Greetings Parents

The Anne Sullivan School
1633 East 8th Street Brooklyn, NY 11223
March 2009 Vo l u m e 1 , I s s u e 4

We have all been working hard preparing for the NYS Mathematics Examination. We are now ready to take it this month! Our next state examination is quickly approaching. The Elementary Level Science Examination will be administered at the end of April. The exam consists of two parts: written and performance. Understanding 4th grade science vocabulary is the key to doing well on the written portion of the examination. Your children can prepare at home by continuing to make and study their science vocabulary flashcards. The P.S. 238 Science Fair is approaching. Students are being asked to think like creative young scientists by designing a science project using the scientific method. We appreciate those parents who are assisting with projects that need parental guidance.
Mrs. Ratner

Reader’s Workshop

This month, we are reading in the content areas of science and social studies. As a result, we are acquiring background knowledge in the subjects we are learning about in science and social studies this year. Students are using Thinking Maps in order to organize their thoughts as they read. Thinking Maps aid children in describing characters, accessing prior knowledge, comparing/contrasting, looking at parts of a whole and making analogies.

Writer’s Workshop
Throughout the year we have covered various topics in Science and Social Studies that our 4th graders want to learn more about. In our next writing genre, report of information, students will have the opportunity to research topics that interest them. They will be utilizing writing skills such as writing an engaging lead, creating an organized structure and including facts and details.

This Month’s Events
March 3,4,5…NYS Mathematics Examination for Grade 4 March 13…Class science fair. March 16…School science fair.

Everyday Mathematics
This month, we will be completing units 7 and 8 in the Everyday Math Program. The topics that will be covered are fractions, probability, perimeter and area.

Science and Social Studies
In Science we will begin to study the properties of electricity and magnetism. This would involve discussions about energy, electricity, magnetism and forces of gravity. During Science Lab students will be experimenting with different types of circuits and magnets. In Social Studies we will learn about the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution.

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