From: "VAN DER STOEP Daniel" <daniel.vanderstoep@europarl.europa.

eu> Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 23:44:52 +0100 To: SCHULZ Martin, President<> Cc: MEP 7th-Legislature<>; ASSISTANTS7th-Legislature<>; Parlement Européen<> Subject: Re: President's speech to the European Council - 14 March 2013 - revised EN version Mr. President, It seams that you are still not aware of the fact that you are no longer the President of the S&D Group. I understand that you speak in the capacity of your function which have been given to you by parliament, therefore I won't go into your words, although, I find them ridiculous, but in your capacity as President it is your prerogative to speak your own mind. And we should never let that go. Nonetheless, you are not speaking for the millions of Europeans, who are not xenophobic, racist or anti-muslim, but who are just experiencing problems with Islam in their daily life. Furthermore, you are not speaking for the millions of Europeans that do no want to be part of the EEUSSR. I understand that in your position, you have to speak for the European Parliament. But don't underestimate the power of the people. 2014 won't be the year in which the EU will diminish and people will rise up against the EU. It will be 2019, the year of the European revolution. The year, the people will sovereign themselves. Mr. president, in 2019 you will probably have resigned, but I assure you, you will witness the end of the treaty-organized-institutions, collectively named 'the European Union'. Mr. President, It is a warning of the people, in 2019, we will take back what belongs to the people. Our sovereignty. So full your pockets, enjoy your champagne and foie gras, because in 2019 it will all be gone

Kindest regards Daniel van der Stoep Chairman


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