Saksham is all about helping children develop their abilities.

It seems a fairly simple task, it is something we all aim for in our children. It becomes a challenging, frustrating, heartbreaking, bitter-sweet experience when our children are faced with some developmental problems. Saksham, Center for Child Development, in Mahanagar Lucknow believes that no child should be left behind. With the right positive and empathetic environment, and intervention provided the children can become confident and contributing individuals. However the initial stage of diagnosis has to be correct. This was a revelation for a few parents during an informal interaction at Saksham with Drs. Juliette Nijlant and Dr. Cathrien Van Groningea from the Roessingh Center for Rehabilitation, Netherlands. After asking some pointed questions, reading child specific reports and a quick examination of the children present, a slow learner gets diagnosed with dysasphasia, another as a case of dyspraxia, yet another child with dystonia…an array of words that left every parent baffled. The doctors elaborated on their understanding for each of the cases, and they provided suggestions on improving for future course of action. Tests were suggested and information shared regarding inputs on how a parent or a school could better understand and work with the child. Simple suggestion like the teachers make sure the child with dyasphasia understood the instructions clearly, or give him time to answer questions so that the child could feel more comfortable. An eye opener for every parent who has been told that a neurological problem can be bracketed only in fixed slots of mental retardation, cerebral palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorders and specific learning disabilities. Neurological disorders are so wide ranging, the research done on all these disorders so vast and progressive, it is mindboggling. The question on every parents mind was….why don’t our doctors know about it? Why weren’t we told about the tests? As quoted by parent of a special child “As parents we have realized that we now need for intensive and correct diagnostic tools. We know there is a problem, we need to know what, why and how to overcome it. Nothing is impossible”

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