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Scopes of Sociolinguistics

Carla SP

Sociolinguistics  The study of language in society  The study of the linguistic indicators of culture and power  The study of language variation and language change .

Sociolect: Characteristic of a group of speakers of a language. Idiolect: Characteristic of an individual speaker of a language. 3.Some Terms to Understand 2. .

etc. Codification: An extension of standardization which becomes a prominent feature of standard form.Some Terms to Understand 4. . etc. Standardization: A process whereby a variety of a particular language is taken up and promoted as the ‘standard’ form. e. treating it as ‘good’ and ‘proper’.g. suggesting its use in the classroom. 5. Ex: existence of grammar books and dictionaries.

‘incorrect’ varieties. Stigmatization: A process where non standard forms of a language are treated as ‘poor’. 7. Language Loyalty: Speaker’s attitude toward their own language (variety) in order to preserve the variations in the face of the standardized form.Some Terms to Understand 6. .

Some Terms to Understand 8. it refers just to the form of the lexico grammar of the variation as it could be written down. Dialect: Characteristic patterns of words and word order (lexico grammar) which are used by a group of speakers. Accent: Pattern of pronunciation used by a group of speakers .

political allegiance. etc. . town or city population.Some Terms to Understand 9. gender. Speech Communities: A group of people sharing the same way of speaking. which is defined by other non linguistic means: nationality. age range.