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Task Force Report on the Implementation of Amendment 64

Task Force Report on the Implementation of Amendment 64

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Published by: Michael_Lee_Roberts on Mar 14, 2013
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Guiding Principles:

a. Promote the health, safety, and well-being of Colorado’s youth
f. Establish tools that are clear and practical, so that the interactions between law
enforcement, consumers, and licensees are predictable and understandable
g. Ensure that our streets, schools, and communities remain safe
i. Take action that is faithful to the text of Amendment 64


Governor Hickenlooper in Executive Order B 2012-0004 directed the Task Force to address the
possible need for new statutes related to driving while under the influence of and/or impaired
by marijuana. The Drug Policy Task Force of the Colorado Commission on Criminal and
Juvenile Justice (CCJJ) examined the issue exhaustively for two years and forwarded its
recommendation that the Colorado General Assembly enact a 5 nanogram/ml blood THC
permissible-inference statute. This recommendation is reflected in HB 13-1114, currently under
consideration by the Colorado General Assembly. The Task Force defers to the judgment of
the CCJJ on this issue and recommends enactment of the bill.

Implementing Authorities:

Governor, Colorado General Assembly, Colorado Department of Public Safety, Colorado
Department of Public Health and Environment, Local Governments

The Task Force recommends that the General Assembly enact House Bill
13-1114, Concerning Penalties for Persons Who Drive While Under the
Influence of Alcohol or Drugs.


Task Force Report on the Implementation of Amendment 64

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