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Nursi - The Reasonings; A Key to Understanding the Qur'an's Eloquence (2008)

Nursi - The Reasonings; A Key to Understanding the Qur'an's Eloquence (2008)

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Published by: iqbal_إقبال on Mar 13, 2013
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Fluency lies in avoiding conceitedness and pursuit of superiority through
complexity and ambiguity, and therefore in not causing misconception or
confusion, and in imitating the natural order, being clear and comprehen-
sible, not diverting from the basic point in explanations and descriptions,
and in the clarity of the purpose and the way that is followed to reach it.
Affectations or feigned sentimentality and the confusion of one’s words
with other words and feelings damage fluency.
We should also avoid disordered detailing and rambling, and be care-
ful that the arguments and meanings corroborate one another.
Again, we should be a student of nature though the power of imagina-
tion, so that the Divine laws that operate in nature may be reflected in our
work of art.

In addition, our concepts should correspond with the outer world.
Supposing our conceptions were able to leave our minds and take on forms
in the outer world, this world should be able to accept them and not deny



their origin, saying, “These belong to me, or these resemble mine, or these
are my own products.”

We should advance to the purpose with determination, without devi-
ating to the right or left, so that those who stand on the side will not be
able to distract us from the purpose towards themselves. Rather, those who
are on the sides should contribute to the main purpose from their own
beauties and riches.

Furthermore, like the pivot around which speech turns and the pur-
pose is followed, the common meeting points of the basic and secondary
purposes should be clear.

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