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For Immediate Release: March 13, 2013

NYU  Staff  to  Join  Faculty  in  Taking  No-­‐Confidence  Vote  
      The  Executive  Council  of  the  Union  of  Clerical,  Administrative  and  Technical  Staff  at  NYU   (UCATS),  Local  3882  voted  last  night  to  take  to  their  membership  the  issue  of  President  John   Sexton’s  leadership.    The  UCATS  leadership  joins  the  NYU  faculty  in  taking  a  no-­‐confidence  vote.       The  nearly  1,400  NYU  staff  represented  by  UCATS  are  experiencing  stagnate  wages,   unmanageable  healthcare  costs  and  a  deteriorating  quality  of  work  life.    The  enrichment  of   those  that  have  at  the  cost  of  those  that  have  less,  has  been  a  hallmark  of  President  Sexton’s   leadership.  The  resources  required  to  proceed  with  the  NYU  2031  expansion  portends  three   decades  of  disinvestment  in  faculty  and  support  staff  who  deliver  the  education  for  which  NYU   students  pay  so  dearly.     UCATS  represents  approximately  1,400  staff  working  throughout  the  various  schools  and   divisions  of  New  York  University.       Contact  Info:     Stephen  Rechner   President     UCATS  Local  3882,  NYSUT,  AFT,  AFL-­‐CIO   646-­‐602-­‐1485   ucatspres3882@hotmail.com  

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