About LPG _ Properties Advantages and Technical Specifications - Totgaz in

About LPG : Properties, advantages and technical specifications - Totgaz in India

LPG Properties

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LPG is a liquid under pressure but a gas at ambient conditions. Vapour LPG is twice as heavy as Air. Liquid LPG is half as heavy as water. LPG is colorless. LPG has a low boiling point of -18oC. LPG has a narrow flammability range between 1.8 to 9.5% in air. Flash point of LPG is -76oF. The approximate minimum ignition temperature of LPG is in the range 410oC to 580oC. LPG is odourless. Ethyl Mercaptan is added as an odourant to detect LPG in case of leaks. LPG is non-toxic. It is lightly anaesthetic and can cause suffocation, if present in sufficiently high concentrations. Liquid LPG can cause severe cold burns to the skin owing to rapid vapourisation and the consequent lowering of temperature

Advantages of LPG
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Clean Burning No soot, burners have a longer life - so maintenance is low No spillage as it vaporises at atmospheric temperature and pressure. Effects of corrosion are greatly reduced Instantly controllable flame temperature Avoids Scaling and decarborising of parts Environmentally friendly fuel, with minimal sulphur content and sulphur- free emissions Very high efficiency with direct firing system Instant heat for faster warm-up and cool-down Can be used for a variety of applications

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Totgaz in India http://www.total.About LPG : Properties. advantages and technical specifications .in/Lub/lubIN.co.nsf/VS_OPM/4E3D889D3F3813BEC125762E005308E9?OpenDocument (3 of 3)4/20/2010 12:18:10 PM .

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