1.) The borrower submits an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) for the confidentiality of his project and contact details. Immediately the NDA is executed the borrower on return of the executed copy of NDA submits His/her business plan with overview for review by Saqr investment group board of directors and project team. If the loan request is approved. 2.) Saqr Investment Legal team will draft the loan term sheet (agreement) and it will be passed to the borrower for review and if terms are acceptable, he/she will sign and return back to Saqr Investment Group for signing/sealing. 3.) Saqr Investment Group will issue their LOI which the borrower will then use with copy of the term sheet and listed documents below to contact the insurance company for the underwriting which will be recommended by the CFO of the investment group as we prefer insurance companies we have good working relationship with. (a) A copy of their company Certificate of Incorporation (b) A copy of tax certificate or evidence of tax payment (c) Copy of utility bill (for address verification) (d) Copy of international passport of the director that will sign the loan documents for the borrower. If the documents are submitted to the insurance company and they check and declare you to be eligible for bonding. Then 4) The insurance company will issue their surety bond application form 5.) The borrower fills and returns the application to the insurance company 6.) The insurance company issues an invoice for the application (refundable binder deposit) once they check all details of application and it`s correct. 7.) The borrower wires the application fee (security binder deposit) to the brokers cooperate account of the insurance company for underwriting to be completed. 8.) On completion of the underwriting which last for 3-5 days on confirmation of the binder deposit, the insurance company shall notify both parties for a date for face to face meeting here in Dubai,UAE for closure and fund release. 9.) We shall convene a meeting for the execution of the bond by the insurance company and signing of policy papers by the borrower. 10.) We do the final closure and fund release documents signed and funding proceeds. 11.) Insurance company refunds the security binder deposit and receives the 3% policy fee which is deducted from the total loan amount. The entire process takes between 7-14 days for closure.

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