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Dhamma Hospital Project @ THABARWA CENTRE,
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Sayadaw U Ottamasara, abbot of Thabarwa Meditation Centre, Yangon, Myanmar teaches Dhamma and Insight Meditation in a simple way that allows us
to directly experience the nature of reality without any slightest attachment. Sayadaw repeatedly stresses on the importance of Right Understanding in our meditation and daily lives without which we are not able to abandon our attachment. Sayadaw encourages us to do good deeds, limitlessly and completely in order to have courage and to be free from fear in doing good deeds. He teaches by example in doing what is necessary to do - guided by Right Understanding and then Doing Only without attachment. Sayadaw believes that not only yogis should be taught about meditation, but meditation should be available to all especially the old and the sick. With the increasing number of old and sick people seeking refuge for medical care as well as Dhamma, Sayadaw is now planning to build a Dhamma Hospital for the the following reasons:

- more and more old age people are interested in meditation but no where to go especially when they are sick - they can stay until the end of their lives (free of charge) learning meditation and not to worry about medical attention and care. - the doctors and helpers are working on voluntary basis and they are also participating in the meditation practice - basically a sanctuary for all (young, old, healthy, sick, local, foreigners, helpers) to meditate and do good deeds together.

We are very encouraged by Sayadaw's teaching and role modeling. Thabarwa Meditation Centre is established with unlimited access for everyone. It is opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Currently it houses more than 1400 yogis (as at Oct 2012) including the old, the sick, the infirm, the blind, the deaf, the disabled, psychiatric and mental patients, the homeless and the helpless. If you wish to come to the center to practise Vipassana insight meditation or do volunteering work you can contact Sayadaw U Ottamassara Or ThaBarWa Centre. Our ThanLyin center is 80 acres wide & the dhamma hospital is within thabarwa centre (ThanLyin) of 80 acres wide. Dhamma hospital is just digging for the foundation. I attach the picture of digging place for foundation of Dhamma hospital.

Page |4 THE BELOW PIC IS THE FOUNDATION PLACE OF DHAMMA HOSPITAL.. Here is a brief description of the

Dhamma hospital project which is starting in

Thanlyin (Yangon, Myanmar), at Thabarwa Natural Meditation Centre. r), This is a very first estimation of the cost and of course on the way it might change and will have to be adapted to the actual conditions such as market prices, etc. It is not included the medical instruments and equipments inside it. The estimated cost is just for building. You also can listen a few words recorded about the project and especially about the aim of the project directly from sayadaw U. Ottamasara who is the monk leading the project. Please listen to it carefully despite of the bad quality of sound. (a transcription in English and translation in French are also added on next document) document). The prices are indicated in Burmese currency which means that you have to convert it in US$ by removing three 0 / let’s say that 1000K=1US$ (this is a very rough estimation but at s this stage it can give an idea). Current Myanmar (Kyats) money exchange rate (as in Feb 27, 2013) is 860K for 1 US$. Later on, we will be able to give more details as things will ev evoluate and become more precise. If you are interested in supporting Sayadaw's vision of a Dhamma Hospital, you may send your dana to the following account:

POSB Savings Account: A/C No. 171-57463-3 Name : OTTAMATHARA. (Swift code DBSSSGSG)
Please contribute generously (any amount is welcome) and also help spread the word around. May you and your family be blessed with this opportunity to perform the dana. You also might be interested in learning more about the center or about the teaching of sayadaw so you can open the following websites : of http://thabarwa ttp:// Postal address : THANLYIN (BETWEEN KYAIK KHAUK PAGODA AND EAST YANGON UNIVERSITY) . PHA_YAR_GONE VILLAGE, THANLYIN TOWNSHIP, YANGON, MYANMAR. Ph: +95.95085212, To see more about ThanLyin Thabarwa centre in Youtube : and you always can contact sayadaw by email : or Soe Win Htut : & Khema cari :,

All wish to cooperate is very welcome…sincerely and freely sincerely freely.

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Interview with sayadaw U. Ottamasara, about the dhamma hospital project in Thanlyin (Yangon, Myanmar) 31st Jan 2013
Can you speak about the dhamma hospital and what is different from another hospital? Dhamma hospital intends not only for patients but also for yogis, meditators especially old age and patient meditators. More and more old age and patient are interested in meditation this is why a dhamma hospital becomes more and more necessary. Ordinary hospitals are expensive for old-age and patients but for them the hospital facilities are very convenient (necessary); this is why I intend to start the age dhamma hospital in a near future. At the dhamma hospital the old old-age and patients will have possibility to stay until the end of their life with peaceful mind y and healthy body, all this free of charge. When we are old or sick it is very difficult to stay at home. Here in this country many old age and patients are living at ho home uncomfortably and with disappointed mind; in fact, when we are sick, when we are old it is very important…if we are young and healthy we can stay anywher we can stay in any pointed anywhere, situation. Opposed to healthy and young lives, old-age and patient need special situation, special place like hospitals. This is why I want to solve their age problem by establishing dhamma hospitals one after another. In this way, people won’t be afraid of becoming old or patient (s (sick).

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So also for mental patients? Yes, dhamma hospital intends to be for both, mental and physical patients. Because at the present time, ageing and diseases are the greatest problems or trouble in the world. So for the present situation, dhamma hospitals are urgently needed by the people this is why the dhamma hospital is one of my future plans. In this way, people will understand the benefit of meditation. If you meditate, this practice causes of a lot of good deeds and these good deeds which you made can fulfill your desire to be healthy and to have a long life. Will the volunteer, docto also learn about meditation? doctors Yes, I also want doctors and physicians to understand the amazing result, the amazing outcome of meditation practice. Practicing meditation can change your mind; if you are sick your mind will also be sick; if you meditate your mind will change and this is why your your life will also change. By taking medicine, your mind cannot be changed. Meditation can change anything, anyone. So, anybody can participate in this project, foreigners, and physicians as well? , Yes, everybody is welcome to understand the truth concerning the dhamma hospital; if they participate in this project they can also understand come the power of this project and how it is grateful to the people. End of interview.

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Below photos are some patients of Thabarwa centre. Labelling - From left to right- first row From left to right – Second row 1) 107 years old woman, oldest at centre, 2) A patient at centre, 3) a patient of AIDS 1) a huge hut accommodating patients. 2)a patient & a volunteer doctor.

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Below photos of Thabarwa centre - labelling - trom left to right first row 1) a stroke person, 2) A blind patient 3) a polio child patient rightFrom left to right – Second row. 1) a liver cancer patient 2) alcoholic patien 3) a heart-attacked patient with Sayadaw patient attacked

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Photo labelling: Top row from Left to Right 1) mental child patient 2) a mental patient 3) blind -AIDS patient & a disabled person AIDS Bottom row from Left to Right 1)Sayadaw preaching original truth to a patient 2) a weekly medical treatment activity at a bu building of ThaBarWa Centre.

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Biography of Venerable Sayadaw U Ottamasara -Sayadaw U Ottamasara was born in Sagaing Division, Myanmar,1969. -Sayadaw passed the Matriculation examination with flying colours in 1986. After completing, his degree B.A (English, Honours) at Yangon University, and started his business which became exceedingly successful within a short period till 1999. Post 1999, he lost greatly in his business and developed great amount of sadness. Under the suggestion of one of his friends, to find out how to abandon his great sadness, he started to learn the Meditation under Mogok Vipassana Teachers. -Through ardent learning & practice he experiences real & deep peace of mind and begin to abandon his great sadness. Later, his intensive vipassana meditation retreat at IMC meditation center(Sayagyi U Ba Khin) and Dhamma Joti meditation center(of SN Goenkaji) at Yangon, and subsequently at Mogok Vipassana meditation main center at Yangon, allows him to abandon all stress, attachment and sadness completely which will never come. -Thereafter, he entirely left his business and properties and established the Wisdom Sharing foundation with the name of “From Avijja to Vijja (From wrong understanding to right understanding)” which later becomes the best source center (books, mp3CD, CD, VCD and tapes) for Vipassana Meditation of all traditions across the world. -He was ordained in Yangon by the Sayadaw U Nayyassagara in 2002 & started teaching vipassana meditation. He also engages in giving Dhamma talks related to vipassana meditation in schools, hospitals (to the terminally ill) hospice groups, among others. In 2007, Sayadaw established the Downtown Meditation Centre (45th street meditation centre) and Thanlyin Natural Meditation Centre (Tha Bar Wa Natural Meditation Centre - 80 acres wide) in Yangon for all without gender, age, racial, religious, mental or health-conditonal restrictions. In 2012 Dec, he has opened the Shwe Chaung ThaBarWa Meditation Centre at PyinOoLwin Township, Mandalay.

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