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  • Reducing Gear Rattle
  • Bourn & Koch ...67
  • Hanik Corporation ...67

The professionals at Muncie Power Products help

you to address—and eliminate—gear noise/rattle

one step at a time.

By Mikel Janitz

CreAting A bAseLine

The first step in the process was to create

a baseline. Baseline noise testing was con-

ducted on a diesel-powered Class 3 cab with

an automatic transmission (refer to the graph

accompanying this article for details). Before

the gear set was mounted measurements for

external backlash, gear quality, internal back-

lash, and endplay were recorded. All improve-

ments are based on these measurements. The

gear set was run at idle—approximately 700

rpm—the noise level recorded, and a baseline

established. The red line on the graph repre-

sents the unacceptable sound level from that

test. From this point the team started working

on particular features to improve or reduce

noise and rattle one step at a time.

Now let’s look at the graph, which depicts

the impact on noise level as each feature is

addressed. As you can see the baseline is

well above the acceptable level. The noise

was unacceptable to customers due to many

factors, including excessive backlash between

the transmission output gear and the input

gear, reduced gear quality, smaller gear pitch,

high internal backlash between gears, gear

centerlines at top of tolerance, and high bear-

ing endplay. One additional feature affecting

noise is the presence of drag, or the lack of

sufficient drag, which impacts noise and rattle

in any form. Drag will be discussed last.

It is also noted here that the graph indicates

that the features are additive. Each feature

can therefore reduce noise by some amount.

Noise can also be reduced proportionally

to the number of features improved. It was

discovered that one can change features, but

the backlash between the transmission gear

and gear set must be addressed first or the

other steps have minimal impact. The design

of backlash has its limitations. Consequently,

backlash is controlled at installation and

during gasket selection. Care must be taken

to properly mount, install the gear set, and

torque the fasteners to achieve optimal noise

levels. This is in the control of the installer at

this point.

After reducing the backlash between the

transmission and gear set, the next feature

worked on was gear quality. Improving gear

quality can be costly. It is important to under-

stand the relationship of manufacturing cost

vs. reduced noise. It was demonstrated that

higher gear quality and gear pitch reduced

noise. The reduction was not only measur-

able, but also detectible to the human ear.

Note that the gear quality went from a base-

line of AGMA 8 to AGMA 10. Gear quality was

the second-highest contributor to reduce

noise, and therefore the second feature on

the graph.

ControLLing bACkLAsh

The next step taken to reduce noise focused

on internal backlash and centerline control.

These are combined since they are so closely





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related. This is a cost-effective means to

reduce noise. Accurate CNC equipment,

programming, and tooling must be used

in manufacturing to hold and repeat tight

centerline tolerances. Testing indicated

that it is necessary to control internal

backlash before moving to the next step. It

is important to specify and control internal

backlash, but the results show that this

had little effect in reducing rattle and noise

that is detectible to the human ear. This

was an important finding, but this step had

the smallest impact on reducing noise of

all those we addressed.

Rattle and noise create sound waves

that we feel and hear. The waves of sound

come from vibration between the gear,

shaft, and bearing set. If the bearing set is

loose—excessive endplay >.003, for exam-

ple—the vibrations are more pronounced,

and the noise is noticeably louder. Rattle

is a huge customer dissatisfaction issue.

If the endplay is reduced, the noise is

reduced proportionally. The baseline end-

play was excessive, and consequently the

noise was unacceptable. When the end-

play was reduced by 25 percent, the noise

was reduced as well. Endplay cannot be

completely eliminated, however, therefore

rattle cannot be completely eliminated. If

it were, bearings would burn up, and then

you have a completely different issue to

Fig. 1: Baseline noise testing was conducted on a diesel-powered Class 3
cab with an automatic transmission.

50 gearsolutions.com

contend with. Bearings need to be sized

properly, lubricated appropriately, and

allowed to expand while in use. Endplay is

last on the list to address, but there are

other issues impacting rattle including gear

size, inertia, weight, material, and geom-

etry, just to name a few. These features

were not addressed at present, as it would

require significant time with simulation and

3D modeling to go down that path.

introDuCing DrAg

The last feature studied was the effect of

drag on the noise in a gear train. In the

graph the orange line represents the base-

line gear set with the addition of drag only.

A drag element by itself will reduce noise

if the drag force is significant enough. A

drag element in series with other features

discussed will reduce noise, as well. The

downside of introducing a drag element is

the inefficiency it creates. It creates heat

and requires power (uses fuel) to overcome

resistance forces. The graph also indicates

that noise was at an acceptable level with

only a drag element without other features


The question then becomes whether the

inefficacies can be tolerated, and can oper-

ating costs justify the reduction in noise?

Drag can come in many forms; for example,

tight bearings, excessive hydraulic fluid

levels, friction between clutch plates, and

shaft loads. Other designed parts can be

introduced to create drag, as well. Drag

was last on the list to work on because of

the negative aspects associated with it.

The graph shows noise can be reduced to

acceptable levels without drag, but it also

shows that noise can be reduced by doing

nothing other than adding drag.


Noise and rattle are big customer concerns

today. Gear manufacturers and users of

gear sets are working together to bal-

ance noise, rattle, and efficiency, as well

as cost. Product design engineers are

working with manufacturing engineers to

produce the most-quiet gear set economi-

cally available. And test engineers and lab

technicians will keep testing and reporting

results so that we can continually improve

customer satisfaction.


Mikel Janitz graduated from Oklahoma State University with a master’s degree in engineering management and is manager of

engineering at Muncie Power Products. Call (800) 367-7867 or go to [www.munciepower.com].



Aircraft • Aerospace • Actuation
Instrumentation • Optic
Robotics • Radar • Medical
Marine • Defense • Experimental
Prototype • Production
Hi-Performance Automotive

Precision Gear Products (up to AGMA Q14):

Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Worm Gears, Anti-Backlash Gears, Cluster Gears, Clutch
Gears, Face Gears, Planetary Gears, Gear Assemblies, Gear Boxes, Bevel Gears, Miter
Gears, Metric Gears, Internal Gears, Idler Gears, Gear Rack & Pinion, Worms,
Wormshafts, Splines, Spline Shafts, Serrated Shafts.

STD Precision Gear & Instrument, Inc.

318 Manley St. Unit 5 • West Bridgewater, MA


(888) STD-GEAR or (508) 580-0035
Fax (888) FAX-4STD or (508) 580-0071
E-mail info@stdgear.com
Web site: www.stdgear.com

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new products, equipment, and resources

New Generation
from SKF

A new advanced version of SKF Speedi-Sleeve that offers exceptional performance in radial shaft sealing applications is now

available from SKF. The new generation SKF Speedi-Sleeve and SKF radial shaft seals offer an enhanced sealing system

performance with improved reliability and extended maintenance intervals, while enabling users to restore malfunctioning seal-

ing systems without having to disassemble machines or regrind shafts. It is intended for OEM and aftermarket applications

in diverse industries. The solution finds use in industrial gearboxes, electrical equipment such as motor shafts, off-highway

construction, and agricultural vehicles, and mining and mineral processing equipment. To learn more contact Julian Webb at

(224) 535-4438 or julian.k.webb@skf.com. Visit online at [www.skf.com].

54 gearsolutions.com

310 Synthetic
metalworking Fluid

CIMTECH 310®—a low-pH synthetic fluid designed
to meet the stringent requirements of the automo-
tive and aerospace industries—has become the
standard metalworking fluid for many manufactur-
ers. The product, manufactured by global supplier
Cimcool Fluid Technology, passes all bi-metallic
and aluminum (7075) “sandwich” corrosion tests.
It is recommended for machining and grinding
operations, including creep feed grinding on
non-ferrous or ferrous metals. Designed for mod-
erate- to heavy-duty operations, CIMTECH 310
is low foaming and provides excellent rancidity
control, extending the life of the fluid and minimiz-
ing the need for additives. In addition, it offers
unmatched lubricity providing long tool life and
outstanding surface finish. Learn more at [www.

Super turbo Chamfer
mills from Seco tools

Seco Tools has announced a new line of Super Turbo
chamfer mills designed to provide high metal removal
rates while reducing production costs. The new cutters
use the same inserts and hardware as standard Super
Turbo square shoulder mills, allowing manufacturers to
increase the versatility of their operations without addi-
tional spare parts. The new Super Turbo chamfer mills
feature a high positive cutting rake angle and positive
helix angle to reduce power consumption, resulting in freer
cutting and reduced harmonics. The design increases tool
life as compared to standard APxx style cutters, helping
to reduce cost per part. The new chamfer mills use the
same strong insert pocket design found in the rest of the
Super Turbo family of products. Call (248) 528-5444 or
visit [www.secotools.com/us].

JUNE 2011 55

Upgraded HtA
Honing System
from Sunnen

The new all-electric HTA hone brings

increased part capacity and stroker

torque to applications such as bore

resurfacing of hydraulic cylinders,

extruder barrels, and die casting shot

tubes, or manufacture of gas flow meter

tubes and repair of actuators for con-

struction, mining, farming, and forestry

equipment. The machine is available

in two standard model sizes: the HTA-

2100 for 6.9-foot (2.1 m) part lengths,

and the HTA-4100 for 13.5-foot (4.1

m) part lengths, accommodating true

2- or 4-meter parts. Both models handle

parts with bore ID of 2.5 to 21 inches

(63.5 – 533 mm) and maximum part

OD of 24 inches (610 mm), and part

weights to 8000 pounds (3628.7 kg).

Call (800) 325-3670, e-mail sales@sun-

nen.com, or go to [www.sunnen.com].

56 gearsolutions.com

o-INSPeCt multisensor measuring
machine from Carl Zeiss

The successful O-INSPECT Multisensor Measuring Machine from Carl Zeiss allows the very easy, very accu-

rate, and thus very efficient inspection of complex parts. It can be used in the electronics and plastics

industries, for medical and automotive technology, and precision engineering. A chromatic white light sensor

is now available for O-INSPECT. This sensor enables the measurement of parts that can’t be captured with

a contact sensor or a camera, including very small and sensitive workapieces that feature a transparent,

glossy or low-contrast surface. Reflections or lack of contrast, which can impede the correct focusing of a

camera, will no longer be a relevant factor. Learn more by going online to [www.zeiss.com].

JUNE 2011 57

FeeLer milling Lathes and
turning Centers from methods

Methods Machine Tools, Inc., a leading supplier of
innovative precision machine tools, has introduced
high performance FEELER milling lathes and turning
centers featuring extensive design and engineering
by Methods, designed to provide users unsurpassed
performance and value. FEELER lathes and turning
centers are backed by Methods’ application expertise,
support, and extensive network of technology centers.
The Methods-FEELER CNC lathes and turning centers
include the HT-Series, FTC-Series, and FT-Series, with
a full range of equipment including vertical machining
centers, bridge mills, and boring mills. More information
is available by calling (978) 443-5388, e-mail sales@
methodsmachine.com, or visiting online at [www.meth-

twin Cutter Boring System from BIG Kaiser

BIG Kaiser’s 319 SW series is an excep-
tionally rigid, new style, twin cutter rough
boring system. These corrosion-resistant
boring heads offer a unique feature; by
simply reversing the insert holders, users
can switch between balanced and stepped
cutting. The 319 SW series will replace the
older 314 RW series. By not introducing
additional components or having to manually
adjust insert height for different roughing
methods, the 319 series reduces setup time
and eliminates the need for a presetter due
to fixed tool heights and a diameter scale on
the tool. With a diameter range .787”-8.000”
the tools utilize standard carbide inserts (CC,
SC, and SP) and provide coolant-through
direct to the cutting edge to improve chip
evacuation and lengthen tool life. Call (847)
228-7660, e-mail bigkaiser@bigkaiser.com,

or visit [www.bigkaiser.com].

58 gearsolutions.com

start measuring immediately. The abso-

lute encoders provide probing volumetric

accuracy down to ±0.023mm depending

on the model. The articulating arm also

features low profile, Zero-G counterbal-

ance to stabilize its weight for one-handed

operation and effortless control above

and below its centerline.

ROMER’s tube inspection system uti-

lizes the Data Overlay Camera System

(DOCS) software platform. Pictures can

be taken with the arm’s onboard digital

camera, and DOCS overlays the tube wire

frame onto the digital picture. This enables

the inspection report to show exactly how

the tube was supported or fixtured during

measurement. DOCS communicates with

most CNC bender interfaces, so corrected

bend data can be sent directly to the CNC

bending machine, reducing the process

of trial and error associated with manual

measurements. DOCS user training is

generally two days, as compared to five to

six days for traditional CMM software.

Hexagon Metrology serves the high

precision measurement and inspection

needs of worldwide manufacturers with its

extensive line of metrology hardware, soft-

ware, accessories and customer services.

More information is available at [www.


Siemens to Service electric arc
furnaces in United States

Siemens Industry’s Metallurgical Services

Offline Maintenance business segment

announces they are providing support,

repair, and fabrication of Electric Arc

Furnace (EAF) components from its Milan,

Ohio, facility. EAFs are used to recy-

cle scrap metals into usable product.

Siemens is now the first EAF original

equipment manufacturer to offer these

services within the United States.

Siemens also produces EAF equipment

from its facility located in Monterrey,

Mexico, and will continue to use both

plants based on the needs of its custom-

ers. However, this location addition allows

Siemens to offer its domestic customers

several advantageous benefits, including

reduced logistical obstacles in freight

costs, customs clearance, and transit

time which in the past often made repair

jobs cost-prohibitive. By manufacturing

EAF components such as water-cooled

panels, as well as offering service repair,

from its northwest Ohio facility, Siemens

can provide shorter turnaround times and

varying cost-effective savings for custom-

ers based in the United States.

“The strategy of an OEM offering these

services domestically is a great step for

Siemens,” says Robert Strain, account

manager for Siemens Metallurgical

Services. “We’ve already seen a signifi-

cant increase in lower volume and short

lead time water-cooled panel orders, not

to mention inspection and repair projects.

Customers appreciate having the option

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JUNE 2011 59

of a quick turnaround while still receiving an OEM quality prod-


The Milan facility is a full-service maintenance workshop that

specializes in design, engineering, heavy fabrication, lifting

device fleet management, and housing a comprehensive inven-

tory of spare parts.

Siemens Industry, Inc., is the U.S. affiliate of Siemens’

global Industry Sector business—the world’s leading supplier of

production, transportation, and building technology solutions.

The company’s integrated hardware and software technologies

enable comprehensive industry-specific solutions for industrial

and infrastructure providers to increase their productivity, sus-

tainability, and profitability. Learn more at [www.usa.siemens.


C4 to Represent Complete
Mitsubishi product Lineup

MC Machinery Systems, Inc., is pleased to announce that

Oklahoma distributor, C4 Incorporated, will now represent the

complete Mitsubishi product lineup. With a total supply chain

of complementary technologies, Mitsubishi has the experience

and equipment solutions to help U.S. manufacturers achieve

maximum productivity in every industry.

Since 1972 C4 has been serving the machine tool indus-

try with cutting tools, consumables, and EDM. Until now C4

Incorporated represented Mitsubishi EDM and waterjet, but the

recent addition of Mitsubishi laser and press brake completes

the offering.

“We are excited to add a local presence for these lines in

Oklahoma,” says Mitsubishi Marketing Manager Pat Simon. “C4

is recognized in the industry as a reliable source for manufac-

turing equipment. They know the market well and we’re confi-

dent that the relationship with Mitsubishi will further cement

their reach in the Oklahoma fabricating market as well.”

“We are excited to expand our product offering,” says

C4 President Ed Raschen, “and by providing the complete

Mitsubishi supply chain we’ll be able to deliver total manu-

facturing solutions to the full customer base in our territory.”

Mitsubishi’s superior products are backed by industry-leading

service and support. For more information visit [www.mitsubi-

shi-world.com]. Also visit [www.c4industrial.com].

JUNE 2011 61

GEar aCCESSoriES, PartS & tooLinG

FELLOWS Model #10-4/10-2, All Parts Available REF#102

Tilt Tables for 10-2/10-4, Qty 2 REF#102
FELLOWS Parts Available For All Models REF#103



LIEBHERR #LC-255 CNC, 6-Axis, 10” Dia, 10” Face, 4 DP, ‘87 REF#103

PFAUTER #PE-150, 6-Axis CNC, 6” Dia, 5 DP, 6” Face, Fanuc 18MI REF#103
SYKES #H160, 4-Axis CNC Hobber, 6” Dia, All the Features, ‘93 REF#103
G&E #60 S-2 CNC Gasher/Hobber REF#103
G&E #60SB-2C CNC, Gasher/Hobber REF#103
BARBER-COLMAN #16-36, 16” Dia, 4-Axis, 6 DP, 36” Face REF#103
LIEBHERR #LC-502 6-Axis CNC Gear Hobber, 20" Diam. Cap., Loading REF#103
LIEBHERR #L-652, 5-Axis 26” Dia,27” Face, 2 DP ‘09 REF#103
MUIR CNC Gear Hobber, 4-Axis, 118” Dia REF#103
LIEBHERR #L-252 3-Axis, 9.8” Dia, recontrolled 2008 REF#103
LIEBHERR #ET-1202 CNC - 70” Dia Internal, Single REF#103
LIEBHERR #ET-1802 CNC – 98” Dia Internal, 3-Axis REF#103
MITSUBISHI GD-20 CNC, 5-Axis, 8” Dia REF#103
G&E 120/188, CNC Gasher/Hobber, 188” Dia (5 Meter) REF#103
G&E #120GH, CNC, Gasher/Hobber, Twin Stanchion, 1/2 DP, 42” Face, ‘94 REF#103
PFAUTER P400H, 5-Axis, 18” Dia, 1 DP, Recontrolled ‘03 REF#103
G&E #160GH, CNC, Gasher/Hobber, New ‘07 REF#103
G&E #96GH, CNC, Gasher/Hobber, New ‘09 REF#103
HAMAI 60SP, CNC 4-Axis, 3.5" OD, 9" Face, 12 DP, New ‘89 REF#103
PFAUTER PE 300 AW CNC 6-Axis REF#103


PFAUTER P1251 Hobbers s/n 25-276 and 25-277 REF#102
PFAUTER (1) RS-00 s/n 17593 REF#102
BARBER COLEMAN (1) 16-36 multi cycle s/n 4404 REF#102
BARBER-COLMAN #16-16, Multi-Cycle, Dual Thread Worm and/or Single Thread
Worm REF#103
G&E #48H 48” Dia, 18” Face 2 DP, Universal REF#103
G&E #48H, 48” Dia, 35” Face, 3 DP, Gooseneck Attachment REF#103
LEES BRADNER HH-144 16” Dia, 144” REF#103
BARBER-COLMAN #6-16, 6 Multi-Cycle REF#103
G&E #36H Differential, Excellent Condition REF#103
BARBER-COLMAN #14-30, 14” Dia, 30” Face, 3.5DP REF#103
PFAUTER P-251 10” Dia, 9.6” Face, 4 DP REF#103
BARBER-COLMAN #14-15, 14” Dia, 15” Face, 1 to 4 Start Worm, Several

BARBER-COLMAN #16-16, 16” Dia, 16” Face, 6DP REF#103

BARBER-COLMAN #16-36, 24” Dia, C-Frame Style, 4 1/8” Bore REF#103
BARBER-COLMAN #16-56, 16” Dia, 56” Face, Differential REF#103
BARBER-COLMAN #22-15, 22” Dia, 14” Face, Differential REF#103
DAVID BROWN, 138” Dia, Face 60”REF#103
G&E #24H Universal Head, Infeed, Tailstock, Differential, ‘50’s REF#103
HAMAI #120, 4.8” Dia, 4” Face, 12 DP, ‘70 REF#103
LIEBHERR #L-402, 16” Cap, 2-Cut Cycle, Crowning, ‘77 REF#103
LIEBHERR #L-650, 26" Dia Cap, 14.5" Face, 2.5 DP, New ‘70’s
MODUL #ZFZW 800, 29.8” Dia, 16.25” Face, 2.5 DP Crowing, 2-Cut REF#103
BARBER-COLMAN #1600-36, 16" Dia., 39.5" Face, 6 DP REF#103
CHONG QIN #Y3180H, 31.5 Dia., 15" Face, 3 DP REF#103
FELLOWS FH-200 Max Diam 7.87" Max Dia Pitch 5.08" REF#103
G&E #16H Gear Hobber, 16"Dia REF#103
BARBER-COLMAN #3 (6-10), Single & Triple Tread Worm HS REF#103
BARBER-COLMAN #6-10, 6” Dia, 10” Face, 16 DP REF#103
KOEPFER #140 , 2.75” DIa, 4” Face REF#103
KOEPFER #153B, 5.6” Dia, 5.9” Face REF#103
LANSING #GH-50, 50” Dia, 17.75” Face, 2 DP REF#103
LIEBHERR #L-252, 9.8” Dia, 7.9” Face, 4.2 DP REF#103
MIKRON #79 1.5 Dia, 26 DP REF#103
IUG –Craiova FD-3600 REF#103
LIEBHERR #L-401, 15.7” Dia 11” Face, 3DP REF#103
G&E #36HS 36”Dia, 14” Face 3 DP REF#103
PFAUTER #P-3000, 120” Dia, Single Index REF#103
SCHIESS RFW-10-S 55” Dia REF#103
SHIBURA HHC-250A Single Index REF#103
OVERTON #HD-400, 15.7” Dia, 12” Face, 3 DP, New ‘88 REF#103
SCHIESS 1 RF-10, Dia 60” 150” L, .50 DP REF#103
G&E #40TWG, 48” Dia, 18” Face, 3 DP REF#103
G&E #60S, 72” Dia, 14” Face, 1.25 DP REF#103
G&E #72H, 72” Dia, 24” Face, 1 DP REF#103
G&E #96H, 104” Dia, .50 Face, 1.25 DP REF#103
PFAUTER #P-630, 25” Dia REF#103
PFAUTER #2500, 100” Dia REF#103
TOS FO-16, Max Cut w/support 90” REF#103
PFAUTER P250 10” Dia REF#103
GE Hobber 200” Dia, 55” Face REF#103
GE/Fitchburg Hobber 32” Dia, 72” Face 1.25DP REF#103
JF Reinecker 40” Dia 35” Face REF#103
LIEBHERR L-160-R 6.5” Dia REF#103
MIKRON #102.04 , 4’ Dia, 5” Face REF#103
NIHON-Kikai NDH-1200 50” Dia REF#103
PFAUTER P-900 36” Dia REF#103
SCHIESS RF 40/60S 240” Dia 100” Face REF#103
BARBER-COLMAN #25-15 25” Dia, 15” Face, 2.5 DP REF#103
CRAVEN Horizontal , 18” Dia and 100” Length REF#103
KOEPFER #173B, .6.1” Dia, 7” Face REF#103
PFAUTER #P-630R, 25" Max. Spur Dia, 12" Max Rotor Dia. 12" REF#103
BARBER-COLMAN 2 1/2 -4, S/N 119, ’62 Hi-Production Spur Gear REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 6-10 SYKES, Triple Thrd w/Lever Operated Collet Assy REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 6-10 B&C Ltd, S/N 8079, Triple Thrd REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 6-10, S/N 4626, ’57 Triple Thrd 3” Hob Slide REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 6-10, S/N 4659R, ’56 Triple Thrd Adj Ctr Assy
BARBER-COLMAN 6-10, S/N 4665, ’57 Fine Pitch Prec Triple Thrd REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 6-10, S/N 4701, ’58 Triple Thrd w/Power Down Feed REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 6-10 M/C, S/N 4755, ’59 Triple Thrd w/MC Conversion REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 6-10 Multicycle, S/N 4778R87, ’60 (’87 Rebuild), Sgl Thrd Hi-Spd


BARBER-COLMAN 6-10 M/C, S/N 4913, ’63 Triple Thrd w/90 Deg Hob Slide

BARBER-COLMAN 6-10 Multicycle, S/N 5055, ’66 Triple Thrd, 800 RPM REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 6-10, S/N 5141, ’67 Triple Thrd w/Prec Hob Shift REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 6-10 Multicycle, S/N 5148, ’68 Triple Thrd, 800 RPM REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 6-10 Multicycle, S/N 5259, ’75 Triple Thrd w/Auto
Hob Shift REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 6-10, S/N 5353, ’77 Triple Thrd w/3” Hob Slide,
800 RPM REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 6-10, S/N 5394, ’81 Fine Pitch Triple Thrd w/Dwell
& Hob Rev REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 6-16 M/C, S/N 5238, ’70 Triple Thrd, Recon ‘02 REF#104

BARBER-COLMAN 6-10, S/N 5407, ’82 Auto w/PLC Control REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN DHM, S/N 105, ’42 Double Thrd REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 14-15, S/N 635R, ’53 Dbl Thrd, Fact Reb REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 14-15, S/N 745, ’55 Dbl Thrd w/Dwell REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 14-15 Dual Fd, S/N 938, ’62 Dbl Thrd, Comp Reco
BARBER-COLMAN 14-15, S/N 1055, ’65 Dbl Thrd w/New Hyd Sys
BARBER-COLMAN 14-15, S/N 1131, ’66 Dbl Thrd w/Hyd Tailctr REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 14-15 Dual Fd, S/N 1261, ’67 Dbl Thrd w/Hyd Live Ctr

BARBER-COLMAN 14-15 Dbl Cut, S/N 1278, ’68 Dbl Thrd w/4-1/8” Bore REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 14-30 Dual Fd, S/N 1371, ’71 4-Thrd w/Sizing Cycle REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 22-15, S/N 923, ’62 Dbl Thrd, Dbl Cut REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 16-11, S/N 184, ’50 Dbl Thrd w/Vert DRO REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN AHM, S/N 1896, ’42 Sgl Thrd w/3 Jaw Chuck REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 16-16, S/N 2745, ’51 Sgl Thrd w/90 Deg Hd REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 16-16, S/N 3171, ’53 Dbl Thrd, Spanish Nameplates REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 16-16, S/N 3580, ’59 Dbl Thrd w/Diff & Auto Hobshift

BARBER-COLMAN 16-16 Multicycle, S/N 3641, ’60 Dbl Thrd w/Diff REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 16-16, S/N 3660, ’57 Sgl Thrd REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 16-16, S/N 4136, Dbl Thrd, “C” Style End Brace w/Diff


BARBER-COLMAN 16-16 Multicycle, S/N 4170, Dbl Thrd w/Jump Cut Cycle “
C” Style
BARBER-COLMAN 16-16, S/N 4473, ’73 4-Thrd w/Workclamp Cyl “C” Style


BARBER-COLMAN 16-16 Multicycle, S/N 4520, ’75 Dbl Thrd w/Gooseneck Slide


BARBER-COLMAN 16-16 Multicycle, S/N 4631, ’79 “C” Style End Brace, 4W Adj
Ctr REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN AHM (36”), S/N 1152, ’42 Dbl Thrd
BARBER-COLMAN 16-36, S/N 4090, ’66 Dbl Thrd, “C” Style End Brace REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 16-36 Multicycle, S/N 4232, ’68 Dbl Thrd “C” Style End Brace
w/Diff REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 16-56, S/N 3136R84, ’53 (Reb ’84), Dbl Thrd
BARBER-COLMAN 10-20, S/N 6700045890, ’76 Dbl Thrd w/2 Cut Cycle REF#104
TOS OFA Series Conventional Gear Hobbers, 12” & 40” Dia
TOS OHA Series Conventional Gear Shapers, 12” & 40” Dia

GEar Pinion HoBBErS & SPLinE MiLLErS

HURTH #KF-32A 15” Dia, 59” Face, ‘67 REF#103
GE/Fitchuburg Pinion Hob 32” Dia, 72” Face REF#103
MICHIGAN Tool #3237 REF#103
SCHIESS 1 RF-10, 60” Dia REF#103
WANDERER GF 345 CNC Hobbing /Milling Machine 4-Axis 24" Swing x 240”
Length REF#103
FITCHBURG Pinion Hobber 42” Dia, 72” Dia REF#103
CRAVEN Horizontal, 18” Dia and 100” Length REF#103

GEar HoB & CUttEr SHarPEnErS (incl CnC)

ARTER #A-12, 12” Rotary Surface Grinder for Sharpening Sharper Cutters

BARBER-COLMAN #6-5, 6" Dia, 5" Length, Manual Dresser, ‘57
BARBER-COLMAN 10-12, 10" Dia, 12" Length, Spark Out REF#103
FELLOWS #6SB, Helical Cutter Sharpener, 6” Dia, up to 50 Degrees REF#103
KAPP #AS-305GT, 1 DP, 28" Grind Length, 10" Diam., Str. & Spiral REF#103
KAPP #AS204GT, 10” Dia, Wet Grinding, CBN Wheels, ‘82 REF#103
BARBER-COLMAN #3 HS, Hob Sharpener, 4" Max. OD., 4" REF#103
BARBER-COLMAN #4-4HRS, Hob Sharpener, 4" Max. OD. 4" REF#103

BARBER-COLMAN 2-2 1/2 , 2.5” Dia REF#103
KAPP #AST-305B, 27.5” Dia, REF#103
KAPP AS-410B REF#103
GLEASON #12 Sharpener, 3-18” Cone REF#103
BARBER-COLMAN 2 1/2-2, S/N 16, ’66 Wet w/Auto Feed
BARBER-COLMAN 6-5, S/N 110R, ’55 Wet w/Auto Dress & Sparkout
BARBER-COLMAN 6-5, S/N 396, ’66 Wet w/Auto Dress & Sparkout REF#104


Midwest Gear Corporation — REF #101

Phone: 330-425-4419 • Fax: 330-425-8600

Email: sales@mwgear.com

Website: www.mwgear.com

New England Gear — REF #102

Phone: 860-223-7778 • Fax #:860-223-7776

Email: jeff@newenglandgear.com

Website: www.newenglandgear.com

R. P. Machine Enterprises, Inc. — REF #103

Phone: 704-872-8888 • Fax #:704-872-5777

Email: sales@rpmachine.com

Website: www.rpmachine.com

Repair Parts, Inc. — REF #104

Phone: 815-968-4499 • Fax #:815-968-4694

Email: rpi@repair-parts-inc.com

Website: www.repair-parts-inc.com

Havlik International Machinery, Inc. — REF #105

Phone: 519-624-2100 • Fax: 519-624-6994

Email: havlik@bellnet.ca

Website: www.havlikinternational.com

GQ Machinery Inc.— REF #106

Phone: 516.867.4040 • Fax: 516.223.1195

Email: george@gqmachinery.com

Website: www.gqmachinery.com


Contact Gear Solutions at

800-366-2185 to list your machinery.

62 gearsolutions.com

BARBER-COLMAN 6-5, S/N 433, ’69 Wet w/Auto Dress & Sparkout REF#104
BARBER-COLMAN 10-12, S/N 643R83, Wet w/Auto Dress, PC Control, Fact
Reb ‘83
TOS OHA Series CNC Gear Shapers, 12” & 40” Diameter REF#105
TOS OFA Series CNC Gear Hobbers, 12” & 40” Diameter REF#105


36” Shapers, 14” Throat Risers, 53” of Swing, Qty 3 REF#102
FELLOWS #10-4/10-2, Qty 150 REF#102
HYDROSTROKE #50-8, Qty 2
HYDROSTROKE #20-8, Qty 5
HYDROSTROKE #FS630-125, Qty 1 REF#102
HYDROSTROKE #FS400-90, Qty 2 REF#102
FELLOWS #20-4, Qty 6 REF#102
FELLOWS #48-8Z, Qty 1 REF#102
FELLOWS #FS-180, 3-5 Axis, 7” Dia, 1.25” Face., 6 DP, New ‘88 REF#103
LIEBHERR #WS-1, 4-Axis CNC, 8" OD, 2" Stroke, Fanuc 18MI REF#103
LORENZ # LS-180, 4-Axis CNC, 11” OD, 2” Stroke, 5 DP REF#103
LORENZ #LS-304 CNC Gear Shaper 5-Axis Heckler & Koch Control REF#103
LORENZ #LS-156 CNC Gear Shaper Dia 6” REF#103
FELLOWS FS400-125, 16” Dia, 3.5 DP 5” Face REF#103
SCHIESS RS-20 S, 12” Stroke, 118” Dia REF#103
FELLOWS #10-4 3-Axis (A/B), 10" Dia, 4" Face, 4 DP New .’09 REF#103
RP-GS 800 CNC, 4-Axis, Max Dia 31.5”, Face 9”, 2.5 DP REF#103
RP-GS 400 CNC, 6-Axis, Max Dia 15” Face 4”, 3 DP REF#103
STANKO /RPM #48-8 Gear Shaper CNC, Fanuc 18 REF#103
FELLOWS #10-4 2-Axis, 10” Dia 4” Face REF#103
FELLOWS #20-4 3-Axis 10” Dia, 4” Face REF#103
FELLOWS FS400-90 Hydro-stroke Gear Shaper CNC Nominal Pitch 15.7"

RP-GS 1500 CNC, 4-Axis, Max Dia 49.2”, Face 12”, 2 DP REF#103


FELLOWS #10-2, (10” Dia), 2” Face REF#102
FELLOWS #10-4, (10” Dia), 4” Face
FELLOWS (200) 10-4 / 10-2 Shapers
FELLOWS (1) 50-8 Hydrostroke Shaper s/n 36607 w/
6 axis 16iMB Fanuc (2009)
FELLOWS (1) 20-8 Hydrostroke Shaper s/n 35932 w/
6 axis 16iMB Fanuc (2009 REF#102
FELLOWS (1) #7 125A Face Gear Machine REF#102
FELLOWS (2) #3 Face Gear Machine REF#102
(1) 4ags with adjustable Helical Guide s/n 30634 REF#102
(1) #7 125A adjustable Helical Guide REF#102
FELLOWS (1) FS630-200 Hydrostroke Shaper s/n 36943 w/
6 axis 16iMB Fanuc (2009)
FELLOWS (3) Tilt Table 10-4 / 10-2 w/ 4 axis 21i Fanuc
Controller (2009)
FELLOWS (2) Swing-away center support for 10-2 / 10-4
FELLOWS (1) FS630-170 Hydrostroke Shaper s/n 36732 w/
6 axis 16iMB Fanuc (2009)
FELLOWS (2) FS400-170 Hydrostroke Shaper w/
6 axis 16iMB Fanuc (2009)
FELLOWS (4) FS400-125 Hydrostroke Shaper w/ 6
axis 16iMB Fanuc (2009)
FELLOWS (1) 20-4 Shaper s/n 35687 w/ 4 axis
21i Fanuc Controller (2009)
FELLOWS (1) 48-8Z Shaper w/ 14” throated riser (53” of swing)
FELLOWS (1) Horizontal Z Shaper s/n 21261
FELLOWS (1) 4-B Steering Sector Gear Shaper w/ 18iMB
4 axis Fanuc controller s/n 34326
FELLOWS (1) 36-10 Gear Shaper
FELLOWS (1) 10x6 Horizontal Z Shaper
FELLOWS (1) 36-6 Gear Shaper w/ 13” riser s/n 27364
FELLOWS (1) 10-4 Shaper w/ 3” riser w/ 4 axis 21i
Fanuc Controller (2009)
All Parts for 10-4/10-2 Fellows Gear Shapers
FELLOWS #36-8, 36” Dia, 8” Face REF#103
FELLOWS #100-8 100” Dia, 8” Face REF#103
FELLOWS #612A, 615A, #645A REF#103
FELLOWS #10-4, 10” Dia, 4” Face, 4 DP REF#103
FELLOWS #4A Versa, 10” Dia, 3” Face, 4 DP, New ‘70’s REF#103
FELLOWS #10-2, 10” Dia, 4” Face, 4 DP REF#103
FELLOWS #20-4, 20” Dia, 4” Face, 4 DP, ‘70’s REF#103
MAAG #SH-100/140, 57” Dia., 12.6” Face, 2 DP, Internal Attachment


FELLOWS #3-1,/3GS, 3” Max Dia, 1” Face, Pinion Supp, High Precision

LORENZ #SJV00, 7” Dia, 2” Face, ‘50’s REF#103
MAAG #SH-100K 47”/12.6”/1.7 ‘60’s Internal Attachment REF#103
MAAG #SH-150, 57" Dia.12.6" Face REF#103
PFAUTER #SH-180 Shobber 7" capacity hobbing, 9.45" cap REF#103
FELLOWS #36-6 Max Dia 36” 6” Face, 3 DP REF#103

FELLOWS #HORZ Z SHAPER, 10 x 6 Dia 27.6 Face 8.5” REF#103
MAAG #SH-75C, 30”/8”/2.5”/’52 REF#103
MAAG #SH-600, 235” Dia 36”, 1DP REF#103
FELLOWS #4GS & 4AGS, 6” Dia, 2” Face, 4DP, ’68, Ref.# Several REF#103
TOS OH-6, Dia 19.7” REF#103
FELLOWS #624A, 18” Max Dia, 5” Face REF#103
FELLOWS #7, #7A, #715,# 75A, #715, #725A, 7” Dia, 0-12” Risers,
Several Avail REF#103
MAAG #SH-180-300 , Max Dia 118”/ 16.9” Face REF#103
MAAG #SH-350/500, Max Dia 197” REF#103
FELLOWS Model Z Shaper, 5" Stroke, ‘50’s REF#103
STAEHELY SHS-605, Gear Shaper REF#103
FELLOWS #6, #6A, #61S, From 18”-35” Dia, 0-12” Risers REF#103
FELLOWS #8AGS Vertical Gear Shaper, 8” Dia, 2” Face, 6-7 DP REF#103
TOS OHA50 CNC 5 20” Dia 5” Face REF#105
Fellows 36-6 Shaper (2) 12.5" Risers 6" Stroke Mint YR 1969 id 3616


GEar DEBUrrinG/CHaMFErinG/PointinG

CROSS #50 Gear Tooth Chamferer, 18” Dia, Single Spindle REF#103
CROSS #75 Gear Tooth Chamferer, 10” Dia, 10” Face, ‘52
REDIN #18, 28” Dia, 2, 3, 4 Spindle, Deburrer/Chamfer, PLC’s, Tilt Table

REDIN #20D, 20” Dia, Twin Spindle, Deburrer/Chamfer
SAMPUTENSILI #SCT-3, Chamf/Deburrer, 14” Dia, 5” Face, ‘82 REF#103
SAMPUTENSILI #SM2TA Gear Chamfering Mach, 10” Max Dia, (3) New ‘96

REDIN #24 CNC Dia 4” Setup Gear Deburring
CROSS #60 Gear Tooth Chamferer, 10” Dia, Single Spindle REF#103
FELLOWS #100-180/60 CNC Max Dia 180”, Single Spindle REF#103
CIMTEC #50 Finisher REF#103
RPM #GC-500 CNC 20” Dia, Single Spindle REF#103
CROSS #54 Gear Deburrer, 30” Dia, 18” Face REF#103
RED RING #24 Twin Spindle Dia 4” REF#103
CROSS #55 Gear Deburrer, 18” Dia, 1.5 Spindle REF#103

GEar HonErS

Fassler #K-400 CNC Hone 16" Dia REF#103
Fassler K-400A CNC Hone 16” Dia REF#103
Kapp #CX120 Coroning 4.7” Dia REF#103
Red Ring GHD-12, 12” Dia, 5.5 Stroke REF#103
Red Ring GHG, 12” Dia, 5.5 Stroke REF#103
Kapp #VAC65 Coroning 10” Dia REF#103


Red Ring #GCX-24" Shaver, 24” Dia, 33” Stroke REF#103
Red Ring #GCU-12, 12” Dia, 5” Stroke REF#103
Red Ring #GCU-8 Shaver. 8” Dia REF#103
Red Ring #GCY-12, 12” Dia, 5” Stroke REF#103
Red Ring GCI 24, 12.75” Dia, 5” Stroke REF#103
Nachi Raso CNC Shaver, 3-Axis REF#103
Michigan #873-24A, 24” Dia, 15” Face, 2 DP REF#103

GEar GEnEratorS, StraiGHt BEVEL

GLEASON #37 Str. Bevel Planer, 6” Dia REF#103
GLEASON #54 Str, Bevel Planer, 60” Dia REF#103
GLEASON #496 Straight.& Spiral. 7.5” Dia REF#103
GLEASON 14, Coniflex Straight Bevel REF#103
GLEASON 24A Straight Bevel REF#103
GLEASON 725-Revacycle, 6” Dia REF#103
GLEASON 726-Revacycle, 5” Dia REF#103
GLEASON 2A, 16” Cone REF#103
GLEASON #116, 9” Cone, 2.75 Face REF#103
GLEASON #104 w/Helical Motion, Coniflex, Straight Bevel REF#103

GEar GEnEratorS, SPiraL BEVEL (HYPoiD)

GLEASON #645 Hypoid Generators REF#103

GEar GrinDErS CnC

HOGLUND, Model #264, CNC Internal Gear Grinder REF#103
GLEASON Phoenix 200G Hypoid Grinder CNC REF#103
REISHAUER RZ-801 CNC, 31.4” Dia REF#103
NILES ZSTZ 06-800 CNC, 31.5” Dia, 11” Face REF#103
NILES ZSTZ 08-800 CNC, 32” Dia, 11” Face REF#103
RED RING #SF-500 CNC Int/Ext, 26” Dia, REF#103
GLEASON/TAG – 400 CNC, 16” Dia REF#103

HOLFER PROMAT 200 , 7.87” Dia CNC Gear Grinder REF#103

GEar GrinDErS

#27, #137, and #463 Gleason Hypoid Spiral Bevel gear grinder
generating Cams (2 full sets) REF#102

Springfield Vertical Grinder, 62" Table, #62AR/2CS, 3.5A Rail Type, 70" Swing


REISHAUER ZA, Gear Grinder, 13" Dia, 6" Face, Strait & Helix REF#103
RED RING #SGJ-18, 18” Dia., 9” Face, Internal Attachment, New ‘78

DETROIT Gear Grinder #GGI-16x3A, Internal Gear Grinding, 16" OD REF#103
MAAG SD-32-X REF#103
GLEASON #463, 15” Dia REF#103
HOFLER BHS H1603-2000, 78.7”
Dia REF#103
NILES ZSZT-3500, 139” Dia
KAPP VAS #331, Gear Grinder
NILES ZSTZ-1250/5000 49.2Dia


MIKRON #134 Rack Shaper, 17.4" Length, 1.1" Width, 16.9 DP REF#103
SYKES VR-72 Vert Rack Shaper, 72" Cut Length, 4DP, 4" Stroke, ‘80

SYKES VR-60 Vert Rack Shaper, 60” Cut Length, 4DP, Stroke 4” REF#103

GEar tHrEaD & WorM, MiLLErS/GrinDErS

LEES BRADNER #HT 12x54, Dia 12” /54” REF#103
BARBER-COLMAN #10-40, 10" Dia., 40" Length, 4 DP REF#103
EXCELLO #31L, External Thread Grinder, 5" OD, 20" Grind Length REF#103
EXCELLO #33 Thread Grinder 6” Dia 18” Length REF#103
EXCELLO #35 and #35L Thread Grinder, 84" Between Centers REF#103
EXCELLO #39 Int. Thread Grinder, 9.5" Max Dia., 10" Max. Swing REF#103
HURTH #KF-33A Multi-Purpose Auto-Milling Machine 88” REF#103
LEES BRADNER #HT12x102, Extra Large Capacity REF#103
LEES BRADNER #HT 12"x 144" Thread Mill, 12" Dia, REF#103
LEES BRADNER # LT 8” x 24” 8” Dia REF#103
HOLROYD 5A 24.8 “ Dia REF#103

GEar tEStErS/CHECKErS (incl CnC)

FELLOWS (1) RL-600 Roll Tester s/n 35814 REF#102
FELLOWS (1) 24H Lead Checker s/n 32289 REF#102
GLEASON (1) #14 Tester s/n 31907 REF#102
GLEASON (1) #6 Tester s/n 19316 REF#102
FELLOWS (1) 20 M Roller Checker REF#102
FELLOWS (1) 20 M w/ 30” Swing Roller Checker REF#102
FELLOWS (1) #8 Micaodex s/n 36279 REF#102
David Brown #24 Worm Tester REF#103
Fellows 12H Gear Tester REF#103
Fellows #12M Gear Tester REF#103
Fellows 20M Gear Tester REF#103
Felows #24 Involute Measuring Instrument REF#103
Gleason #4, #6, #13 and #17 Testers REF#103
Hofler EMZ-2602 Int/Ext Gear Tester 102” REF#103
Klingelnberg #PFSU-1200 Gear Tester REF#103
Klingelnberg #PFSU-1600 Gear Tester-2001 REF#103
Klingelnberg PWF-250 Tester REF#103
Kapp Hob Checker WM 410 REF#103
Maag #ES-430 Gear Tester REF#103
Maag #SP-130 Lead and Involute Tester REF#103
National Broach Gear Tester GSJ-12 REF#103
Oerlikon #ST2-004 Soft Tester REF#103
Maag #SP-60- Electronic Tester REF#103
Parkson #42N Worm Gear Tester REF#103
Fellows #24H Tester REF#103
Gleason #104 Tester REF#103
Vinco Dividing Head Optical Inspection REF#103


WARNER & SWAYSEY #4A M-3580 Turret Lathe, 28 1/4 Swing, 80” Centers, 12”
Spindle Hole 50/25 Motors, 480/3 Phase, Year 1965 REF#101

Springfield Vertical Grinder,62" Table,#62AR/2CS,3.5A Rail Type,70" Swing REF#102

GLEASON #529 Quench, 16" Diameter REF#103
Website To View Our Entire Inventory REF#103
TOS SU & SUS Series Conv Lathes REF#105
TOS SUA Series CNC Flat-Bed Lathes REF#105

64 gearsolutions.com

Danfoss Re-approved as authorized CeU provider

Danfoss VLT Drives has been re-approved by the International Association for Continuing

Education and Training (IACET) as an Authorized Provider of Continuing Education Units

(CEUs). The recognition period extends for five years and includes all programs offered

or created during that time.

“Danfoss is proud of our education programs, which train more than 1,000 partici-

pants each year in all aspects of selecting, installation, commissioning, and servicing

Danfoss VLT Drive products so they have the competency and skills to effectively and

efficiently utilize our technology to its maximum potential,” says Jeff Duncan, marketing

manager. “Our continued partnership with IACET is a demonstration of our commitment

to lifelong learning and high standards for all of our programs, and we are very pleased to

maintain our relationship with such a prestigious organization as well as an elite group of

organizations that offer excellent continuing education and training programs.”

“We are pleased to have Danfoss continue their continuing education and training work

as an Authorized Provider organization,” says Karen Niles, president of IACET and direc-

tor of professional development at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

“Danfoss is one of nearly 650 organizations around the globe that have had their pro-

grams vetted by third-party experts in continuing education to ensure the highest possible

standards are met.”

In order to achieve Authorized Provider status Danfoss completed a rigorous applica-

tion process, including a review by an IACET site visitor, and successfully demonstrated

adherence to the ANSI/IACET 1-2007 standard addressing the design, development,

administration, and evaluation of its programs. Danfoss has pledged its continued com-

pliance with the standard, and maintains its authorization to use the IACET name and

Authorized Provider logo on promotional course material. In addition, Danfoss is now

linked to the IACET Web site and is recognized as offering the highest quality continuing

education and training programs.

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) is a non-profit

association dedicated to quality continuing education and training programs. IACET is the

only standard-setting organization approved by the American National Standards Institute

(ANSI) for continuing education and training. The ANSI/IACET 1-2007 standard is the core

of thousands of educational programs worldwide. Learn more at [www.iacet.org].

Danfoss is a leading manufacturer of precision mechanical and electrical components,

with locations in more than 120 countries. In addition to setting the standard for high-

performance quality variable frequency drives, Danfoss meets the needs of its custom-

ers through its EnVisioneering partnerships, focusing on developing new technologies

for sustainable business growth through engineering innovation, energy efficiency, and

environmental responsibility. Go online to [www.danfossdrives.com].

Beaver aerospace & Defense receives Boeing performance
excellence award

Beaver Aerospace & Defense has received a 2010 Boeing Performance Excellence Award.

The Boeing Company issues the award annually to recognize suppliers who have achieved

superior performance. Beaver maintained a Gold composite performance rating for each

month of the 12-month performance period, from Oct. 1, 2009 to Sept. 30, 2010. This

year Boeing recognized 558 suppliers who achieved either a Gold or Silver level Boeing

Performance Excellence Award. Beaver is one of only 141 suppliers to receive the Gold

level of recognition.

“Beaver Aerospace & Defense is honored to receive the Gold-Level Boeing Performance

Excellence Award,” says Jason Ratcliffe, general manager. “Beaver takes great pride in

being recognized by a world-class company like Boeing and looks forward to continued

success in the future.”

Beaver supplies ball splines to Boeing for the CH-47 Chinook helicopter, as well as a

camera deployment actuator for the P-8 military aircraft. Beaver’s award-winning actuation

systems and components (e.g., ball screws and gears) are custom designed to fit virtually

JUNE 2011 65

manufacturing excellence
through quality, integration, materials,
maintenance, education, and speed.



We Manufacture
Broaches & related
tooling for
any Broach Machine

Broach house
Mfg., inc.™

We Have Used Broaches In Stock

11383 Route 166 • Marion, Il 62959

618-993-3530 • Fax:618-997-9158

e-mail: broachhouse@yahoo.com

Sharpening or reconditioning
alSo production Broaching

We Weld Broken & Chipped Broaches

Apollo Broach, Inc.


Phone: (734) 467-5750
Fax: (734) 467-5753

Email: apollobroach@att.net

39001 Webb Ct. • Westland, MI 48185


• Broach Design
• O.D./I.D. Grinding
• Lathe

Spline Development

• Involute
• Inverted
• Serration
• Straight
• Angular

Surface Grinding:

• Flat Inserts
• Angular Form Inserts
• Squares
• Hexagon Key Ways
• Form Inserts
• Serration Form Inserts
• “DD” Form
• Standard Key Ways

Round Broach:

• Standard Round
• Cross Hole

& Reconditioning:

We offer immediate

reconditioning or rebuild
of worn or broken broaches.


High Speed Welding

24-Hour “Emergency”
Turnaround Service:

We will provide the best
possible delivery, quality

and service for our customers.

technical solutions

aerospace and automotive applications

Hermes Abrasives, Ltd.

524Viking drive• Virginiabeach,Va 23452

toll freephone:800.464.8314

Po box2389 • Virginiabeach,Va 23450

toll freefax:800.243.7637

Multiple start Gear

Grinding Wheels

• lower grinding forces

• new abrasive blends & bonds

• lower grinding temperatures

• increased porosity for higher stock


Gear honing benefits

• Flank correction

• Reduced operating noise

• longer service life

• correction for distortion from harden-

ing process


lee’s suMMit, MissOuRi

Gear Manufacturing

(from singles to production & reverse-engineering services)


Gear Hobbing • Gear Shaping • Gear Rack • Sprockets
Broaching • CNC Turning • CNC Milling • Automatic Sawing



1320 S.E. Hamblen Road • Lee’s Summit, MO 64081

Toll Free: 800-346-3038

Missouri: 816-525-0002 • Fax: 816-525-1113

66 gearsolutions.com

any application. And, to top it off, Beaver is the industry leader in on-time

delivery, with current performance exceeding 99.8 percent.

“Performance excellence is fundamental to the success of both our

companies,” says Ron Shelley, vice president of supplier management

for Boeing Defense, Space & Security. “We extend our sincere congratu-

lations to the employees of Beaver Aerospace & Defense for demon-

strating their dedication to the high performance standards necessary

to meet customer expectations and remain competitive in the global


Beaver Aerospace & Defense, Inc.—a subsidiary of Phillips Service

Industries, Inc.—is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of

unique and broad-range actuation technologies for the aerospace and

defense industries, serving commercial and military markets, as well as

the alternative energy industry. Its award-winning actuation systems and

components (e.g. ball screws, gears and splines) are custom designed

to fit virtually any application, and can be found on some of the most

advanced aircraft, missile applications, and mission-critical space explo-

ration systems in the world. Beaver also provides expert repair, overhaul,

and testing services for all electromechanical actuators and ball screws.

For more information visit [www.beaver-online.com].

StRato-apex CMM from Mitutoyo

The new STRATO-Apex® coordinate measuring machine from Mitutoyo

America Corporation combines an advanced structure with newly devel-

oped high-performance control and scanning technologies. The result is

faster drive speeds, higher acceleration, and a CMM that is a productivity

leader in the 1µm class. The extremely rigid STRATO-Apex CMM structure

incorporates vibration-dampening, auto-leveling air springs and the newest

compensation technology to support acceleration of 2,598mm/s2 (3D),

0.23g (3D) and measuring scan speeds up to 3mm/s.

The STRATO-Apex features digital servo system control loops for posi-

tion, speed, and current. This makes it easy to implement various types

of control algorithms. Additionally, the digital servo system has a wide

dynamic range and is highly resistant to drift over time. The controller is

located outside the main unit to mitigate the effect of generated heat.

The ultra-high accuracy measurement units installed on each axis of the

STRATO-Apex consist of high-performance reflective linear encoders that

utilize ultra-high precision crystallized glass scales, which exhibit virtually

no thermal expansion (coefficient of linear expansion of 0.01 x 10-5/°C).

The available software options enable the STRATO-Apex to tackle a

wide variety of measurement applications. Software packages include

GEOPAK®, a high-functionality general-purpose measurement program

which is at the heart of MCOSMOS® (Mitutoyo Controlled Open System

for Modular Operation Support) software. MCOSMOS supports virtually

every CAD format while providing routines for in-line measurement, data

feedback, and process management. Additional software supported

includes: CAT1000S® for freeform surface evaluation; CAT1000P®, an

offline teaching program; SCANPAK®, for contour measurement; and a

wide variety of programs supporting laser and vision probes. Additionally,

STRATO-Apex supports MeasurLink STATMeasure Plus®, Mitutoyo’s pro-

prietary statistical-processing and process-control program. MeasurLink

STATMeasure Plus performs statistical analysis and provides real-time

display of measurement results for SPC applications. The program can

also be linked to a higher-level network environment for enterprise-wide


Mitutoyo Corporation is the world’s largest provider of measure-

ment and inspection solutions offering the most complete selection of

machines, sensors, systems and services with a line encompassing

CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines), vision, form and finish measur-

ing machines as well as precision tools and instruments, and metrology

data management software. Mitutoyo’s nationwide network provides appli-

cation, calibration, service, repair and educational programs. Call (630)

820-9666, e-mail info@mitutoyo.com, or visit [www.mitutoyo.com].

California Brazing awarded aS9100 accreditation

California Brazing is pleased to announce its official accreditation to

the AS9100 international aerospace quality standard. The scope of this

accreditation includes heat treating, machining, brazing, and contract

manufacturing. This certification reflects California Brazing’s ongo-

ing commitment to continuous improvement, along with its desire to

meet and exceed the increasingly stringent industry requirements for

aerospace related products and services. The AS9100 certification will

strengthen the company’s competitive position in the aerospace market,

and it will also benefit their non-aerospace customers in the semiconduc-

tor, medical, and energy management markets.

California Brazing is a manufacturer of critical components found at

the heart of their customer’s complex products. Nadcap aerospace braz-

ing accreditation—AWS C3.7 and AWS C3.6—is scheduled for June of

2011. For more information contact Jeff Ager, general manager, at jeffa@

californiabrazing.com. Visit online at [www.californiabrazing.com].

New product Catalog from emerson Bearing

Catering to OEM (original equipment manufacturers) and MRO (mainte-

nance, repair, and operations) markets throughout the world, Emerson

Bearing has recently announced the availability of a new product catalog.

Due to demand, Emerson Bearing has converted its extensive online

product catalog into a traditional 210-page print catalog. The comprehen-

sive print catalog better suits a number of Emerson’s bearing clients who

may not have easy access to a computer, or who simply prefer the print

catalog over the online catalog.

Emerson Bearing provides solutions to a variety of industries including

aggregate, concrete, mining, machine tools, electric motor repair, marine,

material handling, metal processing, packaging, food processing, paper

converting, printing, power generation, recreation, heavy construction,

robotics, automation, transportation, wood products, wastewater treat-

ment, pump, compressor, and oil field. The free catalog is available upon


In a proud tradition, the same families that started the company in

1957 keep Emerson Bearing rolling by specializing in bearings for OEM

and MRO markets across the country. Emerson Bearing has a staff of 22

and a 23,000 square-foot facility to provide bearings ranging in size from

3mm to tunnel-boring 15-foot-diameter giants.

Emerson Bearing offers customers a one-stop shopping experience.

With an online product catalog with over three-million bearings, a vast

inventory of bearings, worldwide sourcing, a fixed price program, a knowl-

edgeable staff dedicated to delivering, same day shipping and 24/7

service, Emerson Bearing has become the leading provider of bearings

to OEM and MRO markets in the United States. For more information on

the company and its line of products call (800) 225-4587, e-mail info@

emersonbearing.com, or visit [www.emersonbearing.com].

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