folders until
you find the files you want and copy.
o To copy:
 Click once on the folder or hold down the Ctrl button and click
once on each of the folders you want.
 Go to the Edit menu and select copy.
 Minimize all windows, right click over a blank area of the
desktop, select New > Folder (name it Songs).
 Right click over the Songs folder and select Paste.
 Depending on the number of songs, this may take a long
time to complete.

3. Now have iTunes import that folder to your music library

• Open iTunes (if needed) and go to File > Import.

• Select the folder you want to import and click okay.
o This also may take awhile to complete.

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Zolved Tips:
• If you think you'll be doing this a lot, you should look into two things:
1. Back up your iTunes library to an external hard drive periodically.
2. Use an "iPod management software" other than iTunes. See this
comparison of iPod managers on Wikipedia.
• You might want to set iTunes to manually manage your iPod. This will mean
you will have to drag-n-drop new stuff onto the iPod yourself.
• Depending on which iPod model you have, the iPod may get very hot during
the copying process.

Note: With every update Apple puts out (almost weekly it seems), something
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