Federal Aviation Administration Civilian Part 77 Report ASN: 2012-WTE-1053-OE Fri Mar 09 13:12:14 EST 2012 Obstruction

Latitude: 18-19-36.81N Longitude: 65-18-31.54W Traverse Way: Not a traverseway Case Information & Part 77 results use NAD 83 datum SE: AGL: Additional Height: AMSL: 350 190 0 540

Airports with FAR77 Category Issues
No Airports with FAR77 Category Issues Found

Notice Criteria
77.9 Instrument Approach Area 77.9 Facility Screening FAR 77.9(a) FAR 77.9(b) FAR 77.9(c) FAR 77.9(d) Does not exceed No Further Study Required Does not exceed 200 ft AGL CPX[EXISTING][NASR] - RWY 13/31[EXISTING][OEAAA]: ---> Exceeds by 407 ft. Not a traverseway Not on an airport

Obstruction Standards
FAR 77.17(a)(1) FAR 77.17(a)(2) FAR 77.19(a) FAR 77.19(b) FAR 77.19(c) FAR 77.19(d) FAR 77.19(e) FAR 77.23(a) FAR 77.23(b) DNE 499 ft AGL Does not exceed CPX[EXISTING][NASR] Horizontal Surface ---> Exceeds by 341 ft. DNE Conical surface Outside Primary surface DNE Approach surface DNE Transitional surface DNE Heliport primary surface DNE Heliport approach surface

Note: Military surfaces have not been evaluated

Closest Runway Data
Runway End 13 Apt: CPX[EXISTING][NASR] Latitude: 18-18-52.84N Longitude: 65-18-25.56W Elevation: 44 Length: 2600 Width: 60

Runway: 13/31 Runway End Type: A(V) Side: L Heading: 120.77° Data Source: OEAAA Status: EXISTING

Runway Type: A(V) / A(V) Azimuth: 352.65° CD: 2782 PD: 3516 DD: 4472

Public Use Airports & Surfaces

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Name: BENJAMIN RIVERA Latitude: 18-18-47.84N Data Source: NASR Longitude: 65-18-15.56W Status: EXISTING Elevation: 49 Structure top exceeds the Horizontal Surface [77.19(a)] by 341 ft. Name: BENJAMIN RIVERA Latitude: 18-18-46.34N Longitude: 65-18-14.06W Elevation: 49

Azimuth: 342.80° APT-STR: 0.85 NM or 5174 ft.


Azimuth: 341.81° APT-STR: 0.88 NM or 5362 ft.

Runway 13/31 Data Source: OEAAA Status: EXISTING

Length: 2600 Width: 60

Type: A(V) / A(V) RWY-STR: 0.74 NM or 4468 ft.

Runway End 13 Latitude: 18-18-52.84N Longitude: 65-18-25.56W Elevation: 44 Side: L Runway End 31 Latitude: 18-18-39.84N Longitude: 65-18-02.56W Elevation: 7 Side: R

Type: A(V) Heading: 120.77° Azimuth: 352.65°

CD: 2782 DD: 4472 PD: 3516

Type: A(V) Heading: 300.77° Azimuth: 334.23°

CD: -5357 DD: 6388 PD: 3516

Runway 13/31 Data Source: NASR Status: EXISTING

Length: 2600 Width: 50

Type: A(V) / A(V) RWY-STR:

Runway End 13 Latitude: <NULL> Longitude: <NULL> Elevation: <NULL> Side: Runway End 31 Latitude: <NULL> Longitude: <NULL> Elevation: <NULL> Side:

Type: A(V) Heading: 0.00° Azimuth: 0.00°


Type: A(V) Heading: 0.00° Azimuth: 0.00°


Alert: Public Airports Within 5 Nautical Miles
Ident CPX Name BENJAMIN RIVERA NORIEGA Distance 0.85 Latitude 18-18-47.84N Longitude 65-18-15.56W

Public Use Heliports & Surfaces
No Public Use Heliports Found

Alert: Heliports Within 5 Nautical Miles
No Public Heliports Alerts were found

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Private Use Airports (in NAD 83 Datum)
No Private Use Airports were found

Private Use Heliports (in NAD 83 Datum)
Ident PR06 Name HILL Distance 2.17 Latitude 18-18-00.00N Longitude 65-17-00.00W

Distances: CD = Along centerline from threshold PD = Perpendicular to the centerline DD = Direct from threshold * Standard or Special Instrument Approach Procedures

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