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Semi- detailed Lesson Plan in Music IV Prepared by Ercielyn C.

Triguero May 22, 2012



A. General Demonstrate an understanding of the time signatures and the basic counting in music. B. Specific 1. Recognize and explain basic time signatures 2. Discuss the proper counting of beats 3. Create a musical notation with a given a time signature II. SUBJECT MATTER Topic: Values: Materials: III. Time Signature and Basic Counting (Music Theory) Intelligence laptop, projector, cut papers, genius cap, audio materials.


a. Preparatory/ Routinary activities 1. prayer 2. greeting the class 3. checking the attendance 4. checking and passing of the assignments b. Review ”THE GENIUS CAP” a) While the music is playing the genius cap will pass around the class. b) When the music stop, the one who’s wearing the genius cap will answer a question related to the last topic. c) The student who will not able to answer the question correctly will remain standing and soon receive the consequence. c. Motivation a) Divide the class into four b) Each group will be given puzzle pieces.

. The first group to finish the task will receive a prize Ask the students to guess the topic according to puzzle formed. d. (8 points each) 4. Count the beat of the first and second measures of each staff. 5. ASSIGNMENT Find/ search other musical symbols with its uses. Give different time signatures with musical notation in each. Define the top numbers of time signature and show a chart/table of bottom numbers and its corresponding value. 2. Lesson Proper i. Give example of time signatures and explain the use of top number and bottom number. Reveal the topic. IV. TIME SIGNATURE 1. 3. 4. Identify the parts of time signature. Create your own musical notation in the third measure according to the time signature. Count the beat of each measure. V. Define Time Signature. What time signature used in first staff? 2. What time signature used in second staff? 3. EVALUATION 1.c) d) e) f) Each group should form the puzzle. Give an example of musical notation and asked the students to count the beat.