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BOARD OF EDUCATION SPECIAL MEETING/ BUDGET MEETING Wednesday, March 13, 2013 District Auditorium, Anticipated Executive Session

6:00 p.m. Budget Meeting 7:30 p.m. AGENDA 1. 2. CALL TO ORDER AND PLEDGE TO FLAG GO INTO EXECUTIVE SESSION (Resolution)

It is anticipated that it will be necessary to go into executive s ession to discuss particular personnel. The Board President may seek a motion to go into Executive Session to discuss particular personnel. 3. 4. ROLL CALL EVACUATION NOTIFICATION In the event of an emergency, visitors are advised that they may exit this room from the one side door, which leads directly into the parking lot. In the event of an emergency, everyone is asked to move away from the building. Do not attempt to leave in your automobiles, since this may cause traffic problems and block incoming emergency vehicles. 5. 6. PERSONNEL BUDGET PRESENTATION 7. Budget Process Revenue Budget Adjustments to Expenditure Budget Review of Tax Levy Limitation (Resolution) (Resolution) (Information)

ADJOURNMENT The Board President will seek a motion to adjourn.