"Timeless Clock

Ask again god: What's my name? Am I your son Or have I fallen to shame? Your hand stretched forth: Cryptic with words and a blindfold over my eyes How was I to see you for the mist and the noise Of your children calling your name? There is no plan for us: A test: a game of chess Where checkmate is death And the board is a mess. And now you will send me to the shadow world, Where I find purpose and reason for your judgement so absurd: Insurance for infidels Who used their heads and not only their hearts. Ask again god: What's my name? If I fall from grace, Am I to blame? The voice has been misconstrued, Your words have been abused To the point where fiction blessing your tongue Rather than words that ring true. I cannot see you for the forest surrounding me: The Garden of Eden overgrew And became corrupt: Nothing grows but weeds And the fruit is never sweet. But I shall hold on, Hold on in hopefully vanity For I know that time lives beyond the hands of the clock And the rock upon which I precariously stand starts to crumble from beneath me.

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