KIPP STAR College Prep Charter School Board of Trustees Minutes of January 28, 2013 Meeting The KIPP STAR

College Prep Charter School Board of Trustees met on January 28, 2013 at Hunter College with the following trustees in attendance: Rafael Mayer, Jacqueline Adams, Girish Bhakoo, Carrie Gennuso, and Andrew Paul. Also present were Joe Negron, Jane Martinez-Dowling, Dawn Palo, Brian Zied, Larry Robbins, David Levin, Amy Griffin, Dwight Scott, Whitney Tilson, Lisa Blau, Rick Taft, Abigail Klem, Deborah Dauman, Joseph Reece, Kelly Coffey, Frank Corcoran, Josh Zoia, Jack Chorowsky, Charizma Williams, Carrie Mauer, Stephanie Adams, Natalie Webb, Orpheus Williams, Quinton Vance and Vicki Zubovic. Opening of Meeting The board voted unanimously to run the meeting concurrently with the meetings of the Boards of KIPP Academy, KIPP NYC Washington Heights Academy, KIPP Infinity, KIPP AMP, and the Joint High School Committee due to the commonality of issues. Board Business The board opened the meeting to public comments. There were no comments. The board voted to approve the minutes of its November 5, 2012 meeting. Jack Chorowsky, Chief Operating Officer, reviewed long-term finances and current cash balances. The board voted to give Charizma Williams, Managing Director of Finance, administrative access to KIPP STAR’s HSBC brokerage account to facilitate the processing of brokerage transactions relating to donor-granted stock. Rafael Mayer and Vicki Zubovic, Managing Director of Development, provided an update on KIPP NYC’s long-term fundraising plans and discussed recommended methods of fundraising for board members. The board voted unanimously to move to Executive Session to discuss confidential matters. Adjournment The meeting adjourned.

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