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Published by Eknath Kulkarni
resume built example
resume built example

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Published by: Eknath Kulkarni on Mar 12, 2013
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Eknath Waman Kulkarni

M.Tech in Mechatronics , Block no-14, Ganesh nagar, Jule Solapur,Solapur, sur – 413008 . Mobile: +91-8087406803 Email: kulkalrniew.mech12@coep.co.in : ek94203@gmail.com

Objective Seeking a Project with an organization where I can contribute my skills for Project success and synchronize with new technology while being resourceful, innovative and flexible. Skill Set Robotics Subjects : Robotics Analysis,Mechatronics System Design; Software Skills : C, Shell Scripting, Perl,HTML, PHP,.net,Java Platforms : UNIX, Windows.  Learning Laguages : Matlab(persuing). Atomation Programming : PLC Certification Mathematical Tools : MATLAB. Technical Expertise
Computer Languages ,Programming Logic Controller with RsLogis 5000,Dabases,Computer Networks, Scada Development , HMI Development , Embeded system(persuing), Microprocessors, Embedded Systems, Computer Organization & Architecture,Image Processing and analysis,Electronics Drives.

Academic Profile Degree M.Tech [Mechatronics] BE(CSE) Board / University College Of Engineering,Pune Solapur University Year 2012-2014 2008-2011 CGPA / Percentage Persuing 63.35%

Achievements  Presented a Paper on "RAT'(Remote Administration Trojan) at Nation level technical meet organized by Dept.of Computer Engineering in PVG pune.  Qualified in 1^st Round in "Query Master" Held in Government College Of Engineering in Karad.  Qualified in 1^st Round in National Level Technical Event "WIT_CHAR" held in

Current status 1 Currently Doing Mtech(Mechatronics) in College Of Engineering. Mini Project  Title: Custmer Status Report:(done in AFTEK ltd) Abstract:This goes through the all Aftek Custmor report Arranging in their views with security.and this canbe done by adding a single lair in below Network Load balancing.M.ac. Jaybhaye Professor Phone: 020-25507285 EMAIL:mdj.E.in . Winner in Nation Level Chess Champion Ship at School level Two times.com Dr.E. Team Size: 2 Personal Strengths 1 Hard working and good at team work. Team Size: 1 B. Project  Title: GENERIC LOAD BALANCING (in WIT SOLAPUR) Abstract: goes through all types of load balancing and we have prepared a stateful load balancing in web sever also.and adding a new views and deleting their views with a good usability. Reference Mrs. 2 Rapid at learning things.Rashmi Dixit Associate Professor Dept of Computer Science and Engineering Phone: +91-985056472. D.prod@coep. Walchand College Of Engineering Solapur. Projects B.Pune in 1^st year.. EMAIL:rashmirajivk@gmail.

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