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Straightforward Intermediate Progress Test 3 N a m e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S c o r e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Language section Vocabulary A Complete the conversation with words from the box

. There are five extra words. Adolescent article circulation elderly embarks headline idiot limit move on oneway prison relief sentenced shame toddler took off zone M a n : w o w ! L o o k a t t h i s (1)_______________, ‘Man, 80,(2) _______________ on epic journey across Canada.’W o m a n : W h a t d o e s t h e (3) _______________ say?Man:Apparently this man has just decided to walk from one side of Canada to the other. It says hehad a heart attack last year so he’s decided he wants to do something different.W o m a n : W h a t a n (4) _______________!M a n : W h y ? Woman :Well he should have done something like this when he was y o u n g e r . I t ’ s n o t t h e k i n d of thing for an (5) _______________ person to do.M a n : Y e a h ! W e l l , h e c o u l d n ’ t d o i t b e f o r e b e c a u s e h e s p e n t 2 5 y e a r s in (6) _______________!W o m a n : W h a t f o r ? Man: I’m not s u re. It s a ys he re t ha t he broke t he spe ed (7) _______________, but you don’t go to prison for 25 years just for that! … Oh, that’s why.W o m a n : W h a t ? W h a t d i d h e d o ? Man: Fi rst of al l he robbed a b ank , t hen he drove t he wron g wa y down a (8) _______________ street and he hit a mother and her (9) _______________. Athis trial the judge said he was a danger to society and (10) _______________ him tolife in prison. Now it turns out he wasn’t driving but nobody believed him.W o m a n : W h a t a (11) _______________!Man : Yes, but he sa ys he ’s not angr y. He j us t want s t o (12) _______________ and make the mostof the years he’s got left. BChoose the correct word to complete these sentences. (13) Can you get me a bottle / jar of milk, please? (14) People who love shopping and shop all the time are called

Grammar CChoose the correct word(s) to complete the sentences. to complete 24–29. __________?a) what would you want to be b) what would you have wanted to be (26) . (21) I’ve liked / been liking shopping for as long as I can remember. __________?a) what would you do b) what would you have done (25) If you weren’t a photographer.shoplifters / shopaholics . I bought it by / in mistake. (22) She gave me lots of / much good advice (23) I really like Ø / the Spanish food. (24) If you hadn’t met me. (15) You really should take advantage / advice of our special offers. (16) Sorry. a or b. (18) I’ve been working here for / since ages. (19) Don’t do it! You had / would regret it! (20) I eat a / the very healthy diet. (17) It’s really difficult to live on / off less than £100 per week. DChoose the correct phrase.

that’s the second time it’s stopped working. __________. making an offer.B: (35) _______________ be the problem?A: I don’t know. __________.B: Mmmm. when was the last time you put any petrol in the tank?A: Er.A: What is it?B: (38) _______________ a problem with the engine.What would you say.B: (36) _______________ try and start it?A: Would you? (37) _______________.B: (40) .a) I think they would escape b) I think they would have escaped (28) If you could change one thing in your life. I’ll manage. advice / offer / complaint (33) Shall I phone the shop for you? advice / offer / complaint (34) Have you thought about asking for your money back? advice / offer / complaint FComplete the conversation with the expressions in the box.a) even if I knew b) even if I had known Functional language ERead 30–34. advice / offer / complaint (31) Shall I look at it for you? advice / offer / complaint (32) What you need to do is take it back and complain. but I think there’s something wrong with this. What seems to There’s no harm That’s really kind of you No.A: Then why won’t it work?B: Ah! (39) _______________ checking the petrol?A: What do you mean?B: Well. or complaining? (30) I’m sorry. Is the speaker giving advice. thanks If you like If I were you I’dI don’t think there’s Have you tried Do you want me toA: Not again! I can’t believe it. T h e r e a r e t h r e e extra expressions. Every time I try to start it I get this horrible sound. I’m not sure. __________?a) if you met the president of your country b) if you had met the president of yo ur country (27) If they had planned the robbery properly. __________?a) what would it be b) what would it have been (29) I wouldn’t have done anything differently.

Listen and choose the correctanswer for each one.000 in ____________________________________________. b) he spends less on football. b) he won’t get paid until Friday. I think you’ll find that you’ve run out. T-shirt and ____________________________________________. Reading Part 1 ._______________ check that. c) she buys unnecessary thi ngs. (5) The woman’s husband complains becausea) of the amount she spends. Part 2 [Track 12] Listen to the story about a bank robbery and complete 6–10. (6) The judge sentenced Mr Mckenzie to ____________________________________________ in prison. c) it’s difficult getting to work. (9) He asked the cashier to put £10. (7) He was wearing a mask. Do not usemore than three words to complete each sentence. (8) He tried to rob the bank on ____________________________________________.A: Oh! How embarrassing Listening Part 1 [Track 11] You are going to hear five short recordings. (1) Which age does the speaker think is the best age to be?a) late thirties/early forties b) toddler c) teenager (2) What can’t the woman leave?a) her job b) her husband c) her home (3) Why was the traffic stopped in the centre of London?a) because of an arrest b) because of the Prime Minister c) because of a demonstra tion (4) Adam is unlucky becausea) his car’s broken down. (10) His ____________________________________________ was written on the back of theenvelope that he left behind.

35 ) Straightforward Intermediate Progress Test 3 p6 . but I never thought I’d be thistired. Be careful! There arethree extra events. I guess having twins made it even harder. Inever realised just how much mymum did for me! ( Jay.Read the text and match the events in the box to the five people. 25 ) It’s great. After all. 28 )I thought I’d love having lots of free time. Now Iwake up every morning knowing I’ll be with him for the rest of my life and it justmakes me so happy. ( Maria. butI never thought I’d get this one. Leaving school Leaving home Graduating Starting a new jobGetting married Having children Moving to a new town Retiring (1) M a r i a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (2) B o b _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (3) Jay _______________ (4) S a n i t a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (5) P h i l _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Life can be full of surprises. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise. 18 )Everyone told me it would change my life forever. 67 )I was really looking forward to it.( Phil.This is what five people said about the times where their lives took completely new directions. When I went for the interview I got so nervous soI was really surprised when they phoned me up and asked me when I could start. but most of us know that there are somemoments when we are faced with decisions that can change everything. but once we finally made things permanent everything changed. Unfortunately I’m bored a lot nowadays! ( Bob. I really hated my old one and I’d been looking for more than a year. Some days I just want to go to sleep as soon as I get up in the morning!( Sanita. we’d known each other for fiveyears. but I never really thought itwould. but I guess after 45 years of knowingwhat I was going to do each day suddenly having so much time just came as ashock. but in the end I missed my parents so much.

At first I only covered small stories in and around the city.When I got back to England. I changed courses at university.Part 2 Read the story about Martin Roberts. famine and anything else that I feel is important. In fact. So now I travel all around the region reporting onevents like wars. Well. I went along and immediately gothooked. T F N G (8) M a r t i n t r a i n e d a s a j o u r n a l i s t i n L o n d o n .When people ask me why I became a journalist. T F N G I’ve worked as a journalist for over ten years and I wouldn’t do anything else. Are these sentences true (T). It was just so exciting and it felt as though we were doing somethingimportant as well. I was never really interested in the news andcertainly didn’t plan on making a career reporting it. T F N G (9) T h o m a s a n d M a r t i n w o r k e d f o r t h e s a m e n e w s p a p e r . but they could only help the people theysaw. When I was at school.While I was there. T F N G (10) M a r t i n w a s a s k e d t o w o r k f o r t h e B B C c o v e r i n g s t o r i e s i n E a s t A f r i c a . false(F) or not given (NG)? (6) M a r t i n g r a d u a t e d a s a s p o r t s j o u r n a l i s t . Ilove my job. He was going there to cover a story about war andfamine in a neighbouring country. Thomas asked me to come with him to a small town inthe east of the country. Finally. they are often surprised by theanswer. a journalist. Every holiday I’d goback to Kenya and work with Thomas – it was great experience. I met a man called Thomas who worked for a local newspaper. Anyway. four years ago the BBC asked me to work for them astheir East Africa correspondent. Then. but it’s really interesting and I just feelso lucky to be able to do something that I enjoy so much. when Igraduated I was offered a job in Nairobi working for the same newspaper as Thomas. in my summerholidays at the end of my first year I went on holiday to Kenya. T F N G (7) O x f a m a n d o t h e r c h a r i t i e s h a v e t h e a b i l i t y t o h e l p e v e r y o n e . but after afew years I was given the chance to work on stories that would interest peoplearound the world.A few days before I left. Straightforward Intermediate Progress Test 3 p7 . I wanted to be asports teacher and I even went to university to study for it. Thomas was telling the whole world so he could help everyone. Sure there were aid workers from charity organisations likeOxfam and Médecins Sans Frontières. It’s a bit dangerous at times.

You could switch it on.Writing You bought an expensive digital camera from a shop to take on holiday with you. Straightforward Intermediate Progress Test 3 p8 . The zoom lens didn’t work and neither did the flash. but it wouldn’t save anypictures.Unfortunately the camera didn’t work. Write about 100–150 words. Remember to include what you expect tohappen. Write a letter of complaint to the manager of the shop.

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