Turkish Delight (tartaric acid) Sugar Tartaric acid Cornflour Icing sugar sifted Clear honey Lemon extract

Rose water Red food colouring Icing sugar to coat Cornflour to coat
Method 1. Oil a tin approximately 30cm x 10cm 2. Gently heat the sugar in 150ml or water in a heavy sauce pan, stirring with a clean wooden spoon until the sugar has dissolved. 3. Bring to the boil, cover and boil for 3 minutes. 4. Uncover and boil until the temperature reaches 116°C (soft ball) 5. Add the tartaric acid and remove from the heat. 6. Blend the cornflour and icing sugar with 150ml water in a heavy saucepan. 7. Bring 600ml water to the boil then stir into the cornflour/sugar paste. Bring to the boil, stirring and beat vigorously until thick and opaque. 8. Lower the heat and gradually beat in the sugar syrup. 9. Boil for 30 minutes until the mixture is a very pale straw colour and transparent. 10. Beat in the honey, lemon extract and rose water. 11. Pour half the mixture into the tin. 12. Add sufficient red food colouring to the remaining mixture to colour it pale pink then pour onto the mixture in the tin. 13. Leave to cold and set. 14. When the mixture is firm, cut into squares with a sharp knife dipped into icing sugar. 15. Toss the pieces in the icing sugar and cornflour mixed together.

450g ¼ tsp 75g 200g 50g ½ tsp 1tsp Drop 150g 50g

Turkish Delight (gelatine) Cube sugar Water Honey Leaf gelatine Flavour orange/lemon/rose Suitable colouring Cornflour and icing mix
Method 1. Soak the gelatine with the cold water. Boil the sugar to 110˚C. Using a clean sugar boiler. Sufficiently large to receive all the liquids, 2. Add the honey, continue boiling to 123˚C 3. Warm the gelatine and water to dissolve, gradually pour in the boiled sugar, 4. Add the flavour and colour. 5. Pour the mixture in to prepared swiss roll tins, allow to set. 6. To remove, warm lightly the base of the tin, turn the set mixture out onto a bed of icing sugar and cornflour. 7. With a damp knife, cut the delight to the required size, roll in plenty of the icing sugar.

1k 300ml 150ml 75g as required

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