Important Terminology in Extraction

Data Flow in SAP BW

SAP BW data can be extracted from several types of source systems • SAP Source system • Non-SAP Source system .Source System • Source Systems contain operational data.

SAP Source system • SAP R/3 • Other BW Systems • SAP new products like APO.SEM and CRM .

etc) .Dun & Bradstreet .PeopleSoft.Non-SAP Source System • Flat Files • Third party source system • Information providers(A.C Nielsen .etc) • Legacy systems (Siebal.

Data Source • It describes a type of infrastructure that allows the transport of information between an inbound data source (eg .Flat file) and the SAP BW system. • A Data source refers to the combination of the extract and transfer structures of the source system and the transfer structure of the SAP BW system .

. The Extract structure is created on the SAP BW system.Extract Structure • An Extract structure is a record layout of Info Objects • For Flat File there is no extract or Transfer structure on the source system side.

Extract Rule • It is used to define how the data will be moved from extract structure to transfer structure .

It is a record layout of data fields. as follows: .Transfer Structure • The Transfer Structure is a structure in which the data from the source system are transported into the SAP BW server.

• Displays a selection of fields from an extract structure of the source system • In the T S maintenance you determine which fields of a Data Source should be transferred to SAP BW » Cont… .

• On SAP BW system.• These data are transferred 1:1 from the transfer structure of the source system and then are transferred into the communication structure with the aid of the Transfer rules. transfer structures are linked to the Info Source via Transfer Rules .

.Note that replication is not required for flat file Data Source.Replication • Replication is required to transport Data Sources from SAP R/3 into SAP BW .This is the process that creates the same transfer structure in SAP BW and makes SAP BW aware of a specific data source .

Transfer Rules • Transferred rules are used to define how the fields of the transfer structure are assigned to the Info Objects of the communication structure. Transfer rules connect a transfer structure and a communication structure (Info Source) .

.Info Source • An Info Source is a collection of Info Objects and the equivalent of a communication structure.

Application Component • An application component is a folder in the SAP BW Administrator Workbench (AWB) used to regroup Info Source objects that are logically related .

Communication structure • A communication structure is a record layout of Info Objects that defines the data provided to the InfoCube . .It contains all the InfoObjects that belong to an InfoSource .It is independent of the source system and has the structure of an Info Source .These are created in BW Server .

Update Rule • An Update rule is used to define the way in which data from an InfoSource are mapped/transformed and loaded into the characteristics and key figure fields of a particular data target .

a data target is either an ODS .Data targets • A data target is the object onto which transaction data are to be moved on the SAP BW server. In BW.

then data targets 2.Update PSA.• In BW there are four methods to update the data targets (ODS or InfoCube) 1.Update PSA and data targets in parallel .

Update PSA only 4.Update data targets only(Skip PSA) .3.

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