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Carrefour retail
Carrefour retail

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Published by: Josh Andrews on Mar 14, 2013
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Staples 2. Cleaning 9. General Merchandise 6. Beverages 10.Product Categories Dealt 1. Hardware and Tools 5. Fresh Food 8. Processed Food 3. Furniture 7.Apparels . Hygiene and Beauty 4.Appliances 11.

SHOPI.Marché Plus). Norte). 17 banners. GB. .mini markets (PROXi) and food service stores (Prodirest). cash-and-carry stores (Promocash). convenience stores (8 á Huit. GS. Ed).supermarkets (Champion. hard discount stores (Dia%. including hypermarkets (Carrefour).The first Carrefour store opened on 1 January 1958 in suburban Annecy near a crossroads (Carrefour in French).

Competitive Advantages Of Carrefour • Focus on competitive prices & Convenience Places • Aggressive Marketing and Adaptable Business Model • Brand Recognition .

000 sq. ft) Usually located within a commercial centre. This gave it a total investment per square meter of selling space in a fully equipped store equal to about one-third that of traditional supermarkets and department stores. (108. The firm’s location strategy was to place stores outside towns in areas where highways provided easy access and land could be acquired inexpensively. The company also favoured simple facility construction.Locational Advantage Carrefour’s hypermarkets averaged 10. .034 sq.mt.

national brands have a share of 74% and fighting brands. Also Carrefour’s private brands are 5-6% cheaper than discounted popular brands.Branding Strategies According to the Carrefour group. . which are the cheapest on display. have a share of 5% in Carrefour hypermarket's dry grocery sales. private labels have a share of 21% in dry grocery sales.

HR • Priority to Internal Promotion • Active policy of training and career management • Option to transfer between various formats .

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