Submitted In Partial Fulfilment of the Master of Business Administration at International School of Business & Media, Kolkata Reet Kanjilal BATCH: 2009-2011


Rasna Private Ltd. 1. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. Economic Times

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I hereby declare that this project entitled “Super stockist network” at Rasna Private Ltd., Sitamarhi is submitted in the partial fulfilment of my M.B.A degree 2009-11 from International School of Business & Media, Kolkata. The project work was carried out with sincere intention of benefiting the organization. The project duration was from 20th March ’10 to 31st May ’10.

To the best of my knowledge & belief, it is an original piece of work and is the sheer outcome of my own efforts under the vigilant guidance of my guides and has not either in full or in part has been submitted to any other institution for the award of any other course.

Name: Reet Kanjilal Date: Place: Sitamari & Muzaffarpur (Bihar) Signature

Rasna Private Ltd. 1. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. Economic Times

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Contente 1. Declaration 2. Acknowledgement 3. Executive Summary a. Rasna Company profile b. Rasna Pvt Ltd c. History of Rasna Pvt Ltd d. Marketing mix of Rasna e. Distribution Channel of Rasna 4. The Sitamarhi Project 5. Analysis and Recommendation Page No 2 4 5- 17 6-7 8-10 11 12-15 16-17 18-27 28-30

Rasna Private Ltd. 1. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. Economic Times

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support. East) for giving me opportunity to work on this project. I would also like to thank Mr. Sudeep Chatterjee (ISB&M. carried out for Rasna Private Limited.Kolkata) for his extended guidance. I would like to first of all thank Mr. Debasis Das(Territory Sales Manager) for his continuous support and guidance. encouragement and reviews without which this project would not have been a success. Debanshu Dutta ( Regional Business Head. 1. Rasna Private Ltd. My gratification and elation on the success of this project would be incomplete without mentioning the names of all the people who helped me with it and without whose guidance and encouragement this would not have been successful.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT A task or project cannot be completed alone. I acknowledge my gratitude to my Faculty Guide Professor Mr. would not have been possible without his help and valuable guidance of briefing me on their organization and providing me with all the required information needed to complete the project. This project study. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. Economic Times Page 4 .

Economic Times Page 5 . 1.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Rasna Private Ltd. ( Source : Brand quality) 2.

jaffe and it marketed with the help of voltas. o Rasna has extended its range to include other products. holds steadfastly to its commitment to excellence. It was the first brand in the country that provided consumers real fruit-like flavor and taste. offering the extremely successful Soft Drink Concentrates. It has the largest capacity in Asia to make powder concentrate with 7 Rasna Private Ltd. with individual performance and economy enhancement . 1. o Rasna’ s philosophy rests on producing and marketing the best of products and developing long term relations in the market. Ltd. Rasna Pvt. synergetic to it's basic activities. is a proudly family owned ISO 9002 & HACCP Certified Company. o Rasna Pvt. vis-a-vis quality flavor and enjoyment in the in-house market of soft-drinks. Economic Times Page 6 . a commitment to being one of the largest Soft Drink Concentrate Manufacturing Companies in the world. During the introduction period the company launched it under the brands name. Its backward integration ensures that most of the raw-materials are made by Rasna directly or through job work.RASNA COMPANY PROFILE The brand Rasna is owned by Pioma industries. Ltd. a segment that had been created and nurtured by the company in the Indian beverages market. o Rasna has always been a brand that every Indian knows of as standing tall. Instant Drink Powders and Ethnic range of products to the global markets. o Currently Rasna holds close to 93% market share in the soft drink concentrate market in India. by introducing a variety of processed food products for the global consumer. o Rasna has. over the last 10 years. Rasna has also received the 1st FMCG Award in the soft drink concentrate category. As a tribe in action it promises to deliver. that introduced the concept of soft drink concentrates (SDC). ( Source : Brand quality) 2. successfully spread its wings with it's Exports Division. Then it changed its name to Rasna in the year 1979. substantial gain in its products for consumers at large to relish at every moment of their lives. Rasna has gained 1st rank in the soft drink beverage category1.

( Source : Brand quality) 2.production units spread across the country. has always been among the trusted brand in the soft-drinks market and has managed in creating opportunities through Best International Prectie Benchmarks :  Consolidation of Suppliers and Vander Managed Inventory (VMI) to slash sourcing rates. 1. Rasna Private Ltd.  Investments in ERP applications and technology to improve chain efficiencies Rasna Private Ltd. Economic Times Page 7 .  Process and Technical improvements to lower production and formulation costs.

Growth prospects. It believes that there is a huge and emerging market for Rasna' s kind of product range. It ranks no. One of Rasna's biggest strength is it's Marketing and Sales setup.. Areez Khambatta.1 in the beverage category as “Most Trusted Brand of India”2. through which millions of consumers worldwide are experiencing the flavor of satisfaction. Project Viabilities. Kotwal (High Priest of Mumbai) in the august presence of Mr. on the shelves.RASNA PRIVATE LIMITED Rasna has always been recognized at large for brand and company. Rasna Private Ltd. Timely delivery schedules of its products anywhere in the world is what has helped them to reach a strong position in the global markets. It provides a strong and proactive marketing support to its distributors and importers around the world-just so that their products stand out. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. Govt.. Finances etc. of India with the blessing of Dasturji (Dr. Rasna proudly received Superior Taste Award 2008 instituted by The International Taste & Quality Institute (ITQI). Shri Subodh Kant Sahai. Rasna as a brand has won many awards and credentials surpassing any other soft drink concentrates company. enabling the company to respond fast to any proposal with suitable recommendations.) Firoze M. to stand as a leader in the Processed Food Industry. vegetables. It was awarded as the most preferred brand in SDC category at the FMCG Most Preferred Awards 2003 & 2004 and Consumer World Award 2004. confectioneries. Rasna has adequate and in-depth knowledge & information on Market sizes and behaviours. It is listed among the top 15 brands in the country. Belgium given to Mr. beverages. Rasna has managed to dominate the colossal SDC market because of its massive International Operations. all over the world. and access to more. It has pioneered not only with its strong marketing strategies but also with its proper scaled distribution chain. Government Policies. Rasna is capable of managing global sized manufacturing set-ups working on the most advanced technologies to cater to the huge markets. the Founder Chairman and Innovation Officer at the hands of Hon. Christian De Bauw of ITQI. nationally and globally. Minister of State for Food Processing Industries. Rasna has always looked into its marketing and brand building and has achieved an expertise in flavor technology. 1. Economic Times Page 8 . Its efficient management in production and market environments has harnessed to bring to the Global consumers. It has focused towards bringing to the Global Consumers Ethnic recipes and Food Products from India. and apart. technologically superior products in fruits. Having commenced international operations in 1993 Rasna is currently marketing it's diverse Product range in a majority of the world markets.

of countries within a stipulated period of time has helped the brand gain a reputation in the market. Rasna Private Ltd. Economic Times Page 9 . ( Source : Brand quality) 2.Rasna Global Offices:      USA & CANADA UK and EUROPE SOUDI ARAB RUSSIA FIJI This strong chain of distribution to large no. It has also helped Rasna in creating enormous business relations all over the globe. 1.

Economic Times Page 10 .E. Nepal Pakistan Qatar RUSSIA Kuwait Unman Rasna Private Ltd. 1. ( Source : Brand quality) 2.The countries which imports Rasna products globally are as under:- Vietnam Australia New Zealand Singapore Malaysia Brunei Angeles Haiti Madagascar Myanmar Mali SAUDI ARABIA FIJI Angola Mozambique Tanzania Others BUINEA Sudan Nigeria Bangladesh U.A.

' had become an integral part of the Indian advertising folklore. Pioma announced a radical overhauling of its strategies for the Rasna brand. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. Pioma's brand 'Rasna' is very well known.Rasna was launched in 1982 by Pioma Industries Ltd. However. 1. Economic Times Page 11 . The company aims to capture the customer's " every moments of thirst " using Rasna. as the brand had been lying dormant since long. Rasna pioneered this category and virtually owns this market with a market share of 93%. Rasna Private Ltd. a segment that had been created and nurtured by the company in the Indian beverages market. Rasna's extremely popular advertisements with the tagline. Rasna positioned its product on the economy platform. 'I love you Rasna. This development was rather unexpected. the name Rasna is almost a generic name for soft drink concentrates (SDC).HISTORY OF RASNA PRIVATE LIMITED Pioma Industries Ltd. In March 2002. (Pioma) is perhaps not a familiar name for the average Indian consumer. Rasna is the market leader in the Rs 250 crore Indian Soft drinks concentrate industry. In fact. The powdered soft-drink concentrate industry is worth around 90 crore. The SDC industry is miniscule compared to the 5000 crore carbonated soft drink industry (CSD).

76lit Kool Khus.    In the year 2002 Rasna changed its look and came up with a new logo. Mango.. today Rasna has tried a deep penetration in the rural and semi urban market. Tagline of the company has been changed also.Mango. Lemon Orange. Economic Times Page 12 . Mango. (180*12=)2. 32 glass or Mango. (180*32=)5. (180*2=)360ml Mango. Lemon Price(rs. (180*12=)2. Name Rasna Frootfun Rasna Frootfun Pack size Flavour Orange.16lit Shahi Gulab 2 glass or Orange. Lemon 500gm 750gm 500gm Orange.Lemon.16lit Mango.76lit Pineapple 12 glass or Orange. Lemon Orange.) 35 10 Rasna Freshfun 35 Rasna Freshfun Rasna 1ka2 Rasna Frootplus jar Rasna Froorplus pouch Rasna Froorplus pouch 10 1 85 105 75 Rasna Private Ltd. The company was revamped in the year 2002. 1. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. Recent product line of Rasna are as follows…. It added 10th flavour in 1987. (180*32=)5.The marketing mix of RASNA Product Line of RASNA Rasna began with 9 flavours in 1982. 32 glass or Kesar Elaichi.Lemon Shahi Gulab. Cola Cola 12 glass or Cola Cola. With a new tagline “Relish a gain”.

Packing details: The opareting product line of rasna consists several sku. 6. a 7.250 gm Jar RASNA SOFT DRINK CONCENTRATE 32 glass pack RASNA single serve Iced Tea -9 gm. 900 gm Tin (Orange/ Mango/ Pineapple) 1. GOFRUT INSTANT DRINK (5 gm pouch) Orange/Mango/Pineapple/Lemon SHAKE UP INSTANT DRINK (MILK SHAKE) 25 gm single serve pack (Strawberry. 1.5 Kg Tin (Orange/ Mango/ Pineapple) LITRO PACK INSTANT DRINK Pouch suitable to prepare 1 liter Orange/Mango/Pineapple/Strawberry 3.Orange) 25 gm single serve sachet (Orange) 250 gm refill packs (Orange/ Mango/ Pineapple) 500 gm refill packs (Orange/ Mango/ Pineapple) 750 gm Standy Refill packs Orange & Mango 1 kg Standy Refill Pack (Orange/ Mango/ Pineapple) LITRO PACK 25 GMS (1 Liter) GLASS JAR PACKINGS 250 gm Glass Jar (Orange/ Mango/ Pineapple) 500 gm Glass Jar (Orange/ Mango/ Pineapple) 750 gm Sleek Glass Jar Orange/ Mango/ Pineapple/ Lemon PLASTIC JAR PACKING .1 kg Orange/Mango/Pineapple/Fruit Punch/Lemon OTS TIN PACKINGS a b c 2. Economic Times Page 13 . RASNA LITE (1/3 Sugar) . Mango. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. Choclate) 150 gm Standy pouch 5.(12 gm pouch . Lemon. Sr. 4. a b c d e f g h. a b c PRODUCT RASNA INSTANT DRINK (powder beverages) LAMINATE POUCH PACKINGS 3 gm pouch pack Single Serve Pouch Pack . 1. The company follows different pack size on carton basis. This pack sizes may vary with the local market demand but the below table will give a general view of the pack sizes. Apple & Peach 200 14 x 24 x 20 24 x 30 108 15 72 x 10 12 x 10 15 6 6 15 40 20 15 15 12 x 10 50 x 60 10 x 12 x 6 12 x 2 x 12 36 24 15 Units Per Carton Rasna Private Ltd.5 kg Tin (Orange/Mango/Pineapple/Lemon) 2.No.

Economic Times Page 14 .Accessing all socio-economic class (The Price) Rasna being an Indian company from the very beginning of its lifecycle. The pack has a very attractive name which is 10ka12.  Rasna has some skus which is very interesting for regular user. It targeted the mass rather than the class.  The family box pack is available at the price of Rs 35 which is for 32 glass of water. its sole goal has been always to make profit with the volume sale.  The company is constantly focusing on the rural market of India. The air tight jar has different pack size with price range starting from Rs 75.  Rasna has always made its product such an way that it can be accessible to all socioeconomic classes. Rasna Private Ltd. 1. The pricing strategy has always been the key of Rasna’s success. So pricing accurately is very important for the growth. The accurate pricing strategy has been always the key growth driver for Rasna.  Its volume sale comes from its Rs 1 or the popular 1ka 2. They understood that the Indian market is highly segmented.  The added sugar product Rasna Frootplus starts from Rs 2 and goes upto family pack which costs Rs 105. So they are making product for each segment.  The Box pack has starting price of Rs 10 which is enough for 12 glass of water. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. Though they are always keeping an eye on there most valued which is always the bottom class of the pyramid.

1. Rasna has done a great deal to understand the pain of a long and hot summer and to delver a product which would make that summer a little less painfull. The quality of Rasna has been really the success factor and in there various advertisement they are heavily focussing on that part. The famous mass media campaign of “I love you Rasna” was one of the India’s longest running tv ad. Rasna always want to create a good brand value by emotionally attaching there customer with there brand.   In India where summer is very hot and long. This kind of unique marketing idea and innovative ad campaign helped Rasna to become a monopoly in the concentrated soft drink market. This kind of campaign shows a high focus on quality. In various ad campaign of Rasna. Economic Times Page 15 . Rasna Private Ltd. Focus of the company always is the quality of Rasna. Once upon a time Rasna was the only soft drink company in India. So they has been trying for a good brand recall by there various ad campaign. ( Source : Brand quality) 2.      The promotion of Rasna is always highlighted a strong brand association with there customer. various child artists have been used heavily. focus of a soft drink company should be to understand that and to associate themselves with the misery of their customer.Adding an emotional touch (The promotion) Rasna has started its media campaign heavily since its inception.

Economic Times Page 16 . Abut for every model the end goal of the company is to deliver a quality product to the end user. Rasna Private Ltd. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. The packed product has been sent to various company depot accurse the country to distribute and meet the respective market demand. v. 1. Rasna follows different distribution channel model according to local market demand. ii. The steps are as followes: i. First the product produced in the factory which is strategically located to minimise the transportation cost. From the company depot the product has been delivered to the different supper stockist according to there previously placed order. The secondary sale from the sub stockist or from the supper stockist is ensured by the constant monitoring by the company personal. It follows the supper-sub concept of distribution.Distribution channel of a FMCG giant RASNA (The Place) Company Depot in major cities Factory Supper Stockist Wholesaler Retailer Retailer Retailer Supper Stockist Sub Stockist Sub Stockist Sub Stockist Wholesaler Retailer Retailer Retailer The distribution channel of Rasna follows 3 to 5 tire architecture. iv. iii. Then the goods has been sent to the sub stockist point or in some cases wholesale store.

Rasna girl became very popular among the public. It has also changed the famous “I love you Rasna” campaign to “Relish A Gain” baseline which was little confusing for the customers because of the strong marketing of the Rasna Girl and "I love U” baseline. 1. Rasna also tried a lot of new products and variants. Rasna used children in advertising the brand to reach the preference of kids. ……. Economic Times Page 17 . Although the brand had a generic status in the category. Rasna is trying to excite the market with new products and variants. Rasna Private Ltd. It dawned a new look with new logo and a new baseline “Relish a gain" highlighting the economy of using Rasna. Rasna has used the catchy baseline “I love u Rasna “for decades. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. it witnessed stiff competition from Sunfill from Coke.Targeting the common man…. But in 2002.. All the way it was promoting itself on economy platform which has become redundant because of the competitive pricing from carbonated soft drinks.A common man’s product In the initial phase Rasna as a soft drink product mainly concentrated on Middle and Lower class society.. They followed the strategy on concentrating to children market. Even now people remember Rasna Baseline. The company no longer wanted to cherish on kid's drink. Like the Johnson's baby. Rasta decided on a makeover.

THE SITAMARI PROJECT Rasna Private Ltd. 1. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. Economic Times Page 18 .

Economic Times Page 19 . Pupri Sub-division a) Sursand b) Bajpatti c) Pupri d) Nanpur e) Choraut f) Bokhra Rasna Private Ltd. But the purchasing power of this region is very low. Most of the income of this region comes from agricultural based product. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. e) Majorganj. Sitamarhi Sadar Sub-division a) Runnisaidpur. f) Bathanaha g) Sonbarsa h) Parihar i) Suppi o 2. (Sitamari sadar. b) Dumra .Demographical study of SITAMARHI The Sitamarhi district is situated in north Bihar state of India. Belsand Sub-division a) Belsand b) Parsauni o 3. In some research it is been shown that Sitamarhi district is one of the poorest region of India. c) Riga. 1. Sitamarhi District profile:  No of sub division: Three. Belsand. Pupri) o 1. It is one of the Bihar biggest district. d) Bairgania .

46%. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. The curse of Bagmati. has almost zeroed the effort by consecutive governments to improve the status of life of downtrodden. Economic Times Page 20 . which changes its course every year. The life here has been tough as the menace of flood every year forced people to abandon their villages and take shelter in makeshift polythene tents.44. In the last decade the literacy of district has improved from 28. 1. Population Chart: o Male Urban Rural Total 82397 1335214 1417611 Female 70916 1194193 1265109 Total 153313 2529407 2682720 o %ge of population analysis Urban 6% Rural 94% Sitamarhi is one of the most backward districts of the country. Rasna Private Ltd.998 families live below the poverty line.49% to 38. The female literates have relatively grown more than that of male literates. About 4.

Economic Times Page 21 . 1.The Distribution channel of Rasna in Sitamarhi district Parihar 3 Sursand Butihi Saydpur Bairgania 35 Km 32 Km 25 Km 32 Km Sitamrhi Town. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. The location of a sub stockist point Rasna Private Ltd. (Supper stockist point) 40 Km 55 Km 40 Km Phupri Sibhar Bhitamore Sub Stockist Point Distribution channel of Rasna in Sitamarhi district consists of one supper stockist point which is located in Sitamarhi town and seven sub stockist point.

The main aim of the company is to have presence in every corner of Sitamarhi district. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. The supper stockist of the company collect the product from the regional company depot.is strategically design to minimise the carrying cost as much as possible. Rasna Private Ltd. 1. Economic Times Page 22 . In the case of Sitamarhi the depot is located in Patna.

Making a sub. 1.stockists and is responsible for all theft. stock analysis. The super stockist works according to the area assigned and is liable for the dispatch of the consignments ordered by other sub. Super stockist’s are appointed by the company itself for receiving. Economic Times Page 23 . pilferage& damage to goods in his custody. His ability to reach to every retailers in the market. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. packaging and distribution etc. The variables that come into play in the appointment of a sub-stockiest are:   His ability to pay at a stipulated time period of his orders placed. warehousing. where companies keep their stock to pass it on to the next stage of the distribution cycle viz.stockist. dealers. Large space of warehousing for storing or stocking goods. wholesalers. Sub stockist: Sub stockist is a person in the next level of distribution cycle who is appointed by the company person or by the super.stockist and delivers them to the retailers according to the consignment ordered. Rasna Private Ltd. retailers and finally to the consumers.stockist receives consignments from the super. Area of his work so that order could be supplied to him at any point of time.CHANNEL VIEW Super-stockiest: Super Stockist is the kind of C&F agency. They do all kinds of jobs like sales and marketing.stockist: A sub-stockiest is appointed by the company person or a super-stockiest along the interior villages and towns which is beyond the reach of the company itself. The Sub. inventory management & control. safe storage and dispatching of the Company’s goods.

enabling the company to systematically track its inventory or product availability. SKU use is rooted in data management. Rasna Private Ltd. It is measured by dividing the number of SKU’s sold in a day of a particular market by the number of productive calls made.LPC Analysis: LPC= Total no of SKU sold/ No of productive call    LPC or Line Per Call is a measure of identifying the number of SKU’s sold per productive call. 1. SKU’s stand for stock keeping unit is a unique identifier for each distinct product and service that can be purchased. This as a factor helps in analysing if the total product line is placed in the market and actually what are the number of retailers actually ordering calls. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. Economic Times Page 24 . such as in warehouses and retail outlets.

100000 50000 0 Mar-10 Apr-10 May-10 Inference: The sales figure of three month shows no similarity at all. 1. o Over crowding the market. In April 2010 the distribution channel of the company was in full swing. Over demand of the product created a lack of supply in this month. The introduction month is March 2010. ( Source : Brand quality) 2.Sales data analysis and inference… Monthly Sale of total Sitamari district: Totla sale in Rs. 250000 200000 150000 Totla sale in Rs. So this whole month was taken to build up a good distribution channel.   Rasna Private Ltd. o Heavy rain in certain part of the district. Economic Times Page 25 . appointing sub stockist etc. This is due to several reasons  Rasna was doing supper concept for the 1st time in Sitamarhi district. In may 2010 the sales figure again dipped due to three reason o Lack of timely supply. So the sales figure is very high.

1. But it shows muh clear view. Rasna Private Ltd.Weekly Sales of total region: Weekly Sales 90000 80000 70000 60000 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000 0 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Weeks Infarance: Weekly sales of three months follows the monthly sale pattern. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. According to the chart the sales hadn’t really picked up after week 15 because of the factors mentioned above. Economic Times Page 26 .

1.Territory wise sales data: 3 months %ge sale Sibhar Parihar Sursand Bhitamore Bairgania Saidpur Phupri Rasna Private Ltd. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. Economic Times Page 27 .

o It is basically placed in premium powder segment and in this segment it has been able to maintain its taste. Economic Times Page 28 . One of the majour problem is it should take action on piracy or on them who produces duplicate products. o This also include another problem related to brand recall.  Weakness: o There are few weaknesses like the majour products of Rasna are seasonal. in this segment Rasna has the highest available flavours in market. This can be done by creating awareness. o One of the majour strength lies in the packaging. So the only in a particular time the demand for this raises. o It should also consider its promotional issue to enter into the peoples heart and also look on its rate.it can also introduce fruit juice. It can also bring its international products into Indian market. Rasna Private Ltd. o It is came up with lots of new products like Rasna fruitplus which is sugarmix.building distributor point over that place is one of greatest strength of Rasna. The rasna packs start from 1 rupee and goes upto 85 rupees. o It has also opportunity to enter into ready drink section. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. it is continuously developing its products. Now rasna premium powders are seasonal products but if it sell these products by making it ready drink then and in a better price then the sell may increase. rasna fruitplus lite and the newly launched rasna glucose.Analysis and recommendation Swot Analysis:  Strength: o The rural marketing focusing on each and individual places of interior. 1.  Opportunity: o Many opportunities are still there to make this brand more strong. o Entering into glucose section is definitely a good initiative.

1. If these brands enter into this premium drink powder segment segment then problem may arise. Rasna Private Ltd. large network. o The another threat to enter into ready drink section or fruit juce section. Economic Times Page 29 .NESTLE etc. may come with much better quality with better taste and may take a aggressive brand promotion. They already have a established brandname. Threat: o The majour threat for rasna is that the big brands like HUL.PARLE AGRO. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. which is much suitable for rasna might may be heard as the other brands have already established their brand value and fame.invest more.

it is hereby recommended to distribute such materials to the sub-stockists and retailers which will helping in increasing the brand value. So. 1.FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: Findings: The following inferences were drawn from the above survey:  Sales of Rasna products were towering in the month of April in comparison to March and took a drip in the month of May which amounted to be lowest. People prefer orange and mango flavour the most and the likability of pineapple.      Recommendations:  Sursand. Rasna Fruitplus being a new product should have penetrated the market but due to improper and untimely promotions and ads the gap between products and consumers have increased. ( Source : Brand quality) 2. lemon and colacola are still very stringent throughout the region. Promotional events along with the distribution of promotional materials are nil. This in effect leads to low orders to the sub-stockist from the retailers so it is suggested that an equal price needs to be maintained so that it costs equal to all from wherever they buy.     Rasna Private Ltd. Rasna has managed to penetrate on the SDC market globally. The entire product line does not sell along with the product width. Promotional events along with the distribution of brochures. The untimely dispatch of goods from the depot to the super-stockiest needs to be taken care of as it leads to cancellations of order bookings. Rasna 1 ka 2 sells the most in Bihar’s Sitamarhi district along with 10 ka 12 and 32 glass. Bairgania and Sibhar region of Sitamari is a potential market so it is hereby suggested to look into the area. Retailers of certain regions tend to buy goods from Patna at wholesale prices and sell it in the market at high margin. Economic Times Page 30 . Unavailability of goods at certain periods needs to be taken care of which leads to sore relationships of sub-stockists with retailers in the market. It is definite that it would contribute to the total sales more in the next year. stickers and leaflets are nil.

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