CREATE_SHIFTNOTE_EAM - Make Settings for Shift Notes for Technical Object

PERFORM Short Reference CPI1466 during Backup This documentation is copyright by SAP AG. This IMG activity describes the settings you must make to be able to enter shift notes for a technical object. Shift notes are comments on individuals, work centers, or particular events that cannot be recorded elsewhere in the system. The transactions for entering shift notes are to be found in the SAP Easy Access Menu under Logistic --> Central Functions --> Shift Notes and Shift Reports. In the standard system, no separate notification type is supplied for shift notes. For this reason, you must define your own notification types for shift notes as described below.


Create a new notification type for shift notes in the IMG activity Define Notification Types below

(such as notification type SN). In the Notification Origin field, choose the General Notification option. In the Catalogue Profile field, you must assign a catalog profile. You can choose the setting 000000001(general catalog profile), for example. The remaining fields stay empty.


In the IMG activity Define Number Ranges, assign the new notification type to any number

range. You can use the number range that is assigned to the notification type G0 in the standard system, for instance. 2. In the IMG activity Define Screen Templates, proceed as follows:


Choose the entry Define Screen Areas and Tabs.

The Display Notification Types: Overview screen appears. Here you choose the new notification type and double-click on Notification Header: Screen Areas. The Notification Header: Change Screen Areas screen appears. In the Screen Type Header field, choose the entry O700 Neutral Notification and save.


Double-click on Simplified View: Screen Areas.

The Simplified View: Change Screen Areas screen appears. Choose New Entries. On the detail screen, enter the value 1 in the Tab Page Allocation field and 130(shift note) in the Screen Area 1 field. Save your input.


Double-click on Extended View: Tab strips and Screen Areas.

The Extended View: Change Tab strips and Screen Areas screen appears. Choose the option 10\TAB01 in the Tab field. Enter shift note in the Tab Header field. Set the Tab indicator. Enter 1 in the Tab Page Allocation field. Enter 130 shift note in the Screen Area 1 field. Choose Save.

choose the entry Priority Type for Notification Type. You must then create a new shop floor paper and assign the new form here. You are now able to enter shift notes for the technical object. In the IMG activity Define Priority. Select the new notification type and choose Details. ISHN2. In the IMG activity Make Settings for Shift Note Type. enter the shift note type in the Shift Note Type field on the General tab page. .1. If you want to search for shift notes in the system using the full-text search facility. 4. check the standard settings and assign the notification type you want to use for shift notes. You can use the standard PDF form COCF_SN_PDF for shift notes. and ISHN3). you must set the Independent Shift Note indicator in the Usage area. To be able to use the transactions for processing shift notes (ISHN1. 2. On the detail screen. create the new notification type as an entry and make the detailed settings for the shift note type. 1. assign a priority type to the notification type (such as priority type G0 Priority General Notification. you must make the settings for full-text search. You can adjust this form to suit your requirements using the transaction SFP by copying it and changing it accordingly. 3. In the IMG activity Make Settings for Printing of Shift Notes. This enables you to enter shift notes for all objects of this hierarchy lying below the level of this superordinate object. On the processing screen for technical objects. The Define Priority Type Per Notification Type screen appears. You can also assign the shift note type to a superordinate object of a hierarchy.

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