San Pedro College SPC-NSRC (National Service Reserve Corps) Davao City, Philippines June 10, 2008 (Tuesday

) 5:00-6:00 p.m. Pigpen Attendance: Present Absent Jesly Mae Dizor Hannah Tabuga Hazel Samar Roy Felix Abrio Dawn Kimberly Cachuela Ma. Lea Mae Pelaez Ma. Rochelle Tongcua Joann Fuertes Jizelle Pae Bonguyan Athena Jungaya Wilmar Hao Irish Joy Cruzada Veniza Tumanda Ronelyn Tajore Jeannine Anjelica Ledesma Mark Dan Ranches Monica Joyce Sy Dheeryl Sheen Borja Jizelle Mae Bonguyan

Presiding Officer: Dawn Kimberly Cachuela Note Bookkeeper: Joann J. Fuertes Agenda:     Mangrove Planting Activity and Coastal Clean-Up NSTP Orientation Fun Run Other Matters

The meeting started with a prayer led by Mr. Wilmar Hao. Presentation of the agenda followed thereafter.

Mangrove Planting Activity and Coastal Clean-Up: The president had informed the body that there will be a mangrove planting activity on June 15, 2008. The goal of the latter is to be able to plant 120 malibago trees in Brgy. Sangilangan, Ma-a. There will also be a coastal clean-up on the same month and that is set on the 29 th day of June. The spearheads of the coastal clean-up activity are reminded of the project proposal of such. NSTP Orientation: The program committee was reminded to follow-up the Visual Arts (c/o Mimi); to finalize the intermission numbers; and to post an announcement. Fun Run: The entire month of July is set for the preparation of Fun Run -08. Ms. Monica Joyce Sy had presented the edited sponsorship package matrix. The presiding officer, Ms. Cachuela, had opened up to the body the idea of donating PhP10,000 from the profit that we will get from the fun run activity to the sick faculty members. The body agreed with the suggestion given. Other Matters: The body was reminded that on June 12, the group is going to finish the portfolio for the accreditation of NSRC and NSTP. There having no further concerns, the meeting ended with a prayer led by Mr. Mark Dan Ranches and at 6 p.m., the meeting was adjourned. Minutes taken by: Joann J. Fuertes NSRC Secretary Noted by: Dawn Kimberly Cachuela NSRC President Mr. Benigno Masungcad Jr. NSRC Moderator

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