Benign epithelial tumours

LP 8

Morfology of neoplasms
• Abnormal tissue proliferation – The neoplasms are no concordant with nearby tissue – persistent. and continue to proliferate after the ceasing of the stimulus • Tumour classification – hystogenetic criteria • epiteliale • conjunctive – Evolutive criteria • benign • malignant

The benign epithelial tumours
• origin in the epithelial tissues • Papilloma: benign epithelial tumour that is formed by papillar
structures composed of proliferated epithelium disposed on a connective-vascular core.

• Adenoma: is a benign epithelial tumour that originate
in the glandular epithelium of cavitary organs and exocrine or endocrine parenchyma.

• Microscopically
 Squamocellular papilloma  Adenomatous polyp  Fibroadenoma of breast

Scuamocelular papiloma - skin • origin – epidermis • prominent vegetant tumours of the skin • The tumoral proliferation of epidermis is disposed on a connective-vascular core with the role of nutrition and supporting

Scuamocelular papiloma - skin
•The epidermis keeps the normal stratification:
•a basal layer stratum spinosum (hyperacanthosis) granular layer - hypergranulosis •stratum corneum (hyperkaratosis)

•The basal membrane between the proliferated epidermis and the connective-vascular core is intact.

Fibroadenoma of breast • Is a benign mixed tumour hormonodependent (hiperestrogenism) formed by two components  Epithelial component – proliferation of the ductular epithelium  Connective component – fibroblasts proliferation

• The tumour is nodular, enncapsulated included in the

• There are two histologic variants:
 pericanalicular – the connective tissue proliferates arround the ductular lumen keeping the lumen open  intracanalicular – connective tissue proliferates and compress the ductular lumen which become as a slit

• The two histologic types can coexist in the same tumour

Adenomatous polyp
• Vegetant tumour, that results from the proliferation of the surface and glandular epithelium • The tumouris composed from vili sustained by a branching connectivevascular core
 With the role of support and nutrition  Contains numerous glands limited by a displastic epithelium

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