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Technology in the Learning Environment


Episode 1

Name of FS Student: Vina S. Melon Course: BEED/General curriculum Resource Teacher: Mss. Tess Fabro Cooperating School: Cantil-e Elementary School Year and Section:II _____ Signature:_______________

Your Target
At the end of this activity, you will be competent in identifying and classifying resources that facilitate teaching and learning process.

Your Map
It will be an interesting journey to the world of educational technology. A chance to visit and observe a learning resource center of a school will start you off. For this process, explore the world through these steps:

Your Tools
As you visit and observe the learning resource center, use activity forms provided for you to document your observation. Ask the assistance of the one staffing the center courteously.

An Observation Guide for a LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER
Read the following statements carefully before you observe. 1. Go around the Learning Resource Center. 2. See what learning resources are present. 3. Examine how the materials are arranged and how they are classified? 4. Look for the guidelines/procedures for borrowing of materials. Are these guidelines/procedures posted or available for the users to refer to?

Cantil-e Elementary School has the library as their major learning resource center. Stored in it are the different learning resources such as books, television, cassette/stereo, typewriters, magazines and others. These resources are properly taken care of. They are free from moisture and dust because the librarian assigned some students to clean and polish the learning center. The books can be borrowed directly provided that they must be handled well and returned properly after use. There are rules and regulations posted near the door that everyone may directly notice.

After you have observed, classify the resources available in the learning resource center. Please use the activity form provided for you.
Name of Center Observed: Cantil-e elementary school learning center Date of Observation: December 4, 2011 Name of Observed: Vina S. Melon Course/Year/School: BEED-II/NORSU

List of Available Learning Resources
Available Learning Resources (enumerate in bullet form) Characteristics and Unique Capabilities Teaching Approaches where the Resource is most Useful

1.      2.     3.

Printed Resources Books Encyclopedia Magazines Textbooklets Dictionaries

These are the major source of information for the teacher lessons. These can also help the learner’s reading skills and vocabulary development.

Lecture approach – source of information for the teacher’s lessons. Linguistic approach – help to develop ones vocabulary and reading skills. Metacognitve approach – let children to think deeply with these learning materials.

Audio Resources Speaker Microphone Radio Televisions Non-electronic Visuals Resource  Charts  Chalkboard  Bulletin board 4. ICT Resources  Computers  printer

These are commonly used to develop the learners listening skills. It can also make learning more effective.

These are used to represent the lessons visually.

Lecture approach – use in representing the lessons. Integrated Learning approach – the different senses of the learners will be involved through the use of these materials.

They will keep you abreast in any current trends and information.

Impression: Their learning resource center has many learning resources that will greatly contribute to the faster learning of the students. Name and Signature of Observer: VINA S. MELON IVY MAY C. LOQUENE Name and Signature of the Learning Resource Center In-charge:

. the learners can easily access information from the learning resources. The books.Your Analysis Were the learning resources/materials arranged properly according to their function and characteristics? Yes. What suggestions can you make? I suggest that the cleanliness of the center should be maintained. In addition. The learning resources/materials of Cantil-e elementary school were arranged properly according to their functions and characteristics. Therefore. the center must be placed in the safe area so that children will not be going upstairs to avoid farther accident . The learning resources/materials should be always safe and good condition should always be maintained so that it still useful to the succeeding generation of the learners. the resources/materials and conducive for learning for the learners who are wanted to study inside the library. The selection of words in the guidelines was very clear. Do the guidelines and procedures facilitate easy access on the materials by the teachers? Why? Why not? Yes. The location of the library is not safe for the children because it was located at the second floor of the building. magazines. There are some specific areas in the library that was not cleaned well. What are its weaknesses? There were some parts of the shelves that have been destroyed. What are the strengths of this Learning Resource Center? The learning resource center was clean. The guidelines and procedures facilitate easy access to the materials by the teacher because the instruction was very clear and was posted on the door before entering the center. and other printed materials are arranged properly in the shelves and the ICT and other electronic resources are place in the safe area.

encyclopedias and magazines. The speed of computers also has a very large range. Which one do you feel you need to learn about? The gadget that I feel I need to learn more is how to use or operate the computers. . It is made up of two parts . Read an article about your answer in number 3. Let us take a look at some of the uses of computers. Computers have become indispensable in today's world. I could not remember that we use computers in the discussion. The size of a computer varies considerably from small personal computers to gigantic supercomputers which require an entire building to host them. which executes software programs.hardware and software . I still think that I need to improve it more. A computer is an electronic device. 3. 4. 2. Which of the materials in the learning resources caught your interest the most? Why? The learning resources that caught my interest the most was the computer. In fact. the computers were only located at the principal’s office and only the teachers are allowed to use. Which gadgets/materials are you confident to use/operate? The materials that I am confident to use are the books. Even though I already have the knowledge on how to operate the computer. Paste a copy of the article here.Your Reflection 1. The computer displays output through output devices like a monitor and printer. During my elementary years in this school. I have been using these materials since the day I started to go to school. The computer processes input through input devices like mouse and keyboard.

Melon Course: BEED/General curriculum Resource Teacher: Mss. follow the boards below. Your Map Display board.Technology in the Learning Environment FIELD STUDY Episode 2 BULLETIN BOARD DISPLAYS Name of FS Student: Vina S. Tess Fabro Cooperating School: Cantil-e Elementary School Year and Section: II-_______ Signature:_______________ Your Target At the end of this activity. Look around a school for bulletin board displays Pick one and evaluate the display Propose enhancements to the display more effective . To reach your target. or what we more commonly refer to as bulletin board. you will be competent in appraising the effectiveness of display boards as learning resources. is one of the most readily available and versatile learning resources.

An Observation Guide for BOARD DISPLAYS 1.Your Tools As you look around and examine board displays. Their main concept is about the Christmas celebration in the month of December. peace and justice and etc. Do you notice some errors? (misspelled words. grammar inconsistencies and the like) 6. You may choose to take a photo of the display board (If allowed) OBSERVATION REPORT Name of the School Observed: Cantil-e Elementary School Location of the School: Cantil-e. What are the displays about? What images and colors do you see? How are the pieces of information arranged? 4. What materials were used in making the displays? Are borders used? 5. Dumaguete City Date of Visit: December 4. styro and papers. . The messages and information is easy to understand by the audience. These were placed at the front-most building of the school. Where are the display boards found? Are they in places where target viewers can see them? 3. The bulletin boards are made-up of wooden materials. Go around the school and examine the board displays. There were also some bulletins placed on the corners of every room. use the activity forms provided for you to document your observation. How many board displays do you see? 2. 2012 There were five major bulletin boards that I had observed in the school. The other concept of some bulletin boards was all about nutrition. Are the messages clear and 7.

From among the board displays that you saw. the style and approach entice learners to be involved. the fonts can be seen from a distance. .     The design can catch the attention of audience but it needs little improvement in the colorful designs. items are securely attached NI 1 S 2 VS 3 O 4 Comments  The informations are clear to the audience. 4-Outstanding 3-Very Satisfactory 2-Satisfactory 1-Needs Improvement Criteria Effective Communication Conveys the message quickly and clearly. ambiguity Durability Well-constructed. Some pictures were not arranged properly. Yes. No errors at all.    Their displays were free from grammar errors. Write comments to back up your ratings. pick the one that you got most interested in. misspelled words. There is unity of design the pictures were related to each other. Attractiveness Colors and arrangement catches and holds interest Balance Objects are arranged so stability is perceived Unity Repeated shapes or colors or use of boarders holds display together Interactivity The style and approach entice learners to be Involved Legibility Letters and illustrations can be seen from a good distance Correctness Free from grammar errors.  Well constructed pictures are well posted. Yes. Evaluate it using the evaluation form below BOARD DISPLAYS EVALUATIN FORM Topic of the board display: Peace and Justice Location of the Board Display in School: Inside the classroom Check the column that indicates your rating.

Weaknesses The bulletin board is not very attractive. and effective. Observations: It was beautiful and the information was clear but it was not very attractive. Melon Location: Cantil-e Elementary School Brief Description of the Bulletin Board: The bulletin board was all about peace and justice. Judgments / Evaluation of educational content and other aspects: The display conveys the message of peace and justice.An Evaluation Report of a Bulletin Board (Option 2) Bulletin Board Evaluated by: Vina S. aside from being updated. MELON . Recommendations or Suggestions for improvement: The informations are useful and relevant to the learners need. EVALUATION Strengths Their bulletin board displays were durable. I don’t see any weakness in the information in the bulletin board. The information was clear. The information was clear. In making a bulletin board. There are some missing designs of the board. You should make it very attractive. Some pictures were not arranged well. We should add pictures related to the topic and arranged it properly. Signature of Evaluator over Printed Name : VINA S. The bulletin board is big and the illustrations are attractive to the target audience.

Your Analysis Did the board display design reflect the likes/interest of its target audience? Why? Why not? The bulletin board designs reflect to the interest of the learners because it gives information clearly by putting several pictures related to the topic. The purpose of the bulletin board should deal three purposes – the decorative. . It uses information which was clear to the learners and the font size was also clear that can be seen few meters away. It is decorative because it will add beauty in the atmosphere of the school if it was creatively made. the whole bulletin board is not very attractive it lacks colorful designs. Was the language used clear and simple for the target audience to understand? Why? Why not? Yes. This is motivational because the messages can motivate the learners to perform better and have greater confidence to promote peace and order in their early age. The language used in the bulletin board was clear and simple that the target audience could understand immediately. But on the other hand. motivational and instructional purposes. What suggestions can you make? I suggest that in making bulletin board we should consider the neatness and the proper arrangement of the pictures. so that it makes learners to get better learning from it. What do you think was the purpose of the board display? Was it effective? Why? Why not? The purpose of the board display is motivational and decorative.

Identify the good values to commit peace and justice.This book is an orange-colored book. Best Features of my proposed bulletin enhancement: Cut-outs and more different colorful pictures about good values. Content Resources (Name each needed resource and give each a brief description): VALUES EDUCATION Book . Objectives: The pupils will be able to: 1. Materials for aesthetic enhancement: Cartolinas Scissors Cutter Colored papers Marker Crayons Silver dusts . Obtain necessary information about the application of peace in our daily living. used by teachers in teaching their learners . this values bulletin board was displayed inside the room to add beauty and motivational factor to the audience. 2.My Proposed Board Display Theme: “Peace and Justice on Earth” Board Title: Values bulletin board Rationale: As part of the classroom requirement.

make you own display lay out.(Optional activity) based on your suggestions. You may present your output through any of these:  A Hand-made drawing or layout  An Electronic (computer) drawing or illustration or layout  A collage My Board Display Lay-out Theme: ““ Peace and justice on Earth” .

3. they must be able to visualize the presentation and impact they want to create. Rather than a display aimed at students who understand the most. Teachers should have these skills in making a board display: 1. 2. and then apply those to the display. 4. Visual skills. Communication-Teachers know that words combined with visual content can often communicate more than words alone. the teacher must be a good communicator. 3. . How do you practice these skills? The skills that I have are the visual skills. Name at least 5 skills that a teacher should have to be able to come up with effective board displays. 2. the display would be geared to include students who understand the least. I think still need to improve my creativity skills because base on my output I observed that my work was not very colorful and attractive. Organizational skills-It includes comparing and contrasting.Your Reflection 1. or the easiest. Elaborate on why each skill is needed.Teachers are somewhat like interior designers. 5. Which of the skills do you already have? Recall your past experience in making board displays. Creativity. Minimalistic views-Good teachers know they must minimize content to the basic building blocks they want to teach. organizational skill and the skill of minimalistic views.Instructional content can be dry and boring in a classroom setting. Which skill do you still to develop? Reflect on how can you improve on or acquire these skills. and the hardest. The skills that I still to developed are the creativity and communication skills. the poorest. As well. grouping and arranging content in a meaningful way. the best. Creative teachers try to present concepts and content in an interesting way.

Step 3. Step 2. Comment on the appropriateness of the teaching aids to the learning tasks. Step 4.Technology in the Learning Environment FIELD STUDY Episode 3 SEE AND SAY (Utilization of teaching Aids) Your Target At the end of this activity. Your Map To reach your target. Reflect on your learnings. Note down the various teaching aids that were utilized in the teaching learning process. you will be competent in determining the appropriateness of teaching aids to learning tasks. . Observe a class on its regular class. follow the steps below: Step 1.

eagerness and understanding? 5. Observe and take notes on how the teacher presents/uses the learning resources. What do their responses indicate? Do their responses show attentiveness. 4. In using the chart she writes in there the paragraph that is all about araw ng kagitingan. eagerness and understanding? OBSEVATION REPORT Date of Observation: January 09. use the activity forms provided for you to document your observations. Are they learning forward showing their interest on the lesson and the materials? Are they looking towards the direction of the teacher and the materials? Do their actions show attentiveness. Closely observe the learners’ response to the teacher’s use of the learning resources. The teacher used manila paper as a chart in her lesson. 2012 School: Cantil-e Elementary School Subject: Hekasi Topic: Araw ng Kagitingan Grade or Year Level: Grade –II E-impact Fabro In the time of my observation.Your Tools As you observe the class. Class observation Guide Read the following statements carefully before you observe. The learners participate through reading the paragraph in the chart. 1. What is the lesson about? 2. Focus on their non-verbal responses. I observed with Hekasi class. . The subject matter of the discussion is about the “araw ng kagitingan”. Listen to their verbal responses. What visual aids/materials/learning resources is the teacher using? 3.

Your Analysis UTILIZATION OF TEACHING AIDS FORM Grade or year level of class observed: Grade II Date of Observation: January 09. From general to specific. because pupils can participate actively with lessons. The learners can quickly response to it. Teaching Aids used (Enumerate in bullet form) Strengths It contains information about the topic.  Module So thin and easy to bring.  Manila paper as a chart It is not attractive. Weaknesses Comments on Appropriateness of the Teaching Aids used Using charts in the class especially in the discussion/presentation of the lesson was very effective. Using module in discussion is effective because the module is already a simplified form of a book that is why it is easy to bring. . The font size is visible and clear to the learners. 2012 Subject Matter: Araw ng kagitingan Brief Description of Teaching Approach Used by the Teacher: The teacher used deductive method of teaching. She first ask the pupils regarding with the different occasions in a year and come up to Araw ng Kagitingan. Limited uses only.

The pupils pay their attention to the learning materials because using of these instructional materials is the only way of getting the exact answers. the teacher should make colorful charts and provide good reinforcements. did the teacher experience? How can this be managed? I think getting the attention of the pupils was the main problem of my cooperating teacher. To get the positive response from the pupils. Another reason is the teacher has already the stock of instructional materials in her bank so she can easily get these in its bank by the times that she needs to use these. the teacher still got the positive response from the class by letting her pupils do some activities that only the chart can provide the correct answers. Over-all. if any. . were the learning resources/materials used effectively? Why or why not? The learning materials are used effectively in the class. What difficulties. Even though it was not attractive.Your Analysis What do you think prompted the teacher to choose the materials/ learning resources that he/she used? I think the teacher prompted to use the material because she already know the subject matter that she will be going to discuss and she already knows if what the learning materials/resources she will used.

I will use the instructional materials in relevance to the lesson that I will be going to discuss in the class so that the learners can acquire better learning. I’ll find ways to get the learners attention in using learning materials. .Your Reflection Put yourself in the place of the teacher. Similarly to her strategy. I will improve her style in teaching with the used of instructional materials. Differently. instructional materials should be very attractive that could catch the learners’ attention. I will make instructional materials which are more attractive to the learners. What would you do similarly and what would you do differently if you will teach the same lesson to the same group of students? Why? If I were in the place of the teacher.

Your Map To reach your target. cut-outs transparencies). Organize them in box. . Step 3. Tess Fabro Cooperating School: Cantil-e Elementary School Year: II Signature_____________________ Your Target At the end of this activity.Technology in the Learning Environment FIELD STUDY Episode 4 TOOLS OF THE TRADE (Teaching Aids Bank) Name of FS Student: Vina S. Melon Course: Bachelor in Elementary Education Resource Teacher: Mss. Decide on a specific content area. pictures. Develop a pile of teaching aids (flash cards. you will be competent in preparing instructional materials that are appropriate to the learning content. Step 4. follow the steps below: Step 1. Find out the learning resources relevant to your topic that are available from your school/university’s learning resource center. Step 2.

Aside from the printed materials. modules and magazines. 2. television and radio. Are the learning resources useful for your topic in the resource center you visited? 2. List down that can be useful for your topic. use the activity forms provided for you to document your observations. The materials that I can make are the flip charts. These learning materials are very useful in my topic. etc)? OBSERVATION NOTES Name of the School: Cantil-e Elementary School Location of the School: Cantil-e. word cards and pocket cards. transparences. . An observation/Survey Guide 1. 2012 1. Are the available materials appropriate for your target grade/year level? 3. 4. 3. posters. When I visited Cantil-e Elementary School’s learning center. flash cards.Your Tools As you observe the class. cut-outs. the learning center also has computer. The computer and television are also useful in my topic 4. The available materials that I saw in the learning resource center are appropriate in my target grade level. I saw different kinds of printed materials like books. What other materials can you make? (Like flash cards. Dumaguete City Date of Visit: January 13 & 16. picture cards. The materials that are useful in my topic are the books and modules.

MAY BE PURCHASED. English. I will let my student show pictures of living things and non living things that start from vowel and consonant letters.Learning Resources on a Specific Content Area Use this graphic organizer to present the learning resources relevant to the topic chosen. TOPIC: Using a and an in a sentence. Will be made: Flip Chart Math. The computers contain video. At the same time it can also be used as a decorative in the classroom. Available: Book this is the most valuable source of my topic because inside it are not only the encoded information but also pictures that are very useful in presenting my topic. (English) Grade: Grade I Will be made: Flash card use to develop the fast mental abilities of the children in answering the questions in math. Will be made: word cards Used to identify the meaning of the words and the different action words. I will let my student open the page where my topic is located. Sibika. indicate if the resource is already AVAILABLE. Available: Computers One common technology that will help me present my topic. Available: Chalk Board It is very important because the teacher can use this in writing the important details about the topic. audio video and printed information these will help the student for an easy access of information. Filipino Specific Content area -This can be used by presenting different subject matters for an easy access of information and the topic can be built quickly that will clarify the lesson discussed by the teacher. On the line of the box. Will be made: Picture Cards this will help me in presenting my topic because this is one way of showing the children the concrete illustration of the real object. OR WILL BE MADE (by yourself course!). Will be made: Pocket chart -This can be very helpful in presenting my topic because I can use this a pocket of putting all my picture cards and word cards after presenting my topic. .

we will know the things on how the instructional materials were made. We can also know the weaknesses and strength of the materials. you are just wasting your time and effort. In this way we can lessen our time and effort. If we will make instructional materials directly without knowing that there are also available materials on what you have just made. by doing a survey we will lessen our expenses because we already know what materials are needed to bought.Your Analysis Give at least three benefits of doing a survey of available materials before making your own materials? Explain each. Again. In connection to this. Through this I can exactly buy the materials that are enough in making my own instructional materials. LESS EFFORT AND TIME. By conducting a survey we can GATHER INFORMATION on how to improve and beautify our own instructional materials. LESS EXPENCES. . then. conducting a survey can lessen our effort and time. In this way I can be sure that the materials I bought will all be used exactly. but instead we will reuse or improve the existing materials. the information that we have gathered will be used or applied for the future making of better. It will help me know what are the materials that are needed to be made and bought. by conducting a survey we will learn what materials are available and not available. If we conduct a survey. 1. 2. Surveying of available materials before making your own materials is important because it will help us lessen our expenses. By doing a survey it will help me determine the materials that are available and materials that are not available. So. durable and more beautiful instructional materials. It is very important to conduct a survey so that we will know what materials are available that will be appropriate for topic so that we will no longer make another one. 3.

Second. in this way you can reduce effort and time. What difficulties. I love making flip chart because I enjoyed cutting and pasting the pictures of my flip chart. In the color combinations. Aside from it. but with the help of the color-wheel and the suggestions of my friends I still overcome those difficulties and I came-up to a nice color combinations. GOD still provide the budget to buy my materials in making my instructional materials. be sure that the materials you made are durable so that after using you can keep the materials and may use it by the time you have a relevant topic. I like making the most was the flip chart. In the budget. I also enjoyed watching and deciding on what color I will use in my flip chart as a background. I also enjoy writing even though my penmanship is not good.Your Reflections Which of the materials did you like to make the most? Why? Among the materials that I had made. it gave me a hard time to decide what color to used. What tips can you give teachers regarding preparation of teaching materials? The tips that I can give to teachers regarding in the preparation of teaching materials is first they must plan and decide of what instructional materials they will be making after conducting a survey. though we are all suffering from financial difficulties. we must prepare the materials ahead of time so that we could come up to a materials that is not done in a rush way. . if any. Plan and decide the materials and color combinations needed to be bought so that the exact materials can be bought exactly and may lessen expenses. Lastly. did you encounter in making the materials? How did you overcome them? The difficulties that I encounter in making my instructional materials were the color combinations and the lack of exact budget.

you can design hand-outs that will truly work well to make learning effective. you will gain competence in preparing instructional materials (hand-outs) that are appropriate to the learning content. schema. When you produce high quality hand-outs and eventually try them out. . flowcharts. Tess Fabro Cooperating School: Cantil-e Elementary School Year: II Signature_____________________ Your Target At the end of the lesson of this activity.e. paper works! To reach your target. you will discover that.  Describe your handouts. You will see that preparing hand-outs is not just any paper work. graphic organizers). Your Map With a lot of reflective thinking coupled with your creativity. indeed. Melon Course: Bachelor in Elementary Education Resource Teacher : Mss.  Present it to your FS teacher before reproducing it. follow the steps below:  Prepare handouts for a selected topic (i.Technology in the Learning Environment FIELD STUDY Episode 5 PAPER WORKS (Preparing Hand-out) Name of FS Student : Vina S.

2. 3. What topic do I like to work? For what grade or year level is my hand-out for? What components do I include in my outline? What type of graphic organizers/flow charts/schemas do I need to use? What references do I used? HAND-OUT PLAN Subject Matter: Types of Clouds Grade Level: Grade IV OUTLINE: I. Post activity References . V. III. II. 4. 5. Introduction Graphic Organizer Types of Clouds  Stratus Cloud  Cumulonimbus Cloud  Cumulus Cloud  Cirrus Cloud IV.HAND-OUT PLANNING GUIDE 1.

Science and Health IV .Hand-Out Plan (cOn’t) Type of Graphic Organizer/s/flow charts/schema to use: Concept Map Stratus Cloud Cumulonimbus Cloud Types of Clouds Cumulus Cloud Cirrus Cloud References: 1. Bing.

2. Easy to follow – a handout should be on a progressive order so that pupils/student can easily follow the discussion. Strong Title. Clear-uncluttered handout – the hand out should be neat. 5. clear and uncrumpled. No more than two font in a document – in my handout I used three different font styles. Strong title – the title of my handout is strong and interesting. answer the following questions: What are the good features of a handout? The good features of my handout are: 1. 3. 4. Which of these features present in the hand I out? The features that are present to my handout are: 1. Easy to follow – my hand out is easy to follow because it is on the format of a progressive order of ideas 3.Your Analysis After working with your handout. No more than two fonts in a document – to have text uniformly and cleanliness of the handout. Keyword in a bold type – use to emphasize or identify the important ideas to be presented in the class. 4. .this will convince the presenter to explore or encourage to read the subject matter due to its interesting title. Which features are not present in the handout I made? The feature that are not present in my handout are: 1. in large font size and use a bullet form so that it will be visible to read. 6. Keyword in a bold type – I emphasize the important words of my handout by bolding it. Subtitles make easier to read – I made my subtitle bold. 2. so that it will be easy to read. Subtitles make easier to read – to give value or importance to the word.

. clear-uncluttered handout and subtitles should easy to read. I overcome this difficulty when I already decided to choose the different types of clouds as my topic in my handout. Your Reflections 1. easy to follow. make sure that the objectives of your topic must fit to the level of learners you are targeting.2. I really don’t have the idea on how to make a good successful handout. Clear-uncluttered handout – this is not present in my hand out because my hand out is not very neat. In this way I overcome this difficulty. Another difficulty that I had experienced is the dilemma in deciding for the appropriate topic that I will be choosing. the handout that the teacher must made is simple but elegant. Second. What tips can you give teachers regarding preparation handouts? The tips that I can give to teachers in making a handout are. the topic should be easily recognize and clearly made. keywords should be in bold type. Third. no more than two fonts in a document. The specific ideas and lessons must be related to the topic and clear information and explanation should be given. first. I collect the ideas that I had searched in the internet and ask my classmates if the information was correct. What difficulties that I have been encountered in making the handouts? How did you overcome them? The difficulties that I have been encountered in making my handout are – first. the teacher should consider the different good features of a handout that includes strong title. 2. It takes me to two to three hours surfing the net looking for the criteria of a good handout.

There are different types of clouds. Once the vapor has been cooled to saturation. The water vapor attaches itself to condensation nuclei which could anything from dust to microscopic particles of salt and debris. and ponds or by evaporation over Earth’s land surface and rises up into colder areas of the atmosphere due to convective or frontal lifting. cumulus clouds and cirrus clouds. Clouds are formed when water evaporates from ocean. lakes. these are stratus clouds.TYPES OF CLOUDS I. Introduction A cloud is a visible mass of liquid droplets or frozen crystals made of water various chemicals suspended in the atmosphere above the surface of a planetary body. . the cloud formed. cumulonimbus clouds.

. Draw clouds on white construction or drawing paper using white crayon. Materials:  cloud paper  paintbrushes  diluted blue paint Use the diluted blue paint to paint the paper and reveal the white clouds.Pre activity Make your own white cloud pictures.

Graphic Organizer Stratus Cloud Cumulonimbus cloud Types of Clouds Cumulus Cloud Cirrus Cloud .II.

 They appear as a grey overcast deck.  Stratus clouds are uniform grayish clouds that often cover the entire sky. Usually no precipitation falls from stratus clouds.III. Types of Clouds  Stratus Cloud  The Stratus cloud is the lowest of the low clouds.  They resemble fog that does not reach the ground." the resulting clouds are low stratus.  The individual stratus cloud has ill-defined edges compared to other low clouds. Because the stratus cloud is low it too has a base below 7. but can be scattered. . but sometimes they may drizzle. When a thick fog "lifts.000 feet and is made of mostly water droplets.

thunder. which means puffy and “nimbus” precipitation-bearing.  Cumulonimbus clouds usually have large anvilshaped tops because of the stronger winds at those higher levels of the atmosphere. and tornadoes. dense. heavy rains.  These clouds can produce lightning. and involved in thunderstorms and other inclement weather. Cumulonimbus Cloud  Cumulonimbus Cloud is derived from two Latin words “cumulo”. strong winds. .  Cumulonimbus is a towering vertical cloud that is very tall.

 Cumulus cloud  Cumulus means “puffy”. puffy with popcorn like appearance. .  They are often described as "cotton-like" in appearance. in lines. or in clusters. Cumulus clouds can be seen isolated as in this picture or grouped together is clusters. Cumulus means "heap" or "pile" in Latin. latin for stack. These clouds are usually white.  Cumulus clouds may appear alone. but can have ice crystals in colder climates.  The cumulus clouds are low clouds and most often composed of water droplets.  Cumulus clouds are a type of cloud with noticeable vertical development and clearly defined edges.

 Cirrus Cloud  Cirrus clouds are atmospheric clouds generally characterized by thin. thin.  Cirrus clouds generally occur in fair weather and point in the direction of air movement at their elevation. wispy strands. giving them their name from the Latin word cirrus meaning a ringlet or curling lock of hair.  The strands of cloud sometimes appear in tufts of a distinctive form referred to by the common name of mares' tails. almost hair-like.  They are mostly made of ice crystals and appear wispy. .

Science and Health IV 2. What are the different types of clouds? 2. wispy strands. This is the type of a cloud with noticeable vertical development and clearly defined edges. http://en. IV. and involved in thunderstorms and other inclement of_clouds . It is a towering vertical cloud that is very tall.wikipedia. 3.wikipedia. http://en. It is a cloud generally characterized by thin. References 1.IV. It is the lowest of the clouds 3. 5. Post Activity Answer the following: 1. 4.

Develop a slide presentation to support a learning activity on the topic. To reach your target. you will gain competence in developing and utilizing materials (slide presentations) which involve students in meaningful learning. follow the storyboard below: Select a topic or subject matter. Your Map An effective teacher makes it her/his business to create slide presentations that really enhance instruction. Try out your presentation to a group of learners. Melon Course: Bachelor in Elementary Education Resource Teacher: Mss. Tess Fabro Cooperating School: Cantil-e Elementary School Year: II______________ Signature_____________________ Your Target At the end of this activity.Technology in the Learning Environment FIELD STUDY Episode 6 SLIDESHOW BIZ (Slide Presentation) Name of FS Student: Vina S. Write a narrative pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of your presentation… Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4 .

Presentation Storyboard: Slide 1. Slide 9 Saturn -made up of materials that are lighter than water. Hyperlink – hyper linking the words that deals with broader ideas. -is blue green because the methane in its atmosphere. please specify Description of Appropriate Use: Graphics. use the activity form below. Slide 11 Neptune -the fourth largest planet and the fourth from the sun. The planet is a ball of liquid surrounded by gas. Stylish fonts – to make the presentation more attractive. Title of my Presentation: Slide Show Presentation Objectives: To provide information through slideshow presentation. Animation – it was applied in my presentation to provide motion effect and slide transition. Slide 8 Jupiter’s red spot -a huge storm swirling gas that has lasted for hundreds of years. Slide 4 Venus -the sixth largest planet.Your Tools Your Tools As you prepare your slide presentations. Slide 7 Jupiter -does not have a solid surface. It’s about three-fourths the size of the earth. . Slide 6 Mars -has a thin atmosphere that contains mostly carbon dioxide Slide 10 Uranus -One of the giant gas planets. Slide 12 Pluto -the smallest planet and farthest from the sun.I used graphics as the illustration of the different planets. Subject Matter/Topic: The sun and the nine planets of the solar system Enhancements: Graphics Animation Sound Effects Music Voice Narration Stylish Fonts Hyperlink Other. Slide 2 Slide 3 Mercury Solid and is covered with craters Almost no atmosphere Eight largest planet The sun and the nine planets of the solar system Slide 5 Earth Earth is the fifth largest planet and the third from the sun The sun -the biggest the hottest in the solar system. Themes – the themes should be fit to the subject matter and have contrast to the presentation. Include an electronic copy of the presentation when you submit it to your FS teacher.

Use links in your presentation 7. . Include photos/pictures. I iclude 4 to 7 lines of text. Make your presentation not too long nor too short Which of these features are present in the slide presentation you made? The feature that are not present in my presentation are: 1. Use the same theme for your presentation. Using the same themes in the whole presentation. Short and sweet – I made my slides short. Use special transitions-to have many effects 6. Include transition effect – to be more attractive 3. transition or effects-include to the slide to put emphasis on important point. 4. 3. nor too short-in my presentation I only used 12 slides.too mny theme is cnfusing 5. Which features are not present in the slide presentation you made? The feature that is not present in my presentation is. 2. let your audience know what you are talking about 4. Include photos and pictures – I include the photos and picture to visualized my topic. Use link in the presentation. Short and sweet – one slide should have less than 4 points or line of text. answer the following questions: What are the good features of a slide presentation? The ood feature of a slide presentation are: show neatness and less confusing 5.Your Analysis After working on your slide presentation. Mypresentationdid not contaian two points to tacle. Making my presentation not too long.

I over come this problem when I decided to transfer to an expensive but faster internet connection café. . animations and the photos of my slide showe presentation. The speed of response was very slow. if any. What difficulties. it takes time in downloading the graphics.Your Reflections 1. did you encounter in making the slide presentation? How did you overcome them? The difficulty that I had encounter in making my slide presentation was the slowness of the speed of response by the enternet connection.

Tess Fabro Cooperating School: Cantil-e Elementary School Year: II Signature_____________________ Your Target At the end of this activity. explore the world through these steps: 4.Technology in the Learning Environment FIELD STUDY Episode 7 MY E-WORLD (Websites) Name of FS Student : Vina S. Surf the net to find sites that Provide support materials and/ or interactive programs on topic. Reflect on your FS experience 1. Observe a class and take Note of the topic being Presented 1. you will be decisive in terms of using on-line resource materials and interactive programs. 2. . Melon Course: Bachelor in Elementary Education Resource Teacher : Mss. Your Map For this process. Evaluate the materials or programs.

Your Tools Please use the class observation guide provided for you. The skills that the teacher is developing to the learners are thae effective oral speech. 3. . Note the skills that the teacher is developing in the learners. The teacher’s objectives in the lesson is the proper use of the word a nad an in a sentence and enhance the skills of the pupils in speakng and writing english. 2. 1. Class Observation Guide Read the following statement before you observed. The teacher was also developing the critical thinking skills of the pupils. What is the lesson about? What are the teacher’s objectives? The lesson was all about when to use a and an in a sentence. The important concept that the teacher was emphasizing was the correct way of speaking english and the development of english laungage sklls. written communication skills and better english skills. Note the important concepts that the teacher is emphasizing.

ed u Website: http://www. Grade/Year Level Grade I-Fabro E-impact of the Class Topic (of the class you observed) When to use a and an in a sentence Objectives of the Lesson a. By visiting this website. Choose the most appropriate ones.) Enhance the english skills of the pupils Description of the Electronic Resources How it can be used in the class you observed Name of Electronic Resources Website: http://www. Used as an online journals in the class. surf the internet for electronic resources that will be useful in teaching the same CD ROM can be used as a record audio in the class. A site connecting the students and teachers to study groups and learning spaces in the computer. the lesson. Recall the guidelines you learned in Educational Technology about evaluating electronic resources. .orch. These guidelines will help you fill out the matrix below.) Use the word a and an properly in a sentence b.My Analysis Using the information that you got from observing the class. CD ROM: http://www.circl e.c om CD ROM is a media format consist the control instruction that have been wired pernamently into the computer. I could get A social networking site for the some informationin the video clips or slides that are useful for academic researchers.) Identify the correct grammar c.

By visiting this web . Inquiry of some activities that the teacher and student interact. pupils will be familiar in arranging the words. Games (on-line) http://www. The educational tool that the teachers research for the activities in the classroom. pupils will be able to classify the correct spelling of the words. it will help the pupils creatively search for information.connectthe oposites. movie A game that requires kids to spell new words and solve the puzzle of the rockstar. video clips and other media material CD ROM can be used as a instructional device/ material where you can save the slide presentation or video clips and presentation about the lesson in your class. Webquest: http://www.anagram sleuth. By using this A simple word game that encourages the child to use their comprehension and thinking skills. Games (on-line) http://www.CD ROM CD ROM is a media format capable for saving media files like slide show presentation. audio material.awebquest. org. By using this game.

I also consider the relationship of the site to the class that I had observed so that I can use effectively the information that I had searched in the website. I found difficulty on the speed of the internet connection. 1. The loading was very slow that made me spend longer time in surfing and spend moer money for the used hours. 2. What skills do you already have and what skills would you continue to work on to be better at utilizing electronic resources? I alredy ave the word processing sklls in the microsoft office word and I alredy mastered my web seraching skills.Your Reflection Please write your refection on your FS experience on this page. Reflect on your technology skills. I found it easy becouse the site that I had choosen tosearched my article was very accessible and easy to view. 3. On the other hand. In the contrary. I chose the electronic resources that I include here by spending enough time and effort in surfing the net. I first consider the accessibilty. . the strengh and the weaknesses of the site if it was related to my chosen topic. I woul continue to work on my electronic presentation skills and enhance my design and management sklls for the bettr utilization of the electronc resources. Describe your experiences in surfing the internet for appropriate electronic resources for the class? Did you find it easy or difficult? In surfing the neti foun it both easy and difficult. How did you choose which electronic resources to include here? What did you consider? Explain.

Even though I spent sleepless nights in answering the episodes of the Fs3 and encounter many difficulties . I have also learned some tips in preparing creative and durable instructional materials and how to make use of them. may God bless you always. Felisa P. I find it very interesting and challenging. The difficultiesthat I had encounter. .My Personal Reflection on the Fs 3 Based on my experiences that I had gone through the field study . the expenses and the sleepless night were not taken for grantend because I learned a lot. The field study contributed alot of challenging yet enjoyable experiences. I am thankful to my professor Dr. Thank you so much ma’am. It did give a great contribution to my knowledge in relation to the learning environment and the different learning tools. Trayvilla for sharing her knowledge to me and to my classmates about the FIELD STUDY 3. I was still thankful becuase it helped me to enhance my skills in using computers especially in doing all my episodes which are all tiresome. It mold me more into a better educator someday. all I can say is that it was an unforgettable experience.

and hopefully with the help of my professors. peers and classmates I can continue to pursue my college education. I am the third child of Mr. After I graduated in high school. I finished my elementary study in Cantil-e Elementary School in the year 19992005. and Mrs. We are currently happily residing at Barangay Bajumpandan. Dumaguete City. Melon. . I enrolled myself here at Negros Oriental State University and took BEED. I have three gentleman brothers and me as their only pretty sister.Cirila Melon. a college Student of Negros Oriental State University. For now I am currently in the second year of my college. I enjoy my high school life in Junob National High School from the year 2005 and successfully graduated in the year 2009. We are four children in the family. 19 years of age.Student Resume I am Vina S. taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) Major in General Curriculum. As their children. we grew up in a right way of life with enough discipline.

Statement of purpose
Fs3 is designed to enrich the student’s experiences in developing and utilizing appropriate technology to facilitate learning. It also provides exposure and hands-on activities in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Furthermore, the course shall afford students’ necessary observation of actual class room situation through educational field study as one of the most effective strategies in teaching.

This portfolio is the integration of our output in the seven episodes in FS 3. This is the product of our endeavor in our field study observation. It composed of our PowerPoint presentation blueprint, handouts and our analysis and reflections in every episode as our learning in this course.

The purpose of having this portfolio is to have a reflection of what we have learn in taking this course. This portfolio will serve to the reader especially to educators to learn if what really the importance of technology in learning. This can be useful for the incoming generation as we are becoming to be a real teacher.

Personal Reflection on the Portfolio
Organizing the documents, structured as my portfolio, has truly been a growth experience for me. All of my thoughts, ideas, passions, and perspectives in my head where used in making this portfolio, it was indeed both challenging and rewarding experienced for me. The information and ducumentations included in this portfolio were the result of my wide variety observation in Cantil-e Elementary School. This portfolio help me develop my creativity and makes me learn to offer sacrifices. I spent my total endevour in making this portfolio a reality. Even thoug h making this portfolio caused me to have sleepless nights and having lack of budget for the expenses but in the end the learning that earned in this activity are cannot be replaced or payed with money or any expensive things in the world.

Daily Time Record

Daily Time Record .

Negros Oriental State University College of Education “Technology in the Learning Environment” Submitted by: Vina S. Melon Fs3 Student Submitted to: Dr. Trayvilla Professo . Felisa P.

IV. VI. II.        Title Page Student’s Resume Statement of Purpose Personal Reflection of the portfolio Rubrics Certificate Portfolio Entries Episode 1 (The School’s Learning Resource Center) Episode 2 (Bulletin Board Display) Episode 3 (See and Say) Episode 4 (Tools of the Trade) Episode 5 (Paper Works) Episode 6 (Slideshow Biz) Episode 7 (My E-World) VIII. Personal Reflection on the Portfolio IX.Table of Contents I. Documentation My Performance (How I Will Be Rated) Field Study 3. Episodes 1-7 . VII. V. III.

Focused on : developing and utilizing materials Tasks Exemplary 4 Superior 3 All or nearly all tasks were done with high quality Satisfactory 2 Nearly all tasks were done with acceptable quality 2 Unsatisfactory 1 Fewer than half of tasks were done. 2 Reflection statements are unclear and shallow and are not supported by experiences from the episode. 3 Reflection statements are shallow. but not clearly supported by experiences from the episode. 2 1 Analysis questions were not answered completely Grammar and spelling unsatisfactory. supported by experiences from the episode. thoroughly grounded on theories. Exemplary grammar and spelling. Reflection statements are clear. or most objectives met but with poor quality 1 Observation/ Documentation: All tasks were done with outstanding quality. Supported by experiences from the episode. 1 4 . My analysis Analysis questions were answered completely. 3 Analysis questions were not answered completely Vaguely related to the theories Grammar and spelling acceptable. 4 My Reflection Reflection statements are profound and clear. in the depth answers. work exceeds expectations 4 3 Analysis questions were answered completely Clear connection with theories Grammar and spelling are superior.

clear.My Porfolio Portfolio is complete. well-organized and all supporting documentation are located in sections clearly designated. Portfolio has many lacking components. 4 lkkjhujjjj Portfolio is complete. is unorganized and unclear. well-organized and all supporting documentation are available and/or logical and clearly marked locations. 1 2 Submission Before deadline 4 On the deadline 3 A day after the Two days or deadline more after the deadline 2 1 . supporting documentation is organized and unclear. 3 Portfolio is incomplete. clear.

75 3.25 .00 .99 Score 12-13 11 10 8-9 Grade 2.50 .78 3. .Sub totals Rating: Over-all Score (based on transmutation) _______________________ Signature of FS teacher above Printed Name _____________________ Date Transmutation of score to grade/rating Score 20 18-19 17 16 15 Grade 1.81 2.75 .0 .00 -72 and -bellow 1.00 – 87 7-below - Documentation These pictures were taken during my observation at Cantil-e Elementary School.96 1.5 -93 1.5 5.75 -90 2.

Documentation .This is the entrance of cantil-e elementary school.

Documentation .These pictures were taken inside the school’slearning center.

Documentation .The school’s bulletine board.


in depth answers. but not clearly supported by experiences from the episode. Grammar and spelling unsatisfactory Tasks Observation/ Documentation My Analysis Analysis questions were answered completely Clear connection with theories Grammar and spelling are superior Analysis questions were not answered completely. supported by experiences from the episode. or most objectives met but with poor quality Analysis questions were not answered. supported by experiences from the episode. Reflection statements are shallow.Rubrics Field Study 3 : TECHNOLOGY IN THE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Focused on:  Episode 1-The School’s Learning Resource Environment       Episode 2-Bulletin Board Displays Episode 3-See and Say (Utilization of Teaching Aids) Episode 4-Tools of the Trade (Teaching Aids Bank) Episode 5-Paper Works! (Preparing Hand-outs) Episode6-Slideshow Biz (Slide Presentation) Episode 7-My E-World (Websites) Exemplary 4 All tasks were done with outstanding quality: work exceeds expectations Analysis questions were answered completely. Vaguely related to the theories Grammar and spelling acceptable My Reflection Reflection statements are profound and clear. Reflection statements are unclear and shallow and are not supported by experiences from the episode. thoroughly grounded on theories Exemplary grammar and spelling Superior 3 All or neatly all tasks were done with high quality Satisfactory 2 Nearly all tasks were done with acceptable quality Unsatisfactory 1 Fewer than half of tasks were done. Reflection statements are clear. .

5 7.25 1.5. supporting documentation is organized but lacking.below. clear.3. clear.organized and most supporting documentation are available and/or in logical and clearly marked locations.2.00 - - 99 96 93 90 87 84 - 81 78 75 72 and below .50 11 .75 10 .Tasks Exemplary 4 Portfolio is complete.0 1. Superior 3 Portfolio is complete.organized and all supporting documentation is located in sections clearly designated. is unorganized and unclear.25 Score Grade 12-13 .00 8-9 . On the deadline Satisfactory 2 Portfolio is incomplete. Unsatisfactory 1 Portfolio has many lacking components.2.75 2. My Portfolio Submission Before deadline A day after the deadline Two days or more after the deadline Subtotal Over-All Score Rating: (Based on Transmutation) ______________________________ Signature of FS Teacher Above Printed Teacher _______________________ Date Transmutation of Score To Grading/Rating Score 20 18-19 17 16 15 14 Grade 1.00 2.5 1. well. well.3.