Hybrid Financing: Understanding and Using Modern Hybrid Financial Instruments          Fundamental concept of hybrid financial instrument Definition

of Hybrid Security with examples. Why and how hybrid securities are beneficial to investors? Besides cost, what other factors should be considered when using hybrid securities? Illustrate the concept of Systematic Risk Effect of Hybrid Securities in details From the view point of modern finance, define the concept and implication of a structured product or a market linked investment Discussion on main features and Purpose of hybrid financial instrument Discussion on key pros and coins (Advantages & Disadvantages) of hybrid financial instrument Types of Hybrid Financing o Preference Capital (How does preferred stock differ from common equity and debt?) o o o o       equity default swaps warrant Leasing (Analysis: Lease vs. Borrow and Buy) Convertible Debenture

Discuss Hedging and Managing New financial Instruments: The Functional Method Applications (Scope of Implications) of Hybrids in Global Corporate Financing Implication of Collateralized Mortgage (Debt) Obligations and Asset-Backed Securities in Global Financial Market From your personal point of View, what are the major micro and macro-economic determinants would be responsible for global financial crisis and recession? Integrate specifically the role of Hybrid Financing and Financial Leverage for the Global financial crisis and recession Discuss Global Markets & Financial Instruments in the Next Decade (Your Speculations, Recommendation & Suggestions)

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