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To Whom It May Concern/Behavioral Department: AMWA and Phi Delta Epsilon is holding an HIV awareness seminar on July 31,2009

at 8pm.

This program was inspired from Dr. Gerrity; when she addressed the student government earlier in semester. That the local HIV centers are in need of our assistantance to spread knowledge to the community and to get the students involved with the HIV crisis in Antigua. So, AMWA has joined force with the centers to help with community. We are excited to help this awareness prevention program. We will be getting into the community this semester to hand out pamphlet and educate the population at hand on the benefits of prevention and knowledge. We have collaborated with the Health Fair and provided Rapid HIV testing for all that attended the fair. But, now we must address the student body, faulty and the local community in a formal environment to make them more aware of the current statistics about HIV. We have several guest speakers that will be speaking and addressing this issue. The Chief Pathologist of Antigua, two local Attendings and one of the HIV counselors from the clinic and two HIV positive patients will be giving us the lecture. We are asking for a $20 dollar cover charge for the attendance to the seminar and the money with go to the HIV centers that are in need of supplies. We are asking if the department of behavioral science department would offer 1% extra credit for the attendance for Behavioral Science students due to the fact that the HIV counselor and two HIV positive patients will be speaking on this disease; and how it has affected them emotionally and psychologically.

Thanking You in Advance Thara Foreste-Magloire, MED 3 AMWA President