Acne is common dermatological disorder causing skin laceration imposed on young men and women comprising clogged pores

, pimples and lumps or cysts on different parts of body affecting mostly on an upper half. It loom red pustular aching sores with white or dark lesions centre consequently emerging acne scars. Severe acne can lead to difiguring and permanent markings. Types of Acne Acne classified copious variety. Acne Vulgaris is pervasive emanate in puberty and pop up as whiteheads and blackheads. Acne Conglobata is astringent than Acne Vulgaris since its symptoms are clear but dormant and inveterate over a period before another trigger. Acne Fulminans comparatively exigent to Acne Conglobata transpire in man accompanied by fever and inflammation upshots serious and debilitating conditions. Cosmetic reactions or cleansing agents intrude Acne Detergen and Acne Cosmetic. Picking Acne is precisely declared as Acne Excoriee is self impose Acne picking at spot and blemish. Acne Neonatoram also called infantile acne or Milla glimpse small white milk spots on infant nose and face. Applying intense superficial lubrication on hair blocks the pores causing Acne Pomada. Cause of Acne Though cardinal cause of Acne is unknown although as puberty incepts, Sex hormones stimulation enlarge the sebaceous gland (Gland attach to hair follicle) ensue the oil secretion which mixed up with dead cells of skin overcrowding on pores where bacteria sustains and multiply forming Acne. Teenagers annexing puberty being endure Acne due to Hormonal shift. It also spikes acne in adult intensifying sebum production in sebaceous gland. Acne is excluding genital domain disorders but prevalently found in infants whose parents are suffering from acne. Women hormonal alteration in menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause contributes to acne. Other factors engender acne are side effects of medication, cosmetics, abrasive cleansing. Flare up factors like tight clothing, environmental irritants, diets contribute to acne infection. Prevention and Treatment of Acne Apropos to severity, acne treatment appear in several dissimilar contour and range. Predominantly face ablution twice a day using soap comprising benzyl peroxide. Medicated creams and antibiotic desiccate acne. Treatment also comprise of dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, punch excision, chemical peels, subcision, dermal filler. The diligence treatment mitigates the effects of acne.

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