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XXXXXXXX, Palo Alto CA 9430X
Svn×rcno U×:vrns:vv Stanford, CA
Ph.D., XXXXXXX Engineering 2014
• GPA: 3.83/4.00; GRE: Q790, V700, A4.5
Ncwnrnr Svnvr U×:vrns:vv Nowhere, XX
M.S., XXXXXXX Engineering 2008
• GPA: 4.00/4.00; Nowhere Research Fellow (full tuition + stipend)
Ncwnrnr Svnvr U×:vrns:vv Nowhere, XX
B.S., Honors, Civil Engineering 2005
• GPA: 3.96/4.00; NWSU Presidential Scholar (half tuition)
Svn×rcno U×:vrns:vv Stanford, CA
Research Assistant 2008 – Present
• Led research thrust of four researchers studying XXXXX factors important to XXXXXXXXXX.
• Developed mathematical models to describe and predict chemical uptake to sampling devices.
• Published three peer-reviewed papers (two additional pending). Presented at six international conferences.
• Awarded $326,000 in total research funding by creating five winning proposals to external funding bodies.
• Communicatedresults to Chevron/Exxon/BPscientists andmanagers inmonthly reports andquarterly meetings.
Graduate Teaching Assistant 2012
• Lectured 50 graduate students on XXXXXXXXXX (engineering course). Coached groups of 2-6 students.
• Rated by students in top quartile (highest ranking reported by university) of dept. teaching assistants.
Tutor 2009, 2011
• Tutored graduate student with learning disability in XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX and XXXXXX XXXXXXXX.
• Facilitated three letter-grade improvement. Second appointment was by specific request of the student.
Ncwnrnr Svnvr U×:vrns:vv Nowhere, XX
Nowhere Research Fellow 2006 – 2008
• Published peer-reviewed paper and presented research at three international conferences.
XXX(Pncrrss:c×nt Oncn×:znv:c×), Svn×rcno Cnnrvrn Stanford, CA
Founding President 2012 – Present
• Grew professional organization studying XXXXXXXXXXX from 1 to 12 members in one year.
• Led organization to become the first student chapter nationwide to have its work accepted in an international,
refereed conference and to submit a peer-reviewed publication.
• Identified, via a Life Cycle Assessment, a technological substitute to reduce 50%of the CO
emissions of a XXXXX
XXXXXXX without increasing cost or reducing performance.
Svn×rcno E×v:nc×mr×vnt Cc×sutvn×vs Stanford, CA
Project Leader 2009 – 2010
• Supervised a team of 6 conducting a "full social cost accounting" quantitative and qualitative assessment of a
proposed XXX XXX project.
• Established and maintained timelines for delivering quantitative reports to client (XXXXXX).
• Urban farming (assisted delivering a goat) •Lyft "taxi" driver (100+ trips) •Volunteer at XXX XXX