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Dr. Md. Kamal Dr. Md. Kamal Uddin Uddin Course Instructor EMBAAssociate Professor Program Department International Business Department of of International Business Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka Faculty Business Studies University of Dhaka
Date of Submission: 4th August, 2010

Faisal Bin Alam Razaul Karim

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4th august, 2010
Dr. Md. Kamal Uddin Course Instructor EMBA Program Department of International Business Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka

Subject: Submission of Assignment.

Dear sir, With due respect We would like convey to your knowledge that as per our EMBA Program, we have prepared our assignment under mentioned topics. Now we like to submit it to you. We have tried our level best to prepare the paper in consistence with the optimal standard under your valuable direction.

We request you modestly to accept our paper as it may suffer from some shortcomings. Therefore, We hope that this will meet the standard of your judgment.

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Faisal Bin Alam Razaul Karim

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Department of International Business EMBA Program University of Dhaka

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for letting me to prepare this paper. We would like to mention our gratitude to honorable Course Coordinator. Kamal Uddin. Dr. EMBA Program. University of Dhaka. Department of International Business. Md. Course Coordinator.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We are deeply indebted to prepare the term paper of Principles of Marketing on “Preparing a Marketing Plan: A perspective of Sony Bravia 3D HDTV ” topic. Page | 3 .

Table of Content Executive Summary Company Profile Origin of Sony Vision Mission Category of Products Page-5 Page-5 Page-6 Page-6 Page-6 Page-7 Page-7 Page-8 Page-8 Page-9 Page-9 Page-13 Page-13 Page-15 Page-15 Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat Marketing Objective Marketing Strategy Positioning Product Price Place Promotion & Advertising Conclusion Bibliography Page-16 Page-16 Page-16 Page-17 Page-18 Page-18 Page-19 Page-19 Page-19 Page-20 Page-21 Page-22 Current Marketing Situation Market Description Target customer Segment Customer Product Features Competitive Review Channels & Logistic Review SWOT Analysis Page | 4 .

That is its largest competitive advantage and needs to be leveraged to the maximum when communicating the value proposition. We propose that Sony takes advantage of this miscalculation and grabs a significant lead in consumer mental space by focusing on consumer enthusiasm generated by experiencing the immersive world of 3D. with publicity and public excitement. Its diversified operations are spread across electronics. which is engaged in business through its seven operating segments – Consumer Products & Services Group. Page | 5 . Professional & Device Solutions Group. The company operates globally in over 200 counties across Japan.Believe’’ Sony Corporation is the electronics business unit and the parent company of the Sony Group. North America. Pictures. The company's current slogan is “Make. focusing on price points and generic television advertising strategies. and Asian countries. Financial Services. This needs to be done on a mass scale. Sonyʼs television business is uniquely positioned to thrive in today's consumer electronics marketplace. the group has established a strong brand image in global markets. Music. Europe. Sony is the only company in the space that can create a complete 3D environment using solely its own equipment and content. Sony Ericsson and All Other. and PlayStation®.Executive Summary World renowned company. is the fifth largest media conglomerate & world's second-largest consumer electronics maker after Samsung. Over the years. Sonyʼs Brands include: BRAVIA®. founded in 1946. Other manufacturers have accepted the commodification of their wares. entertainment. Cyber-Shot®. The introduction of 3D in their eyes is another gimmick for pitching technological superiority. Company Profile Sony Corporation (Sony). and financial services categories. games. which increases its bargaining power and makes its entry into new product segments easier. Vaio®.

(Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation). also known as Totsuko. On May 7." meaning sound. By ensuring synergy between businesses within the organisation." the original Latin for "SONIC. 1946.K. Page | 6 . Vision To create exciting new digital entertainment experiences for consumers by bringing together cutting-edge products with latest generation content and services. Masaru Ibuka was an engineer and Akio Morita a physicist when they decided to create a company repairing and building electrical equipment. with "SONNY. Mission Sony is committed to developing a wide range of innovative products and multimedia services that challenge the way consumers access and enjoy digital entertainment. Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita.Origin of Sony: Behind the phenomenal success of Sony are two men. the founders of Sony Sony name was created by combining "SONUS. was established in Tokyo. or a youthful boy." denoting small size. Sony is constantly striving to create exciting new worlds of entertainment that can be experienced on a variety of different products. Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K. It was chosen for its simple pronunciation that is the same in any language.

With a satisfactory market growth & relative market share. Over the decades. Accessory Finder Current Marketing Situation: Sony has an immense brand image worldwide through high level of customer satisfaction over the years. what Sony stands at present. new product & product diversification constantly. market development. company has been working on product development. wants & demands.Category of Products: TV & Home cinema Cameras & Cam-corders Vaio & Computing Portable Audio Reader e-book Home Audio Playstation Memory discs& Batteries Car Entertainment. That’s the reason for the company’s enormous achievement. Sony has been very successful to understand customers’ needs. Page | 7 .

possibly gaming." 3D TV is a generic term for a display technology that lets home viewers experience TV programs. The BRAVIA® name is an acronym of "Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture". which is typically limited to only height and width ("2D"). He will likely be unmarried or recently married and may have young children. UK. He is technologically savvy. but with a target adjusted toward family entertainment and educational concerns. These individuals will also be innovators. Market Description: BRAVIA® is the brand Sony uses to market its high-definition LCD televisions. Target Customer: Our qualitative research supports an initial target. as a 2535 year old innovator male who regularly uses his television to watch films and network programming. and other video content in a stereoscopic effect. Sony plans to offer a comprehensive range of 3D home entertainment content to appeal to the widest possible audience. The BRAVIA® brand uses the slogan "Color like no other. It adds the illusion of a third dimension. A secondary market will be gender non-specific. Page | 8 . and 3D movies. These will be young married couples with children varying in ages but who have a home gaming or home entertainment system in place. projection TVs and front projectors. It’s already a very popular device in USA. targeting the age ranges of 3545. It also has a growing demand in Bangladesh. movies. Asia pacific region even in South-east Asia.LCD TV has been very popular within a short range of time & growing it’s demand very rapidly. All Sony high-definition flat-panel LCD televisions in North America have carried the BRAVIA® logo since 2005. games. He most likely owns a video gaming system and has an above-average home entertainment system. along with its home cinema range under the subbrand BRAVIA® Theatre. has disposable income and considers himself an innovator when it comes to acquiring the latest devices. access to 3D broadcast programming and/or a 3D Blu-ray disc player. for an ideal customer. you will also need 3D glasses. depth. Australia. To get true 3D content. to current TV and HDTV display technology.

fast response and wide viewing angle. 1. Emphasis will be placed on the enhancement of home computing gaming and educational software that expands the consumer base to include families with children seeking to expand the use of the product beyond simple home entertainment. such as Sony Blu-ray disc players. according to Sony.366 x 768 pixels. available in the top-end V-series panels. this segment would be targeted specifically to recognize the ease of integration with the Sony product into their existing Sony devices. Page | 9 . Emphasis will be placed on enhanced viewing capabilities as a “total viewing experience. This enhanced feature is said to reproduce a wider color range. such as sporting events. movies and major entertainment events (such as concerts). Purchasers of 3D Television In this segment. is a key feature that will enable the company to stand out from the competition. Sonny’s product would be position as a “total 3D solution” for experiencing enhanced programming.and S-series TV panels will be able to offer High-Definition image quality. creating deeper and richer green and red gamut’s in LCD TVs for improved picture realism.” focusing on the increased offerings of 3D channels and viewing options that are forthcoming from networks and cable service providers.Segments Customer: We target two segments: new television purchasers and current Sony product users. the new TVs also promise improved contrast. In conjunction with presenting the benefits of 3D television generally. The challenge is to convince the consumer of the benefits to upgrade to a 3D television to maximize the viewing experience. we assume that the consumer already owns a high definition television. will already be owners of gaming equipment (Playstation) or Sony home theater components. both the V. Together with the integrated WEGA Engine. Enhanced color reproduction Sony claims its Wide Color Gamut Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (WCG-CCFL). 2. Existing Users of Sony Products This segment of individuals is already familiar with Sony branded items and. in most instances. Product Features: High definition display With screen resolutions of up to 1.

Page | 10 . while both the V. This will enable users to enjoy virtual surround sound using just the two onboard speakers. Improved surround sound quality To complete the whole home theater experience..and S-series panels will feature SRS TruSurround audio capabilities. the V-series LCD displays will be equipped with Sony's S-Master full digital amplifier.and S-series LCD TVs is the advanced Light Sensor feature which automatically optimizes the picture intensity to the brightness of the surrounding environment. Picture-and-Picture (PAP) The V-series panels will come with two onboard tuners. so you can watch two TV shows side-by-side on the same screen. Automatic light sensor Also available in the V.

000 tk SONY BRAVIA™ 32" LCD X-Reality™ Picture Engine 90. Price 38.At a glance: few BRAVIA LCD TV Model Names Article I. 57.500 tk SONY BRAVIA BX3 32 Inch HD LCD TV Article II.000 tk Sony 40’’ Bravia LED model ex-710 Page | 11 .

19.000 tk Article III. Sony Bravia bx-420 1.000 tk Article IV. Sony Bravia EX700 52" LED TV Page | 12 . Sony BRAVIA 3D 40'' NX720 LED TV 2.Model Names Price 96.000 tk Article V.58.

The concert footage would be distributed to new Samsung 3D customers. LG’s media campaign is targeted towards the beginning of a new era in TV viewing as it highlights the end of traditional TV. A second follow up campaign focused on showing a family bringing home the “wonder” of 3D entertainment. Page | 13 . • Panasonic is using Plasma technology for its choice for delivering 3D. They have launched a major media campaign that depicts the hardware as if it were a work of art. providing an immersive 3D experience that brings people together and enriches their lives. This may attract many budget consumers to LG 3D. even though they might compromise on quality. The campaign focuses on the transition of moving from traditional TV to 3DTV. Sony retailer network. They claim that Plasma TVs delivers a better 3D experience. • LG’s 3DTV plans include use of Passive 3D technology. Samsung 2. which requires significantly cheaper 3D glasses than Active 3D technology that is being utilized by everyone else. LG 3. marketing & distributing all sorts of sony products in Bangladesh. is the only authorized company for assembling.Competitive Review: The main three competitors of Sony in 3D TV marketing are1. which mainly comprises of retailers & distributors wants consumers to have best customer experience. Rangs Electronics Limited (REL). Panasonic • Samsung has been very aggressive with its 3D campaign as it has positioned itself as the world’s first LED 3DTV. which is a pioneer in the field of electronics & electrical products in Bangladesh. Panasonic is not offering Internet connected 3DTVs whereas all other companies have models that support the internet. Pop group Black Eyed Peas also did a special performance that was shot in 3D. They are also offering an exclusive bundle deal at Best Buy stores that features a 50 inch TV and a 3D capable Blu ray player. Channels & Logistic Review: Sony has a huge distribution network through many channels worldwide. They also signed up Avatar director James Cameron for a special launch event at Times Square where they displayed their new 3D lineup. Panasonic has signed an agreement with Best Buy to display their 3D technology at Best Buy retail stores.

Rangs Electronics Distribution centre in Banglades (blue color indicates uncovered region) Page | 14 .

SWOT Analysis: STRENGTH            Strong Brand Image Worldwide Reputation High Market Share High Quality Products High Technology Pioneer in the Industry as Being Creative and Innovative Supports R&D Activities Diversification in Manufacturing Locations Around the World Ability to Provide High Motivation to Its Employees Loyal Customers Only company fully emerged in the 3D value chain: content. manufacturers of 3D glasses Page | 15 . distribution and display High interest level for 3D after success of 3D motion pictures such as Avatar and Alice in Wonderland Joint ventures with other companies for 3D content Strong present Eco System via PS3 and Sony Online Network      Special 3D Research facility setup in California Partnership with ReelD.

LG and Samsung have already introduced their 3D TVs in the market Newer. camcorders. etc THREATS     Strong competition in the market. Increasing demand in technological products around the world 3D Gaming Academic and Professional applications Medical Applications 3D TV sport content 3D Advertising content 3D PCs – Vaio Other 3D consumer electronics. PC graphic chip makers can offer the same 3D technology at a lower price Competitors such as Panasonic.WEAKNESSES       Not enough market data available for 3D preferences New hardware is required for 3D Switching from 2D to 3D is expensive Limited 3D content Last major company to launch 3D TV Competitively high price OPPORTUNITIES          Continuous growth in their sectors.cameras. better technology could emerge Page | 16 .

That figure could reach 64 million in 2018. While that is very hard to achieve. and a Sony surround sound system while they consume the 3D content produced and distributed by Sony and made with Sony equipment. Page | 17 . among others. The plan’s main objective is to ensure that 3D BRAVIA® models will make up at least 10% of more than 25 million LCD TVs that Sony will sell next year and account for an even larger percentage of revenue. Their cooperation with the company’s efforts to position the brand is essential. the consumer can start getting close to the feeling by purchasing a Sony 3D television and proudly saying.6 million units in 2013 from an estimated 1. PlayStation 3. should feel naturally inclined to showcase the Sony home theater experience in the best light possible to be in line with consumers expectations created by the plans campaign. That is to say. After the implementation. Secondary objective is to restore Sony’s leadership in the television manufacturing marketplace. since a significant portion of consumers’ first direct encounters with the product happen within their stores. the ground can be regained by effectively communicating to the consumer Sonny’s market position as the only start-to-finish 3D Company.Marketing Objective: Global demand for 3D TVs is projected to reach 15. The plans metrics will involve a before evaluation of the consumer mental space as it relates generally to the brand of Sony 3D and especially to the Sony BRAVIA® 3D HDTV product. Best Buy. thus regaining the sense of prestige that came with owning a Sony television. The consumer needs to aspire to have a Sony 3D television. Sony Blu-ray disc player. In order to achieve the outlined objectives a number of targets need to be hit. the consumer must want a total Sony 3D experience. “It’s a Sony!” The role of retailers is not to be underestimated. While the “Made In Japan” tag doesn’t carry the same cache as it did a few decade’s back. when total revenues are expected to hit $17 billion. Retail order response and qualitative feedback will be another important measure of the plans success.2 million this year. The consumer public must come to associate unparalleled quality in 3D entertainment as exclusive to the Sony BRAVIA® brand. regular updates will be made.

which is a EU certified ecolabel for environment friendly products.Marketing Strategy: Sony’s marketing strategy is based on Societal Marketing Concept. All new bravia models are awarded ‘Flower’ Eco-label.  Energy Saving: A new energy saving switch allows users to draw virtually no power where other LCD draw a small amount of power even in stand by or when switched off  Eco-friendly: Most Bravia models from 2009 carry the ‘flower’ label. Sony Bravia added a new dimension in that. Sony products are considered to be high quality.  Lowers electricity bills : World’s 1st micro tubular hot cathode flurescent lamp (HCFL) reduces power consumptions by more than 50% compared to any other LCD TV or even those from sony. Positioning: Sony has a unique. Page | 18 . distinctive position in the eye of the consumer.

100 In Bangladesh there is a wide range of Sony Bravia of different models & variety.800. Furthermore. price ranges from 22. It is important to draw retailers to the prestige of carrying Sony BRAVIA® televisions and in no way subsidize the in-store product demonstration. LX900 Series: 40” . medium and large sizes.900. when considering product life cycle. 46”. hence stores that include a new Sony 3D Experience home theater room can expect to see increased foot traffic. 50”. 46” .$5.250 HX800 Series: 40” .PRODUCT BRAVIA® 3D HDTVs are to be positioned as luxury electronics. sandwiching the most popular size of 46”.3. 42” . Our belief is that there should be one model in small. Their high quality is communicated by an elegant design and flawless attention to detail. and 3D televisions as product. The current line up has 3 series (the LX900. BRAVIA® brand.$4.$3. One of the plans goals is to make the Sony 3D Experience valued by the consumer. price in itself becoming an uncompromising sign of the products quality.200.000. Rangs Electronics Limited is the sole assembler. 42”. 52” . Sony is unquestionably the market leader in terms of verticals. or directly from Sony Style. and 60”).$6. Sony’s online store. Sony BRAVIA® 3D HDTVʼs can be broken down into three curves: Sony company brand.500 HX900 Series: 46” .$3. PRICE Current pricing strategy has Sony 3D HDTVs wedged somewhere between that of Samsung and Panasonic. Sony’s pricing is considerably higher and rightfully so. In Bangladesh.350.450. through an online retailer.000 tk (approximately at present) PLACE Consumers may purchase the product at their nearest high-end electronics store or consumer chain. 50” . 52”.$4. HX900. 60” . Page | 19 . and HX800) that come in 6 sizes (40”.60. for a total of 8 different SKUs. marketer & distributor of Sony products. it will become easier to communicate the value through the price.$2.$3. When the 3 model approach is implemented.

” Using PromoAid it designed a portfolio of promotional companies to employ in this campaign. INTERNET/SOCIAL NETWORKS . because they expect them to be the best quality possible. and effectiveness monitoring will stay in the hands of our team. and at the plan's core lies the ability to successfully coordinate and manage several promotional companies. Sony has concluded that the real consumer value proposition is in the wonder and an awe that is produced by experiencing 3D content on 3D Sony equipment. The consumer is less and less concerned with the technological specifications. it propose a nationwide. GA) “Brandmovers specializes in Online Games.With these considerations. Contests. it lets the brand message come to life organically and take root through questions. one-on-one interaction and true branded experience. regardless of their demographics. Major brands turn to Page | 20 . CA) “At OBE.PROMOTION & ADVERTISING " The promotional plan outlined in the following pages is at the heart of the proposed marketing mix. TOUR – On Board Entertainment (Sausalito. The working name for the initiative is “Sony 3DWORLD.Brandmovers (Atlanta. Facebook Apps and mobile promotions that deliver measurable results. In mobile events. the goal of Mobile Marketing is simple: we bring the message to the consumer. quality control. Sony plans 3D Experience to the consumer directly. promotion centered strategy structured around a mobile campaign to showcase the 3D Sony Experience in a home theater environment. Coordination. Reward Solutions. Sweepstakes. It is a logistical challenge.

NY) “Bg Key Analytics' small team members are experienced researchers with different areas of expertise.Ogilvy & Mather (New York. marketing mix with all it’s tools working effectively. energy saving technology will certainly help to boost again. Sales & operating revenue in the electronics business of Sony decreased 17% 5488 billion yen. In a bold stroke Sony will introduce 3D to the population by bringing it to their doorsteps and will effectively communicate not only the benefit of 3D. But good news is. “Itʼs a Sony!” Most importantly.IN-STORE/RETAIL ADVERTISING – Reatil advertising deliver over 10 billion media impressions annually. Data analytics and processing. but most importantly the benefit of owning a Sony BRAVIA® 3D HDTV. NY) Following Oglivyʼs commendable performance in Vietnam we propose to continue working with the firm for this project Conclusion: In year 2009. Business recorded a 168. eco-friendly. the promotional plan will help Sony acquire key territory in the consumer mental space.1 billion yen operating loss. MARKET RESEARCH . Coding of verbatims for pen ended questions” MOBILE . regaining the associated prestige with owning the brand.” NATIONAL/LOCAL ADVERTISING and PR . CA) “A creative mobile agency that formulates strategies and designs engaging interactions for consumers living on the go.BG Key Analytics (Dobbs Ferry.5th Finger (San Francisco. Valassis is the nation’s leading marketing services company. It is expected that the marketing strategy. The devastating earthquake has a major impact for that. including Project design. execution and reporting. Page | 21 . sales for Sony Bravia LCD televisions increased sharply & leading the sector at present.

html Page | 22 .com/bangladesh/268710-new-sony-bravia-sale-for-lowestprice.com www.asp?cat_id=26 http://electronicsfurnitureinfo.co.com/market/catAds.uk/article/id/1234253950778 www.org/about.sony.com/new/sony-bravia-tv-price-in-bangladesh www.uk/hub/eco www.net www.clickbd.org www.Bibliography:          www.html www.velki.co.sony.rangs.wikipedia.sony.sony.

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