REACTION PAPER Commanding Heights: The New Rules of the Game By: Laura Jean L.


A single market in which everyone has a stake, but no one has control.

Globalization tends to move everyone in one single course, the free market. As such, the open market has become the central government in the whole world. Each is in competition of everyone, each against each and all are leaders of his own and not a follower of anyone.

This reaction paper chooses to make a comparison of the Philippine experience and those of the nation highly given notice of the effect of the move from the state – controlled economies towards the free – market.


What's the good of having a country if you're going to let it go down the drain? – B. Clinton, 1992 Presidential Election Then President Clinton advocated strengthening the labor force, believing that investment should at home so that job would not go offshore. Ironically when

President of California Public Employees' Retirement System Crist. which have been good and bad. Indeed.. who controlled one of the largest pension fund. increasingly are large pension funds. As more jobs and investment flourished in his neighbor country. – Bill Crist. whether anybody likes it or not. But that is not simple as can be surmised. This is what global market movement made it tend to spread the opportunities and wealth outside the developed nation. however he’s decision changed his country and the world. as we say. …trade embodies an idea: that open markets create wealth. AS PENSION FUNDS BECOME A FORM OF LIVING Because the world is getting smaller and smaller. as we say. It seems that for one to make it globally. CalPERS proved it right. bind nations together.he was admitted to Office. Mexico. and help construct a more prosperous -.and a more secure -. and the growth of the global economy. two things is .. this is. For supporters of NAFTA. The real source of change in today's world. believed that the free market can make global Clinton may have not achieved his primary advocacy. he went to support the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) fortifying trade outside the United States of America and increasing labor outside and not in his land.

the country may have a small landmass and a minute population. Former Real Estate Developer. I have been wanting to be a multimillionaire. but it had proven terribly that it can be made known worldwide. Such has made Asia significantly known in the globe. The New Rules of the Game). to enjoy the fresh air in the mountains. I wanted to do something that no one has done -. as seen. Almost one-quarter of the world's population was entering the global market for the first time (Commanding Heights. the leaders had embraced markets and welcomed hundreds of billions of dollars of foreign investment. For it may good for Asia. which you cannot find in Bangkok. IN SINGAPORE. Indeed the uniform move of a big population had a big impact in the world market.necessary: (1) the credentials and (2) product.Sirivat Voravetvuthikun. CalPERS is fortunate that it has won the needs of people thus it hit globally. . THE ASIAN ECONOMIC MIRACLE Ever since I was a a luxurious condominium. I knew a lot of rich people and multimillionaires would like to take time off to play golf. As . Thailand IN CHINA. I wanted to be rich. it has been a threat to others worldwide.

THE GLOBAL IMPACT Capitalism may have various consequences.said. It is admirable of Japan to have fought for its people and made it best worldwide. the countries that make themselves relevant become better off. all who have moved away from the central government naturally moved to single scheme of a central market. Seemingly. their people become better off. THE FILIPINOS SHARE . as if doing the advocacy of Clinton then. It took risk to be conservative and not adopt the global trend but acted aggressively and be on top of the world. The continued adaption of the free – market led to a central and uniform trend of globalization. being the great exporter it protected its domestic industries. JAPAN had a different approach. but the same is so expectedly patterned from liberalization from government – handcuffed civilization to an economic free-willy that is for sure to soar high and then plummet sharp.

As reform in the government made a few oligarchs harvest what so many have sowed. The democratic government. coup de tat followed and several of it continued. the change that 1986 EDSA Revolution caused the Filipinos was a long been desire.The Philippines may not have become a communist nation. However the dream was not an absolute reality. Leaders favored the most powerful few for a claim in a post and a maintenance on the same. but the freedom from poverty was not for all nor for many. as the same is manuevered and geared on the same. This has been the biggest political issue that lingers until the present time. But capitalism in the country. although it was once under a dictatorship. unlike others. are appreciated to be more political than not. the most powerful few are those who controls the market. which primary aims freedom of economy effectuated a highly stratified economic life standing to every individual and to put it simply. Similarly. The democratic government embraced the wisdom of free – market which among Filipinos are make the rich richer and the poor poorer. And that either protects the Philippine economics or only the “Pinoy Trapo”. The country that brought the single dictator down due to prison – like existence was incarcerated to democracy for a few blessed. At present. it seems the latter. as freedom from the dictator may have been obtained. . In this country. there are various poor people and rich few.

However. being known to be globally competitive in all aspect. other than the few lucky merchants that enjoys the prime crops. ELBA CRUZ Professor . the Philippines are of better potentials. Indeed the Philippines has truly gone into capitalism but have not embraced it for the Philippines but each for each Filipino. As such. especially the human aspect. the other prime crop of talents are enjoyed not by the Filipinos but the other nations that run their civilization with a Filipino contribution. We are known to export our talents and leave our homes unattended. In compliance with the requirement of the Subject Corporation Finance This reaction paper is prepared and submitted to: ATTY. ironically the same is better utilized in other nation than ours.