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P.S. 238

The Anne Sullivan School
1633 East 8th Street Brooklyn, NY 11223 718-339-4355

March 2009

  Pre­K March Newsletter       
Roaring Into March Reading
We are working very hard to learn the literacy skills we need for kindergarten. We are learning to differentiate between letters and words. We are learning to retell the stories we read. Pretending to be a story character is so much fun, you could do this with us at home too. We are also learning to match pictures to words. This will help us to learn how to put sentences in order. These skills will help us to learn how to be good readers. There are two Parent workshops during the month of March. March 24-“Hey We Are Reading” March 31-“We All Count” They will be held at 8:00 am in the library. March is a very busy for our Pre kindergarteners. We are busy learning the songs for our upcoming performance in April. We are learning songs about “going green”. We can’t wait to sing for you! The Science Fair is in March. We have been busy experimenting and working on our class projects. We are looking th  Please forwardyour child 17 .It is the day read to to March every night that we will welcome the incoming pre-k students. It is also Green Day! We will wear green  Please review the letters shirts, make green projects and and numbers we are learning eat green treats! in class every night

In math we practice counting everyday. Please practice saying your child’s first and the week We practice reciting the days of last name, address and phone number with and the months of the year. We have lots him/her every night. of fun with shape games and math Please manipulatives. We play store and use the practice writingcash register name with your child’s to learn about money. We can practice shopping and recognizing him/her every night. money with you too. • Please practice zipping jackets and putting on jackets
and gloves.  Read aloud signs like "No Parking" and "Exit" and talk about what the signs mean. Use new and different words to describe what you see, hear, and feel. Do this to help your child develop language skills.


Parent Workshops

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