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What is POSDCoRB? How is Management Important? How is Planning Important? What are the steps in Planning Process? What are the steps in Organizing Process? What are the Characteristics of Sole-proprietorship and Partnership? What are the points of Difference between Private and Public Companies? What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Hindu Family Business? What are the steps in Recruitment Process? What are different levels of Management? What are different Skills required at each level of Management? What are the Principles of Scientific Management? What are the bases of Departmentation? How can we define Management in different ways? What are different types of Plans? What are different types of Planning? What are different Roles of a Manager? What are the steps in Communication Process? What is Line Organization and Line and Staff Organization? How does Line & Staff Conflict take place? What is Authority and Responsibility? What is Job Analysis? What are Steps in Controlling Process? What is Break-Even Analysis as a Control Technique? What are the bases of Choice of form of Business Organization? Can we call Management a Profession? Support your argument.

Maximum number of Partners in a normal Partnership firm is ___ (7, 20, 100, 200) Private Company has unlimited members. (True / False) Public Company has minimum ___ directors. (1, 3, 15, 25) ______ who is the eldest member of the family takes all the decisions of HUF Business. (Karta, Mitra, Bhrata, Bharya) Partnership Act 1935. (True / False) Companies Act 1956 (True / False) Short Notes on: Leadership Motivation