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Sax Digitacion

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Published by: Usabiaga Casoni Dúo on Mar 14, 2013
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This note sounds a little dodgy, but in passing this a nice alternate fingering to the standard palm high F and front F fingerings. Works well chromatically through G#3.


A nice alternate to front F. Easy transition between alternate G3 below.

but the alternate fingering facilitates some passages. G#3 .G3 I usually use front F.

SOURCES: Sigurd M. You might like to add right hand 123 (F.A3 In passing. Adding the pinky G# key raises the pitch and adds pop. Alternate. E. I just play left hand 2 and 3 (A and G keys). and D keys) instead. A#4 . Raschèr. Lenny Pickett.

. and it often minimizes finger motion in lines.B4 C4 Left hand 3 (G key) is optional here. but I find that it adds pop.

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