P3y--the pathway to success.

===================================== Paramji Papra Param Yog

Dear Friend, Hope,you r in good health. U can use Papr formula to raise business to solve day to day problems where the situation is beyond our control or to fulfil good desires earlier. ====================================================== P3Y=Paramji, Papr & ParamYog. P3y gives peace,prosperity & progress....Ask & U will get it.PAPR is for those w ho work hard,still they do not get enough success. Papr contains 11 sentences[=1 1 Paprva].To fulfill ur desire, you speak Papr. ------------------------------------------------------Maximum Desires are Fulfilled by P3Y . Must Try . ------------------------------------------------------PAPR 1. Paramam Saranam Gachami. 2. Hansam Saranam Gachami. 3. Adwaitam Saranam Gachami. 4. Anandam Saranam Gachami. 5. Charanam Saranam Gachami. 6. Hey Paramji. 7. Mujh Par Kripa Karo. 8. Sir Jhukakar Paramji Ko Namaskar Karta Hoon. 9. Speak your own desire. Ask for any one desire. e.g.--1.Grant me success. 1.Increase my business.1.Today give me mental peace.1.Empower this water to reduce my pain.1.Empower this water to reduce the pain of the person who drinks it.1.Save me.1.Grant me safe journey today.1.Grant me peace in my family today.1.Grant me more income.1.Grant me more crop in my farm. e.t.c. 10. As Soon as my desire is fulfilled, I will give ? Exact Amount of Rupees or $ To Paramji, Alias His Holiness. 11. As Soon as my desire is fulfilled, I will explain P3Y to ? Exact Number of New Persons. Paprva 9,10 & 11,you can speak in your language.But Paprva 1 to 8,you have to speak ditto,as it is a code.For small desire,in Paprava 10, Rs. 1/ $ 1, & in Paprava 11,P3Y Publicity in 1 new person will do. See the result.Nothing to loose...